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Monday’s Locker Room Talk: Nov. 8

Posted by Taylor Price on November 8, 2010 – 5:41 PM

After returning to team headquarters following a five-day break over the bye week, the 49ers weren’t experiencing a typical case of the Mondays.

The 2-6 squad came into work eager to get in an extra practice and put all their focus towards Sunday’s opponent at Candlestick Park, the 4-4 St. Louis Rams.

The 49ers are looking for their third consecutive home victory (the last took place in London) and will need the come-from-behind overseas win to carry over positively this week.

While several players headed home for the week, there were others who stayed nearby. For example, quarterback Alex Smith spent most of the week rehabbing his injured non-throwing shoulder. Smith began lifting weights on Monday, but said he refrained from overhead lifting.

“I’m continuing to wrap-up the rehab but I’m still not cleared for right now,” Smith said during the team’s afternoon media availability. “I’m trying to get better every day – that’s my main concern.”

Neither Alex Smith or Troy Smith had heard a definitive word as to who will start against St. Louis. Both said they’re preparing as if they’re starting. Alex didn’t participate in Monday’s practice leaving all the reps to Troy and said he hopes to test out his arm later in the week, noting that his arm continues to get better each day.

Conversely, Troy spent his bye week back home in Cleveland with his family. In addition to going over the 49ers playbook, he spent time watching the NFL games on Sunday and wasn’t at all surprised to see upsets across the league.

“It lets you know there’s good football everywhere,” Smith noted. “Teams are playing well, that has no bearing on us. We have to go out and execute as a team. It’s good to see everybody playing well, but we have to play well too.”

The 49ers will have to make a decision at some point as to who will start in Sunday’s important divisional contest. But as Troy pointed out, all the quarterbacks prepare the same every week – no matter the circumstance.

“Continuing to get better and learn the offense that’s pretty much my life right now,” he said.

Say ‘Bye’ to the Routine

Eight weeks into an NFL season, players tend to get into a routine. Meetings and film review on Mondays. Players’ day off on Tuesdays. Practices and meetings the rest of the week, then traveling plans are made based on opponent.

But the players said goodbye to routines last week and enjoyed a change to the norm.

“I guess the bye week is weird for your first year, but after awhile you get used to it,” fourth-year cornerback Tarell Brown said. “You get into a routine here at the facility, and so it feels good to get away.”

Brown’s defensive back mate Nate Clements agreed.

“I’m used to it now. I relaxed, tried to get myself back healthy and watched some football games and the Zenyatta race. I just chilled and stayed around here.”

While a bye week is always appreciated by the players, the timing of this year’s break was exactly what the team needed.

“We have a few guys nicked up and its perfect timing for guys to heal up from injuries, get away, relax and then get back into it,” Clements said. “It’s all downhill from now.”

The 49ers rookies especially enjoyed their first week-long break in an NFL season.

Third-round linebacker NaVorro Bowman visited with his son in Washington D.C., while first-round tackle Anthony Davis spent time with his family in Piscataway, NJ.

Both said they’re refreshed and ready for the next eight-week stretch of football.

“I think now that we’ve played the first part of the season, these next eight weeks are do or die,” Bowman said. “You either want it or you don’t and I think the whole team is approaching it like that.”

“Being in my hometown and seeing all the support, it helps get you going,” Davis said.

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87 Responses to “Monday’s Locker Room Talk: Nov. 8”

  1. By ragomez3 on Nov 8, 2010 | Reply

    It is certainly good to see the boys in high spirits – it is a game, after all. The only two things that bother me on this team is the timidity or fear in the eyes of ASmith and DCarr. In TSmith (so far) I see a guy who likes to have fun, a confident guy. Hey, throwing an interception will NOT END YOUR LIFE, SO JUST SLING IT AND HAVE SOME FUN! i LOOK FORWARD TO THE SECOND HALF OF THE SEASON! :)

