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Morning Tailgate: Feb. 14

Posted by Taylor Price on February 14, 2013 – 10:46 AM

Happy Valentine’s Day to all the 49ers Faithful. Flowers and chocolate, not football headlines, will dominate everyone’s attention on Thursday, but that’s not such a bad thing.

With the San Francisco 49ers in week two of Jim Harbaugh-ordered rest and relaxation following the 2012 season, things will soon pick up in terms of offseason movement. The new league year begins officially on March 12 which means the 49ers will have 12 unrestricted free agents and two restricted free agents from the team’s most recent Super Bowl roster available for 31 other teams.

Cam Inman of the San Jose Mercury News shared the complete list of pending NFL free agents with San Francisco’s free agents headlined by Pro Bowl safety Dashon Goldson and versatile tight end Delanie Walker.

If the team is unable to retain its free agents or find replacements through NFL free agency, the 49ers hold 14 draft picks in the 2013 NFL Draft, including four selections in the top 95.

San Francisco will also get a better sense of the potential of the incoming rookie draft class when the NFL Scouting Combine begins on Feb. 23.

Peter Schrager of FoxSports.com believes Walker will leave in free agency and that Stanford tight end Zach Ertz makes the most sense with San Francisco’s first-round selection (No. 31 overall).

Matt Maiocco of CSNBayArea.com noted that 49ers personnel director Tom Gamble has taken a position closer to home to be with the Philadelphia Eagles front office.

NFL Network draft analyst Mike Mayock previewed the upcoming combine in a recent appearance on Rich Eisen’s podcast.

ESPN.com offers a full list of 2013 combine invites.

Daniel Jeremiah of NFL.com previewed one of the deepest positions in the draft, interior defensive linemen.

Rob Rang of CBSSports.com previewed this year’s draft hopeful running backs.

Peter Damilatis of ProFootballFocus.com examined the most likely players to be franchise tagged this offseason.

Alex Espinoza of 49ers.com shared Aldon Smith’s comments on greater expectations for 2013.



From all of us to all of you.

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100 Responses to “Morning Tailgate: Feb. 14”

  1. By 49erdefense2012 on Feb 14, 2013 | Reply

    if we lose delanie walker to free agency I like the zach ertz pick with the first over-all selection, but do we need to address the d-line sooner than the #2 TE position??? I believe we need to find the repalcement for justin smith A.S.A.P.,,STAR LOTULEILEI from utah would be a great pick also jenkins from georgia,,whatever we do,,,we have got to address the d-line and make our p,a,s,s, rush one of the top 10 in the nfl,,we do that and our secondary will be greatly improved..we have possibly 14 picks this upcoming draft and we should be focused on d-line and s/cb,,,IN HARBAUGH WE TRUST

  2. By tanglung on Feb 14, 2013 | Reply


  3. By Nate R on Feb 14, 2013 | Reply

    Honestly Garrett Celek could be a capable number two and I see no reason to spend a first round pick on Zach Ertz when we have other pressing needs.

  4. By Snafu on Feb 14, 2013 | Reply

    We may need help on D-line BUT I think are secoundary should be #1 #2 picks we need a shoutdown cornner! Then we need a receiver that will go up and fight for the ball not Moss!

  5. By bow53 on Feb 14, 2013 | Reply

    can’t hardly wait till the free agency opens , see what trent & jim moves are,i’m pretty sure its gunna be on the defensive side first…will have to wait and see…IN HARBAUGH WE TRUST…….on goldson thats a tough call….

  6. By 49erdefense2012 on Feb 14, 2013 | Reply

    if we increase our p,a,s,s, rush snafu, the coverage on the back-end will also be vastly improved

  7. By Hmrhead1 on Feb 14, 2013 | Reply

    49erDef, i couldnt agree more. We need a future Justin (if thats possible) and a WR. With so many picks, i dont care how it gets done. Trade picks. Free agency. Dont care. I just hope we get more out of our picks than what we got last year.

  8. By dave g. on Feb 14, 2013 | Reply

    More Disruptive D-Lineman please.

  9. By dave g. on Feb 14, 2013 | Reply

    Tall Rangy Corners or possible trade for Revis. Package some picks and dangle Alex.

  10. By dave g. on Feb 14, 2013 | Reply

    A very tall fast WR would be nice in red zone situations. I though Randy would be that guy but I am not sure about him…sometime I feel like he aint giving 100% still.

