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Week 7 Notes and Quotes

Posted by Alex Espinoza on October 19, 2012 – 1:12 PM

The 49ers (5-2) claimed sole possession of first place in the NFC West with a 13-6 win over the Seattle Seahawks. 49ers Public Relations presents the following notes and quotes from the Week 7 win.

With a Win…

  • The 49ers improved to 6-1 in NFC West divisional games under head coach Jim Harbaugh and 1-0 against the NFC West this season.
  • San Francisco improved to 12-2 at home since 12/1/10. The 49ers current .857 winning pct. at home is the 3rd best in the NFL during that span.
  • San Francisco’s overall record against the Seahawks improved to 14-13, and 12-8 at home.
  • The 49ers extended their winning streak against Seattle to 4 in a row, San Francisco’s longest current winning streak against a divisional opponent. The 49ers have also won the last 4 matchups at Candlestick Park, with Seattle’s last road win coming on 10/26/08.
  • The 49ers improved its prime time record to 62-32 overall, and 38-15 at home.
  • The 49ers improved to 6-2 on Thursday Night Football and 3-0 at home.
  • San Francisco remained perfect in games after a loss under coach Harbaugh. They are currently 5-0 after a defeat.

One-Two Punch:

  • The 49ers rushed for 175 yds. on 32 carries (5.5 avg.).
  • RB Frank Gore rushed for 131 yds. on 16 carries (8.2 avg.), marking Gore’s 32nd career 100-yd. game and 3rd of the season. The 49ers improved to 25-7 when he breaks the 100-yd. plateau, including 8-0 under Harbaugh.
  • Gore now has 32 career 100-yd. games, the most in the NFL since 2005.
  • RB Kendall Hunter added 31 yds. on 9 carries.
  • Under head coach Jim Harbaugh, the 49ers improved to 17-0, including the postseason, when Gore and Hunter combine for more than 20 carries.


Gore Catches 300:

  • With 5 recepts. on the day, RB Frank Gore now has 302 career recepts., becoming just the second running back in franchise history to notch 300 recepts. (RB Roger Craig – 508).
  • Gore’s 302 career recepts. ranks 3rd among all active RBs.
Most Receptions Among Active Running Backs
Player Years Recepts.
1. Steven Jackson, StL 2004-12 379
2. Reggie Bush, NO/Mia. 2006-12 354
3. Frank Gore, SF 2005-12 302
4. Maurice Jones-Drew, Jax. 2006-12 292
5. Ray Rice, Bal. 2008-12 274

Most Since ’11:

  • QB Alex Smith is 18-5 as a starter since the beginning of the 2011 season. The 18 wins are the most in the NFL during that span.
Most Wins as a Starting QB Since 2011
  Player Wins
1. Alex Smith, SF 18
2t. Joe Flacco, Bal. 17
Aaron Rodgers, GB 17
4t. Tom Brady, NE 16
Matt Ryan, Atl. 16

Walker Puts Up Six:

  • TE Delanie Walker hauled in his 1st TD of the season and 6th of his career on an 11-yd. pass from QB Alex Smith.

Keeping ‘Em Out of the End Zone:

  • The 49ers defense did not allow a TD for the 3rd time this season, limiting the Seahawks to only 2 FGs. The last time the 49ers held opponents without a TD in at least three of the team’s first seven games was 1976 [2 FGs vs. NYJ (10/3); shutout at LAN (10/11); and 1 FG vs. NO (10/17)].

The Hawk Picks Off Another:

  • S Dashon Goldson recorded his 2nd INT of the season, and 13th of his career, picking off Seahawks QB Russell Wilson in the 3rd qtr.

Applying Pressure:

  • LB Aldon Smith brought down Seahawks QB Russell Wilson for a sack late in the 4th qtr. Smith now has 5.5 sacks on the season and 19.5 for his career.
  • LB NaVorro Bowman tallied his 1st sack of the season and 3rd of his career, bringing down Wilson.

Making His Debut:

  • LB Clark Haggans made his 49ers debut.

