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Morning Tailgate: Kaepernick Opens Up

Posted by Taylor Price on July 24, 2013 – 11:39 AM

Peter King’s new football website featured the 49ers quarterback in a major way. King’s “MMQB” site was all about San Francisco’s QB on Tuesday.

In a fascinating look at the much discussed 49ers play-maker, Colin Kaepernick opened up to the longtime NFL scribe when the two spent time together in the offseason. Kaepernick surprised his high school football coach with a farewell speech at Pittman High School and King was there to document the experience.

King also touched on topics that Kaepernick has rarely discussed in the media. It’s a must-read for those looking to get a better understanding of the 49ers quarterback.

An interesting aspect of the interview focused on Kaepernick explaining why he wants to be himself at all times.

“I want to try to break that perfect football mold. I don’t want to be someone who can be put into a category,” the 49ers quarterback said. “I want to be my own person. I want my own style. I want to be someone who can’t really be compared to anybody.

“And I want to have a positive influence as much as I can. I’ve had people write me because of my tattoos. I’ve had people write me because of adoption. I’ve had people write me because they’re biracial. I’ve had people write me because their kids have heart defects—my mom had two boys who died of heart defects, which ultimately brought about my adoption. So, to me, the more people you can touch, the more people you can influence in a positive way or inspire, the better.”

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Morning Tailgate: Lattimore Stays Patient

Posted by Taylor Price on July 23, 2013 – 11:38 AM

Marcus Lattimore is currently on San Francisco’s Active/Non-Football Injury List. However, the fourth-round pick remains determined to make an impact for the 49ers.

How soon is the question.

Lattimore told Yahoo! Sports that he feels like he could practice now, but will wait until team physicians deem him 100-percent ready to join his 49ers teammates. Lattimore suffered multiple knee injuries in college and is nine months removed from a devastating injury that caused him to slide in the 2013 NFL Draft.

The star college running back at South Carolina said he’s, “cool” with the rehab process with the 49ers. Lattimore added, “It gives me more time to make sure I’m really ready when I do practice.”

Lattimore won’t be out on with the 49ers at training camp practices, but he’ll continue to work his way back to playing shape. It’s a situation football fans all over the country will monitor until he makes his triumphant return.

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Morning Tailgate: Kap’s Jersey Sells

Posted by Taylor Price on July 22, 2013 – 9:39 AM

The San Francisco 49ers sold more jerseys than any other team in the National Football League over the last three months.

Colin Kaepernick had the top selling jersey during that span, too.

Kaepernick edged Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson and Washington Redskins signal-caller Robert Griffin III to earn the top spot. Furthermore, quarterbacks finished in four of the top five spots according to ESPN.com’s Darren Rovell.

Get your 49ers jerseys for the 2013 season at one of our team store locations or at shop49ers.com.

More 49ers headlines can be found in today’s Morning Tailgate.

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Morning Tailgate: Meet Lemonier

Posted by Taylor Price on July 18, 2013 – 11:28 AM

The San Francisco 49ers added depth to an already strong group of linebackers when the team selected Corey Lemonier in the third round of the 2013 NFL Draft.

The former All-SEC standout defensive end at Auburn is adjusting to life as an outside linebacker with the 49ers, but feels like he’s coming along in the transition most undersized defensive ends make in their first year of professional football.

Lemonier recently sat down with CSN Bay Area to discuss his progress and confirm the pronunciation of his last name.

Lemonier aims to make his name standout even more with strong performances in training camp practices set to take place at the end of the month.

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Morning Tailgate: All About QBs

Posted by Taylor Price on July 17, 2013 – 9:38 AM

There’s a clear theme in today’s Morning Tailgate. Several articles about the quarterbacks on the San Francisco 49ers have been published in the last 24 hours and it’s our job to share those writeups

First, Bill Barnwell of Grantland.com examined Colin Kaepernick’s standing as one of the elite young quarterbacks in the National Football League and how the 49ers starting signal-caller’s prospects compare to some of the best young passers in the game today.

Kaepernick’s breakout season in 2012 is also up for a prestigious award. In fact, there’s only a few hours left to vote for Kaepernick to win a 2013 ESPY award.

Kaepernick enters training camp as the unquestioned starter, but the coveted backup quarterback roles have not been determined just yet.

More on the upcoming quarterback battles can be found in today’s Morning Tailgate.

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Morning Tailgate: Whitner in the UK

Posted by Taylor Price on July 16, 2013 – 11:25 AM

Pro Bowl safety Donte Whitner represented the San Francisco 49ers during the NFL’s International Series media day.

Whitner posed for photos and conducted interviews along with select representatives of the Jacksonville Jaguars, Minnesota Vikings and Pittsburgh Steelers. For the first time ever, the NFL will hold two games in London. The 49ers will face the Jaguars on Oct. 27; the Vikings and Steelers will play on Sept. 29.

Photos of the media day can be seen in this 49ers.com photo gallery.

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Morning Tailgate: Kaepernick Evaluation

Posted by Taylor Price on July 15, 2013 – 10:40 AM

Colin Kaepernick’s performance on the field continues to be analyzed by NFL experts across the country.

The latest evaluation comes from ESPN analyst and former NFL quarterback Ron Jaworski. The former Philadelphia Eagles signal-caller has named San Francisco’s current quarterback as his No. 11 passer in his annual countdown of the league’s top 32 passers.

