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Week 16 Game Notes

Posted by Alex Espinoza on December 24, 2012 – 12:43 PM

A 42-13 loss at Seattle moved the 49ers’ record to 10-4-1 on the season, but San Francisco still leads the NFC West heading into the regular-season finale against Arizona. 49ers Public Relations presents the following game notes from the Week 16 matchup.

Delanie Gets in the End Zone

  • TE Delanie Walker caught an 18-yd. TD pass from QB Colin Kaepernick in the 4th qtr., giving him 3 rec. TDs this season and 8 for his career. He finished the game with 4 recepts. for 54 yds. Walker’s 3 rec. TDs this season tied a career high (3 – 2011).

Rookie Highs:

  • Rookie RB LaMichael James amassed a career-high 201 total yds. (172 returns, 15 rushing, 14 receiving).
  • Rookie TE Garrett Celek notched a career-high with 2 recepts. for 41 yds., including a career-long 35-yd. recept.

Willis Picks Off Wilson:

  • LB Patrick Willis notched his 2nd INT of the season and 7th of his career, as he picked off Seahawks QB Russell Wilson in the 2nd quarter.

 Ice Storm:

  • DT Isaac Sopoaga brought down Seahawks QB Russell Wilson for his 1st sack of the season.

 Lee Nails Down the Coffin Corner:

  • P Andy Lee dropped 1 punt inside the 20 at Sea. He now has tallied 35 punts downed inside the 20 this season, his 2nd highest single-season total (42 in 2007).

Akers 2nd for NFL FG Streak:

  • With 2 FGs at Sea., K David Akers has now made at least 1 FG in 32 consecutive games, dating back to 1/2/11 vs. Dal., as a member of the Philadelphia Eagles. He now owns the 2nd longest streak of consecutive games scoring a field goal in NFL history.

Most Consecutive Games Scoring A Field Goal




1. Matt Stover, Bal.



2. David Akers, Phi./SF



3. Fred Cox, Min.



4t. Jim Turner, NYJ/Den.



Chip Lohmiller, Was.




Long Distance Akers:

  • K David Akers nailed a 54-yd. FG right before halftime. It was his 9th FG from at least 50-yds. as a member of the 49ers, the 2nd most 50-plus yd. FGs in 49ers history (K Joe Nedney – 10). It also marked Akers’ 24th career 50-plus yd. FG, which ranks 4th among all active kickers.

Making His Debut:

  • LB Cam Johnson made his NFL debut.

Extending Their Streaks:

  • TE/LS Brian Jennings has now played in 207 consecutive games.
  • TE Vernon Davis has now started 90 consecutive games, which ranks 3rd in the NFL among TEs behind Tony Gonzalez (100) and Jason Witten (98).
  • C Jonathan Goodwin has now started 69 consecutive games, the 5th most among centers.
  • K David Akers has now played in 120 consecutive NFL games, the 3rd most in the NFL among kickers.
  • P Andy Lee played has played in 143 consecutive NFL games, 3rd most among NFL punters.

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23 Responses to “Week 16 Game Notes”

  1. By JohnSW on Dec 24, 2012 | Reply

    coach Harbaugh has killed any hope for this season, making bad decisions in the middle of the season.

    Nothing against Kaep, my best wishes for him in the future.

  2. By iswordsman on Dec 24, 2012 | Reply

    what a bunch of idiots, take my time to post and you blow it up???

  3. By Roger Waldman on Dec 24, 2012 | Reply

    This was a complete team loss. Kaep took his share of the blame but a defense giving up 42 points was where the blame lies. The 49ers were dominated completely by the Seahawks all over the field. It’s hard to believe but this defense has given up 76 points in the 6 quarters that they have played without Justin Smith. Can one man make such a difference or is this a complete breakdown of what was previously the best defensive unit in the league. I personally think the team will bounce back but this loss was not caused by a change in the quarterback position. Colin cannot be blamed for giving up 42 points.

  4. By lohn medina on Dec 24, 2012 | Reply

    Oh yes it can , but also they were not prepared thats a coaching falt…. Take the Patriats game as an example…Brady was an experience leader you can see it,with no doubt…# 7 is still to experience a lot.. including playoff preastish and pressure… He will be a good one. but marke my words will have to wait… GO NINERS MAYBE OUR DEFFENCE WILL SAFE THE RUN TO THE SUPER BOWLE.

  5. By lohn medina on Dec 24, 2012 | Reply

    colin didn’t give up 42 points, the problem is he didn’t generate points.

