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Monday’s Locker Room Talk

Posted by Taylor Price on October 26, 2009 – 5:40 PM


There were a couple of topics of conversation in the 49ers open locker room on Monday, but none more important than coach Singletary’s decision to name Alex Smith as the team’s starting quarterback.

According to starting left tackle Joe Staley, the 49ers players didn’t find out about the decision to swap signal callers on Sunday until Smith greeted them in the huddle with nothing more than a simple, “Let’s Go!”

There wasn’t much hoopla about the permanent change on Monday, just players looking to get back to the team’s winning ways.

“I’m excited for him, but it doesn’t change what we’re going to do on offense,” Staley said.

For Smith personally, the news will not change the way he’s carried himself either.

“I was just as proud of myself three days ago as I am today,” said the former No. 1 overall pick of the 2005 NFL Draft. “I don’t think anything’s changed because I went out there and played. I’m the same player I was two weeks ago as I am today. I just continue to work at it and get better. With the ups and downs of this game a lot gets made of it, but I just keep playing.”

The man, who Smith’s replacing, also spoke with the media on Monday. And while it may not have been the decision he was looking for, Shaun Hill answered every question like the stand-up individual that he is.

Hill, who was a groomsman at Smith’s offseason wedding, said the relationship between the 49ers top-two quarterbacks will not change because of Monday’s news.

“This is a tough business,” Hill explained. “You’re very fortunate to find friends in this league. The business part of this league won’t change that friendship.”

The two found out about Singletary’s decision this morning when he called them in separately to discuss his reasoning.

“I don’t know if I’d say surprised, but I don’t know if I was anticipating it either,” Smith said.

Earlier in the day, Singletary said the time on the bench might have done Smith some good. But Smith has been patiently waiting to play for quite some time.

“I’ve been out for two years, so I don’t know if I was getting any hungrier.”

Smith has missed most of the last two seasons with shoulder injuries and has never been able to build off his 2006 season where he led the team to a 7-9 record and became the first 49ers quarterback to take every snap from scrimmage in a single-season.

“I’ve always wanted to play this game at a high level. Every time I step on the field, I try to do that,” Smith explained. “That’s always been the goal, try to help this team win and that’s never going to change.”

Vernon Thanks Joseph Luna



Vernon Davis was another popular topic of conversation on Monday.

Davis was asked about the quarterback change and his three-touchdown performance against the Texans, but all the 49ers tight end wanted to talk about was his inspiration for his career-day on Sunday.

As a player who prides himself on being prepared emotionally and physically for every game, Davis was taken back by a meeting he had with Joseph Luna, a 13-year-old cancer survivor, who met Davis at the lobby of the team hotel on Saturday.

102609-luna-blog-subLuna and his family met up with Davis again before the start of Sunday’s game, and Davis showed Joseph that he was wearing the bracelet Luna had given him the day before.

“It was good to see him on the field,” Davis said of seeing Joseph before the game. “I have to thank Joseph for inspiring me. I think he’s a great kid and I really enjoyed the time we shared.”

Davis was still wearing Luna’s bracelet in the locker room on Monday and plans to keep it close by forever.

“Joseph and his family really touched me,” Davis revealed. “I want to pay tribute and honor his courage. He helped me play great ball on Sunday, so I owe him a lot for that.”

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Singletary Names Smith Starting Quarterback

Posted by Taylor Price on October 26, 2009 – 12:48 PM


Mike Singletary began his Monday press conference by announcing that two starters in right tackle Tony Pashos and inside linebacker Takeo Spikes will undergo MRI’s today on the shoulder injuries they sustained against the Texans.

Singletary went over the rest of the 49ers injury report from the Houston game and then made an announcement on the team’s starting quarterback position for the 49ers next game at Indianapolis and for the foreseeable future.

“As far as this upcoming week in terms of quarterback, Alex Smith will be the quarterback,” Singletary said.

“As far as, ‘Will Shaun Hill be back?’ and all this other stuff… we’re not going to be a flavor of the month kind of team,” he added. “I wanted to make the decision based on who gives us the best chance to win.”

