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Walsh’s Legacy Continues with 49ers

Posted by Taylor Price on July 30, 2011 – 11:34 AM

With Saturday, July 30, marking the four-year anniversary of the passing of legendary 49ers Hall of Fame Coach Bill Walsh, the 49ers would like to recognize the legendary coach’s legacy and lasting impact on the organization as training camp continues.

While the new 49ers coaching staff installs their version of the West Coast Offense, a system attributed to Walsh’s genius, the team has adopted several principles the legendary coach would certainly be proud to see.

In fact, throughout the 2011 offseason, 49ers coaches spent time viewing old film sessions from Walsh’s coaching tenure. The time spent watching the three-time Super Bowl winning coach’s installation meetings were highly valued by the coaches on the offensive staff.

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31 Responses to “Walsh’s Legacy Continues with 49ers”

  1. By Jim C on Jul 30, 2011 | Reply

    bill Walsh changed the whole game and made it more exciting with the install of his west coast offense, which is used all over the NFL today.
    RIP, Mr. Walsh

  2. By corey patrick on Jul 30, 2011 | Reply

    Coach Bill Walsh the greatest coach ever!!!

  3. By TIM on Jul 30, 2011 | Reply

    Finally !!! The legacy,ignored for sooo many years,has returned !
    Now bring back Lott,Montana and young etc etc ,to be a presence at Training camp and to speak to the players and tell them what being a 49er really means.

  4. By Daniel Chavez on Jul 30, 2011 | Reply

    A hero to the football world, and four times more to the 49ers faithful.

  5. By Micahel on Jul 30, 2011 | Reply

    Bring around the 49er greats (Montana, Rice, Young, Lott, Taylor, Craig, Solomon, B. Jones, etc). Thats what I like about the S.F Giants. They embrace their greats from the past. Thats what Bill Walsh would have done, he loved the men he worked with. If you want to honor Walsh, then bring around the greats.

  6. By Jason on Jul 30, 2011 | Reply

    i applaud coach Harbaugh for bringing back the legacy of coach Walsh,it will be a great and welcomed presence amongst the players, staff and in the lockerroom. However i do not see this being the break out year we are all hoping for, the abilities of the players today and the great abilities of the players Walsh had are just not the same.Yes i will agree that coach Harbaugh should ask the likes of the older players; Lott, Rathman, Craig, Jones, Rice, Montana, Young, Taylor, Paris, Gragg etc to speak on the feeling that being a 49er is

  7. By michael powers on Jul 30, 2011 | Reply

    it’s going to be a good year.back to the past a little can’t be bad.way to go harbaugh.

  8. By staylor339 on Jul 30, 2011 | Reply

    I like the fact of spreading the offense. this will give our beast gore room to run. not to mention a few exciting moments

  9. By John Kreutzmann on Jul 30, 2011 | Reply

    I am glad to read this news because the Niners do need to bring back the West coast offense. Coach Bill Walsh was the one of greatest coaches of all time and the West coast offense has spread around the league and the Niners have ignored it for years and it has been painful to watch. However, I am not surprised by this news because coach Harbaugh was hired by Walsh at Stanford and they were friends. Harbaugh is a great coach and I have faith that he can be successful in the NFL. However, he needs good players and the Niners need FA help and there is an urgent need to sign players to replace those that have been lost
    Jed York is not showing the boldness that made his uncle a success!

  10. By Steve on Jul 30, 2011 | Reply

    Great to see respect being paid to the architect of a dynasty and the rebirth of a franchise. Once that stadium is finally built, it should be named Bill Walsh Memorial Field. The 49ers, as an organization, have access to dozens of legends of the game…..bring them back to speak to the players and let them help the 49ers recreate the “49er way”

  11. By mavin 1 on Jul 30, 2011 | Reply

    Walsh was a great coach and introduced a new offense in San Francisco. Don’t forget his teacher, Sid Gillman. Also don’t forget that Jed’s uncle made some of the biggest mistakes in the game when he started out. Everyone has a learning curve. Walsh’s team lost 14 games his first season. De Berg played instead of Montana for a reason. He drafted Lott and the rest. I wouldn’t rale on the new coaching staff out of your own frustration. There is a lot of talent on this team let us see how JH uses them. Paying big money for players like Clements didn’t really pan out.

