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Monday’s Locker Room Talk: Nov. 7

Posted by Taylor Price on November 7, 2011 – 2:54 PM

Ricky Jean Francois had big shoes to fill on Sunday.

Filling in for injured left defensive tackle Ray McDonald, who rested his injured hamstring, Jean Francois posted four tackles in his second start of the season.

Jean Francois started previously against the Buccaneers as the 49ers starting nose tackle, and once again, the 49ers super sub came off the bench to make sure his team’s vaunted rushing defense didn’t fall off from its typical stingy production.

Jean Francois has two starts in the team’s streak of 30 games without allowing an individual 100-yard rusher. It’s an achievement not lost on the third-year player, who was expecting a heavy dose of Redskins rushes to his direction.

“(Defensive line coach Jim) Tomsula prepared me for that,” shared Jean Francois inside the 49ers locker room on Monday. “(Tomsula) said, ‘They’re going to run the ball at you, hands down.’

“He said he didn’t know how they were going to run at you, but the ball is coming at you. Either you’re going to show you can hold it down or they’re going to keep running and running at you.”

Washington’s rookie running back Roy Helu picked up 16 yards on the game’s first play from scrimmage, a run directed right at Jean Francois to see if he could hold his ground against numerous blockers.

Jean Francois didn’t fret about the gain. Instead, he made sure to confer with veterans and coaches on the sideline on what adjustments he needed to make.

That’s when McDonald and ironman 49ers right defensive tackle Justin Smith (163 consecutive starts) offered their expertise in real-time.

“Once I got to the sideline after the first drive and talked to Justin and Ray to see what type of adjustments I needed to make, it was cool after that,” Jean Francois said. “Everything flowed naturally.”

Helu picked up 40 yards on 9 first-half carries. The next 30 minutes, however, Helu wasn’t a factor at all in the running game. He carried the ball once in the second half, a 1-yard run.

Instead of factoring in the running game, Helu was used as a dump-off option for Redskins quarterback John Beck, who completed 14 passes to Helu, a Washington franchise record.

Jean Francois, a big supporter of his alma mater Louisiana State, said his school’s big win over Alabama on Saturday actually fueled his play on Sunday.

That, and several 49ers fans were chanting his name along with “LSU!” during pregame warm-ups at FedEx Field.

“That was all I needed to hear to go out and play,” Jean Francois said with a big grin.

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26 Responses to “Monday’s Locker Room Talk: Nov. 7”

  1. By rookieoftheweek on Nov 7, 2011 | Reply

    Nice Work Ricky, i like that our second strings are holding it down when our starters don’t play. go niners

  2. By alex_fn_smith on Nov 7, 2011 | Reply

    god i still cant believe it,im lovin this season,im really blown away….49ers=dream team

  3. By alex_fn_smith on Nov 7, 2011 | Reply

    i feel bad for anthony dixon though,gore and hunter are tearing it up,dixon should get a chance to show the world hes a part of the team….with the exception of special teams….give the guy a few carries a game

  4. By alex_fn_smith on Nov 7, 2011 | Reply

    but other than that,you guys are busting your butts every single player on the team,and im the happiest fan in the world right now,and i knew this day would come,im so thankful for my 9ers right now,bless harbaugh

  5. By alex_fn_smith on Nov 7, 2011 | Reply

    of course i didnt think it would happen so quick! i thought we would do ok this year….maaybe make the playoffs,but thats it….but 7 and 1 jees louise ,this is so great! we might go all the way here!!!…..i just pray to god we dont face the patriots in the superbowl…..and then lose….cause thats my biggest fear in the world….please god no!!!! oh or the steelers….please god no not the steelers!!!

  6. By alex_fn_smith on Nov 7, 2011 | Reply

    i dont want them winning their 7th superbowl,let alone against us! oh god that would suck….im hoping we play the bills….or the ravens….and win….or it would be great to face the patriots or the steelers….just as long as we win!

  7. By alex_fn_smith on Nov 7, 2011 | Reply

    oh god….maybe i should just go hide on a deserted island right now and just pretend that we went all the way this year….oh im so nervous…..please god…..guide my niners to number 6….(especially before the cowboys)….that would be gravy….

  8. By alex_fn_smith on Nov 7, 2011 | Reply

    goodnight fellow faithful…..go 9ers….go go gadget gore….sleep tight and dream about ring number 6 …..oh and the giants smell

  9. By HOUSTON49ER on Nov 7, 2011 | Reply

    POW! POW! POW! 7-1 BABY!!!!!!!!!!

  10. By ogre on Nov 8, 2011 | Reply

    Win ugly~Win pretty! Well done for an away game. They can’t always be pretty.
    But this is truly storybook stuff. Outstanding coaching staff/ well balanced and
    high quality players (in depth). True we aren’t getting the big game scores, but
    when its all said and done; its the W’s baby. Now, focus ~ the giants are a good
    team. But not better than the niners. Its time to analyze and execute. At home
    team and fans need to make a statement. This is the next game. This is all that
    matters for this week. Everyone is staying healthy? Now, its time to focus upon
    beating the Giants. Go Niners!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. By NINERFAMILY4LIFE on Nov 8, 2011 | Reply

    To tell you the truth this is unreal but I’m Loving it and just taking into accout the Fight in our team. Coming back from being down by 20 points in Philly and other great comebacks, Winning on the road to rack up a 4-0 record thus far and Really competing in all phases of the game. I don’t see many teams with the HUNGER or the BALANCE that we possess. I’m hoping & Praying that we meet the Packers in the NFC Confrence Game & Knock em Off. I know we can beat em. People say that we won’t be able to hang in a shootout with some of these other Offenses but what they fail to realize is the only reason some of these teams have 500 yard offenses, is because they haven’t face a D like ours to combat that. Just ask Detroit and the Self Proclaimed Dream Team. I’m Just Keeping It 100 when I say 14-2 at the end of the season and a NFC Championship is very doable & probable. Til then week in & week out I’m A Shout………GOOOOOOO NIIIIIIINNNERRRRRRRS!!!!!!!!!