More Notes from Monday

-Singletary said Pashos suffered a left shoulder contusion, outside linebacker Marques Harris suffered a hamstring strain, defensive tackle Justin Smith suffered a left calf strain, nose tackle Aubrayo Franklin suffered a right knee sprain and Spikes suffered a right shoulder sprain.

-The 49ers head coach touched on the play of his offensive line again on Monday, but he sounded confident that the group would improve its play and reestablish Frank Gore and the 49ers running attack.

“We want to run the ball, but usually they have 8.5 guys in the box, sometimes nine. Sometimes that makes it a little more difficult. When you have an offensive line that has been banged up and is trying to get things right, it makes for not a good combination. But as we build confidence and continue to get better, it will work itself out.”

-If Pashos is unable to return in time for Sunday’s game against the Colts, Singletary said the team would “figure it out,” in naming a replacement.

-Singletary sat in on the team’s defensive meeting this morning to cover some communication issues that have been hampering the unit’s play. Singletary wants to see better results from that side of the ball, but was sure to remind them know how highly he thinks of them.

“We’re a good defense with the opportunity to be a great defense,” he said of his message to the defense. “But because of the communication factor, particularly in the last couple of games, you get guys starting to do their own thing. That’s when you really have to communicate very well, to make sure guys don’t start doing their own thing. We just have to get on one page, relax, settle down and let’s go from there.”

-Singletary said nothing stood out to him from watching the film in regards to the play of Michael Crabtree.

“Nothing jumped out to me, it was very evident yesterday,” Singletary said. “I just wanted to see it on film, just like when you see a good movie; you want to see it again.”

-Singletary spoke with Crabtree earlier this morning to let him know how he appreciated all the work Crabtree did while he was away from the team.

“All of the work he did, all of the studying he did while he wasn’t here – it showed,” Singletary said.

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49ers React to Ulbrich Loss

Posted by Taylor Price on October 19, 2009 – 2:27 PM


Last Friday, 49ers inside linebacker Jeff Ulbrich visited with neurologists to determine the severity of a concussion he sustained on October 4, against the St. Louis Rams.

And on Monday, the news from that meeting caused the 49ers to place Ulbrich on the team’s injured reserve list and sign veteran linebacker Matt Wilhelm.

“We really have a conservative approach to everything we do as it pertains to our players,” head coach Mike Singletary said on Monday. “We want to make sure that we take care of our players because taking care of the players, means we’re taking care of their families as well in the long run.”

Singletary added that Ulbrich will remain around the facility as a mentor for younger players in a similar fashion as cornerback Walt Harris, who has been around often after injuring his knee in the offseason.

“Jeff is the kind of guy that you want around. He’s good for our team,” Singletary stated. “He’s good for our linebackers. He’s good for our coaches. He’s like a coach on the field anyway. Next week he will be here and in the meetings.”

While the 49ers coaching staff might have picked up an unofficial member of their staff, the players inside the 49ers locker room felt a major loss.

“Losing him is like losing a brother. I mean, it is losing a brother to me,” linebacker Patrick Willis said with intent. “I looked up to Jeff and I still do. He’s helped me understand so many different things.”

Since Willis joined the 49ers as a first-round pick in 2007, he instantly had the support of Ulbrich.

“From day one when I stepped out here and I didn’t know anything, I asked Jeff a thousand questions,” Willis said of Ulbrich’s influence. “Not one time did he hold out on me and not answer the question for me.”

Willis was pleased to hear that Ulbrich will remain around the facility and on some road trips, but not having him in full pads in the locker room and on the sidelines will be a shocker.

“Losing him is going to be sad. He was like a warrior in the game to me, especially in the locker room,” Willis added.

The tough task of filling those shoes falls on Wilhelm, who has spent the last six seasons with the San Diego Chargers. Wilhelm was with the Philadelphia Eagles this past training camp, but was released prior to the start of the season.

What makes Wilhelm a likeable candidate is his familiarity with defensive coordinator Greg Manusky’s defense, a system he played in for four seasons in San Diego.

“The meat and potatoes of the defense I know pretty well,” Wilhelm said.