  12. By DMT on Jul 30, 2011 | Reply

    It’s always nice to remember the past, but let’s not get stuck in it. This organization has not been in a super bowl in 17 years. Sports is a what have you done for me lately biz. Lately all the niners have done is run through multiple coaches, QB”S, and over priced free agents. Good luck JH dealing with the Yorks!

  13. By George Ross on Jul 30, 2011 | Reply

    I have faith in Jim to be a good coach but no faith in the Yorks & their puppet GM. Walsh was smart & went after the right people, sometimes via trades. We have to many holes & it doesn’t seem like our own FA’s want to stay with us. It’s gonna be a long season. All the 3 other west teams have made an effort to improve while we haven’t done squat. Our CB situation is a joke!

  14. By DMT on Jul 30, 2011 | Reply

    Yes G. Ross, Ballke is a tool of the York’s used to keep a leash on Harbaugh. I know Jim is excited now, but a couple of seasons dealing with the Yorks and their puppet, well who knows.
    As for our free agents, a football players shelf life is short, and if you want a real chance at post season play, you have to get out of here!(What a change from the days when FA’s would all but pay to play here) The best to you Harbaugh, you’re playing against four division foes, Rams, Seahawks, Cardnals, and Yorks.

  15. By Ricordo on Jul 30, 2011 | Reply

    I agree cold-heartedly with you G. Ross! Everybody around us are improving their teams, but we haven’t made any big splashes in free agency. The York’s haven’t even signed our own free agents back. We could use Goldson, Franklin, and Gore back. The York’s have ruined this franchise! Every since Eddie DeBartolo gave up his rights after the 2002 season we’ve been losing every since. I say sale the team to some owners who actually gets football and doesn’t mind spending money to help their team become champions. The Yorks have business minds not football!

  16. By Junior on Jul 30, 2011 | Reply

    Well, i think if the Niners wouldve pushed a little harder last year to pick up Vick they would be in a better position at QB this year. Now, with all the holes in the team the owners should do more to get players that want to be CHAMPIONS!!!

  17. By shawn Barnett on Jul 30, 2011 | Reply


  18. By JasonXFlash on Jul 30, 2011 | Reply

    Hell…. Bring back Joe Cool 16, The Flash 80, Designated Hitter 42, The Catfish 33, and let them play……

  19. By KDB on Jul 30, 2011 | Reply

    Paitience Girls Patience, we don’t know what’s happening behind the scenes. Thank god most of us are good coaches from the armchair, we would be defeated before the games begin.

    Go Harbaugh, Baallke and Jed get er done one day at a time.

  20. By KDB on Jul 30, 2011 | Reply

    NOT GOOD COACHES is what i meant, Most of us are not good arm chair coaches, most of us.

  21. By bob101910 on Jul 30, 2011 | Reply

    “In fact, throughout the 2011 offseason, 49ers coaches spent time viewing old film sessions from Walsh’s coaching tenure.”

    They should compare film from then and recent years so they can find out what is going wrong.

    #1 NFL Player – Jerry Rice
    #1 NFL Coach Bill Walsh

  22. By Joe on Jul 30, 2011 | Reply

    The current owners of this team is destroying Walsh’s vision, yes I like coach Harbaugh, but he is hamstrung by the current owners based on getting good talent, Eddie Debartolo recognized talent, as did Coach Walsh.

  23. By Joseph Granata on Jul 30, 2011 | Reply

    Bill Walsh is missed by all 49er Faithful. His legacy will always live on and it is refreshing to see the West Coast Offense come back home.