Extending Their Streaks:

  • TE/LS Brian Jennings has now played in 199 consecutive games.
  • DT Justin Smith has now started 178 consecutive games, dating back to his rookie season in 2001. Smith’s consecutive start streak ranks 3rd among defensive players, behind Ronde Barber (204) and London Fletcher (185), and 4th among all NFL players, behind Barber, Fletcher and Jeff Backus (181),
  • TE Vernon Davis has now started 82 consecutive games, which ranks 3rd in the NFL among TEs behind Tony Gonzalez (92) and Jason Witten (88).
  • C Jonathan Goodwin has now started 61 consecutive games tied for the 5th most among centers.
  • K David Akers has now played in 112 consecutive NFL games, the 3rd most in the NFL among kickers.
  • P Andy Lee played has played in 135 consecutive NFL games, the 3rd most among NFL punters.

Head Coach Jim Harbaugh
Press Conference – October 18, 2012
San Francisco 49ers vs. Seattle Seahawks

What most impressed you about tonight’s victory?
“That was the most physical 30 minutes of football, in that second half, that I’ve ever seen our team play. And just really, really pleased the way they covered kicks all night. The way we played defense. The way we played offense. The way we moved people up front. It was a physical first half, too. But, that second half was the most physical I’ve ever see our football team play. Really proud of them for that.”

You guys really seemed to get your groove in the third quarter. What happened during halftime that allowed you to get into that groove?
“Just point to the physical play of our offensive line. Coming off the ball there were some big holes. [RB] Frank [Gore] ran well. Receivers were blocking. [WR Michael Crabtree] Crab had a physical play early in the game breaking two or three tackles. But, it was just that kind of physical play. Some good plays were called and guys were feeling it and coming off the ball.”

Do you think these Thursday night games, both teams having played on a Sunday, they’re showing the effects of a game four days later?
“I can’t say for sure, make any grand statement. I just think it’s a sweet win, and really proud of our guys.”

They both started, and it looked—
“That’s probably a question for the fellows. Ask them. Can’t imagine it’s really good for the body. But, I’m sure you can get first-hand opinion from them.”

Can you describe the confidence you feel when you get a 13-6 lead knowing your defense can hold it?
“Again, they were just playing so physically up front. [DT] Justin [Smith], [DT] Ray [McDonald], [NT] Isaac [Sopoaga], [LB] Aldon [Smith], thought he had a terrific game. And then the two linebackers were just outstanding. Along with, we’re talking about [LB NaVorro] Bowman and [LB Patrick] Willis, and [LB Ahmad] Brooks. And then secondary made some plays. Big pass breakups and just point to that. It was a real football fight and our guys won it.”

Was Gore injured at the end of the game?
“Yeah, he has something we’re looking into. Can’t tell you exactly what the extent of it.”

What was the thought process at the end of declining the safety?
“Because we could just kneel on the ball and have the game be over. Otherwise, they’ll onside kick it. And you give them a chance to win the game.”

When did you know T Joe Staley was going to play? And what did you think of his performance considering a short week and a concussion?
“Oh, Joe Staley? I thought it was excellent. You could point to all those linemen up front, including [G] Leonard Davis and the five starters. I thought they physically played great.”

When did you know Joe Staley was going to be available?
“He went through the final piece of his progression yesterday.”

You touched on it briefly about the special teams and the punt coverage in particular.
“Dynamite [laughs]. Coverage was great. Against a tremendous returner and Seattle had been very good on special teams. And it was lights out on the coverage teams. And then [WR] Ted Ginn [Jr.] again, had a great game tonight. We just played really well on special teams. That was great to see. And played very physical. Played very good. Got off of blocks, got tackles, made plays. And the kickers kicked extremely well. [K] David [Akers] had a great night, and so did [P] Andy [Lee]. Some big punts out of him.”

Why put Ginn back on kick returns when WR Kyle Williams had been doing that? Was it just the Seahawks because of that game he had against them last year?
“Yeah, for this game that’s what we decided to do. And he did a great job.”

QB Alex Smith’s interception, do you know like do you think bad read, or what happened?
“Well, I saw what he saw exactly, because I was kind of right behind him. And saw I [WR] Randy [Moss] open in the backend of the end zone. And would have made the same decision as he made to throw it. The only thing would have been to throw it high. Get it up high where you take the interception out of the equation. But, thought Alex had a very good game, made really good decisions. He was fantastic for us all night. Really had a perfect game in the running game. And did a great job getting us into the right play. Played with a lot of poise. Made some conversions for us. And thought he played extremely well. But, this game again, I think it really goes back to the way our team played physically. It was a physical first half, and it was the most physical I’ve ever seen our team play in the second half. And I think that’s where the game was won. It was sweet.”

