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A.J. Jenkins Speaks with Jim Rome

Posted by Alex Espinoza on May 3, 2012 – 11:55 AM

A.J. Jenkins is a man of many aliases, but he can blame the Bay Area media for reviving his “E.T.” nickname.

The 49ers first-round pick, who is just days away from graduating at Illinois, earned the moniker in high school due to his long fingers. Up until he spoke to local 49ers reporters, “E.T.” had since been replaced by another nickname he received in college.

“That name kind of faded until it came back up,” Jenkins said during a Thursday radio interview with Jim Rome. “It is what it is. You can call me A.J. or you can call me Stank – that’s what they called me back up north in Illinois. It doesn’t matter.”

Jenkins won’t be able to join the 49ers until he graduates on May 13, the final day of rookie mini-camp, but said he is looking forward to working with Jim Harbaugh. The 49ers head coach and John Morton, the team’s wide receivers coach, clicked with Jenkins during his pre-draft visit and have him excited for his rookie season.

“He’s a real intense guy,” Jenkins said of Harbaugh. “He’s real passionate and you can tell that by the way he talks and the way he carries himself. I can play for a coach like that – with passion and love for the game – because that’s the kind of guy I am.”

While he was drafted in the first round, Jenkins wasn’t in New York City to shake Commissioner Roger Goodell’s hand. Listening to the Jacksonville, Fla., native, it seems he was just fine watching from home.

“I was home with my family,” Jenkins said. “I was just trying to be with the people who were with me throughout this whole process – me going through college, me going through high school. I wanted to be home with them to bring in another journey of my life.”

And of course Jenkins had to recount his humorous draft day story to Rome. Earlier in the draft, Jenkins’ cousin had prank called him, pretending to be an NFL team. So when his cousin told him someone was on the phone again, Jenkins wasn’t buying it.

“San Francisco was calling me and I was in the bathroom,” Jenkins said. “My cousin was running to the bathroom with my phone, but I didn’t open the door for him because I thought he was just joking again. So he literally kicked the door down – I don’t know how he did it – but he kicked the door down and tossed me the phone.”

After he wraps up his college degree, Jenkins will be headed westbound. Once he gets to the Bay Area, Jenkins will be added to a talented crop of 49ers wide receivers that includes Michael Crabtree, Randy Moss, Mario Manningham, Ted Ginn Jr., Kyle Williams and others.

“I am going there to compete,” Jenkins said. “But at the same time … I’m going to try to learn from all of those guys to make my game better.”

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12 Responses to “A.J. Jenkins Speaks with Jim Rome”

  1. By spokane niner fan on May 3, 2012 | Reply

    You will succeed and so will the niners. Glad you are with us young man! Game breaker baby!

  2. By kahntra52 on May 3, 2012 | Reply

    welcome to the NINER NATION

  3. By Ace on May 3, 2012 | Reply

    Nickname is stank not snake per his twitter.

  4. By Niner from the cradle 2 the grave on May 3, 2012 | Reply

    I must say i couldnt like this guy any more before playin a down… If everything transfers to the field he will be amazing!!! All i keep hearing over and over out of every player on the team is compete, compete, compete, I love what we have become… Harbaalke has created a monster that i dont think any team, or even the ill fated injury bug can stop.. there is too much depth!! They have done a masterful job of putting this team together and the faithful are long overdue to reap the benefits!!! In Harbaalke we trust!!!!

  5. By David on May 3, 2012 | Reply

    His cousin kicked the damn door down to make sure he got the most important call of his life!!! thats what i call family hahaha.

  6. By alex_fn_smith on May 3, 2012 | Reply

    no story of where stank came from,kind of a weird nickname

  7. By alex_fn_smith on May 3, 2012 | Reply

    whatever,go make a name for yourself on the field kid,we’ll be waiting

  8. By iswordsman on May 3, 2012 | Reply

    kinda like stinky except updated version? So whats wrong with A.J.??

  9. By NOTHINGfinerTHENa49ER on May 3, 2012 | Reply

    jenkins is the reciprocal of CAM NEWTON….his celebration….QB to WR…game breaker….if we give em enough playing time rookie of the year!!!!

  10. By John C on May 4, 2012 | Reply

    The nickname Stank means you are Ssssss-Tanked when AJ Jenkins are on the field, enough to make you mad so that you do trash talkin’.

    I keep hearing “In Harbaalke we Trust” is that an indication fans are bracing for the worst while trusting that it won’t happen? I would rather say “In Harbaalke we Believe.” Not trust that it won’t happen (failure), but believing that their vision will lead to great things for the S.F. 49er dynasty.

    As for AJ Jenkins and LaMichael James providing a new dimension to the 49ers it will only work if Moss makes the squad, because Moss as a decoy is as dangerous as being the go-to receiver on any given play. You have to force defenses to cover Moss and spring LaMichaels for a run or throw to AJ Jenkins. Just rock, with the best 53 men on the roster!

  11. By Lou Perfetti on May 4, 2012 | Reply

    Welcome A.J. to Niners’s Nation, go Niners forever, last year…just 1 possible mistake, no one to blame, great season, 1 thing, if we were in the Super Bowl
    New England could never score the td. up the middle like they did with N.Y.
    No way…with our defense, no way with Pat and Justin. Let’s do it this year.
    Lou Perfetti a true San Franciscan now in italy is with you all the way.
    Niners for eternity.

  12. By NinerFanFromTonga on May 6, 2012 | Reply

    I am stoked by this team. I can’t wait for the season to start. Niners all the way……….:)

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