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On the Phone with McCarthy and Rodgers

Posted by Sam Good on December 1, 2010 – 5:07 PM

Sitting in his living room on Monday night, Aaron Rodgers was very impressed with what he saw.

The Green Bay Packers’ quarterback always watches “Monday Night Football,” but he paid extra attention this week because of his upcoming game against the 49ers.

And as good as the 49ers looked to Rodgers when he watched them live, he said they looked even better when he turned on the film.

“They’re playing very well on defense,” Rodgers said during his Wednesday conference call with the Bay Area media. “They’re a team with a lot of pride and a lot of talented players, and we expect them to come in here and play well.”

Rodgers’ coach Mike McCarthy felt the same way.

When he watched the 49ers 27-6 win over the Arizona Cardinals live, he was impressed with how successful San Francisco was on the ground after Pro Bowl running back Frank Gore was sidelined with a fractured hip, and he doesn’t expect the 49ers to change their game plan this week.

“They didn’t really miss a beat,” McCarthy said. “Brian Westbrook and (Anthony) Dixon did an excellent job.

“We don’t see them getting away from their commitment to the run game and I thought their offensive line played very well against Arizona.”

While Westbrook and Dixon will get a majority of the carries on Sunday, McCarthy is as familiar as anybody with the No. 3 running back on the 49ers depth chart, DeShawn Wynn. Wynn, who was promoted from the team’s practice squad on Monday, played in all 16 games for the Packers in 2007 and made four starts. And if not for injuries, McCarthy said, Wynn would likely still be in Green Bay.

McCarthy described Wynn as “talented young man” who has great footwork and can hit holes and get in and out of his breaks as well as anybody.

While McCarthy expects the 49ers to stick with their running game, when they do drop back to pass, the Packers’ coach has been impressed with Troy Smith so far this season.

Smith brings a new element to the 49ers offense that wasn’t there when these two teams met last season, and McCarthy believes Smith has made the offense more dynamic.

“I see Troy as a playmaker,” he said. “The biggest thing we have been impressed is his ability to extend plays and convert first downs.”

One element Smith and the rest of the 49ers will have to battle Sunday is the weather at Lambeau Field. It is expected to be about 30 degrees and there could be some snow flurries.

Rodgers, who is from Northern California, said although he’s been playing in Green Bay for five seasons, he’ll never get used to temperatures like that.

Click here to listen to McCarthy’s conference call.

Click here to listen to Rodgers’ conference call.

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8 Responses to “On the Phone with McCarthy and Rodgers”

  1. By steve9er on Dec 2, 2010 | Reply

    if we want to stay in this game against the pack
    we better throw the ball alot more cause this
    team can’t beat gb by running all day can’t happen
    won’t happen i know i’m from wisconsin i’ve seen
    it all year!

  2. By Mustytoes on Dec 2, 2010 | Reply

    KDB, I don’t think sing is the problem. Everything starts and ends at the O-Line. I think we lack badly in that department. Yes Arron should have been a 49er. Poor drafting at the QB spot has been a downfall in our last years. Point and case Colt McCoy. Is Troy Smith the answer? Probably not, but he is a long shot better than Alex. Ability to move in the pocket is important, and that’s what makes me wonder why the 49ers didn’t try and get Vick. Us 49er fans took Frank Gore’s ability to run the ball for granted, the man could turn a negative run into 5 plus yards constantly. I respect Westbrook and Dixon, but Gore will be surely missed. Keep the faith…go Niners!!!!!

  3. By Arthur on Dec 2, 2010 | Reply

    Just win ! niners for Life

  4. By Hermie on Dec 2, 2010 | Reply

    Gotta give the offensive line time to develop they will be good and losing Staley was a huge blow. Really hurts know with Baas possibly out…could be in trouble. I just want them to play a game where they can be in it at the end and pull something out at the end…

  5. By KDB on Dec 3, 2010 | Reply

    Hey Mustytoes ,

    I can say that we can politely agree to disagree on Singeltary. I had originally bought in even after my brother a bar area super coach said to me, He’s NEVER coordinated at any level and all though we was an exceptional player, it doesn’t work like that. I told him you’re wrong I’m on board. Now I have HUGE BUYERS REMORSE because I believe whole heartedly that he was totally correct. The guy has NEVER been mentored by a head coach while he was coordinating, etc, etc, etc. This in my book is old news.

    So going forward yes I bummed no A. Rodgers; however, I also think A. smith is hands down our best option as a QB this season but that’s a lost cause now. Next yr we will need to make more position player changes other than just at QB as well as an entire NEW staff except for T. Rathman.

    Let’s see how we do at GB but I don’t expect much and for the coach to be able to stick around here for another season 8-8 isn’t good enough in my book.

    The good news is my initial post was deleted, that must mean the ownership is looking in from time to time, and don’t kid ourselves, owners, players, coaches ALL look in here, it’s human nature.

  6. By coachmarquis1 on Dec 3, 2010 | Reply

    I think we need 2 sign westbrook 2 a new contract maybe a 2 year deal

  7. By mike on Dec 4, 2010 | Reply


  8. By josh on Dec 4, 2010 | Reply

    Hey musty, Singletary wanted Vick!! They met with him but the powers at be wouldnt let coach sing pick him up. Put that one on the ownership, while i agree that the niners should have took a QB at some point in last years draft, I doubt if we would have took Rodgers instead of Smith that he would have faired much better. Our team was BAD there for awhile and now that were gettin good Smith is totally MIND F”D, he’s done. You cant put a QB in the situation he was put in with NO O line and expect them to succeed. Now our line has potential but theyre injured, and franks out. Im keeping hope alive but they better bring the A game in Gb or we in trouble.

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