    FINALLY-Special Teams! Serious Kicking Competition, Kick Return Competition and Evalate Special Teams overall.

  11. By dave g. on Feb 14, 2013 | Reply

    We have a lot of picks and we have Alex. We gotta be able to make countless moves to reload better than ever under Harbaugh.

  12. By dave g. on Feb 14, 2013 | Reply

    Dwight Freeny is a free agent but he is up there. Michael Johnson, DE on Bengals (young): Quietly, Johnson racked up 11.5 sacks last year on the Cincinnati Bengals’ vastly underrated defensive line. Just sayin…remember last time we got a Bengal D lineman?

  13. By dave g. on Feb 14, 2013 | Reply

    Mike Wallace, Dwayne Bowe and Greg Jennings are free agents too.

  14. By Hmrhead1 on Feb 14, 2013 | Reply

    Freeney would have to play LB in our system. I dont think he fits.

  15. By dave g. on Feb 14, 2013 | Reply

    I am not big on Freeny because of his age mostly.

  16. By dave g. on Feb 14, 2013 | Reply

    Defensive Line is Deep this year in the draft

  17. By dave g. on Feb 14, 2013 | Reply

    We need to package some picks and move up for some 2-3 beasts!

  18. By tanglung on Feb 14, 2013 | Reply

    Get ready. I think STATA$$ is going to put up some more USELESS STAT’S…………

  19. By bow53 on Feb 14, 2013 | Reply

    poof! what the HeLl is wrong w/this server…..

  20. By tanglung on Feb 14, 2013 | Reply

    Let’s blame the server issues on phatablahblah. That’s about all he’s good for….

  21. By 49erdefense2012 on Feb 14, 2013 | Reply

    I like johnson from the bengals as well dave g.,,,dude has got a motor,,but the sad truth of it all is we are cap-strapped and any free agent singings we make will be done so by either cutting players or getting about half the team to re-srtucture their current deals,,im of the opinon we re-sign who we can and once again build throguh the draft,,,IN HARBAUGH WE TRUST,,,,

  22. By bow53 on Feb 14, 2013 | Reply

    i’m also eye balling michael johnson DE fr. the bengal, where the cowboy (justin) came from too……

  23. By bow53 on Feb 14, 2013 | Reply

    dave g. thats a good thought , revis, but i don’t think ryan is gunna give him up, cuz’ if he does, thats the end of his coaching clown career…….plus his not gonna go cheap, i agree w/ 49erd. salary cap baby……..that kills it………

  24. By Hermie on Feb 14, 2013 | Reply

    Definitely have to spend our first two if not three picks on defense…Then I would address the offense. This could also come in the form of free agents. I expect the 9ers to package a couple of picks to move up in the draft whether it be the first or second round.

    Revis is the best player on the Jets team and that would be awesome to get him for some picks and, maybe, Alex. The 9ers may be able to package a deal with Buffalo for Smith and get one of their high draft choices.

  25. By tanglung on Feb 14, 2013 | Reply

    I still see the 49ERS as a TEAM getting better this coming season. But isn’t it something. The 49ERS offence looks to be some what solid and the defense needs to improve. I guess that’s what KAEPERNICK brings to the 49ERS. HMMMMM.

  26. By SHIP on Feb 14, 2013 | Reply

    Trading Alex will free up cap space-we sign the following free agents: Josh Cribbs WR/KR, Phil Dawson K (these two will kill to go to a contender), Ramses Barden WR (we get him cheap. he is 6’6″ and looks real good to those really watching but he plays behind Cruz & Nicks & Hixon.), George Wilson SS (this guy is really good and covers better than Whitner).

    Then we package draft picks for DL, DL, DL.

  27. By SHIP on Feb 14, 2013 | Reply

    The experts see these 10 DL’s drafted in the first 40 picks
    Star Lotulelei, Utah: Sharrif Floyd, Florida: Sheldon Richardson, Missouri: Kawann Short, Purdue: Sylvester Williams, North Carolina: Johnathan Hankins, Ohio State: Jesse Williams, Alabama: John Jenkins, Georgia: Brandon Williams, Missouri Southern: Bennie Logan, LSU:

  28. By 11yearswithalex on Feb 14, 2013 | Reply

    yeah …the niners are going to get even better …..look out league ….oh and some old faces will be gone but some really good new ones are coming so be ready!!!!

