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Morning Tailgate: April 11

Posted by Taylor Price on April 11, 2012 – 9:43 AM

Let the Madden curse debate continue.

Patrick Willis has advanced to the semifinal round of the 2013 EA Madden video game cover tournament where he’s pitted against Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton.

In a recent appearance on ESPN’s SportsCenter, Willis spoke openly about wanting to grace the cover and becoming the first defensive players to solely be on the Madden cover since Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis.

For those scoring at home, Willis has already defeated Chicago Bears running back Matt Forte, Jacksonville Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew and New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz.

Voting in the semifinal round lasts from now until April 18.

More insight on Willis’ quest for the Madden cover and a busy day of 49ers headlines are recapped after the jump.

Matt Barrows of The Sacrament Bee explores the recent track record of Madden cover athletes and wonders if Willis will fall victim to the so-called “Madden curse.”

Don Banks of SI.com released his fifth mock draft of the 2012 offseason and like many of his counterparts, Banks lists Stanford tight end Coby Fleener as San Francisco’s choice with the No. 30 overall pick.

ESPN.com NFC West blogger Mike Sando takes the mock drafts a step further by listing 14 different mock draft offerings and their respective choices for NFC West teams. Wisconsin guard Kevin Zeitler was the clubhouse leader with four different mock drafts penciling in the Big Ten lineman to the 49ers.

Wes Bunting of NationalFootballPost.com examines 10 players he considers to be safe draft picks.

In 49ers news, Matt Maiocco of CSNBayArea.com writes that tackle Alex Boone could be given a chance to compete for the team’s starting right guard position.

Maiocco also offers a rundown of prospects with local college and high school ties that’ll potentially attend the 49ers local pro day set for next Wednesday.

With veteran safety Madieu Williams signing with the Washington Redskins on Tuesday, Barrows took a look at the 49ers depth at the position.

Lastly, the 49ers will compete with the New York Giants once again as the teams are featured in ProFootballHallofFame.com’s “Jersey Showdown” tournament. The uniforms worn by the 1973 49ers are in competition with the threads worn by the 1936 Giants.



49ers cornerback Cory Nelms shared big news on Twitter last night: special teams standout Tavares Gooden has created his own account.

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17 Responses to “Morning Tailgate: April 11”

  1. By ELEVEN YEARS WITH ALEX on Apr 11, 2012 | Reply

    not a good idea for willis to be on madden after last year we need to win and not have some crazy thing happen to make more excuses ….last year rodgers almost went undefeated and then the packers bowed out early in playoffs ….year before that what hillis yeah he did great so did the browns …..we dont need any more distractions from what we need to do ….willis on the cover is not going to do anything for the team or organization or fans accept be a possible really big mistake …..but have it your way and start the excuses for why we didnt get it done again ….might as well break some mirrors and walk under ladders for good luck as well ……take your chances in the market and find out you are not wanted …what do i care just 1 person tired of the excuses and the loseing because we need to try harder

  2. By dave g. on Apr 11, 2012 | Reply

    I don’t believe in that hocus pocus nonsense. He has worked hard and any credit or financial gain he gets from this is well deserved. He is a beast & works extremely hard and I love to see good things happen to good people. He really is a good man. He has had a rough upbringing taking care of his troubled father and his family. They don’t get better than this guy in talent, work ethic & character. If he really wants it, then I want him to have it. Just my opinion.

  3. By dave g. on Apr 11, 2012 | Reply

    Reading above though, S Madieu Williams signed with the Redskins & now with Boone being tried at Guard as well makes me think more and more we will be needing more depth in the defensive backfield. Seems like WR & DB are the two areas we need to solidify more to make sure we don’t get too thin in the season. No guarantees on Moss. Hope it works out.

  4. By JLC on Apr 11, 2012 | Reply


  5. By dave g. on Apr 11, 2012 | Reply

    That curse is as real as the tooth fairy.

  6. By DYENNY on Apr 11, 2012 | Reply

    tired of telling the truth and the editor taking my comments off the board because he he was a cowboy fan as a child and adult and cant take criticism. had 22 thumbs up before you took it down. hey e-mail me ill give you some info for THE REAL 49ER FANS FOR PLAYERS WE MIGHT TAKE AROND UHHH A DAHHHH PICK 30 . WHO CARES ABOUT GRUDEN . HE SAID CAM NEWTON WOULDNT MAKE IT AND THATS WHY HE IS SITTING IN THE BOOTH.

