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49ers Excited For Remaining Games

Posted by Taylor Price on November 2, 2010 – 5:08 PM

Earlier today, I asked Mike Singletary if his players and coaches could draw inspiration from the San Francisco Giants, who spring-boarded their way to a World Series title thanks to a furious finish in the second half of their season.

The head coach replied: “I’m very proud of what they were able to do; what they were able to overcome, the setbacks and what have you; very proud of them, that’s good stuff. For us, it’s a matter of, as I said before, for some teams it would be pressure, but for us it’s an opportunity. And that’s what we see and that’s how we’re going to take the second half of the season.”

Many of the 49ers were on their way out of town on Tuesday, stopping in for meetings and treatment after a 12-hour travel day following a 24-16 win over the Denver Broncos in London.

You’d think they’d had enough travel, but for the players, the opportunity to see friends and family is too good to pass up. Many of them are not from the Bay Area, so getting to see their families will be an important rejuvenation mechanism during the bye week. They’ll also look to get refreshed and focused on the team’s Nov. 14 opponent at Candlestick Park, the St. Louis Rams.

However, there will be an emphasis on film studying during the non-practice week, Singletary said.

“I want them to make sure that they get their DVDs and they think about the challenge and the opportunity that we have when we get back,” he explained. “But at the same time, go ahead and enjoy this time. We fought and it’s been a very long half of the season. I really wanted them to get away and reconnect with their families and loved ones or what have you, but when you come back on Monday, let’s be ready to go.”

The players are due back in the Bay Area on Monday to start practicing for a crucial NFC West matchup.

We caught up with a handful of players to hear their thoughts on how the first half of the season went for them individually as well as team-wide. Rookie tight end Nate Byham was the first to reflect on his first eight games in the NFL. You can read the Q&A here.

Notes and Quotes

Singletary said the only new injury from Sunday’s game in England was to tight end Vernon Davis, who is day-to-day with an ankle sprain. Quarterback Alex Smith remains out for 2-3 weeks with a shoulder sprain and cornerback Tarell Brown (back) is day-to-day.

Center Eric Heitmann was placed on Injured Reserve due to a neck injury and the 49ers claimed linebacker Thaddeus Gibson from the Pittsburgh Steelers. Singletary said Gibson will provide the team with special teams depth initially.

Singletary said the 49ers wanted to do what was best in the interest for Heitmann and the team and not rush him back on the field if not fully healthy. Singletary later said that David Baas’ play at center has been “exceptional,” and that the converted guard, who’d never played the position professionally, has made “great strides.”

Singletary also raved about the strides linebacker Manny Lawson has made saying, “I think I made mention of it before and I had a good conversation with him today. There’s a light that has gone on for him. It’s come on. We talked about it for a few years, you know, what Manny; I think we talked more about what he’s not than what he is and I think he was an exceptional athlete when we got him. And I think sometimes it takes a guy a little time, and for right now, that light has gone on and he’s making plays where he’s not thinking about it. He’s making plays and he’s not coming to the sideline and saying, ‘Well, you know, I was thinking about it and I should have.’ That’s not happening, he’s doing it. And to me, he’s playing the game, he’s having fun. He’s getting into a zone and I’m excited for him.”

Lastly, Troy Smith did well in his third-career start and first with the 49ers. He’s looking to build on it with two weeks of preparation as if he’s the starter. It’s not known whether Alex Smith will be ready for the Rams. Singletary will rely on the medical staff to make the judgment.

But Troy did show a lot of heart in London. On one play, he literally threw his entire body into a Broncos defender to help block for Frank Gore. It was just the football player in him and he said he’d do it again for any of the 49ers playmakers.

“There’s no doubt about it. I want to see Frank in the end zone on every carry. The thing that (offensive coordinator) Mike Johnson always talks about is how every play has a starting point and every play has an ending point. We don’t design plays to get three yards; we design plays to get touchdowns. Every play is designed to score a touchdown.

“We want Frank, Delanie (Walker), Ted (Ginn), Mike (Crabtree), whoever has the ball we want them to score on every single play.”

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74 Responses to “49ers Excited For Remaining Games”

  1. By David on Nov 2, 2010 | Reply

    is Mike Smoking crack? We’d need to go 7-1 to maybe win the division.I wish , if we knew how to close we’d be in the running , noway now.

  2. By ChickenFriedRice on Nov 2, 2010 | Reply

    I have the utmost confidence in this team to win the division. Everyone seems to be on the same page.

    Coach Mike was right… London was the turning point because the one week overseas allowed the players to talk to each other, be close together, and learn from one another. This is HUGE. Camaraderie building has always been the key with this young group. And once they finally develop the COHESION and FAITH in each other, the Niners will finally learn how to CLOSE GAMES and WIN.