  29. By 49erdefense2012 on Feb 14, 2013 | Reply

    I like it ship, especially wilson from the bills,,

  30. By Your worse nightmare on Feb 14, 2013 | Reply

    All these speculation getting defensive players and trading smith to another team? Why don’t you guys wait until draft day? Get over it , the 9er’s loss the SB. Move on dude !

  31. By dave g. on Feb 14, 2013 | Reply

    Oh brother some d!ckcheese trying to sound bad@ss with a cheesy name comes on from nowhere now amd says “Get over it , the 9er’s loss the SB. Move on dude !”.

    What do you think discussing the upcoming draft, free agent signings and looking forward is all about? Wait til draft day?

    Move on? Why are people even on here if they not true Niner fans looking forward to reloading? What there to discuss D!ckcheese? Discuss the past season? So planning ahead is not moving on? Are you retarted?

  32. By tanglung on Feb 14, 2013 | Reply

    phatablahblah aka:temper11 aka:ching aka:your worse nightmare………my my my…He just can’t stay away…..

  33. By sharris2552 on Feb 14, 2013 | Reply

    Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie thats who the niners need to go sign then resign goldson try for Michael Johnson and then trade smith and are #3 to the browns for colt and their #3 then try and trade for harvin with are #2 pick if we cant get harvin then draft woods WR from usc

  34. By mfkram64 on Feb 15, 2013 | Reply

    i agree they need help on d-line….i like ilgonhia from bears or johnson but gonna cost money…and a guy under the radar from titian his last name is mark he might be a steal…i say sign one of them and draft a d\t first rd…jenkins or hankins…

  35. By mfkram64 on Feb 15, 2013 | Reply

    the question is goldson…what do they do with him? franchise him or sign him to long deal?

  36. By mfkram64 on Feb 15, 2013 | Reply

    i like to see them get bowe or wallace..if not get armendola…wr and return guy..

  37. By mfkram64 on Feb 15, 2013 | Reply

    unless they trade up…jenkins and hankins will be gone…also a guy on the radar xavier rhodes cb fla. st…big and fast…they have a lot of picks and can have a great draft…plus set up for future years…like walsh did…love it!!

  38. By tanglung on Feb 15, 2013 | Reply


  39. By mfkram64 on Feb 15, 2013 | Reply

    hey dave g. i love it..awsesome post yesterday…i exploit blahblahblah everytime..he takes the bait and shows what a joke he really is and u back it up..awseome…u hit my point right on the head…we all see it he is just a joke..again blahblahblah u take my blitze quote and show us one game the saints game..the same game u keep refering to when we bring up alex..he got sacked alot last year…and it wasn’t the o=line ‘s fault all the time…and kap. is no montana but like dave g. so nicly pointed out joe had his games also…

  40. By mfkram64 on Feb 15, 2013 | Reply

    hey i love how blahblahblah keeps saying how great the ravens were in the first half..he just keeps hopping on first half..but when i call him out to give us stats on second half he doesn’t..u r a joke…and by the way i had that feeling they will come back…even when jones ran that kickoff for a td i told my friends watching the game that as crazy at this sounds it’s better than letting the ravens go 10 plays and take 6 min. off the clock…i said it all second half let kaepernick have the ball he will make something happen…and again i love it dave g. 300+ yards..2 rec’s with 100+ rb with 100+…ya the ravens exploited kaepernick and the offense..i love it! thanks dave g.

  41. By phatalerror on Feb 15, 2013 | Reply

    Apparently you missed it when I posted the information, not that you ever search for truth in favor of dishing out endless and empty insults. For the sake of any who care to read this mess anymore:

    Before the lights went out:
    QB Comp Att Yardage Avg First Rate TD Int
    C.Kaepernick 9 14 168 10.86 50.00% 0 1
    J.Flacco 13 20 192 9.35 45.00% 3 0

    After the lights went out:
    QB Comp Att Yardage Avg First Rate TD Int
    C.Kaepernick 7 14 134 9.57 42.86% 1 0
    J.Flacco 9 13 95 6.69 30.77% 0 0

    The 49ers clearly caught a second wind after the pause in play, while the Ravens played more conservatively with a 22 point lead. After all, the team only needed to win, and it didn’t matter if it was by 22 points or 1.