  24. By JOHN on Jul 31, 2011 | Reply


  25. By kirk on Jul 31, 2011 | Reply

    they missed on the corner from the raiders they missed on jenkins from green bay and they missed on vince young all they have signed is a kicker?

  26. By Ricordo on Jul 31, 2011 | Reply

    You don’t have to be an arm-chair coach to figure alot of things out. Like last year I called damn near all the run plays the 49ers did. Now if I can figure that out with never playing pro ball, its 1,2,3 with the pros! Earlier by saying who the 49ers need to resign, thats a given too. Thats commen sense to sign back players that makes your team better! Franklin, Goldson, and especially Gore does that for our team! Dragging your feet for new players is one thing, but doing it with your own will send you up the creek without a paddle! Without those three the team has officially gotten worse. I’ll be an arm-chair coach for saying the obvious then!

  27. By Alec on Jul 31, 2011 | Reply

    Congrats to the new Niner regime for bringing a taste of what it was like when we were the toast of the league, and what Coach Walsh provided. To all the fans, please keep in mind that this is still a new coaching group and the players will need time to adjust to their new reality. Harbaugh and his group of coaches can do only so much, the players have to ‘buy’ into what they’re asking them to do, then have the players go out and prove it on the field. Jed York is not his uncle, but he has started moving the team in the right direction. I’ve been very impatient as a fan especially watching my favorite sports team blow chunks out on the field each week, but can it get any worse? At this point improvement will come over the next few years, Harbaugh will make it happen. Stay postive, they’re trying to rebuild our championship glory from the ground up, just like Coach “the Genius” Walsh had too. I still believe, and always will – Long Live The ’9er Faithful – stand with me?!

  28. By Larry Boyter on Jul 31, 2011 | Reply

    As a further tribute to the Bill Walsh era, BRING BACK THE KHAKI PANTS


  29. By KDB on Jul 31, 2011 | Reply

    No Franklin and Clemments and rest can be gone. Gore, we need Frank for sure but the rest can hit the road. We wouldn’t win with those attitudes and like it or not, we have a good staff now and time will tell that’s for sure. But what’s for sure is, WE KNOW only very LITTLE, period.

    Glad they are making sweeping changes and being only $20 mil under the cap, the approach is kind of like Cody Ross, Pat Burrell, etc., no ONE at least NONE of us saw that comming so sit back, relax and let the professionals make those decisions because we don’t even make quality armchairs, well most of us that is.

  30. By Earl on Aug 2, 2011 | Reply

    FINELY…The West Coast Offense…Has come back ..To SAN FRANCISCO…! ! Just bring it..! !

  31. By james9er on Aug 4, 2011 | Reply

    I see alot of niner faithfuls are once again mistaken.I have been a niners fan since 1984 and am pretty much ashamed to be one for the last 10 or so seasons……please sell the team to a owner who will actually spend money on players we need…rogers…really…a washed up skin bumb and wiliams…yeah 5 seasons ago maybe…oh and hey lets release pretty much our entire starting defense except the ones that played like crap lets bring them back. i mean who is really running the show? This reminds me of movie major league…just enough of a team to put butts in seats dont care if they win a sb….we could have gave brees a crap ton of money and got him when he was a fa…but no he wanted to much apparently and look at him now. if your a true niner fan you gotta see how they just dont care if we win or lose as long as they get their money for the seats every year. its a disgrace to see a team go from dominating to be a joke…cause we are.we could have gotten a franchise qb a bunch of times in past 5 years and i myself kept giving alex excuses but come on spend some money on “good” players not decent ones. look around the nfl we stay the same or actually by looks get worse …while everyone else is getting better….why? do i want us to waste money like that guy in washington…no..but that dont mean sit back and not get a great player and lose 5 very good players….franklin is gonna kill us losing..say what you want but it will be noticed right away..we could have gotten cutler or kolb or even vick in last few years…but no we care what peta thinks not whats good for the ones of us that had to watch a dynasty crumble and keep getting rebuilt….EVERY SEASON…when will it end?

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