Wilhelm understands both inside linebacker positions, but will have to learn the terminology associated with the defense. Knowing that, Wilhelm wants to help the team in any way as soon as possible.

“Obviously, this is a backup role, because they have two great inside linebackers. But they need someone to come in on special teams and be one play away and learn this defense as fast as they can,” Wilhelm said.

More Monday News and Notes

-Singletary was asked if starting strong safety Michael Lewis could be placed on IR like Ulbrich because of a concussion, but the 49ers head coach said it was “unlikely.” He also stated that Lewis’ return has not yet been determined and that the team would continue to monitor his health.

- Last week, Singletary hinted a possible change on the offensive line. On Monday, he announced the changes.

“Right now, Chilo [Rachal] and [Adam] Snyder will alternate [at right guard], a lot like [Tony] Pashos and Snyder at the right tackle position. We want our best five on the field, and we feel like Snyder alternating with Chilo will be good for us to find out who is best at that position.”

-Singletary has been pleased with the progression he’s seen from rookie wideout Michael Crabtree in the short period of time he’s been with the team.

“Michael Crabtree’s progress is excellent. He’s working his tail off. He stays here. He’s with the coaches all the time and learning the playbook. They’re very pleased with what they’re seeing, and I’m pleased with what I’m seeing and the conversations that he and I have had. With the coaches, it’s been great. He can’t get enough of it. He wants to be out here. He wants to get better. He wants to play and make a contribution. So, that’s very exciting.”

-Quarterback Shaun Hill said he didn’t realize how big Crabtree actually was on the football field.

“He plays much bigger than he appears. When you see him, you think he’s on the short side. But when he’s out there playing, he’s a big target out there. He has very strong hands and attacks the ball out there. I think he’s going to be good for us.”

-Hill was also pleased with Crabtree’s work ethic.

“I’ve been very impressed with how much he’s learned since he’s been here. He came right in and was able to pick it up. If a question does arise, he’s not afraid to ask. I feel very comfortable that he’s going to know everything he’ll need to know for this game on Sunday.”

-Hill said the front seven of the Houston Texans defense has stood out to him the most through his film study.

“Good team. They’re playing well right now. They’re going to be a very good opponent for us. They have a very good front with a great pass rusher in Mario Williams. They just play good fundamental defense.”

-Hill will be aided this week significantly with the return of running back Frank Gore, who has missed the last two games with foot and ankle injuries. The 49ers star runner stayed in the Bay Area over the bye week to rehab his injuries and also help Crabtree get filled in.

“Over the bye week, he [Crabtree] looked very good. He was getting the plays. Now we’re fully-loaded as an offense and on Sunday we have to get going,” Gore said. “I feel like a kid right now, I can’t wait to get back out there with my team.”

-Gore said he wasn’t concerned about out-scoring the Texans’ high-powered offensive attack.

“For us, we just have be ourselves and go out there try to keep the chains moving and score points. If we do that we should have a great chance to win.”

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49ers Regroup After Atlanta Loss

Posted by Taylor Price on October 12, 2009 – 3:42 PM


The way Shaun Hill sees it, there are two ways the 49ers can deal with Sunday’s 45-10 loss to the Atlanta Falcons. They can either dwell on the loss during the bye week or they can get back on the field and work things out.

Hill and the 49ers will choose the latter.

“Generally you have another game to rebound in a week, in this case we have to sit out and have this taste in our mouth, but this is a good time to work on some things, without a doubt,” he said on Monday.

In Hill’s estimation the game came down to execution.

“By and large we didn’t execute as well as they did,” he said.

From the vantage point of head coach Mike Singletary, the 49ers didn’t respond to the Falcons solid start.

“As a team, we learned that preparation is everything and yesterday was one of those situations where on the defensive side of the ball, it felt like they had a great game plan and we had a difficult time getting on track.

“The preparation as a coaching staff, starting with me, was not great and we just did not do a good job overall. When that happens it makes it difficult.”

The players felt the same way about their performance.

“We didn’t get it done in any phase of the game,” cornerback Nate Clements said. “I always look at myself in the mirror first. I felt like I could’ve done a lot better across the board. You can’t just pinpoint one thing in this game.”