  6. By true9ersfan on Dec 24, 2012 | Reply

    its so funny how people can love the QB one week then bash him the next priceless understand this if smith had been in that game would have been a worst out come 42-0 i like the move to kaep this is a growing team an its time for alex to go do you think alex would have beaten brady hell no it would have been 24-35 kap is a winner an shows it this lost wasnt on him but on a team as a hole

  7. By 49erfaithfull on Dec 24, 2012 | Reply

    Listen.. it was mind blowing watching the 49ers take such a beating to the seahags .. you have to understand what it takes for a defense to go through 90 something plays a week before against the patriots in there house then go into a Seahags home field where its defening for sure and sustain such play is hard to ask even for our Hard Tough rugged defense.. its insane to hold that kind of intensity .. as for the offense we did some good things and moved the ball ok ..yes i said ok.. not good not great.. but when we start with the blocked field goal .. it all went down hill from there.. CK7 has what it takes to win .. Now 1 game does not make or break a season,we are in the playoffs .. hopefully we get a win at our house against the cards and at least lock up the NFC west .. then we can start fresh and let some 1 come to our house where the red and gold can Rock the house..

  8. By Mark on Dec 24, 2012 | Reply

    The whole game went downhill from the beginning series and really never came back.

  9. By phatalerror on Dec 24, 2012 | Reply

    The Kaepologists argument?: The defense didn’t help.

    I thought that was the whole point of putting in Kaepernick instead of Smith: He has so much upside and explosiveness in his play that the 49ers wouldn’t need to rely on their defense.

    As already noted, it’s not completely Kaepernick’s fault that the 49ers’ defense and special teams gave up 42 points, although if he could have actually extended drives, it would have made a big difference, giving the 49ers time to adjust their defensive schemes before sending their tired squad back onto the field. 6.11 plays per drive isn’t enviable, and if not for the lengthy 13-play garbage time drive late in the game, that number is down to 5.25, which is even worse than Arizona’s 32nd-ranked average for the year.

  10. By phatalerror on Dec 24, 2012 | Reply

    Please stop with this “one game” nonsense. Kaepernick is 4-2 in starts, worse than Smith’s 6-2. He just played his first game where the defense didn’t carry him, and he got absolutely destroyed.

    And if we’re going to play the ‘the defense was tired from last week’s win’ card, it stands to reason that if Kaepernick would have managed more than a combined ten plays over the first three drives of the fourth quarter with what started as a 21 point lead, the Patriots’ offense wouldn’t have been on the field for all 34 of those fourth quarter plays exhausting the defense. That means that the defense’s deteriorated condition Sunday evening can be partially attributed to Kaepernick.

  11. By phatalerror on Dec 24, 2012 | Reply

    Word is in: Mario Manningham’s injury is a combined PCL/ACL tear. He is done for the year. After six and three-quarters weeks of Colin Kaepernick, the 49ers are down to Michael Crabtree, Randy Moss, Delanie Walker, Ted Ginn, and A.J. Jenkins. Vernon Davis is stuck in the concussion protocol for who knows how long.

    I don’t know that Alex Smith would even want this offense back again.

  12. By Gary Snider on Dec 24, 2012 | Reply

    In order for this SEAHAWK fan to further bask in the complete domination of the Forty Whiners I thought I would check out the Forty Whiners website to read the whining comments of their fans. Thanks, you didn’t disappoint!

  13. By James on Dec 24, 2012 | Reply

    I really hope we meet again in the playoffs….I have a major bet on this one…you guys whine, but I love your wine!!! Cabs in particular!

  14. By jt49 on Dec 25, 2012 | Reply

    what makes everyone so sure that a smith wouldn’t have beat the patriots? statements like that really make me wonder if any of the people who post here actually watch the games. the offense was doing just fine scoring points when he was in there, and beat the packers if that can be a comparison. kaepernick has played mediocre for the majority of the time he has been in the game, with flashes every once in a while (especially when they have good field position). but, from what i can tell, the offense’s production and scoring have not improved much from the qb switch. i really think the only reason the patriots had the chance they did at coming back and why the defense was so beat was because kaep could not put together a drive when they had the ball with average field position. his last touchdown drive put them back up, but took no time off the clock and didn’t give the d a break. the way alex smith plays is built on long drives, taking time and resting the defense. this was something they completely failed to do in the ne game. the same with seattle; kaep made some nice throws, but failed to put together a meaningful drive when it mattered. the two best ones he had ended in an interception and a blocked field goal. kaep can play, that’s for sure, but it seems like what he has added to the offense has hurt the defense thus far. which is one reason why i do not understand the qb switch at all (others being the timing and the stellar play smith was giving them, etc), but i guess it is too late to go back now. the team was built to succeed the way it was, now they just look inconsistant and sloppy.

    but anyway. merry christmas from a sf fan in md, and here’s to the rest of the season.

