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Singletary Praises Offensive Line

Posted by Taylor Price on September 21, 2010 – 1:02 PM

Before Mike Singletary could highlight the positives (offensive line, Alex Smith, Frank Gore) and explain the negatives of Monday night’s game (four turnovers and a safety); he thanked the 49ers Faithful first.

“It was great to see the fans excited for the game,” Singletary said in his opening comments. “They were effective with the loud noise they made.

“They gave us energy.”

Singletary also praised the contributions of many of last night’s key participants, most notably, his coordinators, his quarterback and his offensive line.

He said both Alex Smith and the offensive line put together their best performances in 49ers uniforms. Smith threw for more yards than Super Bowl XLIV MVP Drew Brees (275 to 254), and the line did not surrender a single sack to New Orleans.

Singletary also commended the line for its dominant play in the running game. They allowed Frank Gore to put together his 21st 100-yard rushing performance in a 49ers uniform, which gives him the most in franchise history. Gore surpassed the record previously established by Hall of Fame running back Joe Perry.

Gore carried 20 times for 112 yards including a 7-yard touchdown late in the fourth quarter. The offensive line also paved way for rookie Anthony Dixon to score a 2-yard rushing touchdown on his first NFL carry.

“The running game got started,” Singletary said. “I’m proud of our offensive line. That was the best they’ve played since I’ve been here.”

That was said even with the 49ers playing without the services of right guard Chilo Rachal (stinger) and center Eric Heitmann (broken fibula). Adam Snyder and David Baas did a fine job filling in, but that doesn’t mean they’ll both remain in the starting five, Singletary said.

Rachal will be a starter when he returns from injury. As for Baas, that will be discussed by the coaching staff when Heitmann fully recovers from the broken leg he suffered early in training camp.

Singletary said he wasn’t sure why Baas’ first quarter snap sailed over Smith’s head and wound up as New Orleans safety, but did say he was pleased with Baas overall. “He’s done a good job; he’s taken ownership of that position.”

Singletary noted that the offense improved its tempo based on its increased focus on the a 40-second play clock in practice.

It paid off on Monday with the offense putting together three touchdown drives, all of which went at least 80 yards.

And although it wasn’t the end result he had envisioned for his team, Singletary was clearly optimistic for being at 0-2.

“I think the guys took a big step last night,” he said underscoring the importance of battling back against a playoff-caliber opponent.

“They’re learning valuable things early in the season… it will help down the road.”

Injury Report

Linebacker Takeo Spikes’ knee contusion was the only reported injury after the game.

Singletary said Rachal’s stinger remains as a day-to-day injury.

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49 Responses to “Singletary Praises Offensive Line”

  1. By Top Niner on Sep 21, 2010 | Reply

    I totally agree the oline played great except for the two miscues. What really stood out was the offensive play calling – – – the Saints played on their heels expecially in the 2nd half. Dont hear any complaints about the coaching staff now. They coached very welll. Its just a couple of individual/combined mistakes that killed us. Bring on the Chiefs.


  2. By Juan Garcia on Sep 21, 2010 | Reply

    Yes bring on the Chiefs, I was very impressed with the o-line and Smith who showed he can be our QB and put to rest the critics atleast for a while, even though we lost I am not as sad as I usually am after a loss.

  3. By 49ersfo'lyphe.. on Sep 21, 2010 | Reply

    As a 49ers fan,it really hurts when i see us losing a Game.it puts me in a position that wants to make me quit my hobbies.But as for the MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL,I surely everybody in this country especially where I’m from (ALASKA) knows that we the 49ers had a big blow out on that MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL.I give my hat out to MIKE SINGLETARY and the coaching staff especially the football team.you guys did a hell of a great job…hopefully these small detail mistake we’ll make us a better football team…But my prayers will go out to the 49ers FOOTBALL TEAM may GOD bless and give more strength upon niners football team and also the coaching staff..But please I don’t wanna lose anymore..GOD BLESS AND GOOD LUCK ON OUR GAME WITH THE KANSAS CITY..

  4. By 49er till i die on Sep 21, 2010 | Reply

    The only thing that leaves me in worry is if we can keep it up. Continuity has not been our strong suit so while this game was very telling, next week against the chiefs will be even more so. But if we bring the same intensity to KC as we did into last nights game and our offensive gets the push they did last night it should be something to see.