Clements will treat the next two weeks as if the 49ers won the game.

“I take the same approach win or loss. I’ll look at the film, see the corrections that need to be made and I’ll make those corrections on the practice field,” he said. “We all know we can play a lot better.”

A lot of Monday’s locker room talk went towards Dre’ Bly’s fumble on his interception return and his mid-return showboating. On Monday, Bly addressed the media alongside of Singletary.

Bly began with this statement:

“I wanted to come to you all and publicly apologize for yesterday. I apologized to coach. I’m not a selfish guy. I didn’t mean to embarrass him, my team, ownership, or the fans. I’m a prideful guy. I like to have fun and it was totally inappropriate. I got caught up in the moment and it was wrong.”

Bly’s teammates applauded him for owning up to his mistake to the media.

“That doesn’t surprise me at all, he’s a high character guy,” Hill said.

Singletary said Bly approached him early in the morning before he could talk to the veteran about his interception.

When Dre’ came in, it’s one of those things I didn’t really expect. I thought that I was going to have to go to him because I didn’t even notice all the other stuff, the hand behind the head and all of that. I didn’t even notice that yesterday. I just knew he caught the ball, and the next thing I knew, there was a fumble. But, when I saw him holding the ball the way he was holding it, I knew there was a good chance that it would come out.

“By him coming to me and saying the things that he said, it really took off a lot of the thought process, in terms of where I was going to go with it because we are – we’re not trying to – we are building something here, something that will be special, and it is going to be a process. But, yesterday, that was just something that, as a 49er, that’s just something that we won’t do. I think now he understands that.”

More Monday Notes

-Safety Michael Lewis sustained his third concussion of the season. While the news is serious, Singletary announced on Monday that the team received positive news in regards to Lewis’ latest injury.

“Afterwards, he cleared right away, meaning that he was coherent,” Singletary said. “He understood everything that was happening, which is a very good sign. So, now it’s one of those things we have to really look at and watch day-to-day and see where it goes.”

-Singletary didn’t have any new information on linebacker Jeff Ulbrich, who sat out of the Atlanta game because of a concussion he sustained against the St. Louis Rams.

 “The biggest thing about Jeff, as in Mike, we are continuing to evaluate there and we want to do all the testing we can just to make sure everything is right because everything is about them. When it comes to injuries, I want to make sure that there’s not a player on the field – practice field or playing field – that has some type of injury that could harm them going forward.”

-Singletary said there were a couple of factors in why Vernon Davis and Hill looked out of rhythm on Sunday.

“Vernon had to turn right now, but it was one of those things where the blitz was there and it didn’t get picked up and Shaun either got picked up, but Vernon didn’t have his head turned around. Or it didn’t get picked up and he had to let the ball go.”

­-Asked what the team’s biggest concern was headed into the bye week, Singletary said it was to make sure the team had the best 53 guys available.

“Whatever changes we need to make, that we make them now. Whatever things we need to clean up, we clean up then begin to go forward with that. I think that is the most important thing, to make sure we have the 53 guys that are going to be with us these next 11-plus games going forward.”

-Singletary said first-round draft pick Michael Crabtree will remain close to the facility during the bye week so he can better prepare himself for his NFL debut in two weeks.

-Singletary had a special guest at his press conference in his former college defensive coordinator at Baylor University, Corky Nelson. Singletary introduced Nelson at the end of his presser and praised him for teaching him “everything he knows about linebacking.”

“As a matter of fact, he about killed me in college and I hated him in college because he hurt me. He’s the best coach that I know to teach the fundamentals of linebacking. I can honestly say that everything that I know about linebacking, I learned from him. He wanted to come out and I’m very thankful, I’m very blessed by him, his wife, and some other friends from Baylor. I wanted to allow him to come in and listen to this. He said he wanted to it, I don’t know why, but he said he wanted to listen to it.”