  2. By S.Harper21 on Nov 8, 2010 | Reply

    No matter what the outcome is for the rest of the season, the 9ers will Always be my team! :) We just have to get that team momentum up. I know it can and will be done. I look forward to Alex Smith’s continual growth and development as an NFL quarterback. I’ve known Alex Smith since he played college ball with my brother, Shaun Harper, for the Utah Utes. I know what an amazingly smart and talented person/athlete he is, further I know his potential and I believe he will be a force to be reckoned with once he’s fully transitioned. AlI I can say is go Frisco!! <3

  3. By jim on Nov 8, 2010 | Reply


  4. By diana on Nov 8, 2010 | Reply

    we will beat the rams this week and we will make the playoffs this season.. quote me on that..continue with troy smith hes confident and brings a good energy to our team.cooome on niners lets win the next eight games we can do it i believe in you guys and all the real fans still have faith in yall it about how bad yall want it

  5. By facedagree on Nov 8, 2010 | Reply

    alright boys time to make this run, start troy smith and lets get it…. alex smith starts and were done , seriously!!!!!!!!

  6. By facedagree on Nov 8, 2010 | Reply

    i soley agree with diana, well said…….no alex smith!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!please

  7. By EZ49erRider on Nov 8, 2010 | Reply

    Just like Andy Reid did with Mike Vick in Philly, Singletary if Troy goes 200 yds, 2 td’s, and no INT’s, roll with it! You gotta start him!! No questions, our playoff shot is slim but doable, we just need Arizona and the Rams to keep losing, im not worried about the Seahawks. Lets go SF!!!!!!!!!!

  8. By die_hARd_49eRSfaN on Nov 8, 2010 | Reply

    NINERs R GONNa MAKE tHa pLAyoFFs!! pRomiSe DAt

  9. By Justin on Nov 8, 2010 | Reply

    Why would you even consider putting Alex back in when troy did everything good threw 0 picks had 2 tds what could we ask for hes better then Alex KEEP TROY SMITH IN!!!!!

  10. By die_hARd_49eRSfaN on Nov 8, 2010 | Reply

    tROy SMitH iz R GUy!!!!

  11. By tonyaranza on Nov 8, 2010 | Reply


  12. By san101 on Nov 8, 2010 | Reply

    alex smith is a good qb. he just had alot of badluck. idono id pick alex smith.

  13. By Naomi on Nov 8, 2010 | Reply

    Please, Please let Troy start! Alex just get better, but, stay on the bench. You had many opportunities to become a leader of this team, and, at crucial moments of the game your execution is sloppy and amateurish. Let Troy step in and be supportive of your teammate. C’mon Troy all the fans in Los Angeles are supporting you!

  14. By Marc on Nov 8, 2010 | Reply

    Go with Alex Smith, he was getting it going before he was hurt. He was our 1st round pick, he just needs the stability a little longer. This game he will get it down, him and vernon are always on the same page.

  15. By ROB on Nov 8, 2010 | Reply


  16. By ROB on Nov 8, 2010 | Reply

    COACH SINGLETARY OR ANY OF THE 49ERS MANAGEMENT…..if you are reading any of these forums PLEASE!!! PLEASE!!! PLEASE!!! keep TROY SMITH as the starter.

  17. By Frisco884 on Nov 8, 2010 | Reply

    alex had too many chances to prove him self its time for
    a change to spark a playoff run. Go Ninners

  18. By ROB on Nov 8, 2010 | Reply

    @san101 and Marc…..Alex Smith has some moments every now and then, but so does ANY Quarterback, The fact is, he is not a LEADER, he is not TOUGH, and he is not a MOTIVATOR, those are the 3 main things that EVERY GREAT QB is. I don’t care any more about let’s coddle him and hope he will get it, 6 years with this guy and still a FAR OVER-PAYED BUST, I WANT US TO WIN, and we have failed miserably by keeping him on the roster…..PERIOD

  19. By chris (ept) on Nov 8, 2010 | Reply

    mike singletary if you want to salvage the season and your job u need to start troy smith.. alex smith is our kryptonite

  20. By MithrandirSJ on Nov 8, 2010 | Reply

    I say we go with Troy for now….If Alex starts…one clear hit and he’s back where he was or worse….just look at Stafford for the Lions….and if Troy keeps winning….don’t break a streak…

    9er 4Life

  21. By kenny on Nov 8, 2010 | Reply

    play good d will win

  22. By Red Angold on Nov 8, 2010 | Reply

    Alex Smith might be on the same page with vernon davis but to me it looked like Troy Smith was on the same page as delanie walker, crabtree, and gore, i think alex smith is a good backup but troy is the starter for SURE!!!!!!!!!!

