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On the Phone with McDaniels and Lloyd

Posted by Sam Good on October 26, 2010 – 6:22 PM

Denver Broncos’ head coach Josh McDaniels did his due diligence, and he came up with a different answer than Mike Singletary.

Neither coach is right or wrong, but both believe their strategy gives their team the best shot at winning.

While Singletray elected fly his 49ers team over to London nearly a week before Sunday’s game at Wembley Stadium, McDaniels decided to stay home until Thursday so that his team could keep its normal routine.

In his Tuesday conference call with the Bay Area media, McDaniels said that following Denver’s 59-14 loss he wanted his players to get all of their preparation done at home before flying halfway across the world.

However, in his conference call just several minutes laster, former 49ers and current Broncos wide receiver Brandon Lloyd said he was torn as to whether or not he would have like an earlier arrival in London.

“I think it will be good for us, especially coming off of these last couple of weeks, just to be at home where we can focus, get our game-plan knocked out and be on the plane and prepared so by the time we get over there we’re just walking through our stuff,” he said. “I think it’s a fair schedule, but I would have liked to have been over there for a little more time to get adjusted.”

Lloyd went on to talk about his time in San Francisco, and McDaniels talked about the challenges in preparing for the 49ers.

Click here to listen to McDaniels’ conference call.

Click here to listen to Lloyd’s conference call.

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9 Responses to “On the Phone with McDaniels and Lloyd”

  1. By Ralph Delso on Oct 26, 2010 | Reply

    Please go after shawn merriman he is xactly wat da 9ers need on D he can back up manny or take over a outside linebackers position. U can have 98 play LE n marriman take ROLB position. We need more speed n athletisim on our D line. We jus dnt put any pressure on da opposing QB. If nt trade some players for draft picks like da patriots r doin. We kno da seasons done build for next year. Look at QBs n CBs or DL. Late round look at OL jus to back up injured starters. Even talk to john gruden n make him head couch n mike singletary as Defensive couch now dats intensive couching.

  2. By cbking on Oct 26, 2010 | Reply

    i totally agree………..

  3. By Randy on Oct 26, 2010 | Reply


  4. By Marquis on Oct 26, 2010 | Reply

    We need to change some things this week
    OFFENCE: Bench Chilo Rachel move Anthony Davis to RG and start Alex Boone at RT;Bench Josh Morgan and start Domonic Ziegler at 2WR;Promote and start Nate Davis
    DEFENCE:Rotate secondary Nate Clements move to RCB and Shante Spencer move to LCB;Dashon Goldson move to SS and Tayler Mays move to FS;Move Manny Lawson to ROLB and start Ahmad Brooks at LOLB (until we get Shawne Merriman)
    COACHING:Be more aggressive and stop coaching just to be in the game in the 4th quarter we are 1-6(4 of 6 losses by 3 points or less)its not working so try something new(blowouts are ok ask the raiders)

  5. By charlie on Oct 26, 2010 | Reply

    Josh morgan is begining to produce. we do need more depth in the secondary, merriman don’t seem to make sence to me. I’d like to see Smith run the show agianst the broncos.

  6. By tom in nj on Oct 27, 2010 | Reply

    If Mooch would come back I think he could get us on track, that and a QB. I think Troy Smith will be here next year to compete for starter but who will be our starter? I said before get Bolger!
    A reunite with Mooch and Garcia would be interesting too if Garcia can still play at high level…
    They better not change defense coach and head coach in the off season…we’ll be just as bad as this year if they do that…We just need some offensive help…We have play makers juust can’t get them the ball or in position to get the match ups… GO 49ERS!

  7. By al pops on Oct 27, 2010 | Reply

    Merriman can be a force if he’s healthy and not disgruntled, as is the case right now. Singletary should be kept as LB coach, he does not have the experience to stay on as head. He just doesn’t have the skill and creativity to outsmart/outstrategize the opposing coaching staff. He is too stubborn and doesn’t admit that change is needed. A change in quarterback is definitely needed, Davis should be looked at for the remainder of the season, and it looks like we will land a pretty high draft pick to get a QB for next season. 49er fan for life, but the season is likely lost. Better luck next year! We got all the other tools needed!

  8. By Matthew Teifke on Oct 27, 2010 | Reply

    Listen up Alex Smith and Singletary are the answer stop doubting and chanting david carr it would truly be sad to see them gone next year. Stop talkin about drafting a qb and get a new corner and de. The losses arent on alex man if you would have watched it wasnt always his fault and its a team game anyways. We would have easily destroyed the panthers with alex and mike it learning more everydaytrust me we want singletary

  9. By paul stom on Oct 30, 2010 | Reply

    as with so many 49er fans I too find myself continuing to blog and watch our teams’ lack of performance. Hopefully, this course of events (qb evaluation)
    mirrors similar events to the discovering of Joe Montana. We were spoiled in
    that we were fortunate enough to discover him and obtain Steve Young later.
    OK that was then and this is now. “IF YOU DON’T STAND FOR SOMETHING-
    YOU WILL FALL FOR ANYTHING”. Every single player and coach within and
    upon this team has failed their duties and responsibilities. To themselves-their
    teamates, to the GAME itself, and most of all too the fans. The woosie idea tha
    alot of PR and marketing makes a team is all part in parcel of today’s PC environ
    ment. These players are not kids that got left out of Dodgeball! Singletary’s co
    tinued inability to deligate responsibility to qualified people and the continued
    “outcoaching” by superior coaches and lesser talent shows at every game.
    Loved ya Mike when you played but you are not Head Coach material. The sad but true issue is that Troy Smith may be the qb this team is looking for
    and so badly needs. Mike Johnson needs to turn this boy loose. Get Ziegler,
    Dixon, Westbrook, Ginn, Davis involved!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mike Johnson just figure out
    what you want to do and do the opposite. Either that or just walk over to the
    def. coordinator and hand him you game plan. You know what just call the
    damn plays irregardless of the def. they are playing. Make them stop you be-
    for you pee and just give the ball to Frank- “up the middle”. To see a team with
    this much talent (both sides of the ball) AND NOT BE PRODUCTIVE simple shows that it is the coaching more than the players. Although they all can
    and deserve a big bit of the “MOOSE TURD PIE’ that they have been dishing up
    on the field. Quite possibly this is the course of events that it takes to find the
    qb we need and scrutinize the players and coaches to the point that we will
    finally get rid of ALL THE OVERPAID CRAP and field a winning team. So that’s
    it sweet pea; this game will tell us if Troy Boy is the real deal or not. He should start ignoring the coaching staff as soon as they call Franks number
    more than twice in a series. He needs to tell them he is the qb. and will call
    the plays (with some advice). He’ll be either a STAR or fired! The way this
    team is playing and acting; neither proposition seems engauging. GO NINERS!

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