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Statement From NFL Executive VP Jeff Pash

Posted by Scott Kegley on March 19, 2011 – 1:43 PM

NFL Executive Vice President Jeff Pash issued this statement regarding the current work stoppage:

“We are pleased now to have received a reply to the comprehensive proposal that we made eight days ago. The points made in the players’ letter are precisely the kind of points that collective bargaining is intended to address.  Debating the merits of the offer in this fashion is what collective bargaining is all about. But we would note that three facts we have consistently identified over the past week are ignored and we therefore assume acknowledged. First, the proposal called for player costs of between $19 and $20 billion over the next four seasons; second, the player cost figure in 2011 was above the actual cash spending for 2009 and 2010; and third, the economic offer, combined with other elements of the proposal, was a substantial move by the clubs to keep negotiations going and avoid a work stoppage and related litigation.

“This letter again proves that the most sensible step for everyone is to get back to bargaining. So we again accept Mike Vrabel’s suggestion that the union’s executive committee meet with our negotiating team, including Jerry Richardson, Robert Kraft and Jerry Jones, to resume bargaining. If Mike will let us know when and where he and his colleagues would like to meet, we will be there. We are ready.”

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11 Responses to “Statement From NFL Executive VP Jeff Pash”

  1. By Del on Mar 19, 2011 | Reply

    Good please get this settled.

  2. By TIM on Mar 19, 2011 | Reply

    John Clayton of ESPN said today he expects the lawyers for both sides to get together and hash out an agreement BEFORE April 6th ! He said the owners last proposals before the union walked out was very close to a deal the union could have lived with and with a few counter proposals back and forth there is a deal to be made NOW (just like the owners have been saying all along !).
    The playewres would be wise to make a deal now,befpre the Judge rules against them on April 6th ,because of their obviously sham decertification !,IF the judge does not rule in favor of the union I would hate to be the players or their union stooges,since the owners might not be so eager to compromise with a union that has no more cards to play ! ).

  3. By Jay on Mar 20, 2011 | Reply

    Hello NFL,

    I don’t care how you guys do it, but please make this deal come to an agreement and make it fair for the players to play football to end the lockout. I already miss Football, do not make the lockout even longer, the nfl fans will boycott if you make the lockout go even further.

  4. By dusty-dad on Mar 20, 2011 | Reply

    No comment today, other than get back to work on this, or it’ll never get done! Once you get to the point that you are pointing fingers, you can hurt feelings —then your working on feelings not contract. NOW GET BACK TO WORK!!!!!!!

  5. By JR Baca in NM on Mar 20, 2011 | Reply


  6. By mike on Mar 21, 2011 | Reply

    Both sides need to stop acting like little kindergardeners and act like adults and talk this out, stop pointing fingers at each other. You both are in the wrong fighting over so much money while the fans that pay your salaries are the ones that are really going to suffer. I know for me that I don’t see how either party is hurting so bad when it is billions that is being argued about.

  7. By STAN 78 on Mar 21, 2011 | Reply

    Ditto you you got it right Mike! buncha bickering kids!.

  8. By Kelly on Mar 25, 2011 | Reply


  9. By KYLE FRY on Mar 25, 2011 | Reply


    I look forward to football every year, it is the best time of the year to me, and I am a huge fan, There is nothing better than hanging out with friends, drinking a cold one with some snacks, reppin your team colors and watching a football game, so please hurry up and make an agreement, you guys are killing me. GO 49ERS.

    P.S. who ever thinks sunday’s are for bowling, you are an idiot and should grow a pair because bowling is boring unless your playing. I could watch football all day everyday

  10. By Doug on Mar 26, 2011 | Reply

    Owners are worth more than 99.99% of Americans. Players are worth more than 99.9% of Americans. How about both sides taking pay cuts and reducing the cost of the astronomical ticket prices by 30-40%. Its the fans who are taking it in the shorts, not the players and not the owners…

  11. By Ernie on Apr 6, 2011 | Reply

    GET ER DUN…When it’s all over the FANS will pay the PRICE…and the quality of the game this year (if there is a season) will be the short change of it…The owners,players & agents/lawyers will be the only winners…more PPV options? What’s the END GAME?

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