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Combine Leftovers and Closing Thoughts

Posted by Taylor Price on March 2, 2010 – 5:31 PM

It was a great trip to Indianapolis this past weekend at the 2010 NFL Scouting Combine. We spoke with the countless NFL prospects, interviewed two of the NFL’s top information men from two major networks, spoke with our head coach and general manger, toured the 49ers interview room and even caught up with the athletic training staff.

On top of all that, interviewing groups of players over a four-day period gave us a lot of information on this year’s prospects.

It also gave us insight on members of the 49ers current roster. 

For instance, Virginia Tech punter Brent Bowden recalled how talented of a player 49ers wide receiver Josh Morgan (49ers sixth-round pick, 174th overall in 2008) was during their time as college teammates.

“Josh Morgan used to strike fear in the front line of our punt team,” Bowden recalled. “Whenever we would do it in practice every day, I’d used to hear my snapper or one of my guards talk about, ‘Man, Josh Morgan is the hardest dude ever to block!’”

Bowden said he and the rest of his teammates on the punt team took pride watching Morgan play with the 49ers over the past two seasons.

“Whenever they’re on TV I try to catch them because I know he’s playing there. I know he’s doing a pretty good job.”

The 49ers first-round pick of 2009, (10th overall) also was praised by one of his teammates.

Guard Brandon Carter, known for his imaginative face-paint worn on gamedays in college and pass protection for Red Raider quarterbacks, had rave reviews for his former teammate Michael Crabtree.

“He deserves a lot of credit, he was a great player and he was a hard-worker,” Carter said of his teammate who caught 41 touchdowns in college. “I did follow what he did this season and I think he did well. He’s going to do a lot better in years to come. I always had all the respect in the world for him. He was a great player and a good guy in the locker room.”

Likewise, Pittsburgh tight end Dorin Dickerson followed the play of his college teammate, Scott McKillop (49ers fifth-round pick, 146th overall in 2009).

“I heard he was Special Teams Player of the year for the 49ers, that’s pretty good.”

Dorin ran an Eric Dickerson-like 4.4, 40-yard dash at the Combine thanks to all the hard work in his preparation. McKillop noted in his last rookie diary he was working out with his former teammates, Dickerson being one of them.

“He was telling us what to expect here at the Combine,” said the impressive, 6-2, 230-pound tight end.

Dickerson might have received a head’s up on what to expect, but once he arrived at Lucas Oil Stadium, the magnitude of the event struck him instantly.

“I’ve been watching the Combine since I was little, it’s kind of cool actually seeing yourself there. When I pulled up, I was looking at the stadium like, ‘This is the real deal.” So you have to be prepared for it.”

In case you missed any of the headlines, photos, or interviews from the Combine, check out 49ers Combine Central for a comprehensive look at 49ers.com’s coverage.

And for all the best Combine performances, NFL.com has the top workout numbers posted here.

In the coming days we’ll have more Combine-related content including  1-on-1 interviews with a handful of the draft’s top prospects from both sides of the ball, including one Bay Area talent you might be familiar with.

Until then, put on your GM hat and discuss your draft opinions in the comment section of this post.

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50 Responses to “Combine Leftovers and Closing Thoughts”

  1. By BEETLE BEILHARZ on Mar 2, 2010 | Reply


  2. By JJ on Mar 2, 2010 | Reply

    I wonder how viable a trade up is. Package our 1 and 3 maybe? An Eric Berry/ Trent Williams 1st round would be cement solid.

  3. By Scott on Mar 2, 2010 | Reply

    I agree Kyle Wilson would be a great addition.
    I’m in Boise so I’ve been watching him develope.

  4. By Joe on Mar 2, 2010 | Reply

    Is Dorin Dickerson an NFL tight end or could he function as a ………..?

  5. By Joe on Mar 2, 2010 | Reply

    In the above post, I was thinking wide reciever but, I was a little redicent to suggest it. Could this guy help the niners?

  6. By MCAZ4921 on Mar 2, 2010 | Reply

    This is an easy one.
    #1 Jared Odrick DE/DT Penn State
    #2 Kyle Wilson CB/KR Boise State
    #3 Vladimire Ducasse T/G UMass
    #4 Toby Gerhart RB Stanford
    #5 Emmanual Sanders WR SMU

    Notice something most players can play two positions.

    Don’t even say QB

  7. By AlexMcD32 on Mar 2, 2010 | Reply

    i like this as my draft board for the 1sst four picks for the niners- 1. Mike Iupati 2. Jahvid Best 3. Brandon Graham 4. golden tate

  8. By MCAZ4921 on Mar 2, 2010 | Reply

    We can get a WR later what good is a receiver when we only have an above average QB unless Nate Davis can develope. So we need DL/OL/CB and there are no quality QB’s in this draft unless we can get Tebow in the 4th round I wouldn’t take him any sooner. Plus I really like taking Toby Gerhart in the 3rd hes a Tom Rathman type back. Plus I think we can get good value with WR Emanuel Sanders in the 4th or 5th rd

  9. By ftk on Mar 2, 2010 | Reply

    manase tonga will be a good addition, the perfect fullback.

