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NFL, Smith Honor Jim Harbaugh

Posted by Taylor Price on February 5, 2012 – 10:52 AM

On the eve of Super Bowl XLVI, the National Football League held its inaugural postseason “NFL Honors” award show Saturday night. The primetime television event, hosted by Alec Baldwin, saw a blend of current and former stars of pro football being highlighted throughout the show.

In the opening minutes, various camera pans through the crowd spotted 49ers Hall of Famers Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Steve Young in addition to current players like Patrick Willis and Vernon Davis.

Soon after, the 49ers successful season came into focus.

In the second award of the evening, Jim Harbaugh was named Coach of the Year by the Associated Press, making him the first 49ers coach to receive the honor since Bill Walsh did it in 1981.

Both Harbaugh and the Hall of Fame 49ers coach went to the NFC Championship game in their respective seasons as AP Coach of the Year and both did it with 49ers teams coming off 6-10 records.

Alex Smith, who was in contention for the AP’s Comeback Player of the Year, accepted the award on Harbaugh’s behalf.

Dressed in a black suit with white dress shirt and black tie, Smith stepped out of his seat between Davis and All-Pro linebacker NaVorro Bowman to receive the trophy on stage for his coach not in attendance.

“I was trying to think about what Coach Harbaugh would say if he was here,” began Smith in his acceptance speech for the 49ers coach who went 13-3 in his first year in San Francisco, “he probably would say he doesn’t deserve this. It’s just the type of guy he is. He’d give all the credit to the players, to the assistant coaches. That’s just who he is.

“From someone who’s had one or two coaches in his career, I would tell you this is well-deserved. Congratulations, coach. Thank you.”

Several current and former 49ers were highlighted throughout the remainder of the show as well.

Following Harbaugh’s honor, Rice and Young later presented an award along with former 49ers defensive back Deion Sanders for Comeback Player of the Year, eventually won by Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford.

Three All-Pro 49ers defenders, Willis, Bowman and  defensive tackle Justin Smith, were all in contention for the AP’s Defensive Player of the Year Award. Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs took home the honor.

Rookie linebacker Aldon Smith was edged in the AP’s Defensive Rookie of the Year Award by Broncos linebacker Von Miller.

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29 Responses to “NFL, Smith Honor Jim Harbaugh”

  1. By Joe henderson on Feb 5, 2012 | Reply

    Niners niners niners and more niners! Loved the awards show but i know patrick willis

  2. By Aaron on Feb 5, 2012 | Reply

    I thought this was “tremendous acceptance speech”. I mean it wasn’t bad but i wouldnt use tremendous lol.

  3. By Bruce Fletcher on Feb 5, 2012 | Reply

    Who decides these awards? To give stafford the comeback player of the year is crazy. Alex Smith deserved it. Defensive player of the year belongs to Justin Smith. Rookie of the year Aldon Smith. I guess the awards people just don’t like people named Smith.

  4. By lance catino on Feb 5, 2012 | Reply

    You all DESERVE HONORS been a fan for 24 years and counting.KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!!!!

  5. By Chris on Feb 5, 2012 | Reply

    Well done boys.

  6. By niner4life on Feb 5, 2012 | Reply

    how the hell did they not give rookie of the year to aldon smith the rookie sack master????

  7. By moose on Feb 5, 2012 | Reply

    Because Von Miller was a sack AND tackle machine…with one arm for the last part of the season. Aldon had only 37 tackles compared to Miller’s 64.

  8. By Quevro on Feb 6, 2012 | Reply

    That speech was short, concise, and to the point, yet he found a way to make it very meaningful and heartwarming.

  9. By Vegas(soon2bJapan)Niner on Feb 6, 2012 | Reply

    Exactly….Von Miller? Did he have 14 sacks? Not even close. Terrell Suggs??? This is just like the Pro Bowl….a popularity contest.

  10. By tom in NJ on Feb 6, 2012 | Reply

    We was robbed! Aldon tied Kearse’s record and got snubbed?C’Mon man! I hope we get a wide out that draws double coverage! So we ca dominate the games on offense like we do on D. NEXT YEAR IS OUR YEAR!

  11. By DMT on Feb 6, 2012 | Reply

    What a sad day superbowl Sunday was. I’m still in such disbelief that the 9ers weren’t in that game, that I couldn’t bring myself to watch it.

  12. By Basil on Feb 6, 2012 | Reply

    didn’t miss much !

  13. By Jason on Feb 6, 2012 | Reply

    I think Justin Smith should have taken defensive palyer of the year. No disrespect to the rest of a grat 49ers defense, but he came up so big, so many times this year. I probably doesnt mean anything, but I consider him the best of the best on D this year.