-Singletary finished his press conference by leaving a message to the 49ers Faithful:

 “The last thing that I want to say is this – I’m not going to apologize to the fans again, but the one thing that I want you to know after a game like yesterday it’s a situation in where you kind of sit back and go ‘Wow, I didn’t really know that could happen again.’ And the thing I will say is this, this team will be a special team, this year will be a special year. It’s unfortunate as to what happened yesterday. As a staff, we did not do a good job preparing for a team [coming off of] a bye week, but going forward, we will come back and we will get better and we will be a team for our fans to be proud of.”

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Singletary Approves of 49ers Character

Posted by Taylor Price on October 5, 2009 – 2:11 PM


On Monday, Mike Singletary spoke positively about all three phases of his 49ers ballclub and singled out a handful of players on each unit.

The 49ers head coach also commended the performance of his entire team in a game they were expected to win. Singletary referred to the game as a “character challenge,” citing how the team entered the game as the favorite and responded with a convincing 35-0 victory over the St. Louis Rams.

“I’m very proud of the guys and the way they played,” he said.

Singletary opened his Monday briefing by announcing that starting running back Frank Gore and second-year safety Reggie Smith had been ruled out of this Sunday’s home game against the Atlanta Falcons. Gore is out with an ankle injury and Smith is out with a groin injury.

In addition, Singletary said outside linebacker Marques Harris suffered a hamstring sprain and linebacker Jeff Ulbrich had a concussion. Two players who suffered minor injuries, free safety Dashon Goldson and outside linebacker Manny Lawson both returned to action later in the game.

When commenting on the play of his offense Singletary said he thought quarterback Shaun Hill did a good job of spreading the ball around and keeping it in the hands of only his receivers.

He also highlighted the performance of his rookie running back.

“I thought [Glen] Coffee ran hard,” Singletary said. “He just has to continue to get into the groove.”

On defense, Singletary was overwhelmed with the hustle displayed by his defense.

“Defensively looking at the film, guys were running to the ball,” he said. “When you talk about relentless – that’s what you see on film.”

One of the players who embodied that relentless style of play will be recognized on the NFL Network’s “Head Coaches Show.”

Two-time Pro Bowl linebacker Patrick Willis will be highlighted by former 49ers head coach Steve Marriucci on tonight’s show that will air on the NFL Network at 3:30PM PT.

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Hill Inspired By Cancer Survivors

Posted by Taylor Price on October 5, 2009 – 11:18 AM


Typically Shaun Hill is all business before the start of a game.

Out of the 53 players on the 49ers roster, the team’s starting quarterback probably has one of the most distinct game faces.

How could Hill not? You can’t be known for being a “gamer” without having a serious disposition before the start of a game.

But Hill was not his usual self before the start of Sunday.

With the NFL celebrating breast cancer awareness month by allowing selected players to wear pink gloves, shoes, sweat bands and sideline apparel, Hill was distracted by a group of cancer survivors on the 49ers sideline who were honored prior to kickoff.

“I normally don’t notice things like that, but it gave me chills,” Hill said in his postgame press conference.

Hill was selected by the NFL as one of the players to wear pink cleats, and jumped on board without hesitating.

“Just wearing shoes, that’s not asking a whole lot,” Hill said. “I was happy to do it.”


Part of Hill’s changed demeanor was due to the footwear commentary he heard from the sidelines by the pregame honorees.

“Seeing them over there and hearing them talk about my shoes and how much it meant to them – it was touching. I went over there and tried to shake a couple of hands. Those sorts of things are usually out of character for me. I just felt very grateful they were there.”

Hill went on to throw for two touchdowns in the 49ers 35-0 win, but he made sure afterwards to share the honor he had in being a part of an important day.

“I think it’s a great thing what the NFL did,” Hill said. “Hopefully we were able to raise a lot of money for breast cancer awareness. I’m glad to help any way I can.”

Hill will also help out by sending his game-worn shoes to the cancer society of his hometown of Parsons, Kansas to be auctioned off.

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UPDATED: Monday’s Locker Room Talk

Posted by Taylor Price on September 28, 2009 – 5:00 PM


“Patience, perseverance and overall optimism.”

That’s the motto 49ers starting quarterback Shaun Hill has adopted to help him out in tough situations.