  10. By cee on Mar 3, 2010 | Reply

    cj spiller n trade the other pick to get peppers or kampman

  11. By 49ers Faithful on Mar 3, 2010 | Reply

    Here is my idea for the draft
    1st-Jason Pierre Paul
    1st-Taylor Mays
    2nd-Patrick Robinson
    3rd-Myron Rolle
    4th-Pat Angrer

  12. By MCAZ4921 on Mar 3, 2010 | Reply

    Pepper’s is a free agent so we don’t need to give up a pick, but I would not take him unless he wants to switch to LB and it will cost too much too sign him and spiller is not an option and he is OVERRATED.

  13. By edggy on Mar 3, 2010 | Reply

    Tebow u funny , and trading up too take Berry not gonna happen ,when O Line and pass rush is of major concern ,do love the Toby G thought though ,can give the team a one two bunch and then the defense cant key on the fullback ,way too predictable ,follow norris and find Gore ……O Line O line ,passrush rush then Toby G ,Cb……………Wr later in the draft ( shipley )

  14. By Will on Mar 3, 2010 | Reply

    The Niners need to select OT Trent Williams and G Mike Iupate with there first to picks and trade back up into the first round to get CB Kyle Wilson, and pick up Darren Sproles and Daunte Robinson in free agency.

  15. By Ken Love on Mar 3, 2010 | Reply

    I think that we need to get better on the d line so the best 3-4 defensive takle to me is NT Terrence Cody who is a beast and ran arguably the best 33-4 defense in college last year

  16. By Click186 on Mar 3, 2010 | Reply

    I think we need to get the best player available with the 13th pick and take the best O Lineman with the 16th

  17. By REEDLEY 559 on Mar 3, 2010 | Reply

    we need c.j. spiller to help frank gore , gore cant do everything.

  18. By REEDLEY 559 on Mar 3, 2010 | Reply

    we need c.j spiller to help frank gore, gore cant do everything

  19. By romes on Mar 3, 2010 | Reply

    we were third in the league in sacks this season. pass rush isnt a huge concern, especially since we stop the run so well. we need o line and corner backs. a right tackle is a given and i would like to get the best corner avaliable to replace clements, but getting mike iupati to replace bass is a very tempting offer

  20. By romes on Mar 3, 2010 | Reply

    and theres no downside to getting tebow in one of the later rounds. anybody who says differently is a complete hater

  21. By captain49er on Mar 3, 2010 | Reply

    trade back both first rounders to get additional picks. then trade the lastest 1st for brandon marshall. then take the best corner available.use your earliest 2nd on tebow. and pick up thomas jones in free agency.

  22. By Krysis49 on Mar 3, 2010 | Reply

    The O-line is a definate concern with the injuries that we have had.. but our safety is a big issure as well. We have a solid D-line and a really good recievers that can grow with alex smith as he develops. If in the first round we get taylor mays or cb kyle wilson and a top offensive lineman then we r in good shape. the second round should be another cb.. wednt need a running back until maybe next year or later coffee did surprisingly well with what he had to work with last season, and gore has a few years left before his legs giveout. btw im only 20 years old!

  23. By dan on Mar 3, 2010 | Reply

    1ST) we should sign DARREN SPROLES as our KR/PR
    2ND) Try to get free agent FS Antrel Rolle or Ryan Clark
    3RD) Try to get free agent CB Dunta Robinson

    why waste picks when there are proven players in free agency now, so lets just say we got sproles and none of the others

    1st) OT Trent Williams / if hes gone, it will be Kindle-OLB/DE / FS/SS-Berry / FS/SS-Mays / DE-Morgan

    1st) Taylor Mays – Dashon is a better FS so Taylor can play SS and stay in the box (earl thomas is too small, berry will be gone)

    2nd) Best CB available or NT – Brandon Ghee, Robinson, Warren (CODY SO WE DONT HAVE TO PAY FRANKLIN SO MUCH)

    3rd) Best OG or RB available or NT (CODY?)