  14. By 49er4vida on Feb 6, 2012 | Reply

    Aldon Smith played only a 1/4 of the snaps that Von Miller played and he smoked his azz like a cuban cigar, Miller can’t compete with Aldon. Not one rookie came close. We got robbed!!!!

  15. By nancy mullendore on Feb 6, 2012 | Reply

    Been a fan for thirty-five years. You all played so great this year. Mr. H. thank you for all your knowledge. I really believe we finally have a great coach again. God, I wish I could of seen the niners in the super bowl. I believe you guys could of walked away with super bowl number six. I did not watch the super bowl, it should of been the ravens and the niners.. God, how boring the Pats and Giants are. Nothing against Manning but gosh i was hoping for super bowl number six. I do believe with no injuries and another great year next year, we will have super bowl six. I also believe that it is the Forty-Niners time for another dominating era.
    Love you Joe Montana, Jerry Rice and so many other super guys.
    I will be a Niner fan for life. Thanks again for a wonderful season.
    Niner fan forever,
    Nancy Mullendore
    P.S. I am sixty-five and hoping to be around for a lot more niner super bowls.

  16. By BOB on Feb 6, 2012 | Reply

    What was so important that Jim Harbaugh could not make the awards ceremony?

  17. By tony hallerman on Feb 6, 2012 | Reply

    congratulations jim,alex and 49ers team wish u wolud have made the superbowl maybe we can make it next year i am a die hard 49ers fan

  18. By fogdaddy49 on Feb 6, 2012 | Reply

    Aldon may have gotten screwed because of the ‘alleged’ DUI…Not fair at all..Aldon had better year, or as good as Miller, playing less games..He’s still better, though I’m biased, too bad….Next year Aldon you’ll be a BEAST again…GO NINERS..

  19. By bills nation on Feb 6, 2012 | Reply

    alex smith is garbage go 49ers!

  20. By lodi niner on Feb 6, 2012 | Reply

    does anybody remember all the people talking crap on baalkes picking aldon at 7????? where are they now?

  21. By Ricardo on Feb 7, 2012 | Reply

    Let me echo Coach Harbaugh’s sentiments….While it is nice to receive awards and things like that, winning the Super Bowl and bringing home the Lombardi Trophy to San Francisco would be the ultimate award. That is what the team will be focused on achieving every year, for years to come.

  22. By Jason on Feb 7, 2012 | Reply

    Alex Smith is thrash and the niners will NEVER go to the SB with him as their starting QB. TRASH!

  23. By eds49ers on Feb 7, 2012 | Reply

    Ok 49ers, What good would it be to get Peyton Manning after surgery? Maybe not much. The question is he healthy enough? How about his strenght and his muscle reactions, we don’t need more problems. Is it worth it?.

  24. By Isaac Yates on Feb 8, 2012 | Reply

    I love them 49ers!!! Great season, they were so close to the SB; should have been there. They would have crushed NE Patriots. If I’m figuring right, they should get a chance to play them next year (NFC West, NFC North, AFC East, + Giants and Saints, right?). Alex Smith had a great year! I just wish Harbough would have got to him sooner! Can’t wait for next year! Draft/Free Agency predictions: WR 1st round, O-Line, DB, WR from free agency. Agree?

  25. By corbin on Feb 8, 2012 | Reply

    Who ever says Alex shuoldnt be are QB is just plain stupid, i mean we had barley any recievers and we still made it to the championship game, eli had three really good recievers. anyways just look at the chemastry Alex and Jim have its really good to see a relationship like that for a coach and QB to get along so good, also its kinda hard to be a good QB when your O coordinator changes every year.

    Alex you Rock! thanks for sticking it out in Frisco.

  26. By Ladybug on Feb 8, 2012 | Reply

    yup…the Super Bowl was B-O-R-I-N-G….what a blast it would have been if the 49ers had played New England…West vs. East… I’m sorry the Giants won the SB…I want N.E. to win because the Giants won the NFL Conference title….boo on them. Now they think they are God’s gift. NOT !

    Oh, let’s not try to get Payton Manning. He is almost used up. Better to have Alex learn and grow ….he’s not all that bad, guys. Now that he has the coaching he needs, he will develop into a fine quarterback, I am sure. Remember, he led the team “THIS CLOSE” to the SB….

    Just wait until next year !

    Congratulation to Coach Harbaugh and to all the 49ers …what a team

  27. By waldo49ers on Feb 9, 2012 | Reply

    we will never win with smith

  28. By bob #2 on Feb 10, 2012 | Reply

    Im suprised Ahole Smith did not lose or drop the award or even go down as he does when hes on the field with the football.
    Just wondering if Giant have send #10 Williams his super bowl ring since he and Ahole put them there

  29. By Liz on Feb 10, 2012 | Reply

    He deserves it

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