  3. By ChickenFriedRice on Nov 2, 2010 | Reply

    An interesting point mentioned by Coach Singletary in his press conference today was LEADERSHIP AT THE QUARTERBACK POSITION. It’s obvious that TROY has the LEADERSHIP SKILLS necessary to get the guys in huddle to focus and play for each other. This has always been my main criticism with Alex – that he is too timid in the huddle. As a quarterback, you have to have the moxie to be able to inspire and build confidence in your teammates. Believe it or not, this quality can even trickle down to the special teams players and defensive players and next thing you know, you’ve got a TEAM THAT IS CLICKING ON ALL CYLINDERS.

    This is why Montana’s and Young’s teams were powerhouses.


  4. By Flip on Nov 2, 2010 | Reply


  5. By BigAJ87 on Nov 2, 2010 | Reply

    I’m not giving up on the 49ers for this season. we have had some close games that turnovers have decided the OUTCOME! This bye week came at the right time of the season. Get Davis healthy and rest for the players to get away from the game. Come back and keep Troy Smith at QB amd give Davis the backup job to get him ready. There’s 8 games left in the season and our 2nd half schedule doesn’t have a team on it that we can’t beat if we don’t turn the ball over and execute on OFFENSE!! NINER FOR LIFE!!

  6. By Flip on Nov 2, 2010 | Reply

    ChickenFriedRice..u said it..i know this team can make it happen in the division..I like Alex Smith but like you said he needs to basically get confidence in himself and become a leader and not jus a quarterback but a quarterback that leads his team..they will turn it around and im excited to see how they finish..NINER FOR LIFE …FlipG

  7. By alex on Nov 2, 2010 | Reply

    good job troy smith i think we need a qb back there that has the mobility to move out of the pocket im a big fan of the 49ers and was tired of c in them struggle when they havee soooo much talent ..if we are on the bottom and have one of top 5 picks in the draft then singletary u need to get a qb alex is good but he is not a franchise qb get a rookie qb in the draft ..we taken care of the 0 line now need to get a qb in there to actually hit vernon and crabtree im tired of watchin the same struggles with the qb if he hasnt came around to win in our garbage division then its time to make a changee like come on now our division is weak it should b handed to us cuz we have so much more talent then anyone in our division like hello look at the rams they got bradford a rookie and look what a qb can do for ur team..time to wake up singletary ur stubborness is gonna cost u ur job

  8. By ChickenFriedRice on Nov 2, 2010 | Reply

    i have this gut feeling we’re gonna turn it around. I hope the fans have more faith in Singletary. I honestly do believe he knows what he’s doing and that he does recognize the SF 49er tradition of excellence.

    The players recognize this. The players will get inspired by the Giants’ success. And most importantly the players will turn it around because they are now being led by a leader at the quarterback position who seemingly doesn’t get rattled under pressure. Slowly but surely the team is generating steam in the 3 C’s department – Cohesion, Communication, Camaraderie. These are the intangibles I keep harping on that allows teams to go from contender to championship material.

    Perfect examples are the ’10 Super Bowl Saints who dethroned the great Peyton Manning, and the ’10 World Champion San Francisco Giants who executed to perfection in spite of not having big bats on offense.

    Intangibles, intangibles, intangibles!!!!!!

    We shall see…

  9. By vloinnm on Nov 2, 2010 | Reply

    I believe this is where we’re suppose to be! We have a solid team, one that can really make history. I believe the guys are excited! They should be! I’m always excited to watch them play! Goooo 9er’s!!!

  10. By Matthew Teifke on Nov 2, 2010 | Reply

    we need to get gore that fed ex run game of the week go vote 100 times

  11. By jose on Nov 2, 2010 | Reply

    well we better win our division game and we are back in it. The Rams are good this year but I don’t think they have the people to win but if we lose we are for sure out. I gave up on the Niner in week 6 but thanks to bad games to everyone else we are still in it.

  12. By Matthew Teifke on Nov 2, 2010 | Reply

    its funny how people turn so quickly and change get fired into greatness you guys need to decide if your niners fans or winning team fans come on now sing has been doin a great job and the best part about it is thats he keeps his team humble ( maybe execpt crabtree but i think he will learn) Alex smith has actually shown great improvement although im thinkin troy smith after that game but its a tough decision for me as i really believe in Alex Gore will be Gore!!!!!!!!!!!! Patrick is a beast and so is takeo we need to serioulsy step up our secondary and eliminate mistakes but we havent had many in the last three games. Im lookin for dual backs still but overall i am very proud of the niners and very happy for them Niner for life ( that is of course is they dont fire singletary)

  13. By ChickenFriedRice on Nov 2, 2010 | Reply

    Matthew… I have never believed in Alex because he is missing that one intangible that all great quarterbacks need in order to take their team to the next level: THE ABILITY TO BE A LEADER WHO INFLUENCES.