    All I’m looking for at the moment is some continuity, I’ll worry about wins and losses later.

    Lets get this ball rolling Niners!!!!!

  5. By Timothy Woelich on Sep 21, 2010 | Reply

    The only reason Alex Smith helped us out so well last night is because they messed with the playbook a little to get more wideouts which is what smith was used to in college so he could spread out the field better and have more options and so with doing this it really helped and hopefully the coaching staff reallized this and hopefully they keep it that way GO NINERS!!!!

  6. By marlo on Sep 21, 2010 | Reply

    I’m so proud of how the 9ers played against NO! They kept them on their toes and gave it their all. Good job!

  7. By gojoe on Sep 21, 2010 | Reply

    Just play intelligently. It’s the dumb mistakes that are killing us. Why try to field that punt at the sidelines in a swirling wind? THINK !

  8. By Ricordo on Sep 21, 2010 | Reply

    I agree with all of you guys on your comments. For the first time in a long time, Alex Smith showed me that he could win when the pressure is on him! I’m also proud of how our offensive line stepped up and protected Alex and opened up some running lanes for Frank Gore. As far as the defense goes, never doubted them! The secondary stayed discipline to their assignments and held down the passing attack better than alot of people expected. It’s a tough loss 49ers, but build off this game and I promise we will still be a force to be wreckoned with in the NFC West! Bring on the Kansas City Cheifs!!!

  9. By keepin it real on Sep 21, 2010 | Reply

    as you can see from the above comments we all agree that they played their tails off,,continuity,,,well said,,,were we playing up to the level of competion or was the game against the saints the begining of something great?to beat the cheifs in the NEW Arrowhead stadium,,said to be even louder than seattle,,if thats possible,,,would give everyone on the team a new found confindence,,,that will spawn a winning streak,,,i was at the saints game and was trashing alex smith,,when i got home and watched the recording of the game i found that i still believed in alex,,one complete,mistake free game will be all it takes to bring it all together,,,GO NINERS AND ILL SEE YOU AT THE GAMES,,,J POLE ROW 14 IN THE PARKING LOT ALWAYS THE BEST TAILGATE,,,GO NINERS

  10. By Brandon on Sep 21, 2010 | Reply

    I was very impressed with the way we MAN-HANDLED the champs! Too bad it didn’t end in a W. Turnovers will always kill you especially 4 of them! How we were even in the game was a miracle. One problem is why we have a rookie punt returner and a tight end returning kicks?? This is ridiculous and should be stopped. There has to be someone faster

  11. By Timothy Woelich on Sep 21, 2010 | Reply

    ok I’ll be really honest here I didn’t expect to win against the super bowl champs but it was one heck of a game our o-line proved they rock and alex smith got to use 3-5 wideouts which is what he’s good with so of course he did what he does best and threw accurate on tmie passes but with the field spread out so he had a better vision of the field

  12. By Roguer on Sep 21, 2010 | Reply

    Did the Saints have to get EVERY bounce. I realize they worked hard for their turnovers, but Geez! Two blocked passes go right to defenders. Brees gets his pass blocked and it bounces back to him and he runs for 10 yards! They muff a punt and it’s right there for Bush. We muff a punt, right on the sideline and the ball bounces right to their guy. If it wasn’t for bad luck, the Niners wouldn’t have any luck at all.

    I’m happy for the offense, but let’s turn winning into a habit. No more moral victories. We had our one for the year.

    Loved the three long drives. Very good.

  13. By Since1994 on Sep 21, 2010 | Reply

    A very tough loss to say the least, but an inspiring one. I was very pleased with what I saw. O-line played exceptionally well without key starters and Alex Smith showed incredible poise and leadership. And the defense was absolutely amazing. P. Willis is a beast. There would’ve been more separation in points with us on top had it not been for the turnovers, which a few came inside the 20. We would’ve beaten them convincely. They key to our success from now on is consistency. If we can continue to keep up this level of play throughout the rest of the season and most importantly, not turn the ball over, we will be a force to be wreckoned with. I know we WILL do it. And I’ll be watching. GO NINERS!!!