  15. By Larry Lawson on Dec 25, 2012 | Reply

    The Seahawks QB (Wilson) had a great night and could do no wrong. It looked like “Lady Luck” had the Seahawks playing a bit over their heads and the Niners standing a bit flat footed. Time to move on and get over it.

  16. By JParker on Dec 25, 2012 | Reply

    Minnesota is peaking at the right time. There is a very good chance they will upset the Packers this Sunday. Couple that with a 49er win over the Cardinals and the 49ers get a by week to heal up and prepare. I am very optimistic that this will happen.

  17. By Hermie on Dec 25, 2012 | Reply

    Merry Christmas all…Anyone that says one QB would have won a game or lost a game they didn’t even play in really don’t know the game. Soooo much goes into a team winning or losing a game. When it is a one sided win or lose it is no one players fault and one play would not have made a difference!!

  18. By Hermie on Dec 25, 2012 | Reply

    one play or player would not have made a difference…althogh we can make a case for missig Justin…Just hope we get Vernon back.

    9ers will not win a game running Frank only 6 times…that was the biggest mistake. How many games have the 9ers won running Frank that few a times!!

  19. By stevie49er on Dec 25, 2012 | Reply

    Remember in 94 the Niners got tore up by the Eagles at home and bounced back to win and go on to the Super bowl, yeah I understand that was with Steve Young and that group, but Kap is a guy that needs time and he’s under alot of pressure for a young Q.B. cause this team is a Superbowl contender! Justin Smith’s situation worries me cause I believe that he’s the caytalist to this dehense you see it with how he sets things up for Aldon and in the run game for Pat and Navarro. The receiver pos. took a hit with Manningham now gone, so now Jenkins will have to step in but Mannigham’s playoff and Superbowl experience will be felt as well. I don’t care if the Forty-niners have to go to Lambeau to play they will beat the Packers, I’m from Wis. and have been a Niners fan before most of you guys on here, since 81 when they beat Dallas and won thier first of 5 Superbowls. I hope that this team can rally now and put a string together asnd win this thing GO NINERS!!!!!!!!!!

  20. By jonjee on Dec 25, 2012 | Reply

    After everygame, I like to read as many articles and comments about the 49ers, They are my favorite team and forever faithful win or lose. I watched the whole game and i was really heart broken. The defense couldn’t stop the seahawks and I kept hoping with every niner drive that they would score and stop the seahawks next position. Well we saw how that turned out. I know there was many mistakes all around and it was worse that we had key players get hurt and out of the game. I believe that make them stronger and bounce back stronger like they also do. Every team in this league get a bashing every now and then. I hope the vikings beat the packers and of course the 49ers will beat the Cardinals. The 49es do really need a bye week. 49ers forever!!! Stop being so negative.

  21. By Eddie on Dec 26, 2012 | Reply

    Give credit when credit is due… the Seahawks beat us on all phases of the game We didn’t play well. I wish they would have put 50 points on us to remind us that we cannot sleep on any team no matter what the record is. And all this hoopla about Justin Smith.. He’s a great player but this a team sport with three phases. And we didn’t win not one. How many games do we need to lose by an avg of 20 points or higher to wake the hell up? The Giants game wasn’t a wake up call? Gosh!

    If we sleep on the Cardinals this week, they will come in to candlestick and beat us. Wake the fk up!

  22. By Buzz Clifford on Dec 26, 2012 | Reply

    We spent way too much time not allowing La Michael to play. In pre-season A. J. Jenkins was waving his hand in the end zone to no avail.A. J. runs great routes and Kaepernick will find him.

    Arizona is going to try and be a spoiler. (sore looser, so to speak) We need home
    field advantage and a nice sunny Candlestick Park day. We need to win our division.
    A.J. Jenkins, Justin Smith, Vernon Davis and Mario Manningham need to play vs. Arizona.
    Green Bay needs to beat some of our other enemies but for us the Super Bowl goes through a cold Lambeau Field.!

  23. By Rick N on Dec 26, 2012 | Reply

    FAce it The niners had a bad game and Seattle had a good game bad recipee for us, Lets pray for a fast recovery from all injured players, some are key players. We are a team and need the team as a hole. Don’t fear we are still going all the way, Seattle losses the 12th and 13th player after this last regular season game and they will have to win on there own they don’t do well on the road aginst good teams, amazing how influtenial that 13th player is. We are were we want to be. Go niners, we still have the best team in the NFL, think positive stay behind the team no matter what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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