  14. By ChickenFriedRice on Nov 2, 2010 | Reply

    Alex Smith is way too soft. He is way too timid in the huddle. He does not get his teammates focused in the huddle. And this is why his teammates on offense fail to execute and are always making silly execution mistakes.

    A real leader is supposed to make sure his guys are playing with confidence and focusing in the moment. Smith has continued to fail to do this week in and week out. It’s obvious Smith’s problem is FOCUS. This explains why he looks good one moment and looks so poor the next. Period.

  15. By 9na4LiFe on Nov 2, 2010 | Reply

    9na’z–Long time 9er Fan(antic) here…after seeing what Troy Smith accomplished in London this past week, I truly see something POSITIVE in the 2nd Half of the season. I sQQeee a QB, who seems like he’s in a real QB state of mind, the way Joe, Steve, & Jeff, was back in the days. How he presented himself in those interviews, really stood out for me. Everything he mentioned, of him accomplishing his job, was the TEAM. That say’s a lot for a QB that was quickly thrown into the mix, with a few days of reps, with the 1st Team Offense. And he, himself, just seemed at ease and relaxed. He also seems like a real leader in the huddles, which is key, to the Offense. Looks like TS learned a lot, from being on the sidelines watching other QB’s, especially Alex S., and doesn’t want to repeat what he’s seen week in/out…I feel something GOOD out of Troy…really!!!

  16. By NvNinerFan on Nov 2, 2010 | Reply

    Congratulations to the 49ers on a hard fought win in London. I am looking forward to a great second half of the season!!GO NINERS!!!

  17. By dirty49erboy on Nov 2, 2010 | Reply

    Well said Matthew! 49er 4 ever ever! Do you guys think Sing may be saving Westbrook/Gore split back formations for later games? I cant wait!!!!!

  18. By Diehard9erFan on Nov 2, 2010 | Reply

    First Off I want to say I am a die hard fan regardless of our record.

    Anyone who thinks the Niner is winning the division or having any shot at the big dance with the quarter back we have today is smoking something for sure. Every great team starts with a great quarter back and we do not have any quarter back wearing a Niners jersey that qualifies as good let alone great.

  19. By Marquis on Nov 2, 2010 | Reply

    Lets Go 9ers! Finsh STRONG…Mike Johnson open it up & take some shots

  20. By alexnation on Nov 2, 2010 | Reply

    reallly chickenFriedRice? Alex lacks leadership skills, did you see N.O? if that wasn’t leader ship, i don’t know what is.

  21. By 49ways2die on Nov 2, 2010 | Reply

    troy smith is the answer for the remainder of the season.i have a like for alex smith because of all the up’s and downs he’s been through with us taking a pay cut to stay with the team,thats all good,but alex don’t posses the leadership skills to guide this team to a 8-0 second half nor does david carr or sing would have started him in london.and if those other teams ahead of us turn down randy moss the 9ers need to pick him up.drawing double coverages like that gore, crabs, and vd will eat teams up.hell get lights out too!

  22. By 9erFaithful on Nov 3, 2010 | Reply

    Alex Smith’s time is up. It’s sad to say. I once had great faith in him. But it’s been too long. Troy Smith is the most obvious QB for the Rams game. He played great in London despite not having played for SO long. Troy Smith WILL make mistakes, just like you and I. But f you have let Alex slide for this many season PLEASE do no take Troy away after only few games. It feels like we found a good QB. But th QB substitution should have come about 2 or 3 games earlier.

    Lets not lose hope. Our boys our giving their all on the field. Lets give them the support they need to turn this around.


  23. By MithrandirSJ on Nov 3, 2010 | Reply

    Anyone think the Niners are serious about Shawne Merriman? If he can get his focus/belief back…OMG drooool I mean don’t get me wrong….I like our DL but I think we need more output in the sack category….from everyone….and our damn secondary needs to shore things up…what was it Brandon had….184yds or sumpin like that? That is not going to fly even if we DO make the playoffs(which I fervently do) and Troy should be given a fair shot.

    Niner Fan Since Plunkett heh

  24. By drock49er on Nov 3, 2010 | Reply

    I love Singletary’s “we’ll make the playoffs” enthusiasm cuz i know he won’t settle for less and THAT’s what makes him our coach. Sure he may be over the top but at least he has the fire and drive that was lacked with Nolan and Erickson (gosh how i wish that Erickson season never happened!)

  25. By ninerfaninafghanistan on Nov 3, 2010 | Reply

    I agree with what your saying. Alex smith’s time is done. Troy smith seems to be in control when the pressure is on. I would like to see how he does against the rams and then see who is our best choice for QB. I don’t see any great QB talent shaping up in this upcoming draft and without a great QB coming up from the college level it isn’t worth banking our hopes in the draft. So until we either have another Montana or another Young coming out of college I say we see which of the guys we have is the best to lead us forward.