    Read the results how you wish. They only prove that Flacco can complete throws for touchdowns against elite defenses, while Kaepernick can put up gaudy yardage but not much else.

  42. By tanglung on Feb 15, 2013 | Reply

    mkfram64. LMFAO. The MEANINGLESS STAT IDIOT fell for it. You suckered blahblahblah in just like you said. YOUR GOOD… ;-)

  43. By tanglung on Feb 15, 2013 | Reply

    phatablahblah just got SUCKERED…lolololol….lololol.. Help me somebody, I can’t stop lololol…lololol

  44. By tanglung on Feb 15, 2013 | Reply


  45. By mosedef on Feb 15, 2013 | Reply

    In reality the 49ers will probably pick up a person we never heard of and everyone will be like what?!?!?! and then find out that person is really good.

    Example = Aldon Smith. How many of you guys said who is Aldon Smith when we drafted in him the first round.

  46. By dave g. on Feb 15, 2013 | Reply

    The stat nerd is at it again. What a loser.


  47. By tanglung on Feb 15, 2013 | Reply

    blahblah is huddled up in his corner looking up more USELESS STAT’S. Get ready, Here they come…lol…What a F U C KING JACKA$$…

  48. By mfkram64 on Feb 15, 2013 | Reply

    u totally show that u post your stats so it proves u r right..again u proved it by posting stats that r NOT what i asked..i asked to post what flacco’s pts. per poss. were in second half along with kap’s….u were so dead on posting flacco was 4.2 in first half compared to kap.’s 1.0 and your quote was that can’t cut it…u go and post numbers that favor your argument kap. isn’t that good….those stats don’t answer what i asked…cuz kap.’s pts. per poss. in second have were way better than your elite flacco’s

  49. By mfkram64 on Feb 15, 2013 | Reply

    i didn’t ask before lights after lights…blahblahblahblah…i asked POINTS PER POSS. IN SECOND HALF PERIOD!

  50. By Apocalypto on Feb 15, 2013 | Reply

    I think the teams they played & evaluated the niners defensive weaknesses were generally correct. The coach & coaching staff knows this & tried to scheme & cover those short comings but at the level of which the 9ers competed against (in the playoffs & conference) it became exploitable.I hope there’s an answer from the developmental squad that will be able & ready to step up because draft’g a rookie means there are positions that take at least a year or two to develop before any real contribution especially when u have to draft 2nd to last.

  51. By tanglung on Feb 15, 2013 | Reply


  52. By phatalerror on Feb 15, 2013 | Reply

    “i didn’t ask before lights after lights…blahblahblahblah…i asked POINTS PER POSS. IN SECOND HALF PERIOD!”

    You weren’t as clear as you believe yourself to have been. Did you really need me to post this? Wouldn’t this have been something you could have counted on the fingers of both of your two hands?

    Offense Total Drives Total Plays Avg Plays per Drive Avg Dist to Goal Points per Drive
    BAL 6 037 6.17 81.50 1.00
    SF 6 032 5.33 61.00 3.83

    What about this information proves any of your claims regarding Kaepernick? All it proves is that the Ravens did what they needed to in the second half to win the game, and that Kaepernick didn’t do enough.

  53. By phatalerror on Feb 15, 2013 | Reply

    To mfkram64, Dave G., tanglung, SHIP, et al:

    If you really believe yourselves to be on the ‘winning’, ‘intelligent’, and ‘correct’ side of this argument, why all of the low-blows? Why all of the deception? Why all of the belittling of truth? Why all of the Anything-But-Proving-The-Other-Side-Wrong? If you’re as right as you believe yourselves to be, this forum should be full of long-time users who can clearly and respectfully argue that Smith is a lesser quarterback than Kaepernick IS (not ‘will be’, but IS). But it’s not. It’s a place where you can deliberately treat other users with disrespect. That’s bush league and childish. You haven’t done anything except prove yourselves unworthy of any regard.

  54. By tanglung on Feb 15, 2013 | Reply

    Looks like blahblahblah was flagged for being in the huddle to long and coming out with MORE USELESS STAT’S. Delay of game…..

  55. By phatalerror on Feb 15, 2013 | Reply

    “Looks like blahblahblah was flagged for being in the huddle to long and coming out with MORE USELESS STAT’S. Delay of game…..”