“If things aren’t going well, just be patient, they will. Persevere through the tough times and at all times stay optimistic. That’s the way I play. That’s the way I’ve always been,” Hill explained of his mantra.

“That’s my own thing. I’m the new Yogi Berra I guess.”

Hill’s saying has been especially resourceful coming off a heartbreaking 27-24 loss to the Minnesota Vikings.

Despite the last-second defeat, Hill and the rest of the 49ers have done their best to put the game behind them.

“The only thing in my notebook right now says, ‘St. Louis,’” Hill said referring to the new center of his attention. “We turned the page on the last game and now we’re looking forward.”

It’s not like this was the first tough loss in the careers of many of the 49ers. From high school to college to previous NFL games, it’s likely that most of the players have been unsuspectingly beaten at the end of a game.

“Unfortunately, we lost a game like that when I was at Virginia Tech playing against Boston College,” second-year wide receiver Josh Morgan said. “We played them during the season and Matt Ryan threw a bomb to the running back that beat us in the last eight seconds of the game.”

But Morgan and the rest of his teammates didn’t dwell on the defeat.

“We saw them again in the ACC championship and beat them convincingly. That’s the main thing we have to do, do what I did at Virginia Tech. Hopefully we’ll see the Vikings later on and we’ll deal with it later on.”

The 49ers might also have to deal without the services of star running back Frank Gore when they host the St. Louis Rams this Sunday at Candlestick Park. Although the results of his MRI on his ankle have yet to be announced, backup Glen Coffee is ready for whatever opportunity presents itself.

“As a professional you always have to be ready when you’re number is called. That’s just the way I look at it,” Coffee said. “I just have to step in for Frank and I can’t let there be any slide in execution or production.”

Coffee should be a competent replacement for Gore. His teammates believe so, mainly because they have been intrigued with him from the day they first met him.

Rookie running back Glen Coffee has impressed his teammates so far for being "coachable."

“I was impressed with him the first day we got together at the rookie minicamp,” Hill said of Coffee.

“As many rookies do when they come in, they try to run like they did in college. They try to outrun everyone to the boundary and turn everything into an 80-yard run. Coach [Singletary] got on Glen after that first session and by that second practice he was hitting the seams and punching it up in there to get four or five yards a carry.”

Hill also complimented tight end Vernon Davis for his breakout game against the Vikings.

“Vernon made some great plays for me,” Hill said. “On top of that they were trying to get under his skin and he didn’t let that happen. I was very proud of Vernon and the way he played. He’s really come a long way. He’s a guy who I feel very comfortable with him out there.”

Along with Davis and Coffee, Hill said he’s pleased with the play of the 49ers defense.

“Our defense has played great all season,” Hill said. “They kept us in that game and they did a wonderful job for us. We kept on the field for too long and that goes back to our third-efficiency. We put them in bad situations throughout the whole game just because we couldn’t convert on third downs. They did a good job in keeping us in the ballgame.”

Hill was asked if the Minnesota loss compared to last season’s defeat on Monday Night Football against the Arizona Cardinals, to which he responded:

“Most losses feel about the same to be honest with you. We were able to move past that one and we’ll definitely do the same thing with this one.”


The results of MRI on 49ers RB Frank Gore show a right ankle strain and a right hind foot sprain that will sideline him for approximately three weeks.

The results of MRI on T Joe Staley show a right quad contusion and he is listed as day-to-day.

The results of MRI on S Reggie Smith show a right groin strain and he will be re-evaluated in two weeks.

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Singletary Pleased After Week 1

Posted by Taylor Price on September 14, 2009 – 1:28 PM


Head coach Mike Singletary just concluded his weekly Monday press conference with the Bay Area media. The 49ers head coach answered a number of questions pertaining to the 49ers 20-16 season opening victory from one day earlier.

“It was indeed an ugly game,” Singletary said. “But it was beautiful to see our guys work through all of the stuff and come out with a win. We fought together and ended up winning together.”

Singletary was pleased that his team was able to go into a hostile environment and come out with a win against a good football team. He also expressed his disbelief in rushing for under 30 yards as a team but still coming out victorious.

“I find it hard to do but that’s we ended up doing,” he said.