  12. By RRNINER on Nov 8, 2011 | Reply

    Have some real faith. Patriots and Steelers will get smashed. We dont lose superbowls! U should hide on a deserted island and stay there.

  13. By Daniel on Nov 8, 2011 | Reply

    Alright 7-1 thats great im a happy fan but we need to stick it to the giants this week we need to show the east that the west is strong well our 49ers anyway Lets go 49ers lets keep going

  14. By sdkota9er on Nov 8, 2011 | Reply


    GO GET’EM 49ERS!!

  15. By Gore&WillisAREbeasts on Nov 8, 2011 | Reply

    Ive been a 49ers fan my whole life. Through the ups and downs Ive stood by my team. I wanna see us go all the way this year. I know alot of people think we cant do it but I believe we can. Our defense is on and so is our offense. We can win the bowl this year! Just gotta believe!! GOOOOOOO NINERS!!!!

  16. By NinerFanFromTonga on Nov 8, 2011 | Reply

    I don’t see any team beating us. We have a complete team. We have an efficient Offense, we have a superb Defense that is getting better every week. We have an awesome Special Team Unit. The Packers are a good team, but we have the defense, with a defensive coaching staff that can punch holes in that Packers offensive machine. I really don’t care who we meet in the Super Bowl, with this team and Jim Harbaugh at the head, I feel confident that they will beat anyone. What I love about our defense is that they are a good unit when it comes to defending the red zone. WE hold teams to ugly scores…and it makes me laugh out loud to see the scores every week from down here in Tonga. I am with all of you faithful Niners fans, we finally have a Head Coach that we can all rally around, and his coaching staff are just outstanding. Jim Harbaugh took the team to see one of the most important sights of our Nations History. This opens up for me yet another window in order that we look into and more closely see who Jim Harbaugh really is, a man who values the most important things of life, and in our country. He had other sights he could have taken the team to, yet he chose that sight. He is a wise man.

  17. By sf49ers4life! on Nov 8, 2011 | Reply

    All I got to say is our defense is stout, our offense is good and getting better, and our special teams is very sharp…..I don’t care who we face anymore – if we play Niner football, we control the games. The best part of this is that teams that run well and stop the run well have the best chance of succeeding…..we can shut down games when ahead and we can stop other teams from running clock when we’re behind……I feel great about this team! Stiff test coming up this week vs the Giants……I know Harbaugh will have the boyz ready, I just hope we execute and let the marbles fall where they may…..GO NINERS!!!

  18. By SFN9ner on Nov 8, 2011 | Reply

    49ers and the Ravens SuperBowl can u smell it…all i smell is the giants this coming sunday…Going to be a HUGE test for us and congradulations 2 roger and r.c its about time see u at halftime sunday

  19. By Louie on Nov 9, 2011 | Reply

    Nice win the niners were in control the D did a great job and the offense moved the chains when needed.

    It’s great to see two legends of the game talk about this team, Montana – Lott great seeing u guys praise this team.

    The pride and joy of being a niner – nothing is better.

    Big thanks to Coach Harbaugh

    Keep the level head guys – one game at a time.

  20. By L.G on Nov 9, 2011 | Reply

    This team is really good and they have not reached there full potential on offense…They can get scary once that happens.

    I been following 49ers websites for years praising and complaining but I am happy for the players (especially Alex who i lost faith in, my bad) and fans that they were able to turn it around. For awhile there I thought the bleeding would never stop!

  21. By ny49er on Nov 9, 2011 | Reply

    go boyz….sky is the limit!!!

  22. By We Cut Who? on Nov 9, 2011 | Reply

    Completely unafraid of anyteam. Not worried a bit. Focus on the Giants boys. Get this done.

  23. By cliq-claq on Nov 9, 2011 | Reply

    did anybody see how explosive Kyle Williams was on that wr screen…… also back in that Cowboy game .. did u see that twisting catch in the endzone? i dont know about u guys but i’d like to see a little more of Kyle Williams

  24. By Keith Wood on Nov 9, 2011 | Reply

    Great job Ricky! I’m lovin’ it!!! This Sundays game against the Giants, as Whitner put it, will be a measuring stick to see where the teams stacks up against playoff caliber teams and I am already nervous! LOL, I know the Niners can do it and I am so proud of them right now, been a Niners fan for over 30 years and the last 10 years have been hard going for the players and the fans, just so happy to see them having success and some fun along the way. “Who’s got it better than us??? NO BODY!!” GO NINERS

  25. By Keith Wood on Nov 9, 2011 | Reply


    We need to get into the playoffs and have a good run for Frank Gore, the guy has given all he has to the Niners for over 7 years now and has never been in the playoffs. I hope coach gives some of the load down the stretch to Hunter and Dixon, letting Gore heal up that ankle and be fresh for the playoffs.

  26. By tony hallerman on Nov 11, 2011 | Reply

    well i have always been a 49ers fan people would laugh at me for being such now they don’t have anything to say because the record says it all great job team and staff, go 49ers

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