  14. By Mr.Turnuout49ers on Sep 21, 2010 | Reply

    Man I really have to be proud of how the Niners played last nite. We outplayed the super bowl champion saints in every aspect of the game. I really have to say that Alex Smith did a hell of a job leading the team down the field for the game tying t.d. and two-point conversion. If the Niners can play with that kind of intensity and energy every game we will win the West plus go deep into the playoffs. But we cant be turning the ball over like we have been doing. G0 Niners GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. By 50 year fan on Sep 21, 2010 | Reply

    That was one of the best 49er games i ever watched.Its how we played the game. The ball didnt bounce our way, but THANKS to all you guys for playing your hearts out!

  16. By bobby on Sep 21, 2010 | Reply

    i praise the o-line last night its terrific proctection, now i can say alex can see the fields the way he wants to see it, and oh, men, the defense is just awesome !!!, that’s the only word to describe them,we loss but i don’t feel bad, coz i know this team can win more games the way there playing right now, its just tough luck we loss.but its there i know it..”GO 9ERS…”

  17. By Red Angold on Sep 21, 2010 | Reply

    I was THOROUGHLY impressed with the niners play on Monday night, they definately looked like a strong playoff contender, and i believe there was one mistake inparticular that killed us which was when Adams touched the ball on that kick return, i personally dont think he had any business touching that ball but it was an honest rookie mistake, he will definateley learn from that and only continue to be a stand out kick returner, this was the niners that i have been expecting to see since the 2010 draft, the seattle game was just a fluke and we really dont have a successful history playing in seattle, i think from here on out we will have a tremendous season, GOOD LUCK niners, lets kick some Kansas City ASS!!!!!!

  18. By george m on Sep 21, 2010 | Reply

    I thought this was the team we saw in preseason.Mark my words this one of the best draft classes we have had in years,we need to win on the road and we will win the west

  19. By jose sanchez on Sep 21, 2010 | Reply

    I think that the niners are building a hell of a offensive line they look awsome against the saints but they have to stop beating them selves by making mistakes if it wasn’t for the mistakes last night they would haved one that game and I would like to see crabtree more involved in more plays but it pains me to se them loose because I know that the niners have the team to win games and mike singletary is a awsome coach a niner fan for life

  20. By skywalker1977 on Sep 21, 2010 | Reply

    Although a tough game, I have seen these mistakes time and time again from this squad. When will this team put together multiple wins in a row and play mental mistake free football? It’s time, no more excuses! We have been going in the right direction for three years, we are always on the verge of breaking out and here we stand at 0-2. I love Alex Smith, the guy is a gamer! He’s smart and tough, no doubt about it. But, he plays one stellar game and everyone is praising him. Again, no disrespect, but please show me that you can have the type of game you had last night multiple times and I’m 100% on board. Until then, we are 0-2 and are going to have to once again pull off some kind of miracle to make the post season. Is it just me or do all of you hold your breath when we have the ball while marching down the field. I am just waiting for that “no way did that just happen” moment.

  21. By Go Niners on Sep 21, 2010 | Reply

    I agree that the offensive line played better. Anthony Davis played with a mean streak last night. Scary to think that this rookie is only 20 years old. Mike Iupati is a beast. I’m waiting on him to develop a mean streak also. That would be downright frightening. Iupati has the potential to be our Larry Allen while he was with Dallas. That would be scary! Baas is doing pretty good. I was suspect on him for awhile, but he’s doin’ pretty good filling in for Heitmann. I’m waiting on Joe Staley to show some nastiness out there. Remember Joe, the Niners gave you a boat load of money. Time to show some fierceness and quit being timid out there!

  22. By Mike on Sep 21, 2010 | Reply

    well said gentelmen!!! Alex looked very good last nite!!! D needs to step it up tho

  23. By HipHop49er on Sep 21, 2010 | Reply

    I didn’t know there were guys here who didn’t blame the coaching staff for all of the team’s mistakes. I’m glad to see that there is some appreciation for the coaches.

  24. By Andy on Sep 21, 2010 | Reply

    Best game I’ve seen in years!!!!!

  25. By Brian boogie on Sep 21, 2010 | Reply

    I am really proud of my boys, if we are going to lose that let it be honorable lost. Alex, you showed heart out there but you always have a few good games and then screw up a lot of games so I am not that impressed with you. You make a lot more bad decisions on the field than you do good so you will just have to prove me wrong. So everybody dont praise him too much because it is only one game. but I give credit where credit is do so good job on Monday.