  26. By terry on Nov 3, 2010 | Reply

    let’s face facts! sings biggest flaw is his stubbornness, his refusal to bench rachal in even with the overwhelming film evidence to his ineffectiveness and the stats that show how poorly our running game and overall offense are with him in. against the saints snyder played and the o-line dominated. it even runs into the offensive coordinators play calling ability. why is carr still on the roster? cut him and bring davis up as the 2nd and end the alex smith nightmare. sing has problems with certain players( davis,snyder) and it kills the team. we’re getting a new coach next year anyway, time for jeb to push a little sanity on singleminded!

  27. By Tybolt on Nov 3, 2010 | Reply

    When it comes to troy smithhe did play well in the game in london…I only have one problem with him…he will not be able to win a game for us throwinf the football…he alone won’t lose a game for us but he doesn’t have the means to win a game…a qb need to be able to throw the ball for more yards than he has shown us so far…a real gb need to throw the ball for about 250 to 300 yards a game in all the game he has played in his carrer he has never broken that 200 yard mark…So if our running game can get stopped Alex has proven he can still throw the ball and win a game but i don’t thionk that troy would be able to do so…49ers fan for life…go 9ers

  28. By Tybolt on Nov 3, 2010 | Reply

    i agree with terry about cutting carr and bring davis of the practive quade but I think tht davis is still alittle to young to play at this level but next year or the year after sitting behind a troy or alex will get him ready to becaome a starter for our team…he had nice stats in the college level and sing said the reason he isn’t on the roster is because he is taking a longer time to learn what he need to

  29. By Tybolt on Nov 3, 2010 | Reply

    i agree with terry about cutting carr and bring davis of the practice quade but I think tht davis is still alittle to young to play at this level but next year or the year after sitting behind a troy or alex will get him ready to becaome a starter for our team…he had nice stats in the college level and sing said the reason he isn’t on the roster is because he is taking a longer time to learn what he need to

  30. By terry on Nov 3, 2010 | Reply

    yeah davis is still green kind of a vick style qb. but hes better than carr and possibly alex. more upside than alex who’s upside down like a bad loan

  31. By terry on Nov 3, 2010 | Reply

    with heitman on ir are we stuck with bubba paris jr (chiloh rachal) entrenched at guard, and i do mean as in plays like hes stuck in a trench?

  32. By steve on Nov 3, 2010 | Reply

    just one game at a time !! no plays off talk ! just win one game at a time !

  33. By Tybolt on Nov 3, 2010 | Reply

    i also agree with steve just lookin g awt one game at a time but you still need to shoot for a long term goal and for any football time the first goal is the next game the second is a playoff berth then the championship then the super bowl…you do needed the long terms goal to have something to shoot for or winning a game really doen’t become there first goal…but winning a game is still the first goal becasue the playoff are stilll with in reach for use…go 9ers

  34. By terry on Nov 3, 2010 | Reply

    I’m not being negative, just pointing out the obvious. sing needs to trust his coordinators as much as he has alex smith and rachal! they even changed the pulling lineman to davis cause racheal CAN”T RUN THE PLAY!!! win ning now is what he needs to focus on. snyder gives us the better chance period. we still can win our sorry division, so stop being stubborn and do what the team needs not his EGO!!!!!!!

  35. By terry on Nov 3, 2010 | Reply

    singletary can be a good coach. if he stops letting his ego get in the way. he was a great player, and as we know that doesn’t translate to great coach very often. ie: magic johnson. we have to win out.

  36. By Hellooo on Nov 3, 2010 | Reply

    Our division does not suck. Ive read a few posts that keep saying the NFC West is sorry. Our overall record may be, compared to other divisions but it does not suck. For the past decade someone from our division has either won the superbowl or at least made it to the big game. From the Rams so called “greatest show on turf” to the more recent Cardinals. The Seahawks even had their lil shine in the spotlight a couple years back. So dont sleep on our division. We got what it takes.

    Ive even read a couple band wagon fans giving up on our team already. WTF??? I bleed red and gold. All you disloyal flavor of the month fans jump off now. Our niners will be in the mix very soon.

  37. By terry on Nov 3, 2010 | Reply

    are we going to claim merriman? can he be a fred dean type influence? look at LT now that he got away from an overmatched coordinator turned HC.

  38. By John Perez on Nov 3, 2010 | Reply


  39. By Sf4t9er on Nov 3, 2010 | Reply

    I still beleive that NATE DAVIS knows our offense better than Troy. Im tired of fans who still think that Nate has learning issues and that he’s still to young and green to play. Alex is supposed to be the QB with the most knowledge and the smartest QB on our roster but yet look at the results. You can’t teach football smarts, your born with them and I beleive NATE DAVIS has them. We don’t need NATE to file our tax returns or run the front office. He’s here to make big plays and improvise on the field. He’s a FOOTBALL PLAYER. Just like Brett Favre. Give the kid a chance already let him fight for the position. That being said Troy is still a better option than Alex or Carr which means that Troy and Nate should either be 1 and 2.