    4th) Best WR or NT

    5th) Best KR/WR

    6th) Best DB – CB/S

    7th) special teams standout…

  24. By pablo on Mar 3, 2010 | Reply

    we need o-line on our two firts round selections, then safety, cb, and enything but O-LINE PLEASE

  25. By MCAZ4921 on Mar 3, 2010 | Reply

    Hi Everybody,
    I know that some of you beleive that some players will be there when its time for us to pick they won’t. The following players will not be there when we pick. Trent Williams Mike Iupati, Bulaga, Eric Berry, Joe Haden. Any of the top 4 DT’s to include Cody. The Raiders will take Taylor Mays hes a height, weight, speed guy Al Davis drools over. our only hope is to trade w/ Detroit to get one of these player’s, but it aint gonna be cheap. Secondly all those people who want Darren Spoles your idiots we can get a better back in the draft there are like 12 guys in this draft that are beasts and if we get one in the third say Toby Gerhart we can get a goaline briuser he only had like 20 TDs last year. And Stop it with the Peppers Talk any team who takes him will have to pay like 17 million a “year”. Our best chance is too get Daunte Robinson and move Clements to the safety position. So What am I saying the best player when we pick will Be Jared Odrick DE/DT Penn State, and for all you who want the sexy 1st RD pick I DONT WANT ANOTHER GIOVANNI CARMAZZI Bust type player. We were lucky that we got Coach Singletary and he turned Vernon Davis around. And Alex still has alot to show me, he definately was better but we need more improvement.

  26. By Paul flores on Mar 3, 2010 | Reply

    O-line? One gaurs tackle won’t cut it.

  27. By boogie on Mar 3, 2010 | Reply

    r u kidding go get that tackle bruce cambell hes 6 6 and 312 and ran a 4.8 we need bookend tackles and then go get taylor mays him and goldson would kill back there

  28. By leatherneck on Mar 3, 2010 | Reply

    1) C.J. Spiller……………………………………………………………… RB/WR/KR
    I believe his presence on the field will equal an additional 10 points scored on average by our offense per game due to apposing defenses being forced to double team him in pass coverage, which will create opportunities for other players and then there’s Spiller’s scoring ability as a running back and kick return specialist.
    1) Carlos Dunlap…………………………………………………………..DE
    His presence on the field could easily equal seven to ten less points scored by opposing offenses and more interceptions by our secondary . He presence will statistically elevate the play of all our defensive players, enabling us to wait until next year to start rebuilding our secondary. Don’t worry about his DUI, just thank our lucky stars if he is available when we pick..
    2) Best OT available
    3) Jacoby Ford………………………………………………………………WR/KR
    His and Spiller’s 4.30 speed will give defenses fits and give Smith the weapons he will need to go along with Davis, Crabtree and Gore to take the 49ers to the Super Bowl.
    4) Best safety available
    5) Pat Angerer ………………Special Teams………………………..ILB
    6) Junior Galette …………….Special Teams ……………………. OLB
    7) Best player available
    Use free agency to find secondary help.
    Yes, my suggestions are leaning hard towards the offensive side of the ball and that’s because the 49ers don’t have a respectable offense and only need one impact player to consistently put pressure on the quarterback for the rest of the defense to come together as a very solid unit.

  29. By Austin on Mar 4, 2010 | Reply

    Why do people on here keep saying to trade one of our 1st rounders for a player who is already a FREE AGENT!
    Are you guys retarded?FREE AGENT!!!Any how,here is my mock draft that I believe will help the 49ers with all they’re needs to get back to the postseason.

    1st round-C.J. Spiller-RB or Dez Bryant-WR
    1st round-Anthony Davis-OT-Rutgers
    2nd round-Vlad Ducasse-OG/OT-UMass
    3rd round-Brandon Ghee-CB-Wake Forest
    4th round-Myron Rolle-SS-Florida St.

    And it couldn’t hurt to look at Leigh Bodden-CB or Dunta Robinson-CB in the free agent market.

  30. By bruce on Mar 4, 2010 | Reply

    RD1A RB/ RT C.J. Spiller RD1 B OT Trent Williams RD2 CB Brandon Ghee RD3 WR Demaryius Thomas RD4 OG Mike Johnson RD5 S Myron Rolle RD6 WR/ RT Trendon Holiday RD7A QB John Skelton RD7 B K Hunter Lawrence

  31. By Joe on Mar 4, 2010 | Reply

    Don’t see many viable options on here for what should actually happen.
    Pick 13 = Trent Williams
    Pick 17 = Taylor Mays
    The niners need a safety that strikes fear into people they don’t have that threat an Patrick Willis can’t chase everyone down so bring me Taylor Mays singletary will do great things with him.

  32. By Perry on Mar 4, 2010 | Reply

    Anyone put any thought into grabbing an OL with the 13th pick then trading our 17th pick if we could sign Brandon Marshall? I mean, I know there is a lot of talent, but with the draft comes a lot of risk… Why not grab a stud like Brandon Marshall who had a rediculous year last year even in an environment where he isn’t happy. I agree that Alex still has a lot to show and I think we should be patient with his development. Then with the 2nd round pick you grab another OL or CB then I think we should go after Shipley maybe in the 3rd round or if he stays around unitl the 4th definitely snatch him up… That would be rediculous! Marshall at No. 1 wideout Crabtree at No. 2 then Shipley as the Slot guy plus he can return kicks for us. Then you have Davis at TE… I understand we also need to work on the defensive side of the ball but I dunno… I just don’t think you let up an opportunity like Marshall just slip away. I know there’s also risk, but if we can get him in and he’s happy then he will go crazy for us!