Why did the holes open up in the third quarter?
“Guys up front, they’re doing a good job. We ran a few traps and had them in the right look. And timing was great on it. [G Mike] Iupati had some big blocks. [G] Jonathan Goodwin had a heck of a night. Came off of a sick bed to do it. Just what makes him great, along with talent, just a deep desire to play and be there for his teammates. And like he said, it would have been worse to not play and have to watch it. And he really came through for us big time tonight.”

Did offensive coordinator Greg Roman call those traps? Did you call those traps?

Can you tell exactly why you burn through your timeouts so quickly in the first half?
“Yeah, two were defense and one was offense. All of them were a miscommunication.”

Going back to the end of the first half, it was very a very rough game for the offense. What did you tell your team coming in and you made adjustments in the second half?
“That was a great game, a sweet game. What did you say, it was a rough game?”

Well rough for the offense. What did you tell your offense when you made adjustments coming into the third quarter, execution, because everything was executed right?
“Just made some adjustments at halftime. And just felt like we had to come out and have a great second half. And opened up with the first drive. I think we had six or seven first downs on that drive. That was big. Got into some play action. Did a tremendous job running the ball.”

There was a lot of talking by both sides early. A couple flags early, unsportsmanlike conduct, unnecessary roughness. Did the coaches have to say anything to the players to remind them to keep their poise? Or did they just kind of get into the flow of the game?
“Yeah, I think they were just in the flow of the game. It was a rough, tough football game.”

QB Alex Smith

How does it feel, taking care of the business in the division?
Yeah, great. All you care about is coming out with a W. Short week, getting ready, a division game. A lot of history between these two teams. Anyway, anything to get it done, whatever it took.”

What changed in the offense in the second half?
“Just finally got into a rhythm, I think. Mixing it, running the pass and moving the chains. Obviously, took some checks down there in the beginning of the second half. The backs getting out there, they load the box and then sprint out there and doubling on the outside and really buzz out underneath the receivers. Giving the ball to the backs was nice.”

Some of the offensive linemen said that they really want to get back into some old school, 49er football. Did you talk about that?
“Yeah, they were pumped all week, they were ready for this. They knew of the challenge ahead of them. They knew this was a team that lowered the box, and I think  number one in defense against the run. I think a little chip on their shoulder all week, especially after last week. They came out and proved it tonight.”

Did the timing of Thursday Night Football come at a good time, getting the taste of Sunday out of your mouth?
“Yeah, in a sense. You play right away so you don’t have to sit around and think about it all week. For sure. These Thursday games are tough though, short notice. I feel like, division game… Luckily we didn’t travel this year. We had it at home and I think that helps. Playing a defense like that on short notice is tough. You know, the entire team played physical. Defense played lights-out, and special teams as well.”

What kind of game was it for you?
“I was expecting a physical game. It wasn’t necessarily going to be a pretty, it wasn’t going to be a stat game. It was going to be a ‘do whatever it takes.’ Turn on both of our games like last year were like this. It was going to be a run around, make you play on your feet, maybe make a scramble play. Didn’t know what it was going to take. The way they play, get those big corners up on you and try to disrupt your timing and try to get the pass rush after you. Sometimes you have to ad lib, sometimes you have to do things differently a little bit.”

Coach Harbaugh said that you had perfect game in checking out the runs, do you do a lot of that? What do you see?
“We don’t talk scheme here Matt. Yeah, I thought I did alright on that stuff, protections and everything. Felt good up there. Saw everything really well, expect for the pick. I saw [WR] Randy [Moss] in the back of the end zone there on that. For the most part I felt good with all the stuff we were doing.”

The interception, was it a run around play?
“Yeah, it was, they were dropping out their coverage call. Primary guys were not there. I was even conscious of this, I knew they play that down there. A couple teams had chances to score on similar plays like that earlier in the year. Run around and try to make a play. It’s tough running left as a right-hand quarterback, throw the ball back across your body is usually not good. You know, trying to make a play.”

