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Kaepernick Named NFC Off. POW

Posted by Taylor Price on December 19, 2012 – 8:27 AM

Five starts into his career in the National Football League, Colin Kaepernick can now say he has received NFC Offensive Player of the Week honors.

The San Francisco 49ers second-year signal-caller took home the Week 15 award Tuesday morning after his impressive four touchdown passes in a 41-34 road win over the New England Patriots.

Kaepernick’s four touchdown scores were not only a career-high, but it put him along with two future Hall of Famers, Tom Brady and Peyton Manning, as the only quarterbacks with four-plus touchdowns in the history Gillette Stadium.

It’s the fourth time in franchise history that two 49ers quarterbacks have won the POTW honors in the same year. Alex Smith won the honor in Week 8 of the regular season, Kaepernick took home the award seven weeks later after making his fifth start for the 49ers.

Hall of Famers Joe Montana and Steve Young both won the weekly honor in the 1988 and 90 seasons, and Young and Steve Bono both received the award in 1991.

Kaepernick’s 4-1 start to his quarterback career is quite remarkable. It looks like #kaepernicking isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

More on Kaepernick’s Week 15 honor:

  • Kaepernick threw a career-high four touchdown passes in the 49ers’ 41-34 win at New England. He joined TOM BRADY and PEYTON MANNING as the only QBs to throw four touchdown passes in a game at Gillette Stadium.
  • He threw for 216 yards with a 107.7 passer rating and added 28 rushing yards.
  • The 49ers, led by Kaepernick, snapped New England’s 20-game home winning streak in December, the longest streak in NFL history. The Patriots’ last December home loss was December 22, 2002. San Francisco also ended New England’s 13-game December winning streak, tied for the second-longest streak in league history.
  • The 49ers scored 41 points against New England, the most the Patriots have allowed since 2005 (October 2, 2005 vs. San Diego).
  • In the fourth quarter, after New England scored 28 unanswered points to tie the game at 31, Kaepernick gave San Francisco the lead 18 seconds later by throwing a 38-yard touchdown pass to MICHAEL CRABTREE.
  • In his second season from Nevada, this is Kaepernick’s first career Player of the Week Award.
  • He is the second 49ers quarterback to be honored this season (ALEX SMITH, Week 8). This is the fourth time in franchise history two different quarterbacks were named Offensive Player of the Week in the same season: 1988 (Pro Football Hall of Famers JOE MONTANA and STEVE YOUNG), 1990 (Montana and Young) and 1991 (Young and STEVE BONO).

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20 Responses to “Kaepernick Named NFC Off. POW”

  1. By NICK LAMBUSTA on Dec 19, 2012 | Reply

    hats off to #7 hope he plays well sunday at the seahawks 2division titles back to back niners will make it to the super bowl under j h they are on a hot roll and want to win the 49er legacy will grow again

  2. By 49thsamurai on Dec 19, 2012 | Reply

    First of many to come. He deserves it.

  3. By 49er-n-memphis on Dec 19, 2012 | Reply

    Not so much to say now about our qb situation huhhhh? like I invisioned, Kapp is the freakin MAN. Keep doing what ur doing young fella. Take us to the promise land.

  4. By Hawaii49 on Dec 19, 2012 | Reply

    If we think this is good, Imagine when he gets on same page as V.D!!! Weʻll Keep Riding this wave!!!

  5. By Hermie on Dec 19, 2012 | Reply

    Way to go Kaep…I new this was coming sooner than later. Really looking forward to watching him play in a 49ers uniform for years to come!!

  6. By Hard Truth on Dec 19, 2012 | Reply

    If you are surprised by how ell Kap has done, you shouldn’t be. Although there has been some maturation in his play, this is the same Colin Kaepernick who dazzled folks in Reno for four years, breaking one record after another, while being largely ignored. There’s no ignoring him anymore. To all the “experts” – how did you miss this guy?

  7. By Deborah Drake on Dec 19, 2012 | Reply

    Congrats to Colin…he will be with the NINERS for a LONG time…he is very humble and gaining his confidence has patience and I have not seen him loose his temper…this will be a wonderful ride for all of us NINER fans that have waited and waited and waited…so nice to wear my NINER gear and people stop me and say hey what a quarterback….You ROCK #7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. By King James on Dec 19, 2012 | Reply

    Go Kap Go!!!!!