  23. By kenny on Nov 8, 2010 | Reply

    got get 7 moer to win keep up 7 go in fast go deel play

  24. By 805faithful on Nov 8, 2010 | Reply

    I get really pissed off when people keep saying to give Alex Smith another chance. Haven’t you been watching the games? Hello just look at his body language. And take that C of his chest, he ain’t no Captain.

  25. By ryan on Nov 9, 2010 | Reply

    whoever believes alex should start is a moronic idiot there’s no way we’ll be in the playoffs if he gets back on the field. Troy Smith has only started three games and look at how good he’s played.So far he has 4 touchdowns for zero picks and a 2-1 record in career starts just imagine the potential if he’s the starter and we work on him. Alex has had 6 years to prove himself it’s time to move on. He’s made rookie mistakes in his sixth year no more excuses when you got guys like mark sanchez,vince young,sam bradford,matt ryan,jay cutler,joe flacco who’ve came in after him

  26. By 9erFaithful on Nov 9, 2010 | Reply

    Another chance? Wow, everyone was asking for a new QB. Now we have it and you want Alex back? He has been given 3 to many chances.

    People keep saying, “Oh, Alex has had to deal with different OCs for a long time.” But how does that justify all his mistakes? You can’t blame an OC when your QB throws an INT.

    Troy Smith is the way to go. Singletary, I have always looked up to you. Don’t make the mistake of your life by starting Alex…… for the rest of the season. LETS GO NINERS!

  27. By Begeezy on Nov 9, 2010 | Reply

    After all the positive vibes we got off our last win and bye, We got thrown another oppotunity! Al Harris was released from the Packers, I think we could benefit a lot from his leadership in the secondary, not to put down our secondary, but lets face it we need some inprovements and bringing in a pro-bowler in that position would help us, maybe not this year but he could definitely coach up the DB rookies we’ll hopefully pick up in next years draft.

  28. By JimJam on Nov 9, 2010 | Reply

    Here’s to a big second half of the season from the NFC West.
    It’s well and truly wide open.

    A new article is up regarding the NFC West’s reputation at http://nfcwest.blogspot.com/, check it out

  29. By Katrina on Nov 9, 2010 | Reply

    I hope that the bye week refreshed our players. Not looking so good this year. Lets see if that break really did help them. We need to start kicking some butt and hope we at least make it to the playoffs. I know we ain’t going any further than that. Would be great if we did. GO SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS. LETS KICK SAINT LOUIS’S BUTTS NEXT SUNDAY!!!!

  30. By ryan on Nov 9, 2010 | Reply

    I forgot to add in Josh Freeman and Matt Stafford numerous Qb’s have entered the league since Alex Smith and they make him look exactly how he’s been playin like a ROOKIE.I truly believe his injury was a blessing in disguise now as fans and an organization we can finally move on.I never ever since the 1st game of the season was that the sooner the 49ers move on from Alex the sooner we’ll be a playoff contender.

  31. By John M on Nov 9, 2010 | Reply

    Make sure everyone votes for Gore, Willis, Smith and Alex Smith for the Pro Bowl!!!

  32. By Dave 49(GOLDRUSH) on Nov 9, 2010 | Reply


  33. By KOREY on Nov 9, 2010 | Reply


  34. By L.G on Nov 9, 2010 | Reply

    I can’t believe they are still not sure who to start? Amazing? What does Alex Smith have over this organization? He must look good in practice or something but can’t consistently pull it off in a game. 49er fans are used to great QB play and that will never change. There some weird politics going on or something if Alex starts?

    Troy Smith win or lose must start! Let’s move on please…

  35. By fredammer on Nov 9, 2010 | Reply

    lets go 49ers ang win the rest of the games and i hope we get a chance at the play offs.

