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Training Camp Report: July 29

Posted by Taylor Price on July 29, 2012 – 5:55 PM

Thuds, catches and crisp throws. All, taking place on a picturesque day. Yes, padded practice was back in a big way at 4949 Centennial Blvd. with 49ers players donning shoulder pads for the first time at 49ers Training Camp presented by HP.

Justin Smith provided the first “ooh” moment of camp, putting a vicious forearm to second-team center Daniel Kilgore’s chest on a pass-rushing stunt that left the unsuspecting second-year lineman on his back. Nothing to be down on, Smith’s made a living doing such devastating rushes on offensive linemen.

Randy Moss was back to his old tricks, too. A throw from Colin Kaepernick intended to the new 49ers wide receiver during an opening 7-on-7 period was cradled effortlessly by Moss with one hand and retrieved into his body before hitting the ground. Moss got both feet in bounds, too, despite the tight coverage of cornerback Tramaine Brock.

Let’s take a look at the other highlights and notable moments from the first padded camp session in Santa Clara.

-Special teams work began practice once again. Ted Ginn Jr., Kyle Williams and LaMichael James fielded punts in that order. The period also featured the first padded one-on-one drills of camp as members of the punt team and punt return team faced off in individual blocking matchups.

-Practice moved on to one-on-one periods on both fields where the wide receivers faced cornerbacks and linebackers squared off with running backs. The first touchdown catch in the period came from undrafted wide receiver Chris Owusu, who beat undrafted cornerback Deante’ Purvis down the right sideline to haul in a 50-yard touchdown from Josh Johnson.

-Alex Smith also got in on the touchdown act during the opening one-one-one period; he fired a 50-yard touchdown to Williams, who beat Brock down the right sideline. Smith also completed another deep ball to wide receiver Brett Swain in front of undrafted cornerback Anthony Mosley. Smith finished the drill with another 50-yard score, this time to Ginn Jr., who beat Brock with an out-and-up route.

-Alex Boone handled the interior bull rush of defensive tackle Ray McDonald just fine during the first one-on-one pass rushing drills of the offseason. Justin Smith and Joe Staley both got the best of each other in their respective matchups.

-Play of the day honors went to Scott Tolzien and Nathan Palmer, two talented young players who hooked up on a 50-yard touchdown route during the opening 7-on-7 period. Palmer beat starting defensive backs Carlos Rogers and Donte Whitner on a skinny post to catch the perfectly thrown pass. Palmer made an impressive catch on a ball thrown behind him in the first team period. Plamer ran a dig route across the middle and was able to reach back to his left to make a tough crab.

-During the opening period, Brock put a good hit on Kendall Hunter on a run around the left side of the line. Brock also broke up a Smith pass in a later 7-on-7 period.

-Aldon Smith recorded a would-be sack when Johnson tried to bootleg around his right outside linebacker spot. The second-year player tagged Johnson down in the backfield before he could survey the field for an intended receiver.

-Practice concluded with a “move the ball” period that saw Alex Smith complete his final three passes in a row. Veterans were told to hit the showers early, allowing younger players to get late practice reps. Meanwhile, the team’s starting defensive backs (Rogers, Whitner, Dashon Goldson and Tarell Brown) ran wind sprints on the adjacent practice field. Also during the young player period, Moss caught passes from a juggs machine along with Vernon Davis and Frank Gore.

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12 Responses to “Training Camp Report: July 29”

  1. By layzie16 on Jul 29, 2012 | Reply

    im sooo excited!!!

  2. By John B on Jul 29, 2012 | Reply


  3. By bob on Jul 29, 2012 | Reply

    Alex smithsounds pretty beastand ted ginn jr caughta td awesome training camp so far

  4. By roodles111 on Jul 29, 2012 | Reply

    i read a lot of positives comments on napalm, about him making some tough catches, sounds like hes got some pretty sure hands

  5. By Jon on Jul 29, 2012 | Reply

    please stop talking about a championship. ur gonna jinx us

  6. By LEW on Jul 29, 2012 | Reply

    I agree jon we do not need to make it more difficult than it will already be, John b, have you seen our set of games this season.

  7. By NinerFanFromTonga on Jul 30, 2012 | Reply

    this to jon and lew……don’t be negative. our team knows they’re a team destined for a super-bowl win this year. our fans know it, and we should talk about it as if its as natural as breathing. being scared that we will be jinxed if we talk to much about it is a cowardly way of being a fan. I know this group of players are special, and they are very deserving of a super-bowl win. I will preach it, I will call it, I will laugh about it, and I will even boast about it. that shouldn’t jinx them, it should only give fire to the already out of control bond fire that is burning inside all the players. what I am confident about is the ability of our coaches to keep out team in “head to the ground and work hard” mode all season long, with the philosophy of “getting better each day,” “getting a mph faster tomorrow than you were today.” that kind of coaching will keep our team in championship shape and we as fans should not tip-toe around the fact we will win the big one this year….I love it, and I welcome it…..just my opinion….Goooo Niners. Gooo Coach Harbaugh.

  8. By Vega on Jul 30, 2012 | Reply

    My confiidence in this team is always high, needless to say I’ve been let down a lot, but what we did last year can be duplicated for many years!!! It will not be given to us, but I believe the players in the locker room will go out and take it!!! A group of humble and talented guys, guided by Harbaugh!!! SKY IS THE LIMIT!!!

  9. By time2speakup on Jul 30, 2012 | Reply

    Talk about it – or hide from it, I do believe that THIS is the year the Forty Niners play the best ball that anyone has ever seen (and I know, that is saying a lot ’84 team and all considered). Its just that I have this deep-seated feeling that this Niner bunch is going to do exactly what Harbaugh’s mantra preaches: “Be even better today than you were yesterday” and yesterday resulted in 13-3 record. Not predicting any type won/loss record – just saying “hold on to your underwear this season, you’re about to see this team “light it up” in ways unheard of before. Watch!

  10. By okcniner on Jul 30, 2012 | Reply

    Don’t get carried away with the 13-3 from last year. It’s entirely possible that they could be a better team this year and have more than 3 losses.

  11. By 9er 9er on Jul 30, 2012 | Reply

    Let’s hope not, but on ESPN last week they were saying that stats show that teams that have a great season after mediocre ones win four less games the following season on average.That would make the niners 9-7 this year. I say they beat the odds and I wonder what Vegas will give me on that?!

  12. By Krazy Cowboyee on Aug 1, 2012 | Reply

    WOW CB”s gettin Burnt

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