  7. By mattR on Apr 11, 2012 | Reply

    that SI guy is crazy why would we take a TE un the first round we already have daleney and vernon i say we’re good on TE we need an OG or DB or a WR

  8. By ELEVEN YEARS WITH ALEX on Apr 11, 2012 | Reply

    Guard….tackle…..CB….not in that order of course but those are needs as of right now …baring the QB talk of course i am sticking with he loses his job to any one else maybe even gore could QB better ..anyways ….coach has put up a lot of surprises so far would not be surprised if we try and move up for a good tackle or CB ….either way should be good draft for the team ..maybe a QB in later rounds to thicken the pot …stay sharp out there and slow down it is raining and lots of accidents

  9. By rjdniner on Apr 11, 2012 | Reply

    dave g YES totaly agree he has earned it . hey get everybody to have a good luck charme at the games …………….. sorry had to say it .

  10. By dave g. on Apr 11, 2012 | Reply

    1st) There is talk of the 49ers being on the next season of Hard Knocks. Now thats something I do not want. Thats a huge distraction. Let the Media Hungry Jets keep that! Man I hope Harbaugh, Jed & Baalke turn that down. 2nd) As DYENNY alluded to above, I could care less what Grudens opinion is. That clown needs to be on Ridalin. He is extremely over-rated & he likes everyone on Monday Night Football. 3rd) I am not as worried as some about the OL. We have many possibilities & depth the coaches have been grooming behind the starters. T Alex Boone, C Chase Beller, G Chisholm, T Hall, G Kilgore, G Person & T Wiggins. 4th) We still need a solid tall big bodied reciever. I hope to God Moss works out BUT I would rather play it safe by grabbing one in the draft. WR Stephen Hill will deliver the goods for years to come & he is a 6′ 4″ burner. Manningham is good but he is a similar player to Crabtree in size. 5) Losing Safetys Reggie Smith & Madieu Williams does make us very thin at Safety. 6) Gore will be 29 next year & Brandon is 30 & Hunter is good but not an every down back. Summation: 1st) WR (if Hill is there) or DB/S 2nd) DB/S or WR 3rd) RB 4th) OG/C 5th) Best WR & S available and best available left after. Just my opinion.

  11. By NINERSS ALL DAYYY on Apr 11, 2012 | Reply

    Dave G i agree with u on almost everything you have said Especially with manningham being another Crabtree ive actually said that a few times…and yes we need a big body receiver just in case Moss does not work out….BUT I disagree with you saying Hunter is not an every down back…. He can definitely be an every down back…towards the end of last year he was practically an every down back and he played very well!!! Big Fan of Hunter and what he proved as a rookie.

  12. By Willis All Day on Apr 11, 2012 | Reply

    look at the offense line they gave up alot of sacks this year… alex smoth only threw 17 touchdowns in the regular season not because if he wasnt throwing the ball he was getting sacked or handing the ball off or getting sacked….. i dont belive that we need any more runbacks or quarterbacks or wideouts we have got a great group of guys but we do need better depth at O-Line so i say we go for an O-linemen for the first pick

  13. By dave g. on Apr 12, 2012 | Reply

    Don’t get me wrong…I am a big fan of Kendall Hunter but he is only 5’7″ and about 190. I see him more of a change of pace kinda guy (3rd down back much like Darren Sproles). But at 5’7” 190 or so you will need to be able to take some hits. Maybe he can be that guy but I always think its a good idea to start reloading when you have a 30 year old back (Jacobs) and a 29 year old back (Gore). You definately need to have a 210-215+ kind of back to depend on every down. Not sure yet what to make of Anthony Dixon yet. He looked great in preseason his rookie year BUT it was preseason.

  14. By kram on Apr 12, 2012 | Reply

    what’s up with this site! typed in 3 differant times and it boots my blog..

  15. By kram on Apr 12, 2012 | Reply

    there we go thank u! what i was trying to say was the niners should take a cb with 30th pick if they don’t move up or try to get wallace which i’d like to see but with 30th pick gilmore or kirkpatrick both stud cb’s big,strong and can step right in and play. with rogers 31 they can learn under him and this defense niners will have a cb for the future. second rd take best available rb or wr. get oline late in draft. like to see who gets cut this preseason and pick up a seasoned vet oline guy help young guys and fill in or start like bart oates did!

  16. By rjdniner on Apr 12, 2012 | Reply

    dave g we all know that for a back to run like that ,got to have the line to do it and were real close to having that. Gore was dinged up so Hunter had to step in . Dixon wants more playing so he knows he has to step up. The NFL NETWORK is going to show the top 100 players for 2011.. the niners were mention about how maney were going to be on that list,.. I ve already mention who i want concerning the draft both from the SEC .

  17. By rjdniner on Apr 12, 2012 | Reply

    KRAM GIMORE is one of two i hop they pick …. because of culliver , they played together ……

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