  36. By Sam on Nov 9, 2010 | Reply

    Well it is funny to see how many Alex Smith fans there are still today. If he starts we will lose…plain and simple. I don’t think we need Al Harris. He’s good, but he got released for a reason…

    The only game that matter s this week is the STL game. ARI play SEA, so the division is a wash this week. A loss this week would kill us for ANY hope to the play-offs.

  37. By saiy2469 on Nov 9, 2010 | Reply

    Alex smith has caused several coaches there jobs because for some reason they think he will get it done. He will not and has not gotten anything done but consitantly losing and making mistakes. You pay a guy 50million dollars to drive your franchise into the ground and that is exactly what has happened to the niners. The faithful will continue to keep the Faith because that is what us Believers do we believe in our team and its coaching staff. It is now time for the coaching staff to open its eyes, Shaun Hill had a better winning record than Alex Smith with all the chances that Alex had how was Shaun Hill able to learn the system and win games to end up being benched over a loss. What has Alex done since Shaun Hills departure absolutely nothing!! Singletary I am one of your greatest fans but if you stick with Alex Smith and let him continue to show us that he cannot lead this niners team or any that he has had the chance to, Singletary will tarnish his headcoaching chances for any other team if this Alex Smith Saga continues to be a disaster as it has been this Season!!

  38. By jonnyj on Nov 9, 2010 | Reply

    the 49ers will win if we rely on our running game to kill the clock and keep our offense on the field. dont make troy smith do more then he has to. Gore is our ticket to the play offs not our QB’s

  39. By Moe on Nov 9, 2010 | Reply

    To people who want Alex Smith. How long has he been with Us? Still learning and getting better? Troy Smith learned for three days, and got a win against a good Denver team. Just think what he will do if he gets to learn and grow up as long as Alex had. Lets go with Troy Smith, and I think he will take us to that dream land that all of us want to be in.Lets go 49ers.

  40. By Moe on Nov 9, 2010 | Reply

    And yeah Quaterbacks for 49ers. #1 Troy Smith, #2 Nate Davis, # 3 Alex Smith(maybe), and I say get rid of that loser David Carr. Just wasting the organizations money on a worthless peace of S

  41. By Steve on Nov 9, 2010 | Reply

    Start TROY and we win. Yes, it’s that simple.

  42. By Ali Saheb on Nov 9, 2010 | Reply

    In TROY we trust. With Alex we are DUST!!!

  43. By Ali Saheb on Nov 9, 2010 | Reply

    Ill be there 50yardline front row right behind the 9ers bench…. screaming cuz troy has taken us to another win

  44. By Ali Saheb on Nov 9, 2010 | Reply

    With Alex we have gone. 1-6……

    With Troy we have gone. 1-0…… Lets go TRoy Smith

  45. By Ali Saheb on Nov 9, 2010 | Reply

    Actualy with Alex we have A LOT MORE LOSES

  46. By bobby on Nov 9, 2010 | Reply

    If singletary wants to keep his job, he will start troy smith. It’s plain and simple

  47. By jacob on Nov 9, 2010 | Reply

    yeaaaah man yo start troy whats the deal it took A. smith a grip to get us are 1st win. an the boy troy his first start got us one he played good he knows he’s better makin plays on his legs He reviving his qb status he wasn’t heighsman for nothing get him an ginn connetted any reciver is open when the field is spread franks tight love the guy but lets get a 3 rb rotation going i wish i was a coach in this game we got to much talent on offence to be scorin that little on the D side of that ball my FS goldson bro your always gettin burnt or missin a tackel or a big hit. common man play smart my man usc i hollard at ya at the KC game keep uo head up you’ll get your shot yeaaah man your gettin redy to do big things my friend any wayz troy smith i belive is the 2nd comming of steve young

  48. By COACH on Nov 9, 2010 | Reply

    Look 49ers have all they need. A solid D and play makers on offense. We are deep in tightends, running backs and wide outs. And we have a big O line. But what are you thinking with our QB? All the other teams in the league know to have a good team you need a QB!!! What are you going to get out of starting ALex? I get so mad watching him play suck it up and not even care. And Carr was worse. But you bring in a guy like Troy and he wants to win and to be a starting QB….. oh then he goes out on the field and does it.