What is it that [Seattle Seahawks defense] does down there?
“They were just dropping out, it’s every team you play in the red zone. You get the tail of two worlds, they either pressure you, drop out, it just depends. Protection was great and I know you could potentially make a play with you feet, move around and maybe find someone open and let someone work.”

Coach Harbaugh said he saw the same thing as you for the interception. Was it just not high enough, what happened?
“Just different levels. [WR] Randy [Moss] is running the back of the end zone [CB Brandon] Browner is occupied with either [RB] Frank [Gore] or [RB] Kendall [Hunter] in the front corner. You’re trying to look for the window and he steps into it, you’re just not seeing everything. So that’s it.”

What do you make about having scored 45 points and then last game, you’ve had a wide spectrum this season? What is the meaning?
“I feel like that’s the NFL. That’s what it is, it’s the ups and downs. You have to be able to ride them out. Really within the building, within the locker room you got to. You can’t have those ups and downs. I know you guys like ot write about them and make a big deal about it. You have to move on to the next opponent and get ready. Couple weeks ago you break records and last week, it wasn’t good at all offensively. Today, you know, we ran the ball really well. It wasn’t a pass game but we got it done.”

G/T Alex Boone

On the style of play tonight:
“Hard running, physical football. That’s what we knew we had to do in this game.”

Was that a classic case in the first half, you got the three, four, six, seven. Then you’ve got the second half, wearing them down and then they begin to pop?
“Yeah, that’s just how it is sometimes. You want it to go your way every time. But sometimes, especially on a Thursday night game, you start off slow and you’re trying to get it, you’re driving the ball and you can’t put it in. Eventually you just got to come in, regroup, go back out and just be physical again.”

When did you know they were about to break? Was there any sign that they were wearing down?
“I think we had a long drive in the third quarter, might have been the fourth quarter, where we just kind of felt them start to give up a little bit and they knew that we were just going to keep running the ball on them. They’re a tough team, very physical team, one of the best in run defenses, so we knew we had to bring it today.”

LB NaVorro Bowman

The NFC West is different from the others where they’re trying to open it up and throw the ball. Do you like this better, being able to just line up, rock ‘em, sock ‘em football basically?
“Yeah, I think it’s more smash mouth football in this division now. Guys are determined to run the ball and not become one dimensional.”

You seem to save the best for last, that stand at the end after that beautiful Andy Lee punt. You guys were pinning your ears back and getting after QB Russell Wilson.
“It was that time of the game. We knew they were going to have to come out and start throwing the ball and get down the field. Our D-Line does a great job of rushing the passer and that’s what we let them do.”

You really bounced back from a rough game overall for the whole team against the New York Giants. With a quick turnaround is that what you really needed or wanted?
“Yeah, getting that out of our mouth, we had a bad taste. Glad this game came around quickly and we were able to go out there and get a win.”

S Dashon Goldson

Dashon, big win for you guys, two games in five days.
“It was a quick turnaround for us. We know that a lot of teams have to do the same thing throughout the league. We have to suck it up, come in here and play a good football game.”

Challenge of tackling RB Marshawn Lynch, one of the more physical backs in the league. Obviously, he’s a tough guy to bring down.
“Definitely a tough guy. We had to get all 11 hats on him. It took everybody to the football. He’s a tough back and he’s got a lot of respect in this league.”

Are you glad you guys had to play today instead of having to wait until Sunday?
“I’m glad to play another football game, period.”

You had a big interception tonight, take us through that play.
“It was just one of those plays. I saw they switched the receiving corp out. They put one of their big guys out there that I never usually see out there. They tried to match him up with one of our corners. Our front seven did a good job of rushing the quarterback, to get a head on him and the ball was just laying out there for me to go grab.”   

RB Frank Gore

Did you have the feeling that the game was going to be like this, where you get the ball a lot?
“I just felt like whenever my coach called my number, I tried my best. My o-line did a great job.”

You left the field early, are you injured?
“I’ll be alright. [Head] coach [Jim Harbaugh] just wanted to be smart. We’ve got a long season and a tough road down the stretch. We’ve got another division game. We wanted to be smart. We have other great backs, [RB] Kendall Hunter, [RB] Brandon Jacobs, [RB] Anthony Dixon who does positive things to help our team. He just wanted to be smart and I just listened to him.”