  26. By richard laflair on Sep 21, 2010 | Reply

    good job niners you have to play like this all season

  27. By stefan on Sep 21, 2010 | Reply

    go niners

  28. By stefan on Sep 21, 2010 | Reply

    ive been a 9niners fan for a while now we played one of the best games we played in a while oline looked great offence overall was great morgan surprised me and gore my hats off to u……..looking at everything i wish we had atleast one more play making reciever to take sum of the attention off gore and davis………go 49ers p.s sign vincent jackson!!!

  29. By Lamar Johnson on Sep 22, 2010 | Reply

    I think if we limit our mistakes we are hard to beat great job niners keep working hard great job

  30. By Lamar Johnson on Sep 22, 2010 | Reply

    Alex smith if u use your feet a lil bit more u will be a better QB great job monday night Oline great job its all on yall for us to win singletary great job i understand where your coming from all the time Overall great job niners lets get a win in KC there a good team 2 let not underestimate

  31. By Terrence on Sep 22, 2010 | Reply

    I’m a life-long Saints fan! Everyone knows how long our team suffered before becoming Champions, and it’s amazing to me how the 49ers fans sound like we used to sound when we were the “lovable loser”. Your team did play well, just as the Saints of old used to play against Montana and Young, and would still end up losing the game. Just a little advice from a Saints fan that really understands what the 49ers fans are experiencing; DON’T BECOME FANS THAT ACCEPT PLAYING WELL AND LOSING. WE DID THAT FOR DECADES AND IT GOT US NOWHERE. The only thing that matters in sports are “W’s” & “L’s”. While we have always stuck with our team, only when we stopped accepting playing well and started demanding a winning team is when our ownership began putting together a winner. Don’t become “lovable losers”…been there, done that.

  32. By Della on Sep 22, 2010 | Reply

    Rock and roll 49ers. Great game. I am not an Alex Smith fan due to all of the years of letdown, but he played great last night. I think the key to Alex’s success is the strong O line. He really needs that extra second or two in the pocket. Love the wrist band too. Really seemed to help with the plays getting off in plenty of time. Hell he actually had time to study the defense before the snaps. Great move. Give me four games in a row of Alex playing like that and I will finally start to wonder if he is over the hump. WTF was up with the muffed punt? Geez. Work on it Adams. This isn’t preseason anymore pal. And Brees catching his own ball. A touchdown for the taking. Man no lucky bounces for my boy’s. And Delanie, I love you dude, but you gotta keep that ball close to your body and put that other hand around it. Two turnovers practically on goal line is not cool with me, although for once that second interception wasn’t Alex’s fault. We had the champs all night long and should have won by atleast two touchdowns minimum. We are working on a major Super Bowl team here gang, and I’m proud to be a part of it. Fix those little mistakes that can kill ya and we will be unstoppable. Go 49ers. 14-2.

  33. By ken on Sep 22, 2010 | Reply

    this is what alex needed a positive game to build his confidence i think from here on out we see a new alex one we have been waiting for. idk about everyone else but in that second have the hair on my arms was standing up as for quite sometime in that game we had a glimpse of the 80s and 90s. this is the begining of a new era and the 49ers are back. we will win our division easily. i think we are still a little inexperienced to talk superbowl this year but next year nfls greatest dynasty will be back to retake the superbowl record i have been a niner fan for 23 years and like most have been spoiled from great quarterbacks and a solid defense we have it again plus a hall of fame running back. we have more weapons than any team right now its up to alex to utilize that. i love the new spread offense it gives alex a chance plus hes used to it. we will finish 12 and 4 this year.

  34. By ken on Sep 22, 2010 | Reply

    as far as im concerned we won that game it doesnt show on the record but over all we beat up the saints bad and they are as of late the best team in the nfl. remember guys alex has yet to play a full healthy season this is the year. hes got a set of legs as well so if he has time and confidence like i feel he has he will and can make plays

  35. By vince velasquez on Sep 22, 2010 | Reply

    BOOOYYAAAAKASHA!!! Finally a hint of amazing potential. Balls will bounce and deflections will go but only the tough survive. Our team is tough. They fixed the errors from week one, and they will fix the errors from this week. All I see is improvement. The W is coming.