  49. By GOON on Nov 9, 2010 | Reply

    I say we rip off the “C” off the Smith’s jersey and give it to a Smith that deserves it. hmmm….I’d say paint over one of the 1′s on Smith’s jersey and give it to Troy, but then he’d probably just get bad ju-ju from Alex. Maybe we should get Troy a completly new C instead.

  50. By GOON on Nov 9, 2010 | Reply

    I mean really, when was the last time Alex threw up a block for Gore? I don’t want to see Alex’s dumb face as I like to call it now (everybody knows the one I’m talking about). Please Sing, just start the good Smith.

  51. By ivan on Nov 9, 2010 | Reply

    Lets go Niners forget about alex smith he is whack!!!! lets start TROY SMITH and forget about that bum..and please fire DAVid carr hes three times worse alex smith….Singletary i believe in you so make it happen we can do this NINER NATION!!

  52. By coach marquis on Nov 9, 2010 | Reply

    Real quick if sing start alex smith he deserve 2 GO u wright ur own ticket, troy is a breath of fresh air GO NINERS 1

  53. By freeman wilkins on Nov 9, 2010 | Reply

    PLEASE keep Troy Smith as starter.He is what we need.He has confidence,throwing ability,scrambling,and it’s natural to him.He can take us to the promise land.He is another Mike Vick. If you bring Alex back we will be doomed.Alex plays off of luck,Troy is a real NFL QB.

  54. By Bruce Moller on Nov 9, 2010 | Reply

    Sing will be an excellent coach. He needs a little more time to learn some of the things an NFL coach needs to know. ..As for Alex, I think he is a very good QB, however, I’m not sure he is a winner. Troy gives us one thing Alex can not, and that’s scrambling. That extra split second is just enough to get that receiver open. ..We need Dixon in there more. The kid is so hungry, let’s get him some reps. ..We are putting on a lot more points this year than last, we can do it. ..The West is waiting for us, all we have to do is take it.

  55. By bruce on Nov 9, 2010 | Reply

    Troy yes, Alex no frigen way!!!!

  56. By pigskinu on Nov 9, 2010 | Reply

    I think Troy Smith can do a good job at QB and might even be a diamond in the rough. But, I feel bad for Alex b/c people love to make him the scapegoat. Nobody wants to acknowledge all those drives he lead down field only to have them taken away by some mistake that wasn’t his fault. Oh well, it’s about the team… GO NINERS!!!!

  57. By dude please on Nov 9, 2010 | Reply

    you guys are all idiots alex may not be the answer but troy smith really one win and he is our savior??? we won because we ran the ball and played a little better on d and whoever said the broncos were good is dumb too the raiders are better than them

  58. By RealDeal on Nov 9, 2010 | Reply

    Troy Smith? like 5′ a buck 20 right? you think this guy is gonna take us to the playoffs? not happening, sorry guys. if alex cant do it then hopefully we can get mallet in the draft….and i know what u cali boys are thinkin but if u draft luck or locker get ready for another 6 years of losin

  59. By Ren on Nov 9, 2010 | Reply

    hey alex smith gave it his best shot but came up short at best. lets keep on moving forward while we have momentum and give the kid troy a shot. whats the worst that can happen, alex smith. N coach, play with your brain not with your heart.

  60. By Nick on Nov 10, 2010 | Reply

    Start Troy Smith. Let Alex Play last two minutes of each half when apparently he decides on a hot had

  61. By Ninerhaven on Nov 10, 2010 | Reply

    Man If ever you were to read a statment then read ryan from the 10th of november. This guy gets it. Finally a niner fan actually speaking facts and not opinion. If anyone was right it would be this guy. How many QB’s have come and flourished in the league since the birth of Alex Smith? I don’t know about u guys but I would rather have a hiesmann trophy winner running my offense than I guy who can only work out of a spread formation. We need a well rounded QB and for once since our last ( Jeff Garcia ) we have found him. I actually argued this preseason why someone like Troy Smith isnt in charge somewhere. He deserves a shot more than anyone in this league. Please Coach give it to him. Thanks for reading.

