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49ers Value Offseason Workouts

Posted by Taylor Price on March 19, 2010 – 12:23 PM

Competition doesn’t just exist inside of NFL stadiums or on practice fields, it’s long rooted in the offseason workouts held at various team facilities around the league.

It’s at these conditioning programs that players compete against each other in almost everything they do.

And those competitions are reason enough for Pro Bowl defensive tackle Justin Smith to train at 49ers headquarters, even when he could easily get in shape anywhere he chooses.

“I think replicating the running and the amount of stuff we do is hard to do on your own, to be honest with you. You can wake up and be like, ‘I’m going to do all this stuff,’ and not ever do it,” Smith explained. “Being here around the guys brings out the competing and I think competing is the main reason we’re all here.

“We can compete on every lift and every run, so it makes us all work harder.”

Smith was named to his first Pro Bowl after his second year with the 49ers, thanks to the effort he puts into everything he does, offseason workouts included.

But even after experiencing the Pro Bowl atmosphere for the first time in his nine NFL seasons, Smith isn’t letting it change his goals.

“I want to win. I’m not focused on going to another Pro Bowl honestly. For me, it’s let’s win, get to the playoffs and win a Super Bowl. That’s what it’s all about.”

Veterans and young players alike have been adamant about taking part in the offseason program, but it becomes even more important if it’s their first chance to work out in the offseason with their teammates.

“It’s good being here because I can get a head-start with the playbook and focus on 49er football,” running back Glen Coffee said.

Coffee spent the offseason determined to get ready for his second NFL season and will use the 49ers offseason program to further prepare himself for the rigors of pro football’s calendar.

“I’ll be lifting on Fridays too. I don’t have anywhere really to go. For me, it’s all about preparing my body for the season,” he said.

Click here to check out photos from the 49ers first week of offseason conditioning.

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10 Responses to “49ers Value Offseason Workouts”

  1. By Jo on Mar 19, 2010 | Reply

    Coffee looks and sounds serious, but we all know talk is very cheap! Only time will tell if he will be able to back up his “preparation”… I look foward to seeing his progress, he definately showed a glimpse of what hes capable of doin last season.

  2. By NInersRuleTheBay on Mar 20, 2010 | Reply

    Personally I liked watching kory sheets play.I really thought they were going to keep him, I was surprise to see him go. I like Glen too,but Sheets to me seemed faster with better moves.
    I hope Glen the very best, I hope he does well….and lets take it to the house this year!

  3. By dannyboy on Mar 20, 2010 | Reply

    every year we hear about some one who breaks out after a excellent offseason work out regimen.it would be awsome to see coffey develope into thenext star.Just not so likely.I do believe being here a full year will make a difference.t. williams is rumored to be taken by the raiders,and has anyone got any information on this rumor of mcculloch to the raiders ?

  4. By GC on Mar 20, 2010 | Reply

    Coffee will only be in his 2nd year. I hope we don’t draft a running back (e.g., Spiller) with our 2 first round picks. Coffee can be a legitimate NFL running back due to his work ethic, and “no nonsense” attitude. We need a right tackle, safety, or defensive lineman more than a running back in the draft.

  5. By Jon on Mar 20, 2010 | Reply

    Am I the only one who is extremely dissapointed with the offseason so far? There were a lot of free agents out (Sharper for example) there that could help us out and we are not doing anything. Now we are looking at pacman? He shouldnt even be allowed to play after all he did. The last time he played he was terrible with the cowboys. He will never be the player he once was. Im ok with the carr signing. Who is the guy from the vikings? Look at all the moves seattle and arizona made so far! We need to have a good draft day.

  6. By AZNINERNUT on Mar 20, 2010 | Reply


  7. By E-pocalipto on Mar 20, 2010 | Reply

    That’s a Dream Team AZNINERNUT.!Don’t forget Alex,David or Nate will need time to get it to them,So i’m hope’g for that OT pass protector & Run smasher that makes ALL the difference..I don’t think Marshall will be there but the others can be had…P.S. Please do not pick up JONES.

  8. By Chuck on Mar 21, 2010 | Reply

    I hope the Pacman Jones thing is out of their system! That’s a huge waste of money!

  9. By Nineroverseas on Mar 22, 2010 | Reply

    In response to AZNINERNUT.

    Lets just grab every star in the league and then we can win! it dosnt work that way. We dont need Marshal, the receiver core that we have now is where we need to be. If you want to add to the effectiveness of this offense then lets stick to what we are great at. Running the football, lets get some O linemen in the first rounds and get Gore the football. Hes a beast and needs to be used. You want teams to not blitz and keep Alex feeling safe in the pocket then we need a strong running game. The moment teams put 8-9 guys in the box is the moment we have an opportunity to throw the football downfield during man coverage.

    And in regards to “offseason disappointment” the cardinals got rid of 4 of their best players in 2 offseason. 2 great wide receivers, a QB, and linebacker. They dismantled their team and more or less gave up any chance of stopping the niners this year. Losing Danby was a huge mistake being that the niners have the best chance to win the division and are a run oriented offense. Signing Anderson is just disgusting, he has accuracy problems in college and still in the Pros. The talent is there but he cant read defenses… anyways Im thankful we havnt had the same practices as the cardinals.

  10. By coffee fan on Mar 24, 2010 | Reply

    glen coffee is a beast and would of done a much netter job last year if he had better blocking. fanke gore is frank fore you know and even he had trouble running the niners need to do a better job in run and pass protection and W.T.F david carr really i laughed at him for years because he sucked and now i have to watch him every sunday CRAP oh well good luck glen coffee he will be the future of the niners remember i said that well thanks for reading my thoughts

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