  40. By 49ways2die on Nov 3, 2010 | Reply

    damn moss is gone to the titans and merriman to the bills,glad they didn’t go to another nfc west team.

  41. By John on Nov 3, 2010 | Reply

    Alex 1-6, Troy 1-0. Let’s give Troy another start. I know it was only one game but 1-6 is 1-6. No time to waste.

  42. By Jeff Watson on Nov 3, 2010 | Reply

    I believe in this team…They will get a boost from this bye week and handle business when they get back…We got 5 division games left…Win those and now we’re talkin’…The hardest one was in Seattle and we already played that…So let’s go NINERS!

  43. By David on Nov 3, 2010 | Reply

    Mr. York , Call Mr. Snyder at the Washington Redskins , offer A trade , Alex Smith and a 3rd round pick , for D mcnabb.They’re unhappy with him , and both QB’s need a new home.This year is A loss but half a year with our receiving core , would set up next year for a playoff run!

  44. By Go Giants on Nov 3, 2010 | Reply

    Hopefully with the Giants winning a championship it will light a spark in the 49ers to try a match that.
    With the remaining games I think the niners can easily win all of them except for Green Bay.

    Green Bay will be a tough game but niners have the talent to beat those guys.

    The other teams in our division are making it easier for us to catch up because they keep losing. If we cant take advantage of this opportunity then we really do suck to not win the NFC West.

  45. By Mike on Nov 3, 2010 | Reply

    DAVID.. lol mcnabb has been in the west coast offense his whole career coming here wouldnt help him or us

  46. By Marcelo on Nov 3, 2010 | Reply

    come on guys let troy smith start and if he keeps doing good keep him as the starter but give somebody else a chance cause alex and david aint cuttin it for us take it into consideration.

  47. By paul stom on Nov 3, 2010 | Reply

    as with so many fans i possess the gift of hindsight. alexia is going to have too
    win the qb job back (don’t think he can). much ado about Nate Davis when we
    are overlooking what Troy has done and the possibilities he can do. looking at
    the London game; yes 1st three quarters were poor. whatever took place did
    in the 4th. Troy Smith made the plays and the team focused. players sense an-other outstanding player. its a player thing. a small chill rolled down my backwhen Troy throught that looper to Delanie Walker. rolling to his right, rolling; with two def. men coming on to him. falling back he made the throw. Yea, two def.without much stability, and (everyone saying it was luck- well maybe alittle) kerplop to the 1. years back newby qb. Joe Montana send the 49ers to the big game with a similar throw to Dwight Clark. rolling to his right.
    rolling, two def. coming on to him……. the rest is history. i don’t think it is des-
    peration that makes me see a swagger, confidence, (you block and I will make
    the play). and they did and he did. this could be very interesting as long as
    they continue to “open it up”. kinda like a muscle car: don’t even breath hard
    till you get her past 100! GO NINERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. By jeremy on Nov 3, 2010 | Reply

    i just want to say everyone is on troy smith and yes he did a okay job in the game and was also very lucky, the throw to walker was very ill advised and if it had been picked off like it should have been and 9 out of 10 times would be everyone i think would be talking different about him and the crabtree thro was good but lso busyed coverge i love the niners and have been watching them for 15yrs but i dont see the point in jumping on troy after one game, look at last year when alex came in half way in the season he did extrodinary honestly so you could say the same for troy after we watch him for a few games, one decent perfomance doesnt constitute all the hype he is getting come on fans

  49. By Mercedez on Nov 3, 2010 | Reply

    Stop the Nate Davis talk plz…. if he was that great how come no other nfl team has tired o pick him up??? because he isnt that great period. Just stick with Troy for the Rest of the year… and see what happens …

  50. By Andrew on Nov 3, 2010 | Reply

    I think it’s possible the niners can turn it around, but it starts with the head coach. If sing can get these guys to rally around him (which I think he can) then I think they can squeek into the playoffs. If they can do that, then the skys the limit because this team has players. But for now… one game at a time is how I see it.

  51. By East Coast Niner on Nov 3, 2010 | Reply

    You know….I had Alex Smiths back. I really did , but when I saw what Troy did and how his teammates responded to him I was like whaaaaaaaat!!! STOP PLAYIN!!!! Alex who?