  62. By Ninerhaven on Nov 10, 2010 | Reply

    I want my Hiesmann? GO TROY. With a name like that “TROY” who could go wrong. Lets see there was Troy Aikmann, oh and the victorious city of troy, and the meaning of the name screams gladiator, leader, fighter, finisher. I really can’t think of anything Alex standsfor except that wimpy guy from that show that micheal j fox played the son on. His name was alex on that show. I think it was family ties. Either way when a QB gets the game ball and then gives it back because he believes the O’line desevered it more, thats the guy I want, thats my leader, thats the face and embodyment I want writin in the new history of the 49er nation. I want to rebuild the victorious city of TROY back in San Fran. I want to bleed red again and hold the gold we once did 5 times ago.

  63. By ChickenFriedRice on Nov 10, 2010 | Reply

    Brett Favre looks like a truck driver.

    Norv Turner looks like a limo driver.

    Brad Childress looks like he drives a tractor.

    Alex Smith looks like he watches queer eye for the straight guy.


  64. By Jerry on Nov 10, 2010 | Reply

    Hey 9ners fan remember *WE WANT CARR* and look what happneed? hahaha you guys fail. Troy Smith comes in 1 game and does meteocre and your all over him already hahahaI hope Alex Smith goes to another team and lights it up like Shaun Hill. Hopefully he goes to another division that has a better O-Line and receivers that will help him lke Shaun Hill when he went to the Lions. Unlike this garbage team who just reminds me of the Oakland Raiders. You fans are as ignorant. GO HAWKS!

  65. By RealDeal on Nov 10, 2010 | Reply

    hey jerry stayin dry up there? yea im pretty sure ive never been on the seahawks websites. in fact im positive….is it the red and gold colors that caught ur eye?

  66. By Jeremy on Nov 10, 2010 | Reply

    Alex Smith was a beast last year playing 10 games. His problem is that he can be elite at times and can play like crap at others. They’re are drives and throws that you wonder how he pulled that off. I like Troy smith too, but I’m not jumping onto his wagon as fast as everyone else. He played okay. I want to see more out of him than one game. He didnt throw any picks because Singletary didnt trust this to throw the ball. The one time he did, luck prevailed.I also think Harris could have helped this team. Leadership from someone like Al Harris would have been valuable to this young defense. He’s not the best corner ever, but he’s definately better than some we have on the roster.

  67. By Jeremy on Nov 10, 2010 | Reply

    We also need to utilize Brian Westbrook more than 3 plays per game. This guy is great, I was very excited to see him sign with the niners’, but to insult a vet like Westbrook by playing him a few times per game is unbelievable. I understand he’s a backup, but this guy needs the ball more.

  68. By Old School 49ers on Nov 10, 2010 | Reply

    Alex smith has have his chance for the last 6 years to watch , play and learn and still he has not develop into a quarter back that the 49Er’s need. if you see around the league their those QB with less time and are producing dividen back to team look at , Schaub, Sanchez, Ryan, Flaco, Samford, these are yest a few that are out there producing. Coach if you want to get fired like wade Phillip from the Cowboys go and star Alex smith if you want to keep your job I would go with QB Troy Smith It seem that the 49ers fan are feed up with Alex S. inconsistency and I agree.

  69. By Sam on Nov 10, 2010 | Reply

    Who in Gods name brought up Shawn Hill??? Ok, so he went to Detroit and had a couple of good games, then got hurt and Stafford took over and has done a tremendous job. Shawn hill was a good back-up, but not an every-gamer. He proved that over the last 2 or 3 years. Mechanical and easily frusterated, he would get pissy at the drop of a hat. The only time I was ever impressed with him was when he took the big lick in 2008, lost his helmet and still kept runnin for the EZ. He was trying to prove that he was more than A. Smith, but then the next 3 games he sucked. How many times has Alex been replaced, either by injury or just plain goodness?? 3? 4 times? We continue to go back to him because he holds the Niners purse hostage. That and he must be doin the coaches some favors after practice because the last 3 HCs have loved him…even though he is a loser. I cant say that Troy is the answer, but Alex is a waste. Give Troy the start… Let him do the job, healthy, happy, confident and if it goes sour, then maybe we need to completely re-think the QB position. Davis will not see the active roster this year unless the unthinkable happens and we lose all 3 of the QBs. Don’t know why, but Sing isn’t ready for him right now. We are all grasping at straws right now, trying to cling to the hope, but reality needs to set in soon… If we lose more than 2 games out of the Div we cant make the post season. If we lose ANY of the Div games, we are done for sure. Don’t get me wrong.. I watch the Niner come rain or shine, loss or win, and my wife thinks I’m a lunatic when I yell about the stupidity in a game. But, I can see the writing on the wall already. If we can lose to a second rate Carolina team (lots of mistakes, penalties and David Carr) then we can surely lose to ARI or STL even SEA, Let alone the Packers and the Chargers.