  36. By mrjones on Sep 22, 2010 | Reply

    I am just glad to c that my niners r going to compete from the time the game starts untill it finishes, and hopefully Alex can show the faithful that he is and was worthy of being picked first in the draft.

  37. By mike on Sep 22, 2010 | Reply

    abouttime smith keep it up

  38. By Robert S. Harrison on Sep 22, 2010 | Reply

    I agreed with everything that everybody was saying my only problem is that I need to see Alex play like that on a constant basic. We have the horses with Crabtree, and Davis, and Gore we just need to continue playing like that on the O. Now on D my only problem with them is Clement I do not trust him in a big spot I think he is overrated I think we paid him to much money and I do not think that he is all that good I do not trust him in a big spot. RJ from New York City 49ers fan for life!!!!!

  39. By Brody on Sep 22, 2010 | Reply

    Punt returning was a main problem for us last year & still remains.Instead of putting rookies out there,why not use Westbrook? He has great hands,a proven runner,& even if he doesn’t have that flat out rookie speed he will still make good plays & get us positive yardage.Hey if you have talent use it.You should even take a look at Dixon I mean comon can you see him running punts or kickoffs back at a full head of steam?
    The team as a whole played very well,but I remain abit sceptical as to our consistancy.For the last 5 years we always seem to play at the level of our opponents,which frightens me.I hope that we don’t go back to our Seattle performance against non- playoff caliber teams.

  40. By Brody on Sep 22, 2010 | Reply

    I have a suggestion for Jimmy Raye.Do like NO & incorperate many versions of the screen just incase Alex starts getting more pressure.If it works for Drew why not give Alex the chance to save his skin & use our backs & Vernon on Screens?Crab is still a work in progress.Yes when he makes a catch he runs well .He just doesn’t seem to get open all that much Diva needs a dose of what Mike gave Davis.If Crab could develope an attitude like JR & add a little humility he could be a great reciever.

  41. By Tarence on Sep 22, 2010 | Reply

    We played the best team in the league!we should have scored atleast 38 and for the saints to have recovered 4 turnovers they should have scored 42 but they D did a good job in containing them! Stop doubting our story the 49ers are a special team and is developing a special story of glory! how do u think storys are developed???its gonna need a little suspense for this to be a remarkable year right? of course cuz come week 11 when we are 9-3, guess WHO DAT will be fearing deep down inside and just hope we dont see them in the playoffs on our home turf again for a rematch….ohh we got their number alright!They all know deep in the darkest clustered corners of their minds they escaped, not won, escaped!!And minus all the T.O’s the D should have help up in the closing seconds no excuses thats wen we close it out! Our D is our strongest!!! OK O-line excellent Job, Dfense great Job, Offense Marvelous…Alex smith ur gonna have an amazing success story! And only give future Qb’s who face the same situations Hope….49ers now u see urselves agianst the SB champs…and how good u are thats all we needed!!they are now ready!!Blessings….40 points next week!

  42. By KezarGeezer on Sep 22, 2010 | Reply

    I’ve been hard on Alex Smith in the past, but he really showed improvement against the Saints. All of the miscues aside, I think that the Niners had growth spurt in that game. The o-line owned the line of scrimmage!!

  43. By 49eRz808 on Sep 22, 2010 | Reply

    Here we go Niners!!! we got all the pieces, once we fine tune the lil mistakes we will be unstoppable!!! GO Niners!!! Niners Nation baybee!!! – all the way from the 808 state!!!

  44. By John Perez on Sep 22, 2010 | Reply

    Lets GO NINERS!!!!

  45. By 49erfaithfulSince'88 on Sep 22, 2010 | Reply





  46. By THOMAS ESPADA on Sep 22, 2010 | Reply


    DIE HARD SINCE 1980.

  47. By realfaned on Sep 23, 2010 | Reply

    Man I can’t stand Alex Smith, but i sure do love the 49ers.Alex pulls a good game out here and there but I want the niners back to the superbowl were we belong.Guess I just gotta take the good with the bad this season again, and pray next season to have an exciting quarter back to go with are great talent.

  48. By kenny on Sep 23, 2010 | Reply

    need brian help lot Rb he good

  49. By Kevin Xiong on Sep 29, 2010 | Reply

    Niners got the worst quaterback ever….

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