What happened?
“I kind of got speared, hit in the back on a check down back in the second quarter. It was a good hit, good play by Seattle.”

Until the start of the second half, you hadn’t been touching the ball a whole lot. Was it nice, you had 10 carries in the second half?
“I just told myself, when coach calls my number, I have to be ready. I just got in a rhythm. My o-line, the receivers did a great job blocking and I feel like once I get a rhythm, I can’t be stopped.”

A lot of those yards in the second half came right up the middle, how well were your interior lineman blocking today?
“They did a great job. Coach G-Ro [offensive coordinator Greg Roman] did a great job scheming them up. As long as everybody’s on one page, we can do great things in the running game. I think playing with coach G-Ro for my second year, I think he’s probably the best coordinator I’ve ever played with especially in the running game. He’s a genius. We’ve just got to keep it up, as a team, as a unit. Just keep going.”

Some of your offensive linemen last week in the locker room were saying that they really wanted to get that old school 49er football, power running game going. Did they talk to you about that, did you hear anyone discussing that?
“I’m going to go back to last week. I think we could have been in a game like this, like a 6-3 game, we could have done the same thing last week, but we kind of hurt ourselves last week. But this week, this Thursday night game, we were still in the game and had a chance to stay balanced on the offensive side of the ball. That’s why I think we came out on top tonight.”

Do you guys, when you play a Thursday night game, you only have three days in between. Can you feel it in the first quarter?
“Our coaches take care of us well, we did a lot of stuff during the week that didn’t hurt our bodies. So we didn’t care, especially coming off of that loss in a big game against the Giants, playing a divisional rival in Seattle who has a great team. We just wanted to come out on top and we did.”

When you were breaking away in the second half on a couple of those runs, could you feel your back at all?
“Just when I was getting down and taking deep breaths, breathing hard. I just wanted to be smart. We’ve got depth at the position and my little brother Kendall, I know that he can make a big play anytime he’s in. So, I’m comfortable with 32 in the game. I had to listen to my coaches and that’s what I did.”

Across the sidelines you have another great back, Marshawn Lynch, had a great game. Are you cognizant of what he’s doing during the game, are you paying attention?
“I like Marshawn, he’s a like a bulldog. Whenever two backs who are top guys in the league -you want to compete. I’m home and that’s why I wasn’t going to let him outdo me tonight. Our defense did a great job. He did a great job too. He’s a great back, he’s a hard-nosed back I respect. I’m just happy that we came out on top and we’re No. 1 in the division right now.”

How big is that, the fact that you guys now have that division lead? Is that fresh in your guys’ minds?
“Always. Our goal is to win the division. Our first division game, we wanted to come out on top. We knew Seattle was going to come in and play us hard. We kept playing 49er ball and we won.”

You said Greg Roman is a genius. Were you more impressed by his gameplan or his halftime adjustments?
“With everything. Coming into the game and knowing what we have to do. When we come out for the second half, he adjusts to it. Like I said earlier, and I’ve played with some great coordinators, Norv Turner, but I think coach G-Ro is probably the best right now.”

DT Justin Smith

How motivated, how fired up was the defense after what happened in the last quarter, last week?
“You lose, you move on and you get ready for your next opponent. It just happened to be Seattle, who’s in our division. We came out here as a team and did what we had to do to win. That’s the main thing, putting tally marks in the win column. We were able to get one of those and it’s almost a two-for-one when it’s in your division. But hats off to them, I think they are a really good football team and the NFC West is pretty tough right now.”

You guys have said in the past, you like the defense being on the field with the game on the line. Can you talk about the way you guys really rose to the occasion those last two drives?
“You just go out there, you don’t really care about the situation or where the ball is. You go out there and that’s what we’re here to do, play defense. We were able to come out, get a stop and it was big.”

Was that the most physical second half you guys have played?
“I thought the whole game was pretty physical. They run what they do really well and they have the right man for the job in 24 [RB Marshawn Lynch]. We were watching tape all week and just said, ‘Man we have to be ready to go.’ He got some yards, he got a lot of yards, but we came out with the win and that’s all that matters.”

T Joe Staley

Did you want to get back to ground and pound in the second half?
“We stayed with it. We had some success early on and it kind of fizzles off at the end of the first half. A lot of the stuff we were doing in the first half set up that stuff in the second half and that’s why it was so successful.”