    Oh, and Jerry… Keep it on the Blue and Green!!! You got your own worries.

    Niners Forever!!!

  70. By Sam on Nov 10, 2010 | Reply

    I forgot something there in my last diatribe….

    Westbrook. Yes, we need to use him more, but he has to stay inside the tackles. Every carry he has had thus far, when he gets outside, he gets crushed. Niner ball is written for inside the tackles, power running football!!! Dixon. Yes, again he need to be used more too, but he is still working on his ability to look up and forward. Big back with strong legs, but once his head goes down, he does too.

    Hope the Ministry is being good to Coffee because he is missed as a quick outside the tackles RB!!!

  71. By Zach on Nov 10, 2010 | Reply

    First I’d like to say I’ve been a niner fan since I could walk. I’m only 23 but I love the young talented team we have. And to make that better I’m from Iowa. I think I’m one of the handful of people who are true 9er fans from Iowa. I recently moved to Denver and I loved seeing the Niners take it to the Broncos. With that said I think we have 2 confident qbs in Alex and Troy. Honestly I believe both can win games. Alex is a good qb but hasnt had the best luck. To those 9er fans who dont believe in Alex, I havent heard anything bad from the players about him. In fact vernon wants alex to throw him the ball because he truely believes in him. Unfortunately he got hurt and Troy had to come in. I strongly believe Sing should start Troy this week. See how he does and let Alex rest the shoulder. If Troy has another good game I think they should keep going with him. He’s young, you can tell he’s motivated, and his head is in the right place. Even in London Troy didnt want to go out, he just wanted to stay in and learn the playbook. I believe he’s going to get the job done because he loves playing for this team and he practices like a pro. I like Alex but what a guy we have in Troy. Go get it done Troy! We believe in ya. I know we can make the playoffs and make a run at the SB.

  72. By john on Nov 10, 2010 | Reply

    Long time 49er fan and love da 49ers win or lose. Im tired of hearing 49er fans sayin the coaches do this wrong and that wrong. To me i call out the players, All have made their share of mistakes Gore all the fumbles,walker fumble in redzone,crabtree running wrong routes and alligator arming balls that should be caught no matter if its a little high or low. the great recievers make dat catches.Our defences not living up too expectations.Its a number of things so lets not just blame alex or coach sing.Lets stop making excuses for our team and start supporting them. Imagine wat our players feel like when they read all this bs that we put. all their going to do is over play tryin to fix their image in the eyes of the media, Wen all they need to do is play da game of football.

  73. By james on Nov 10, 2010 | Reply

    Vernon Davis is a very good tight end, but as a tight end he is limited to blocking and receiving, but as a full back he could play running back (4.3 speed), blocking back for Gore, as wide receiver and as outlet for Troy Smith.

  74. By DaBooko on Nov 10, 2010 | Reply

    I know that it was just one game but Troy Smith hid fire in his eyes but Alex Smith is just damaged goods he is very smart but he is damaged and we can’t win with him he has all the skills but his head is not right for the job and that is the long and short of it God Bless Go Niners

  75. By Ninerhaven on Nov 10, 2010 | Reply

    its absolutly amazing when i have to go to seahawks games to see my Niners and is ever a niner fan could pull out his brain and step on it its in seattle when they come to play here. Ihate the hawks and there fair weather fans. All i get is grief when I go to the stadium and for once I would like to be able to hold my head high when I leave the stadium. When Alex is in charge I just know were not in the best place we should be. The niners have won in seattle but the funny thing is, Alex was behind only one of those wins in the last 6 years. That win was a blessing in the fact of Norv Turner, the best offensive coordinator to cross the niners in years. Alex was the problem before then the problem was Jimmy raye and now the problem is Alex again. All the fires the niners have done were bad timing in the eyes of management. We shoulda kept Nolan, he is the only reason we have a team right now and Sing inherited and is running it in the ground. Were getting worse. Fire Sing and go get Coach Cowher. If we want to run the ball and win then we need him. enough said.

