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Morning Tailgate: July 10

Posted by Taylor Price on July 10, 2012 – 10:43 AM

Players might be on vacation, but there’s plenty of action happening around 4949 Centennial Blvd. Construction work continues at the new Santa Clara Stadium site at a constant pace. Meanwhile, the San Francisco 49ers’ three-day Youth Football Camp is taking place on the team’s practice fields next door.

Former players like Guy McIntyre, Eric Wright, Dennis Brown and J.J. Stokes, plus current 49ers like Delanie Walker, have joined the campers to share wisdom from their football experiences. Check out photos of Walker mingling with the campers on day one of camp.

While most of the 49ers are elsewhere getting their minds and bodies right for training camp (16 days away), that doesn’t mean they’re not being recognized in the media. All-Pro linebacker NaVorro Bowman was recently named the No. 5 most underrated player in the NFL by the staff at Pro Football Weekly.

Bowman wasn’t a Pro Bowler last season, but his All-Pro selection and inclusion on PFF’s list should be considered as a nice consolation prize.

More 49ers headlines can be found after the jump.

Matt Bowen of The National Football Post breaks down the excellent technique used in Dashon Goldson’s interception of Drew Brees in the NFL Divisional Playoff round against the New Orleans Saints. Bowen: “Focus on Dashon Goldson’s technique—because this is what you want to coach at the FS position. The 49ers safety is patent is his drop (young safeties will panic and play with too much depth), slides to the middle of the field and gets his eyes back to the QB. This allows him to drive on the throw at an angle that puts him in a position to step in front of the seam route. Make the play, turn into a RB, get to the numbers and advance the football.”

Nathan Jahnke of ProFootballFocus.com reviewed the three years of production at the tight end position and notes that Vernon Davis totaled the second-most receiving yards and fifth-most yards per route during that period.

Matt Maiocco of CSNBayArea.com examines the 49ers options in the return game where he figures Ted Ginn Jr. will handle return duties again in 2012.

Cam Inman of The San Jose Mercury News shares comments from SiriusXM NFL radio host Rich Gannon, who relayed Jim Harbaugh’s offseason assessment of Randy Moss.

49ers.com’s offseason coverage continued with a defensive line camp preview and the first Meet the Gold Rush video of 2012 featuring veteran cheerleader Aleena.


Not a bad day for No. 52.

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16 Responses to “Morning Tailgate: July 10”

  1. By # 1 D-FENSE 2012 on Jul 10, 2012 | Reply

    the above article on dashon goldson’s techniques is great reading,the guy is one of the top 5 FS playing in the game today and is worthy of a pay increase but the way he is going about getting his raise is detrimental to the team. he has lost valuable time from minis and ota’s and cant possibly be in tune with the rest of the defense that has been put in place since the start of this years off season. sure,he can study his playbook,look at film from last year while he is holding out,but that in no way can replace the on-field drills that he has missed,, I know,I know,some will say that training camp is when they will REALLY start working on the defensive alignments and pre-snap adjustments that they will carry over to the regular season games. as a long time fan I know all to well how many guys who have held out untill the start of training camp or the pre season have gotten hurt and missed the entire season or parts of it. that is why the off season conditioning is so important. c’mon dashon, be a man,sign your tender,report to camp,,,,ON TIME,, and join the rest of your team mates enroute to our 6th super bowl title

  2. By Basil on Jul 10, 2012 | Reply

    I think injury is the biggest concern, a player of his cabler should be able to pick up what he’s missed.

    “Goldson is seeking $8 million a year while the 49ers are offering $7 million a year.”

    “The San Francisco 49ers have one year to decide what to do with starting free safety Dashon Goldson, who is playing out the final year of his contract under the franchise-tag rate of $6.212 million. Goldson’s people have leaked that they want “Eric Weddle money,” but Goldson is no Weddle.”

  3. By PhataLerror on Jul 10, 2012 | Reply

    The better the rest of the defense plays, the better Goldson plays. It’s not the other way around. If your defensive line isn’t getting quick pressure, your safeties don’t retain the positioning to ball-hawk. Goldson did well in his role last year, and now his agents are trying to excel in their role. It’s too bad that they’re not as interested in helping Goldson advance his career as they are in lining their own pockets.