    You know I remember Troy Smith at Ohio State he was a BEAST!!! Throwing all over the field hitting receivers. Running ducking dodging people. We will have to see how he does against the Rams and take it from there. What happens in that game will determine if we will see Alex again this season.
    Im glad to see the team excited again. NINERS GET IT IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. By Jeremy on Nov 3, 2010 | Reply

    Has ne one seen the rest of our schedule lately I think the only notable team is the packers if that is our only loss we make the playoffs and win the division bucs, rams, cards, hawks come on we got this

  53. By Sf4t9er on Nov 4, 2010 | Reply

    Im a true die hard niner fan and I feel that I Know what’s better for my team than Sing, to me that’s a joke. I would never question the genius or any coach after him but Im truly frustrated and im tired of putting up with the BS from this team. What happed to the beloved team that I grew up to love . Politics and bad front office decisions have comepletely destroyed my team. Sing show some BALLS/

  54. By ChickenFriedRice on Nov 4, 2010 | Reply

    Anyone here see the video on this website on the London Post Game Locker Room? The one where COach Singletary gives the game ball to Troy Smith?

    Did y’all see and hear what Troy Smith did upon receiving the game ball? He commended his offensive line. He gathered everyone around him and had everyone shout, “49ers!”

    In the last five years, I have NEVER seen Alex Smith do this. TROY SMITH IS A NATURAL BORN LEADER and HIS TEAMMATES ARE WILLING TO RESPOND TO HIM. And this is why he deserves to be the starter from this point forward.

    Hello Troy, Goodbye Alex.

  55. By J.DOVE on Nov 4, 2010 | Reply

    I think Troy Smith did great in our last game especially considering the fact that this was his first action as a 9er. He did exactly what I expected him to do and exactly what he needed to do for us to walk away with a win…he started off slow and easy in order to get his timing right with the receivers and to get his confidence up. Then when it came down to crunch time, he was confident and relaxed and he led us to a victory. His mobility and pocket presence will allow Vernon Davis and Michael Crabtree to have time to run down the field and make plays that Alex Smith only dreams of making. This will in turn open up the running game. And we all know what can happen if Frank Gore gets going, not to mention if the opponent can’t put 8 in the box and a target on Gore’s helmet. If we go with Troy Smith, let Gore be Gore and throw the ball down field… we make the playoffs. If Troy Smith turns into the player he was at Ohio State, we make a SUPERBOWL RUN!!!! GO 9ERS!!!
    9ers fan since birth (1985)

  56. By Denny Crane on Nov 4, 2010 | Reply

    I don’t care what anyone above says about Alex Smith. He had his chance and flat blew it. Badly too.

    Troy Smith is the only way the Niners can even think about being close to winning the division this year. As for what some have said about that toss to Walker being a poor throw and ill advised, I disagree. I’ve seen him do that for his entire college career. I have to think he saw an opportunity and took it.

    If Brett Favre had made that play everyone would be talking smack about how great he is. Troy Smith does it and it was wrong. Troy Smith is your only hope Niners. Wake up and smell the egg mcmuffins.

  57. By Steve on Nov 4, 2010 | Reply

    Starting off 1-6 and exposing your 2 qbs (A.Smith and Carr) was the best thing that could have happened to the 9ers. The day I found out the 9ers picked up Troy I knew it would be huge for you guys. As a life long Buckeye fan, I’ve been a big Troy Smith supporter, as I knew he had the tools and especially the leadership to carry a franchise. I know he has only started one game, but I feel as the weeks move by you can count on Troy to only improve as the rest of the O appreciates they have found their Field-General.

    Let me put it this way …10-6 or 9-7 wins your division ….and you KNOW Troy is your only hope of getting there.

    So – though I’ll continue to cheer on my Browns here in Ohio, know you also have another 9er fan in the Buckeye-State as well. Go 9ers! Go Troy!

  58. By SF Fanatic on Nov 4, 2010 | Reply

    In what other job can you fail for 6 years and still have a job?

  59. By L.G on Nov 4, 2010 | Reply

    Good take I agree 100% Denny

  60. By JohnGotti on Nov 4, 2010 | Reply

    If we go back with Alex its no way we can even think about making the playoffs.
    I’ll bet my life on that and yours and i’m not a killer nor suicidal. Troy Smith from here on out Or Mr Sing is mos def gon b out of a job, believe that

  61. By WardM on Nov 4, 2010 | Reply

    ok please dont put alex smith back in. I think troy smith played pretty well knowing its his firts start with the team. the only thing alex smith will bring is more booing and losses.

  62. By KDB on Nov 4, 2010 | Reply

    With regard to Singeltary putting his finger on “Leadership” Common, that’s a cop out-he started the season with alex and made him Captain, No One Else for a Reason, so for him now to throw it off on Alex is WEAK and says alot about where he sits right now in his job situation. Obviously he is scrambling to make something happen before the Yorks must at season’s end.

    Troy smith, Alex Smith doesn’t matter who’s in there if we are going to win long term, especially if we aren’t going to get our penalties in order along with a below average (statistically) defense and special ED teams.

    And yes, teams have won the bowl with a what we would consider a below average QB, Baltimore Ravens, Trent Dilfer and there are more examples.