  76. By coach marquis on Nov 10, 2010 | Reply

    Soooooooooooooo who’s R starting QB this week !

  77. By Jason on Nov 10, 2010 | Reply

    I’m sorry to say this, but does mike singletary know what the hell he’s talking about. Alex is a true sucka. with limited skills. I’m not saying troy smith is the future for the niners, but he sure does give us the best chance to win. for the rest of the season. Greg Manuski, u sucka. Mike Nolan hide u like his kid for years. Now your in the open and you really suck. your scheme’s are worst then pee wee football scheme’s. u played linebacker. lol!!!!!! I truly why you and mike get along. Niner owner PLEASE, snatch up Gurden before Dallas does. Peace

  78. By DaBooko on Nov 10, 2010 | Reply

    Jason its not the scheme its that punk nate clemens who always gambles and lose every big play is on him or around him we need 75 of 80 million back cause he is not worth that at all and by the way is alex smith Sing’s outside child cause he really getting alot of chances to suck and he doen’t disappoint when he is playing i cover my eyes cause I know something bad is about to happen can someone tell me why Sing is still trying to get him on the field its time for this project to end

  79. By DaBooko on Nov 10, 2010 | Reply

    hey Jason what has Gurden done except win a Super Bowl with Coach dungee’s team other than that he has not won anything

  80. By RealDeal on Nov 10, 2010 | Reply

    i know how u feel iowa dude. i live in arkansas. we are fans because we love this team not because theyre on tv every week….anyway we will see how good troy smith is this weekend right? but i dont wanna see none of u alex haters sayin put em back in sing when troy has a bad game. DRAFT MALLET!!!!!!!!!!

  81. By tonyaranza on Nov 10, 2010 | Reply

    let’s Boycott the niners home game if alex smith will ever start again. He will not make the niners a Superbowl Champion again.

  82. By paul stom on Nov 11, 2010 | Reply

    sing you use to be the man/beast upon the field. the eyes always the eyes.
    opposing teams would worry throughout the game whether or not you were
    going to dismember them somehow. your management’s inability to dismiss
    Alexia as the failure he his. the eyes. football player/ streetfighter its the eyes.
    you look at Alexia and his impression is PUNK. if you look at Troy he is confident
    focused through the noise and commotion. Teamates respond to him. Its time to
    wage old time Mike Singeltary mayhem within the perimeters of todays’ football.
    Listen to the NO. 1 ALL TIME NFL PLAYER MR. JERRY RICE. “he was the
    greatest- we didn’t worry; we had JOE.” and that is quite possibly what you
    have in Troy Smith. Time to use Alexia for a bargaining chip (if you can get
    anything for him). The move would be good for him also; he is toast here in SF.

  83. By paul stom on Nov 11, 2010 | Reply


  84. By Hermie on Nov 11, 2010 | Reply

    You know St. Louis hopes Alex starts, but Sing. basically said today that Troy woyuld start. I think we should send Alex up to Seattle with Jerry, so he can tear up the field in Seattle!! With our offensive line still coming together we need a mobile quarterback that can “avoid” the rush and not “run away” from the rush! I look forward to a niner win and Troy to start becoming entrenched as our quarterback.

  85. By JimJam on Nov 11, 2010 | Reply

    Pumped for this game, hard one to pick.

  86. By paul stom on Nov 11, 2010 | Reply




  87. By J Parker on Nov 12, 2010 | Reply

    It’s hard to believe considering our super slow start to the season, but if we win this Sunday and Arizona beats Seattle, we’ll only be one game out of first place.

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