    So I’m like Kaepernick now? That should mean you would like me.

  56. By tanglung on Feb 15, 2013 | Reply

    I am looking foward to blahblahblah’s next USELESS STAT’S….NOT….LMFAO…..LOLOLOLOL….

  57. By tanglung on Feb 15, 2013 | Reply

    blahblahblah goes back to his corner to look up MORE USELESS STAT’S. Borrrrring….

  58. By SHIP on Feb 15, 2013 | Reply

    Phatablahblah cracks me up. If we say the sky is blue, he will take that and copy and paste that comment and try to tell us its green and that we need to open our eyes.

    He says “You haven’t done anything except prove yourselves unworthy of any regard.”

    If we are unworthy of any regard than why in the hell do you keep regarding us by spending crazy amounts of time researching useless stats for us & copy and pasting . Especially since we childish & bush league & all beneath your great and powerful brain. (note to Temper11- that is sarcasm)

    He has been proven wrong in so many times. Dave G. schooled this guy big time on incorrect information but we are bush league for pointing his nonsense out. He is clueless to football but is loaded in manure ; )

  59. By tanglung on Feb 15, 2013 | Reply

    phatablahblah must like being B!TCH SLAPPED. He keeps coming back for more with his USELESS STAT’S. LOLOLOL

  60. By tanglung on Feb 15, 2013 | Reply

    phatablahblah = more STUPID STAT’S…LMFAO….

  61. By crabber59 on Feb 16, 2013 | Reply

    niners better draft some big CB/DB like my seahawk boys(Sherman&browner) yeah thats right lock-down corners not little-smufs(Brown&Rogers, Culliver) who can’t cover worth s–t. Flacco made them look lame, Bodin just made play after play. In fact maybe the whole niner D-Fence should be replaced. Ha Ha

  62. By crabber59 on Feb 16, 2013 | Reply

    Oh bty did i tell you 49er faitful that i did very well on my SB bets. Was in Vegas for SB week visitng family/friends and out of 10-card-player/gambler types 8 had $ on the Ravens. That’s why i had the Ravens on the ML, had them with the points(4) and i bet the over. Sweet!! Win $ while watching the niners lose.

  63. By dave g. on Feb 16, 2013 | Reply

    Crabber59. I thought you asked us to worry about our team and not you generic team. So why you still worried about us.

    Last I looked your defense got spanked for 417 yards and Matt Ryan layed up 3 TDs against them and SeaChickens are still the ugly stepchild to us.

    Speaking of ugly. Your team has to be in the lead of the ugliest in the league. Thats why they talk so much…not getting enough attention!

    And that bet thing, it still does not fill the empty void of playing second to us again while still jabbering. HAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

  64. By dave g. on Feb 16, 2013 | Reply

    Oregon’s Dion Jordan a potential “monster” at 6-foot-7 with the ability to play outside linebacker or defensive end. Imagine him on the other side of Aldon! Yikes….I want us to terrorize QBs like the ’85 BEARS did.

  65. By dave g. on Feb 16, 2013 | Reply

    BLAHBLAHBLAH said that KAP was exploited by the Ravens now his tune is tweaked to he put up “gaudy numbers but nothing else”. A player who put up gaudy numbers BUT got exploited even though he helped his team score more points than the Ravens (FGS & TDS). The difference was the kick return.

    You cant put gaudy numbers if you exploited!? Blah will say anything and pick and choose wording cuz he wants to be right so bad but he will never be!


  66. By dave g. on Feb 16, 2013 | Reply

    BLAHBLAH continues to show his lack of knowledge of football and football history as well. There has been times when a QB just hits a streak at the right time that he just in a zone.

  67. By dave g. on Feb 16, 2013 | Reply

    Mark Rypien and Doug Williams to name a few wons SBs against QBs who were better than them.

  68. By dave g. on Feb 16, 2013 | Reply

    Flacco outplayed Brady and Peyton for Gods Sake and Kap played better than both those guys. The point was Kap gave us a better chance than Smith. And the Head Coach & GM obviously agreed which is why they drafted him (TO SUPPLANT ALEX). LEARN FOOTBALL.

  69. By dave g. on Feb 16, 2013 | Reply

    The Flacco vs Kap numbers is completely irrelavant. I know we have a great QB.