When you told the coaches, ‘Put it on us, put it on the run game,’ is that something you said during the week?
“Yeah, I think I’ve said it all week. We knew coming in that we had to be successful in the run game to win this game. It’s a tall task. They’re No. 1 coming into this game against the run. But we were up the challenge. [RB] Frank [Gore] was hitting the holes hard. [RB] Kendall [Hunter] was hitting the holes hard. I’m really proud of the whole offense, the way they played and stuck with it too. It wasn’t pretty, a little bit in that second quarter especially. But we stuck with it, nobody was down. We just had to execute better.”

TE Delanie Walker

You go into a game like this, you hear a lot about [Seahawks RB] Marshawn Lynch, beast mode and all that stuff. Then you look at [RB] Frank Gore at the end of the game, the one who’s piling up the big numbers there.
“Well that’s what Frank does. We always pound the ball with Frank. Sometimes we go away from it in different games, but when it’s a tough game like this one we try to get Frank the ball because he’s great at finding holes. He can run and pound the ball.”

So if Lynch is beast mode, then what’s Frank?
“Gorilla mode.”

How big of a help was TE Vernon Davis on the touchdown?
“We just talked about it right now. If he didn’t make that block, I probably would have never got in. It was a great block, got me around the corner and got me in for the touchdown.”

S Donte Whitner

It seemed like S Dashon Goldson was very inspired from the start. Can you talk about the way he played?
“He’s very inspired. He’s a guy that wants to get his hands on the football and fly around and hit people and that’s what he did tonight. He came out, played a really, really good football game, took advantage of his opportunity to get an interception that was big for our football team.”

Head Coach Jim Harbaugh said that was the most physical game since he’s been here in terms of how you guys played. Do you feel that way?
“I feel like it. My body feels like it. I’m sure everybody in this locker room, I feel Seattle feels like that also. But it’s two physical football teams. The NFC West is a tough division right now. You have four of the top defenses in the National Football League in the same division. You have everybody wanting to make it to the playoffs and reach that ultimate goal of going to the Super Bowl. We have high-character players on each team. It’s going to be a tough one all the way to the end. We’re going to have physical football games, next week Monday Night Football and every time a team comes to play us they’re going to come and bring their ‘A’ game.”

WR Kyle Williams

You got down there and ended up having a turnover in the red zone, how did you guys weather that?
“Our defense. Our defense bailed us out and came up with a big stop. We got it back and were able to execute on the next drive.”

How good is it to see TE Delanie Walker get that touchdown?
“It was great. [TE] Delanie’s [Walker] one of the guys for our offense that does everything. He blocks all the time, he does all the dirty work and for him to get a touchdown, that was big. He seems to come up big a lot, in those situations, so it was good for all of us.”

LB Patrick Willis

On having a 5-2 record feeling a lot better than 4-3:
Yeah it does. Big time. I knew today one of us was going to leave here 5-2 and the other one 4-3. For us, we just wanted to go out there and play team football. Coming off a loss, we wanted to go out there and get that mojo back. We never lost it, but at the same time you never want to lose a game. It’s a bad taste in everybody’s mouth. We just knew we had to come out and play great football against this team tonight.”

How much do you love battling against RB Marshawn Lynch. How much fun is that?
“Marshawn Lynch, in our division, he’s a heck of a running back. Every time we play him we know that we have come with it. We know he’s going to run the ball hard. It’s just who he is. We trained together coming out, both in the league for the same amount of years now. Hopefully we can stay in this [division] for a little while.”

Head Coach Pete Carroll

Opening statement:
“Well, we found ourselves in the midst of a real slugfest here tonight and I don’t think that’s a big surprise. It could have gone that way and it did, with two good defenses playing and two teams committed to run the football. There were plays in this game that we’ll always want to know, ‘What would have happened if we made that play, or that play.’ It was so close. At 10-6 you’re right there, even at 13-6 we thought with that score we could tie it up and keep on going. I’m not pleased with what we did on defense because we allowed them to run the football and do some stuff that shouldn’t happen. They did a great job. They schemed beautifully and [RB] Frank [Gore] ran great, but we need to do better. That’s unfortunate. That’s not how we play and, particularly scheme-wise, it was something they did a nice job on and we didn’t get corrected. That’s really unfortunate because I think we’re a lot better than that. But on this night, it still left us with a very tight football game and both teams played like crazy and beat the heck out of one another. That’s kind of what this division is. Really quickly it’s turned into a division that’s counted on a bunch of defense. At least from our end and their end there, and I don’t mind that one bit. Unfortunately for us, we didn’t get the plays. There were a couple plays in there; the drops really did make a difference in this game. When it’s that close, one play here or there makes a huge difference and it did tonight.”

