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From the Field: Aug. 7 PM Practice

Posted by Taylor Price on August 7, 2010 – 4:03 PM

Fans are in the stands clapping and that can only mean one thing – the players are warming up for Saturday’s open afternoon practice. They’re in shells, so no pad-crunching hits, but plenty of plays are out there to be made.

Kickoff return is up first instead of individual drills. Like yesterday Ted Ginn Jr. is the first returner, followed by Kyle Williams, LeRoy Vann and Dominique Zeigler. As it takes place, Frank Gore works on ball security on the other practice field. He’s holding a football covered with a thick elastic cord that’s being yanked by a training camp assistant.

Offense works on two-minute drill. After a couple of completions, Smith found Michael Crabtree, who put an impressive open-field move on Patrick Willis.

Best catch of camp (perhaps) just happened as Williams caught a one-handed rope during route-running drills. The rookie never broke speed and still managed to catch the ball as if his hand was covered in glue. Crowd erupted with applause immediately following the catch.

First turnover of the day took place during 7-on-7 period. Alex Smith threw a deep out intended for Josh Morgan but the third-year wideout stumbled out of his break leaving Nate Clements all alone to make the interception. It’s Clements’ first takeaway of camp.

Opening team period is highlighted by Zeigler’s diving catch on a skinny post pattern. Ball from David Carr. Next play Carr leaves it short for tight end Tony Curtis, cornerback Will James nearly picks it off but fails to secure possession.

Dashon Goldson picks off Nate Davis’ over-the-middle pass. The fourth-year safety now has three INTs in camp so far.

Offense is forced to pick up fourth down with less than a minute left. Smith finds Crabtree over-the-middle who puts on a nice open field move on Patrick Willis. Next play, Smith completes pass to Josh Morgan for a 20-yard gain. Twenty seconds left on the clock ball is spotted on the 15-yard line. Singletary calls the drill over after Morgan’s catch put the offense in field goal range. Second-team offense and defense are up next.

Carr launches deep ball for tight end Joe Jon Finley, who was then flagged for pushing off on linebacker NaVorro Bowman. Offense unable to get in scoring range and drill ends on downs.

Offense and defense split fields and work on walking through plays separately. Looks like that’s it for practice.

Injury update from public relations: Linebacker Ahmad Brooks suffered a kidney laceration in a previous practice and will re-evaluated in two weeks.

Here’s some photos from the afternoon practice.

Goldson waits for teammates to celebrate his interception with.

Here’s the move Crabtree put on Willis in the open field.

Rookie guard Mike Iupati signs autographs for the 49ers Faithful.

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11 Responses to “From the Field: Aug. 7 PM Practice”

  1. By wooley71 on Aug 7, 2010 | Reply

    Come on Mike Lupati, I can’t wait to see you crushing linebackers and Frank congratulating his line for the touchdown runs!

  2. By Ted Conner on Aug 8, 2010 | Reply

    How is kicker Shane Andrus doing in camp and where does he stand?

  3. By Hugh Kizer on Aug 8, 2010 | Reply

    I am really rooting for Alex Boone to make the squad. He seems to have turned his life around and has put in the necessary work so hopefully he makes it.

  4. By ShakeNcrabs on Aug 8, 2010 | Reply

    Wow, Crabs is shaking Willis. That’s a good sign! So Excited for what this team MIGHT be this year :)

  5. By will on Aug 8, 2010 | Reply

    this was the best draft that i can remember. its about time we go after spots that we needed…. the o- line needed help for so long.. every one puts it all on alex..s but with out protection he cant do any thing. with out a strong o- line gore cant run.. i hope gore hits 2000 yards this year.. but what i would like to see is the corners and back field players practice more on deep balls.. cuz if teams watch film of our atl game last year and how we lost it so bad because our back field got burned on every play. and two years ago how we lost to dallas … well we didnt lose to dallas we lost to T.O we got burned on his deep routes …. our line backers are the best in the nfl… but our c.b f.s s.s. have to do a better job of breaking up the ball with out getting penalties… a lot of the penalties last year were bad calls but thats life.. if they were a little bit cleaner it wouldnt of been an issue.. and every thing the niners have been doing this year i love so much but why oh why did we pick up david carr.. and for shawn hill… come on people really… i live in texas so all i can do for now is read but all i read about carr is a pick here a pick there im sick of it.. he is crap…he was crap with houston and where ever he went after that … i would rather have nate davis out there then carr.. davis is a good q.b he showed that in the preseason last year.. and i cant wait to see pat put another hit on someone like he did to that jets player last year.. you people remember that hit.. when i saw it i said ohh ==== i thought that guy was dead for a minute.. patrick willis is a future h.o.f and right now is a f in beast.. i love to watch him play to see his eyes follow the ball and to watch him attack who ever has it.. i watched he chase down people who i thought was gone.. i love him.. and taylor mays … did you people know that he beat the old track star micheal johnsons 40 yard dash time… m. johnson was the fastest man alive at one time .. and mays beat his time and hes only what 20 or so or younger.. there is no wide out that can out run mays and i cant wait to see him chase down owens or steve smith or chad big mouth over rated cinco… damn im ready for this season… if anybody read all of this i thank you for reading and hope you feel the same way i do… so ill end this long letter with a

  6. By HAR1 on Aug 8, 2010 | Reply

    I did read it all!! and I am so stoked. Gonna kick some bootay this year!!

  7. By Since94 on Aug 8, 2010 | Reply

    Will… i also decided to read the blog, and i second your enthusiasm about our chances this year! Although, i doubt we win the super bowl. But i sho would like to see us navigate our way through the relatively easy nfc. The recipe its gonna take for us to atleast be in the nfc chmp. game, will HAVE to consist of our DEFENSE being even better then last year, it must be dominant!! Like early 2000’s ravens D, dominant. Especially our db’s (as u mentioned). Although with a more aggressive and successful d-rush by our lb’s, the db’s would appear to be a lil better. And as for our O, simple; a. Smith needs to throw for 3000 yards, with less then a TOTAL of 12 turnovers overall. And maybe he (f. Gore) doesnt do it alone, but our “running commitee” must rush for the 2000 u talked about.

  8. By edgar on Aug 8, 2010 | Reply

    Yup I read it all and I feel the same way. And Crab shaking up Willis is a good sign cuz he will be puttin on the moves on the opposing defenses this year.

  9. By cisco on Aug 9, 2010 | Reply

    this is our year. go NINERS

  10. By Daniel Salcido on Aug 9, 2010 | Reply

    This year will be depressing… for the other teams. Predicting the 49ers will get ahead in the first half of games, the rest of the game the defense will pulverize opponents offenses, while Frank Gore runs the clock out. This years Defensive MVP… Patrick Willis! Willis should have had it last year. This will be his year for Defensive MVP. I’ve been waiting for a steller season, playoffs and a ring! When we win the Super Bowl I’m going to cry the sweetest tears of happiness!

  11. By addy guerrier on Aug 10, 2010 | Reply

    i read it all. any links or info about taylor mays beating michael johnson in 40 yard dash? I didnt even know track stars run 40 yard dashes only 100 meters.

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