    This all starts with Singeltary and I’m not buying and I quote “I know what’s been missing now, it’s offensive leadership.” That’s lame excuse so more folks drink his version of “Purple Drank” in my book, and it’s on him, period.

    So we will see what happens but before you say anything CFR, I’m going on vacation is the morning super early so I’ll be back right after the Rams game and we’ll see what happens. But MUCH more needs to be cleaned up and if we start winning it’s because the TEAM did it, not one guy, Defense, QBing, Specaial Teams, Coverage, a few lucky breaks, etc. So we’ll see.

    Let’s see the Niners Dig Down Deep like the Giants did.

  63. By diehard49er1992 on Nov 4, 2010 | Reply

    Singletary I hope you have read this comment, if not, then pretty much all the comments. I’m pretty sure that all niner fans agree with me when I say Troy will be the QB that alex smith never could be. We can still win this division. rams have a bye week, seahawks looking forward to lose to the giants, arizona looking forward to lose to the vikings. if we can capitalize on the rams when we come back from our bye i feel we can still win this thing. come on niners. I will be heated if alex smith starts any more of our games. Please Singletary, for the sake of your team and all niners out there. START TROY! START WINNING!!!!

  64. By ChickenFriedRice on Nov 4, 2010 | Reply

    KDB: First off, Sing made Alex Smith captain because he wanted to do it as a vote of confidence to his QB. As a coach, you almost have to make your starting QB team captain. But what did Alex do? Take it for granted and flat out BLEW IT. BIG TIME. 1-6. ‘Nuff said.

    Meanwhile, Troy Smith, who hasn’t played a game since who knows when, steps right in and LEADS the team to 21 fourth quarter points and a W. Not too shabby. Now, if Troy can lead the team to three consecutive wins, will he finally prove to you that it was the QB position all along that has caused this team as a whole to underachieve?

    Like I’ve been saying, the leadership ON THE FIELD starts with the QB. Once the QB can prove to ALL teammates that he can get it done as a leader, the rest of the team – Defense, Special Teams, etc – will follow and the trickle down effect will be that EVERYONE WILL PLAY WITH A PURPOSE AND PLAY FOR EACH OTHER.

  65. By ChickenFriedRice on Nov 4, 2010 | Reply

    KDB cont…

    As far as Singletary goes, it’s not just him to blame for the lack of coaching preparation. It’s the other coaches as well, just like you say it’s not just the QB and that it’s the rest of the team too.

    And yes, it does matter who is playing quarterback. It’s silly for you to use Trent Dilfer as an example. First of all, Dilfer was steady. He didn’t put up big numbers but he was a leader and knew how to manage the huddle. Plus he rarely made mistakes. Why do you think SF hired him to mentor Alex. Obviously, it didn’t work because you can’t teach leadership qualities. You either have it or you don’t. Followers will always be followers. Period.

    And this argument that mediocre QBs can win the Super Bowl… tell me who and how many times a mediocre QB has won the Big One in the history of the NFL. Dilfer….hmmm… can’t think of anyone else besides maybe Doug Williams or perhaps Jeff Hostetler. This was a rare case, you still need a SOLID QB to win the big one. That’s my point. So it does matter who is quarterbacking the team, without a doubt.

    Bottom line: Winning starts with LEADERSHIP FROM YOUR LEADERS. This is why KOBE, no matter how great he was, couldn’t LEAD HIS TEAM TO A PLAYOFF SERIES WIN 5 years ago. But look at him now. Granted LA signed Pau Gasol (he still couldn’t win the Finals vs Boston in ’08), but Kobe’s and Derek Fisher’s leadership has their teammates believing in them and now the Lakers can’t be stopped.

  66. By ChickenFriedRice on Nov 4, 2010 | Reply

    Point #1000:

    Alex Smith has had all this time to mature, learn the system, learn NFL defense, and learn to LEAD. Yet he is still the same. He will never get better. He will always be in that same tier of QBs that includes the likes of Tim Rattay, Shaun Hill, David Carr, Steve Bono, Bill Musgrave, Marques Tuiasosopo, Vince Evans, you know…lifelong backups and clipboard holders. Like I said, you can’t teach LEADERSHIP QUALITIES. You either have it in you or you don’t.

    Leaders are born leaders. Followers are born timid and they are followers for life. Alex Smith put up numbers in college because he played in a highly mediocre B-Grade conference. No surprise Aaron Rodgers is doing so well in GB because he played in the PAC-10, a conference known for producing top notch NFL caliber ballplayers. Tell me..what other quarterback has ever come out of UTAH? Lol.

    Troy Smith has a much better chance of succeeding with this team than Alex ever will. I saw it just after one game.