  70. By SHIP on Feb 16, 2013 | Reply

    Its funny…the foundation of Phatalblahblahs arguments is his ego will never allow him to face the possibility that he is not more intelligent than all of us. Its this underlining insecurity that causes him to keep trying to find any possible angle he can to make us feel like he knows much much more than any of us. So no matter how obviously rediculous the things he comes up with, he is merely reaching for any crumb he can hold on to so he can save face. Its actually a great study and example of how much a ego can cause someone to obsess even after all logical counter arguments have been presented. He will never ever just let it go or admit another to be right or worse yet: admit that he is wrong. Admitting they may have been wrong about something conflicts with this perception of himself as being superior intellectually than all of us. He can’t accept or sleep with that realization so I say let it go fellas because it really does not matter and in the end we win because it will eat at him and eat at him until one of us says he is right which will never happen (with the exception of maybe Temper who is obviously as smart as Rabbits turd).

  71. By 49erdefense2012 on Feb 16, 2013 | Reply

    crabber59 is OBVIOUSLY someone who posts on here regularly,,,using ANOTHER screen name,,,PATHETIC,,,,I mean c’mon,,there is NO WAY a real seakawks fans would be wasting his time posting on the 49ers website at this time of the year,,dud must think we are all idiots,,,seriously,,,you need to seek medical attention and that right quick,,,anyone who needs 4-5 screen names to keep a conversation going with ones-self is in need of a very padded room,,,,IN HARBAUGH WE TRUST,,,

  72. By tanglung on Feb 16, 2013 | Reply

    dave g and SHIP just schooled blahblahblah and cra-pper59.

  73. By tanglung on Feb 16, 2013 | Reply

    49erdefense, That goes for blahblah too. He sneaks in with different screen names too.

  74. By tanglung on Feb 16, 2013 | Reply

    THE 49ERS…

  75. By mfkram64 on Feb 16, 2013 | Reply

    the ravens did what that had to do to win the game…..it’s called hang on for dear life….cuz they got toasted in the second half…flaccio mvp is a joke he choked the second have..the ravens fans can thank jones…this is were special team play won the game…u call flacco elite why? he had one good half..he sucked in the second half and elite qb would have put the nail in the coffin…that’s way he is not elite…he is good..they won so be it….the niners will come back this year and take the title home!!!!

  76. By tanglung on Feb 16, 2013 | Reply

    blahblah/cra-pper59 are back in his corner googleing more MORE USELESS STAT’S…This could take awhile. USELESS STAT’S are hard to find…LOL.. ;-)

  77. By 49erdefense2012 on Feb 16, 2013 | Reply

    yes ship phatalblahblahblah keeps forgetting that I busted him out when he treid to de-bunk an article written by bucky brooks,,I also exposed his failure at stat posting when he tried using the red zone thrown td percentages stats that he posted and also his in-accuracy of stats posting pertaining to how many sacks the o-line gave up when alex was the starter when any REAL 49er fan would have known that alex smith is so statue-esq in the pocket that many opposing defenders have said that alex smith is one of the easiest qb’s in the league to sack,,,but oposing players speaking about other players has no bearing on blahblahblah because there is no stat line used to prove that they said it,,,,IN HARBAUGH WE TRUST

  78. By 49erdefense2012 on Feb 16, 2013 | Reply

    blahblahblah will probably come back with something like asking me to re-explain my points that I have made instead of him going and reading them for his-self,,,another indication of his failure to recognize that he is nothing but an over-bearing stat monger using and twisting stat lines to try and lead others to believe that his knowledge of football is profound and we are nothing more than mindless,scrwming fans at the stadium who kno nothing of football when we have proven to him that we know alot more about OUR team than he does,,,the dude must have lost a bet or something pertaining to C-KAP becoming our starting qb,,,L M A O,,,,IN HARBAUGH WE TRUST

  79. By tanglung on Feb 16, 2013 | Reply

    He’s not a 49ERS FAN…..

  80. By phatalerror on Feb 16, 2013 | Reply

    I’m not going to let you waste my attention anymore. There’s no one left here to make it worth it. I’ll be back when there are.

    You didn’t win anything, and I wasn’t wrong. I didn’t lose credibility, and Kaepernick didn’t do anything I said he couldn’t do.

  81. By tanglung on Feb 17, 2013 | Reply

    But we did win. Think about it….