  4. By johninchina on Jul 10, 2012 | Reply

    good article and insight to FS technique – Goldson is a great FS and can only get better; the play on Brees was an example of the future, but I distinctly remember two hits by Dashon on his own teammates which cause dropped sure interceptions against Eli in the NFC championship game. That is not acceptable . . . and can only be remedied by focus on training, improving and playing under control . . . Dashon, you have all the gifts and skills to be one of the best all-time at your position, but you need to get to work on time . . . sign your deal, one year or multi year, but think of being a part of the defense that will lead our team to the Superbowl this year!

  5. By gary potter on Jul 10, 2012 | Reply

    remember guys. the owners say IT IS A BUSINESS DECISION. we need him in camp but he needs to look out for #1

  6. By Basil on Jul 10, 2012 | Reply

    You sure that wasn’t Rogers that made those nasty hits, the one on Brown knocked him out of the game. And they NY scored because of it, not on that play but a little later on!

  7. By DMT on Jul 10, 2012 | Reply

    If Goldson signs great, would love to have him, but if he doesn’t, you know the quote, “NEXT MAN UP”!

  8. By Basil on Jul 10, 2012 | Reply

    johninchina: your right it was Goldson, yes he needs to have more field awareness or have his peripheral vision checked out, eh? All he saw was the ball and you can’t be taking out your own players, thats a No, No! Cost us a TD!

  9. By dave g. on Jul 10, 2012 | Reply

    Look I want Goldson to sign like everyone else, but we must have faith in the team. They know what they doing. If we make irrational decisions without some kind of stance it will set a precedence which will do more harm than good. It takes much more than just player to make this happen. They need to look at the big picture which I am glad they are. It will all work out, we have too much talent for it not to.

  10. By # 1 D-FENSE 2012 on Jul 10, 2012 | Reply

    yes,quite right dave. and I am not saying over pay the guy,but he should get to work,as it were,but harbaugh and trent drafted tenton robinson for a back-up plan I think. im not sure if whitner is fast enough to move to FS and let robinson play SS, but im sure harbaugh and fangio have a contingency plan if the goldson hold out turns ugly

  11. By c.c on Jul 10, 2012 | Reply

    our team i feel will be ready for anything any team puts against us . Practice,practice and more practice.And you receive concisteency’ c.c

  12. By okcniner on Jul 11, 2012 | Reply

    Great discussion guys! It’s so nice to not see all the Alex Smith haters on here for once….

  13. By brian bartz on Jul 11, 2012 | Reply

    I hope he signs also but don’t need to overpay him. We have alot of youth and need to try and keep as many as possible for as long as we can so don’t break the bank over one player.

  14. By Basil on Jul 11, 2012 | Reply

    NFL contracts are only as good as the guaranteed money.
    The averaged NFL career is only 3.5 years?
    When a team cut’s a player the ‘Mantra’ “its a Business”

    Compared to MLB or MBA money, these guys are Hundred dollar millionaires. I understand these guys make the choice to play in the NFL, and make money they do make, most of us will never see!

    After their NFL days, many of these guys live a life of pain, and some ‘to many’ suffer Brain damage from Concussions, that maybe they don’t even know about? And some, Dave Duerson
    that do!

    With all this being said, I hope that Goldson and the 49ers can
    come together, and work out a deal that both can live with!

    The bottom line … Its just a Business? No, to you and I its so much more!

  15. By Basil on Jul 11, 2012 | Reply

    (Compared to MLB or MBA money, these guys are Hundred dollar millionaires. I understand these guys make the choice to play in the NFL, and (the) money they do make, most of us will never see!)

  16. By # 1 D-FENSE 2012 on Jul 11, 2012 | Reply

    I have said this before and will repeat it again here on this blog, these guys get paid a fortune to play an adult version of a childs game. the money they make is already too much and holding out for more,”because thats what your attorney recommends or what the league pay scale is for your position”, is an act of poor sportsman ship in my most humble opinion. but hey Im just some fan on blog wishing I had the chance to make that kind of money,but I also know that I would be happy with 5 million a year no matter what position I played even if I was the best at it., yeah,easy to say,but one musn’t judge untill one has found themselves in the same situation,heh? in closing,,,,WHO’S GOT IT BETTER THAN US??

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