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    If anybody thinks that they have more experience at the NFL level at setting up a game plan and calling plays then CRAG ROMAN or the entire coaching staff of the 49er, s if you don’t quit moaning about how they should do this or should do that .enjoy the end results.

  5. By JParker on Oct 20, 2012 | Reply

    A win is a win, but these last two games have given us an insight into what we can be expect in the playoffs. With that said, I think its time we start utilizing our speed and elite players on offense in a more proficient manner. Try and imagine Vernon Davis at fullback blocking for LaMichael James. We would have the fasted running back tandem in the NFL and Davis would go from a blocking single threat to a blocking double threat and would fit better in the West Coast Offense scheme of ball control. I also fee we need to get our first round pick, Jenkins wr into the mix.

  6. By rjdniner on Oct 20, 2012 | Reply

    Jparker first we have to get to the playoffs and even though everyone thinks were going to win the west, there’s too much that can still happen. When they showed Moss sitting on the bench I wonder what he was shaking his head about .?………

  7. By JkFrrsz on Oct 20, 2012 | Reply

    Hes Shaking his head cause AS SUCKS! AS should have seen him open long before the DB came off of Frank Gore. Would have had the TD and not the interception.

  8. By rjdniner on Oct 21, 2012 | Reply

    jkfrrsz Did you have those same thoughts during the, the bills and jets lets not forget the lions? And packers there were so much said before that game, and don’t forget about last years playoffs…..

  9. By JkFrrsz on Oct 21, 2012 | Reply

    All GB had was Matthews, Lions had Suh but was not much a factor. Revis was not in the Jets game, so really, when it comes to teams with no defense, AS shines. When we play teams with good defense, AS mediocrity starts to show. The saving factor to this Seattle game was our defense and our running game as usual. Yeah he ws great vs NO and great comback vs Philly. But what AS do you get every week. Im not the only one who sees it. He is very inconsistent. Every week I have to root for our defense and running game. You almost have to cover your eyes when AS has the ball.

  10. By rjdniner on Oct 21, 2012 | Reply

    Yes Alex has faults I see them too, would you rather have KAP in there for a whole game a lot of people say that he is not ready, yes I agree with some of your points, me I would like to see TOLZIEN have a chance to play .look at some of the QB, s that didn’t have to throw the ball that much and they have rings …..

  11. By 11yearswithalex on Oct 21, 2012 | Reply

    hey long time listener …long time blogger …i would just like to say thank you for the AS comments …my AS comments are too suger coated i guess for most on here

  12. By 11yearswithalex on Oct 21, 2012 | Reply

    and yes if you put in kaeper he will prob struggle at first yet when we needa deep ball he will throw it with ease and i think his accuracy will get way better with just a few really good weeks with the offense ..he is young and eager to please ….i would wait for 2 more years of what ever to see him pan out

  13. By 11yearswithalex on Oct 21, 2012 | Reply

    alex is way to predictable …wich is why not one team took a real shot at him …so if he was that good …then all the otehr coaches in the NFL are garbage for not grabbing a super QB….yeah right …i have a bridge to sell you then ….alex got shown the door by the rest of the league with his ..oh let me check the market after the niners offered him a standard 3 yr contract …wich he still signed later and the media said he was miffed at the niners for going after payton manning …what ever dude face the facts the rest of the league loves the fact that the niners have alex ….otherwise with a real QB we would be flogging these other teams …no matter who they think they are we would be crushing the league right now with a real QB …..that is the truth and most wonbt admit it but cool …we will watch the torture of alex and wish for the days he goes

  14. By rjdniner on Oct 21, 2012 | Reply

    11yrs you keep going back to that same old song, about Alex that we’ve all heard before………

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