Singletary praised several of his player’s performances on both sides of the ball, but called out the play of his offensive line.

“We did not play well up front, but it will get better,” he said.

Despite not being able to move the ball efficiently in the first three quarters, Singletary was pleased that his offense put together a 15-play drive in the fourth quarter that put the 49ers up for good.

“I think the best thing that helped us offensively was that fourth quarter,” Singletary said. “Shaun [Hill] did a good job, everybody settled down and we took it down the field. They really did what they had to do when they had to do it and that’s the sign of something special.”
Other notes from Singletary’s presser:

-According to Singletary, Hill did a good job of managing the game and taking what the defense gave him.

-Vernon Davis, Isaac Bruce, Josh Morgan and Arnaz Battle were highlighted for making “critical plays” during the 49ers fourth quarter go-ahead touchdown drive.

-Arizona’s penetrating defense was a bigger factor than Singletary and the 49ers anticipated. “I think it got to our guys early on but it didn’t on that 15-play drive,” he added.

-Defensively, Singletary thought his guys played relentless. “We did things we needed to do in order to win. Our defense challenged their wideouts,” he said.

091409-willis-blog-Patrick Willis was everywhere. Singletary said his first quarter interception was a result of tremendous coverage that was very well played.

-Singletary also complimented the play of his secondary as well as the pass rush supplied by the likes of Justin Smith, Manny Lawson and Parys Haralson.

-Recently signed tackle Tony Pashos will begin sharing snaps with Adam Snyder this week, so Singletary and the rest of the 49ers staff can evaluate the 49ers new tackle.

-The 49ers suffered no major injuries against the Cardinals.

-Also, wide receiver Brandon Jones will return to practice this week. But, it has not been determined if he will play against the Seattle Seahawks this Sunday at Candlestick Park.

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Win Shaun Hill and Alex Smith Autographs!

Posted by Taylor Price on September 1, 2009 – 9:58 AM


Earlier this offseason, Shaun Hill and Alex Smith filmed a segment for TV49: Outdoors. And now, we will be giving away signed shooting clays from that same day. All you have to do to win one of the signed clays is play “Twitter Trivia Tuesday.” Click this link, follow the 49ers on Twitter and play this week’s TTT. Good Luck!

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Singletary Announces Roster Moves

Posted by Scott Kegley on August 30, 2009 – 3:41 PM

Head coach Mike Singletary spoke to the Bay Area media on Sunday following the 49ers 20-13 win over the Dallas Cowboys.   Singletary began his conference call by announcing five roster cuts in order to get the team down to 75 players on the roster.  The players who were release0de were kicker Alex Romero, cornerbacks Jahi Word-Daniels and Carlos Thomas, and wide receivers Chris Francies and Mark Bradford.

Singletary was asked several questions regarding his view on the game now that he’s watched the game film.

“It starts with the quarterback situation.  I’m thankful that Shaun was able to come in after the week that he had,” Singletary said. “Obviously he wasn’t as sharp as we wanted him to be.  We’re also missing Snyder and it will be nice to get Baas back as well… I thought the running game was decent.  It wasn’t all bad, it just wasn’t what it had been.”

Reporters also asked about his evaluation of his team’s pass rushing efforts in Dallas.

“Right now, we’re not really game planning and we’re just letting our guys go with their best rush,” Singletary said. “It’s something we have to have in order to be a successful defense.  As we get closer to the season, I look for more of those things to happen.”

Singletary later complimented the play of rookie quarterback Nate Davis.

“Nate continues to do a decent job.  I think he’s settling down and the game is slowing down for him just a bit.  Nate has done a good job finding guys and that’s always good to see.”

Lastly, Singletary was asked if the team would consider bringing in a new tackle to replace Marvel Smith, who retired prior to the Cowboys game.

“We continue to look at what we need in order to be successful on the offensive side of the ball.  If we need to get another guy, then we’ll do that.”

Singletary also announced that outside linebacker Ahmad Brooks has a left knee contusion that caused him to be limited in action against Dallas. Also, wide receiver Arnaz Battle suffered a shoulder contusion in the game and safety Michael Lewis suffered a concussion.

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