“Kaepernick has a chance to be very special,” Jaworski said via Mike Sando of ESPN.com. “He has a complete throwing skillset with a powerful arm that I absolutely put at gun level. His ball comes out with a lot of energy and velocity. And Kaepernick can drive the ball down the field, on the move, with accuracy.”

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Morning Tailgate: Underrated 49ers

Posted by Taylor Price on July 9, 2013 – 10:40 AM

The kind folks at NFL.com have shared their opinions on the most underrated and overrated players for each team in the National Football League.

On Monday, the San Francisco 49ers underrated and overrated players were unveiled.

Keep in mind, this is the opinion of two NFL.com writers. It’s hard to agree with all of their selections, especially when Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Montana was placed among the overrated players.

Sorry, can’t support that claim.

However, the top underrated player was a solid choice. NFL.com selected former 49ers wide receiver John Taylor.

“Robin to Jerry Rice’s Batman, Taylor was the perfect No. 2 receiving option for the San Francisco 49ers. He was neither flashy nor physically imposing, but he was multi-dimensional — finishing his career with the second-most punt return yards in franchise history. He was also big in the clutch. You might recall Montana’s game-winning touchdown pass to Taylor — not Rice — in the waning seconds of Super Bowl XXIII. Taylor is sixth all time in receiving yards in team history, but even more impressive is that he’s one of just two Super Bowl champions enshrined in the Delaware Sports Hall of Fame (Randy White is the other). If that doesn’t epitomize “underrated” I don’t know what does.”

NFL.com selected Garrison Hearst, Frank Gore, Bryant Young and Tom Rathman as San Francisco’s most underrated players.

The overrated list included R.W. McQuarters, Dexter Carter, Kevan Barlow, William Floyd and Montana.

More headlines can be found in today’s Morning Tailgate.

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MT: Colin Kaepernick ‘Playing to Win’

Posted by Taylor Price on July 5, 2013 – 7:55 AM

He’s short with his answers. He doesn’t like to ramble on. He doesn’t like to hear himself talk.

Just like his play on the field, Colin Kaepernick gets straight to the point. He’s direct. The San Francisco 49ers quarterback has kept a level-headed demeanor when dealing with the media and he’s maintained that throughout his time in the Bay Area.

The 49ers quarterback, however, opened up to ESPN the Magazine about his future goals, his motivation and his body. The later conversation point had much to do with the magazine’s annual “Body Issue.” Kaepernick followed in the footsteps of teammate Patrick Willis in being photographed in the much discussed issue.

In an interview with the magazine, Kaepernick explained how his offseason preparation has him fueled for a big season in 2013. After taking a week off following the Super Bowl, the 49ers quarterback shared insight on his workout routine.

“Harbaugh was a little worried I was going to get too jacked — he talked to me about that — but I think the biggest thing for a quarterback is making sure that as you get bigger, you keep your flexibility,” Kaepernick said. “You have to train hard and be strong while staying flexible and limber, so I’m trying to find that balance. I’ve been trying to make my legs stronger and more explosive and build more fast-twitch muscles. I’ve been running with bands and chains, I’ve been pushing sleds, I swim tied to a bungee. Will I be faster this year? You’ll just have to wait and see.”

Kaepernick’s speed will be watched closely, but more so, people will be evaluating his every move. Kaepernick is motivated by those who are doubting his ability to maintain the level of play he established in 10 starts.

“A lot of people say last year was a fluke,” he said. “They say defenses are going to figure out how to stop our offense, and we can’t do it again. That constantly drives me. Anytime I’m told I can’t do something or told someone is better than me, that motivates me to prove them wrong. It doesn’t matter what I’m playing — tic-tac-toe, chess, Monopoly — I’m playing to win. I don’t want last season to be an outlier. I don’t want to be one of those players who had a good year and comes back and has a bad one. I want to be similar to the Tom Bradys of the world — every year you get a great year out of them. They go out there and perform at a high level.”

Lastly, Kaepernick shared how advice from Aldon Smith has helped his mental edge.

“Aldon Smith gave me this quote: “Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.” The more you can do that and the more you can push your body out of its comfort zone, the better you’ll be. Your mind can make your body do things you don’t think it can. So I push myself to be uncomfortable. If my body is feeling perfect, if I’ve got no aches, pains or soreness, something is wrong.”

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MT: Gore Shares Kaepernick Praise

Posted by Taylor Price on July 3, 2013 – 10:27 AM

Frank Gore is a firm believer in his quarterback, Colin Kaepernick.

Gore, the San Francisco 49ers all-time rushing king, shared his opinion of Kaepernick’s development in a recent appearance on ESPN.

“He could get a lot better,” Gore said via ProFootballTalk.com. “One thing I love about that young guy, he works. He works very hard. Even before he got the starting job he used to be the first one there and one of the last guys out. As long as he keeps learning, working from the coaches and just being him, he’ll be fine.”

It’s not the first time Gore has publically given props to the 49ers signal-caller.

Gore paid tribute to his quarterback with a “Kaepernicking” celebration in Super Bowl XLVII and told reporters this offseason that Kaepernick’s running ability opened up rushing lanes in the late stages of the season.

More 49ers headlines can be found in today’s Morning Tailgate.

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