  9. By so.cal49ERSfan on Dec 19, 2012 | Reply

    way to go CK7 and to think your only getting better wow! thanks coach JH your the man. good luck sunday night! GOOOOO NINERS!

  10. By phatalerror on Dec 19, 2012 | Reply

    So as not to be misunderstood, Colin Kaepernick played well against the Patriots. With that acknowledged, Alex Smith’s NFC Offensive Player of the Week performance against the Cardinals was much more impressive. If you put Kaepernick’s week 15 line next to Smith’s week 8 line and factor the stats by rate, Smith’s line was significantly better at almost every measurement.

    Even this award doesn’t really validate Jim Harbaugh’s decision at the level of who is the superior quarterback between Smith and Kaepernick. Kaepernick is coming along nicely, but he’s not the better quarterback.

  11. By Humble Gold on Dec 19, 2012 | Reply

    Why not share duties at quarterback between both Alex and Colin? Why must it be one versus the other? Are they so amazingly selfish that their record matter more than the whole Team? What is important is Winning. Don’t change..

  12. By Niners82 on Dec 20, 2012 | Reply

    Kaep is doing pretty good and he showed some poise under pressure. He’s got swag. But I noticed he tend to telegraph the play by looking toward his receivers too long before throwing it their way. He could of had more int but luckly Kaep is too fast for the CB to react.

  13. By Hermie on Dec 20, 2012 | Reply

    I think Alex might renogotiate his contract in half just to stay with the 9ers as a back-up next year. I doubt if any other team is going to give him 8.5 million, so he will have to take a pay-cut either way. Roman may take him with him depending if they have a qb where ever he goes (which I hate the thought of it).

    Humble…it has been shown time and time again switching in and out does not work, a QB needs to get into a rhythm and could take several series. By pulling them out it is hard for them to get there.

  14. By phatalerror on Dec 20, 2012 | Reply

    “Humble…it has been shown time and time again switching in and out does not work, a QB needs to get into a rhythm and could take several series. By pulling them out it is hard for them to get there.”

    But of course, you don’t consider that as being any factor in how Alex Smith could have thrown 3 interceptions in the Giants game. Kaepernick hasn’t had his rhythm damaged by being pulled out of games on 2nd down and then being reinserted on 3rd down as Smith had to.

    You argue this point now because Kaepernick is your quarterback. Flip-flop.

  15. By 49er-n-memphis on Dec 20, 2012 | Reply

    You NINER fans continue to make excusses for Alex like I used to. If you are content with not getting the ball down field, kicking 10 field goals a game, and just being average, then YOU stick with Alex. Alex is good but not good enough to get us to the promise land. Kapp is that guy. LIKE IT OR NOT!

  16. By Hard Truth on Dec 20, 2012 | Reply

    Kap’s play has given me some Christmas spirt:

    Oh Kaepernick, oh Kaepernick
    Your arm is strong and your legs are quick
    When you throw the ball like a frozen rope
    or take it yourself, you give us hope

    Oh Kaepernick, oh Kaepernick
    Randy Moss’ dislocated finger proves your throws are sick
    A Super Bowl win would sure be great
    Just like when you beat Boise State

    Oh Kaepernick, oh Kaepernick
    Please dont’ fumble it or throw a pick

  17. By Hard Truth on Dec 20, 2012 | Reply

    Oh what the hell, here’s one more…

    We wish you a Colin Kaepernick
    We wish you a Colin Kaepernick
    We wish you a Colin Kaepernick
    and Super Bowl Ring

    Good tidings of Joy for 49er fans
    Good tidings for Kaepernick and Super Bowl ring

  18. By zyrunjackson on Dec 20, 2012 | Reply

    I use to fight to defend playing this guy every week, now I just watch him and think .. If I have to defend this .. people are just insane.


  19. By phatalerror on Dec 20, 2012 | Reply

    Now if only cheesy prose could give Kaepernick the ability to make pro-style reads.

    You’re not right just because you think you are.

  20. By Hermie on Dec 21, 2012 | Reply

    Phalacio is losing it…starting to talk jiberish and inventing things to say!! Keep reaching phalacio…I predict Alex will be back as Colin’s back-up because no team is going to guarantee him a starting spot and not for 8.5 million…He will renegotiate to stay and as long as Kaep is healthy will watch from the sidelines.

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