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Photo Blog: Ahead of Schedule

Posted by Scott Kegley on March 29, 2010 – 4:12 PM

Scott McKillop and John Wall

In the spirit of March Madness, linebacker Scott McKillop paid tribute to Kentucky’s dynamic freshman point guard during Monday’s first OTA practice session of the 2010 offseason.  While making “reload” calls in reaction to shifts by the offense, the second-year player from Pittsburgh not only called out the change in assignments, he did so with flare.

“I did the John Wall dance a couple of times, he’s the guard from Kentucky,” linebacker Scott McKillop said.  “I also did a little Spiderman, a little bowling and a few leg kicks.  I just wanted to make it fun so when the offense watches film, we can laugh about it.”

McKillop and the rest of his teammates are much more relaxed at this point of the year than any other season in recent memory.  The offense will be running the same system for two years in a row while McKillop will play in a defense that will be headed up by Greg Manusky for the fourth straight season.

“I’ve got about a month head start compared to last year and I’m familiar with the guys, familiar with the system,” McKillop said.  “I’m more comfortable so you can have fun.  If you can’t have fun out there, you shouldn’t be playing.”

Like McKillop, the rest of the players went through a very lively practice, especially considering training camp is roughly five months away.  Below is a video and several photos from Monday.

QB Alex Smith

WR Michael Crabtree

TE coach Pete Hoener with the tight end group

LB Takeo Spikes

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11 Responses to “Photo Blog: Ahead of Schedule”

  1. By Jack on Mar 29, 2010 | Reply

    Alex better be the starter for 2010. It would be stupid if, for the first time in his career, having the same OC going from one year to the next, he gets replaced yet again by a career backup. Alex Smith for 2010!

  2. By Stevie Gurr on Mar 29, 2010 | Reply

    …I know I’m stating the obvious,but this next draft is SO critical (not that they all aren’t),and I’m a bit unconvinced that the current FO has the wherewithal to make the kinds of football decisions that will benefit the team,but I’m hoping they will ease this fans concerns come draft day…I’m feeling positive though,in spite of my reservations…

  3. By 49R-RYDR on Mar 29, 2010 | Reply

    I have to agree with what Jack said ……………110%

  4. By Keith Wood on Mar 30, 2010 | Reply

    I know this is not the most popular picks, but I agree with the NFL network commentators. The 49ers have weapons on offense and a great defense. To pull it all together we need to make the first two draft picks an OT and OG. If we can protect alex so he can get the ball to Vernon and Crabtree and open some holes for Gore we could score more points. Our defense rarely lets another team score (unless they are having a bad day) more than 14-21 points. If we can get the offense rolling, keep them on the field longer, making good time consuming drives, resting the defense and be able to FINISH a drive we could be in good shape this year. I personally don’t see Carr doing anything, if we wasted a trade of Hill to Detroit and picked up Carr, that makes me concerned for who the “brains to be” are going to draft on draft day.

  5. By jumaro thomas on Mar 30, 2010 | Reply

    Alex could get the job done I have faith in him we just need to adress the offense Line and get some speed on special teams and we will run that divison the time is now

  6. By NinerTico on Mar 30, 2010 | Reply

    It still amazes me how much the media wants to spin a “negative” view on these OTA’s instead of seeing them for what they are: A chance for the team to get acclimated to their new coaches and the coaches to them. The one area of direct importance is the OL and you can see Solari and Brown already working hard.

    Then add the fact that Alex finally gets to continue with the same offense to the point he’s working on blitz pickup on the first day? Wiow! I love it! The fact that Alex already being successful with Crabtree only exemplifies this move.

    Getting the team together this soon is a great way to start the season!

    Great job!

  7. By MCAZ4921 on Mar 30, 2010 | Reply

    I think that Alex has proven he should get one more year to prove himself, he has the same O coordinator for the first time so he’s not having to learn everthing over again. We do need to get him more comfortable in the I formation so that Frank can be at his best. There is an I formation in a 3 receiver spread that keeps him in the shotgun plus we can use the fullback in there. we could utilize both of our tight ends as receivers and just use motion to move to a running play.

    Just as a side bar I think we should take Kyle Wilson instead of Haden. because Haden benefited from a demonstrative pass rush. And we have a hit or miss rush so I can see Haden being beat deep because of his lack of speed. Our first pick should be a OT or Jared Odrick and stop it wth this Taylor Mays talk we cannot waste a pick on such a big risk like Mays if he was such a good player why did’nt it show on the feild were it counts. He’s a bad tackler and no instincts. A good player is a mixture of talent, drive, and body of work. Not a great combine workout.

  8. By Jon on Mar 30, 2010 | Reply

    I agree w/ Keith. However, w/ the 13th we shld def address the RT, ie bulaga or williams or whoever. With the 17th, Earl Thomas or Kyle Wilson cld provide much needed speed and youth to an aging Def backfield. We cld grab a solid OG in 2nd rnd, like the kid from Fla, Pouncey? GO NINERS!

  9. By Mark Wilson on Mar 30, 2010 | Reply

    I would absolutely love getting a RT and Guard. In a perfect world we would have Trent Williams and Mike Lupati. Talk about solidifying a great line. and Alex Smith Would show why he was the number one pick. But getting Williams at this point is not happening. He’s gained too much recognizion

    RT- Trent Williams
    RG- Mike Lupati
    C- Eric Heitman
    LG- Chilo Rachal
    LT- Joe Staley

    Wow, that can be a special line of talent.

  10. By TIM on Mar 31, 2010 | Reply

    Yep,we can all dream big and hope that with all great players around alex,that he can finally take that next step up and become near average as an NFL QB.
    With a great defense that will have to be good enough,until Nate Davis gets ready..

  11. By MCAZ4921 on Mar 31, 2010 | Reply

    I do think Nate Davis could be a steal from last years draft. But at the same time I will give Alex the benefit of the doubt considering he has the same offense for the first year ever, plus he made great strides considering he only played 9 games and to be quite honest our line sucks on the right side. We should have never resigned Barry Simms I saw too many times someone just blowing past his slow butt.

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