  67. By ChickenFriedRice on Nov 4, 2010 | Reply

    Another case in point: How did Steve Young do so well with the 49ers after no one had ever heard of him in Tampa Bay and the USFL? How did Steve Young get his teammates to believe in him, especially after he had replaced the greatest of all time, Joe Montana? Those are some hard shoes to fill, yet Young and the Niners remained heavy Super Bowl favorites years after Montana was gone? Tell me, how did he do this??

    Answer: Young, by nature, is a born leader. Dude has a straight up LAW DEGREE. His a relative of the great Brigham Young. Steve already had LEADERSHIP TRAITS built in him. Consequently, his teammates followed.

    Look at Peyton Manning. Look at Tom Brady. Look at John Elway. Look at Ben Roethlisberger. Look at Phil Simms. Look at Brett Favre. Look at the ever feisty and intense Jim McMahon. Look at Kurt Warner. Look at Joe Montana. Look at Troy Aikman. I just named most of the QBs who won Super Bowls in the last 20+ years. All these guys are leaders and without them, their teams don’t even make the playoffs. Simple as that.

    Look at the intensity with which these guys play the game, run the team, and manage their teammates. Intangibles and attention to detail, my friend. These are qualities that are in bred within leaders of society. Same can be said for quarterbacks.

    Have I said enough to prove my point about Mr. Weaksauce Alex Smith????

  68. By Jay Wick on Nov 5, 2010 | Reply

    CFR, although it was a long point to prove you are absolutely correct. The QB slot is the most important piece of the offense. Alex, who has good character traits (one of them not leading unfortunately), is not the man for the job. People can talk all the smack they want about Troy Smith but bottom line the players had nothing but good things to say, how he motivated them, how he got the Niners there second win off of his first start. That is leadership motivating a group of guys that could easily quit at this point and let them ride it out until next year. Troy Smith may or may not be the answer for a Superbowl but he is the man right now. Lets beat up our division Niners! Starting with Bradford and the rams.

  69. By montez davis on Nov 5, 2010 | Reply

    I will never give up on you so don’t give up on your true fans… Niners 4 life

  70. By McMatty on Nov 5, 2010 | Reply

    Leadership has nothing to do with Alex Smith’s problems. He can’t read defense and just does not have the skill to succeed in the NFL. One good year in the Mountain West does not make an NFL quarterback. It is time to admit the HUGE mistake they made taking this guy and move on!

  71. By zap1 on Nov 7, 2010 | Reply

    politics is the reason nate davis did not get the starting job troy smith played from the heart to get the win but truly he didn’t look as good as nate davis looked in the preseason.with two years under his belt i feel the score would have been much higher but hey im just diehard a 49ner fan with my opinion but i do know this if we loose coach singletary we,re going to loose a great leader and our best chance to win in the future. GO 49NERS

  72. By 49ersdeTJ on Nov 8, 2010 | Reply

    The Giants this year should completely inspire this team to do better. I know its a lot tougher to do since its a different sport but they can totally do this. They have a lot of talent and an excellent leader for a coach, yes, BUT what they must learn from the Giants is that good numbers does not ensure that you are gonna win, and doesnt even ensure that you are the best. Look at the NY Yankees and the Phillies. 2 best teams in baseball with the best numbers and they both got beat. Why? The other TEAM wanted it more than them. The Niners just have to, as a TEAM, want to win the most. If they do, they will win. Im sure of it. I havent able to watch any of the games this season because Im currently living in Tijuana, MX as a missionary for a year so I dont really know where the struggles are but I was able to watch the Giants and I know that what they did to win can be repeated by the Niners. San Francisco honestly has the best sports and their teams are built on a love for the sport and a love for their team. We have the best fans around, not lunatics like the Raiders, or cocky like the Phillies in baseball, so the Niners and Giants from here on out got a play for each other and the city of San Francisco, not for their own individual glory. LETS GO NINERS!!!!!! LETS GO GIANTS!!!!!!!! LETS GO SF!!!!!!!!!!

  73. By Sam on Nov 9, 2010 | Reply

    Go hunt down Jeff Garcia. Still the BEST UNDER-RATED QB we have ever had on this team. I say under-rated because he was the fall guy for the niner and the NFL for so long. Look at his numbers (Career), they are higher than freekin Tom Brady’s, Peyton Manning’s and wait for it , wait for it… Yes, even Steve Young. The difference here is the caliber of players that he was playing with. We had a crappy O-Line for 4 or 5 years, a new WR every second and no RB’s that would run the type of offense we had going. All those RBs that left us during that time became premier back in another system when they left… But still Garcia’s numbers stayed high… He was a leader and a baller
    !!! Buy him out of that Sacramento contract and get him back on an NFL field.. We will have a new trophy soon after that!!!

  74. By chris on Nov 14, 2010 | Reply

    I think letting troy smith have another shot is the right thing to do. Saying that if alex smith was healthy that he would be quarterback is a big mistake. I grew up watching and supporting the 9ers and wont give up now after 40 plus years. Something good will turn this team around.

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