  82. By tanglung on Feb 17, 2013 | Reply

    THE 49ERS

  83. By tanglung on Feb 17, 2013 | Reply

    I’m not going to let you waste my attention anymore. Blahblahblah blah blahblah……….MY MY MY…I hope he doesn’t go tell his MOMMY….What a CRY BABY…..LOL…..

  84. By tanglung on Feb 17, 2013 | Reply


  85. By SHIP on Feb 17, 2013 | Reply

    But yes PHATABLAHBLAH you are wrong and you have lost tons of credibility by proven counter-arguments that prove you don’t know as much as you think you do. We win because we have an enormous amount of blogs proving you to be clueless to the game of football. I know its tough to accept that fact but its a huge pill you must swallow but I know you wont and you ego will force you to come up with another rediculous morsel of stats to try to be right. You not only pathetic and ignorant to football but you also very predictable.

  86. By mfkram64 on Feb 17, 2013 | Reply

    well said 49ersdef.and ship….true niner fans stick together…and us REAL niner fans will back r team and coach….win,lose or tie! it’s not that a fan won’t critize or disagree with a player or coach but will always stand by the team PERIOD! in the end we r TRUE NINER FANS!

  87. By SHIP on Feb 17, 2013 | Reply

    As a real 49ers fan all we care about at this point is adding more talent to reload for next season. Think about how pathetic BlahBlah’s life is for him to be so obessed with us thinking he is right on this topic that he was going through every little morsel of anything positive for Alex and anything negative about Kap.

  88. By SHIP on Feb 17, 2013 | Reply

    Well said mfkram64, 49erdefense2012, Dave G & tanglung. You guys get it.

  89. By SHIP on Feb 17, 2013 | Reply

    Stats are merely guidelines, but they are never apples to apples comparisons. There are so many variables which are involved in football games and player tendencies and match ups with different teams that only those who really don’t get football put as much weight in it. They never tell the whole story.

  90. By tanglung on Feb 17, 2013 | Reply

    I still say blahblah is NOT a 49ERS fan. This @$$HOLE made me sick. That’s why I F.U.C.K.E.D with him so much. I have a feeling he will be back. Anyway’s, I am looking foward to a fuul season with Kaepernick as THE 49ERS QB….GO 49ERS….

  91. By tanglung on Feb 17, 2013 | Reply

    Should have been fool….. ;-)

  92. By tanglung on Feb 17, 2013 | Reply

    FULL….What a DORK… ;-)

  93. By tanglung on Feb 17, 2013 | Reply


  94. By SHIP on Feb 17, 2013 | Reply

    Same here Bro. We are indeed headed for greatness!

  95. By mfkram64 on Feb 18, 2013 | Reply

    so so true ship…..it’s time to reload..this is harbaugh’s 3rd year and the first 2 have been great..let’s face it.. winning attitude is back big time…it’s great being a niner fan and now it’s statrting to feel like the 80′s and 90′s again…the niners r the team everyone is worried about..they make some good moves in free agency and the draft watch out baby!

  96. By tanglung on Feb 18, 2013 | Reply

    What a twist. It looks like it’s the defense that needs to catch up with the offence. I feel like COACH will address this and THE TEAM will be even better this coming season. Now that’s a scary thought for the rest of the league..GO 49ERS..

  97. By dave g. on Feb 18, 2013 | Reply

    No doubt. We got this.

  98. By mfkram64 on Feb 19, 2013 | Reply

    i’d like see them sign goldson lock him up..address d/t or d/e thru free agencey..the draft is deep in d-line so pick one with second pick…as far as wr’s have to see were manningham an williams r at in rehabbing…that leaves first rd. pick..austin a wr out of wv looks like the guy..but it’s early..i’d like to see them get tough on the d-line get a monster who can control game..

  99. By rickey32 on Feb 20, 2013 | Reply

    not only on d do we need but also some 1 who is an all around player from kick returns to wide reciever even good at running the ball look up Tavon Austin from WVU on youtube think this kid would fit nicely

  100. By dave g. on Feb 21, 2013 | Reply

    rickey32-Agreed bro. We need a bolster special teams with a flyer. Ginn is fast but not consistent and we don’t seem to trust his hands with the long ball. With that speed he should be open downfield constantly! And competition at kicking is a must!

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