  33. By Perry on Mar 4, 2010 | Reply

    Just to clarify for above post so I don’t get yelled at… In the case of Peppers you are correct, he is an unrestricted free agent and thus you don’t have to trade. So, I just wanted to make sure that I put down that I realize how free agency works and in Brandon Marshall’s case, they put a 1st round tender on him which means in order to sign him you have to give up a 1st round pick.

  34. By MCAZ4921 on Mar 4, 2010 | Reply

    Hey people who think Taylor Mays will be there when we draft your wrong Al Davis is “Going” to take him, everybody knows he drools over players like him. And C.J. Spiller is Garbage he’s an injury waiting too happen. So to pay him first round dollars is “Rediculous”. Thirdly WE NEED DE/OT/G/CB First not WR/S/RB second We have alot of holes to fill, and smart people fill the trenches first

  35. By Wil on Mar 4, 2010 | Reply

    Take CJ Spiller if he is there at #13. Go get Trent Williams at #17 No was is he garbage. If he’s garbage so it Toby G.

  36. By 49ERZFAN iN NC on Mar 5, 2010 | Reply

    Here’s my thoughts….

    1) gerhart in the 4th b/c he’s a solid bruiser.
    2) mays as the 16th b/c he’s the next troy p…. both went to usc
    3) OT in 13th pick
    4) sign mcnabb or bulger as FAgent because need a consistent QB who’s proven.

  37. By BigKen on Mar 5, 2010 | Reply

    I think we should go with CJ Spiller at No.13 and either Mike Iaputi or Trent Williams. Spiller will compliment Gore immensely and the O-line will add much needed improvement.

  38. By BigSex on Mar 5, 2010 | Reply

    My draft thoughts and opinion:

    1RD. CJ Spiller (RB) or Earl Thomas(S)

    1RD. Brian Bulaga (OT) or Mike Iupati (OG)

    2RD. Marshwan Gilyard (WR)

    3RD. Greg Hardy (DE)

    4RD. Brandon Ghee (CB)

    5RD. Colin Peek (TE)


  39. By BigSex on Mar 5, 2010 | Reply

    My draft thoughts and opinion of 2010:

    1RD. CJ Spiller (RB) or Earl Thomas(S)

    1RD. Brian Bulaga (OT) or Mike Iupati (OG)

    2RD. Marshwan Gilyard (WR)

    3RD. Greg Hardy (DE)

    4RD. Brandon Ghee (CB)

    5RD. Colin Peek (TE)

    6RD. Sean Canfield (QB)

    6RD. Manase Tonga (FB) Sleeper Pick

    7RD. Dennis Landolt (OT) Sleeper Pick

    Sleeper Picks will be starting full time 2011 season.

  40. By NorCal Dave on Mar 6, 2010 | Reply

    Rd1 – 13 Trent Williams OT: pass protector
    Rd1 – 16/17 Dexter Davis DE: pass rusher
    Rd2 Taylor Mays SS: Secondary enforcer
    Rd3 Toby Gerhart FB: short yardage/goal line stud
    Rd4 Dorin ****erson TE/WR/H-Back: complimentary speed opposite Davis
    Rd5 Golden Tate WR/KR/PR: perfect slot receiver for spread
    Rd6 & 7 Fastest MoFo Available at CB: Add as much speed to secondary as we can to replace geriactric slowpokes from last season

  41. By Jude16 on Mar 6, 2010 | Reply

    We need to come out of this draft with 3 healthy, sturdy Offensive Linemen. An experienced veteran QB would be a great trade pick up but, a free agent QB, a Frank Gore back-up, or Toby Gerhart all would need a more reliable front line. We were 26th against the pass rush.

  42. By Will on Mar 6, 2010 | Reply

    trade Nate Clements for a 2nd and 3rd round pick and trade back later in the first round for a late first and second round pick that would give us 5 picks in the first two rounds and we will come out on top o line corner safety running back or olb it will all be covered.

  43. By leatherneck on Mar 6, 2010 | Reply

    After further consideration and research I have changed my mind regarding our first four picks.
    1) Everson Griffen (USC) or Brandon Graham (Michigan)……… DE
    Changed my mind regarding Dunlap. His combine stats denote laziness. He only benches 225 pounds 21 times. Both Everson and Graham are ten better. Dunlap has a lot of upside, but we cannot take a chance here.
    1)Kyle Wilson………………………………………………………………CB/S
    Kyle is a great cover guy with linebacker strength.
    2) Jared Veldheer………………………………………………………….OT
    Jared is very athletic and a mountain of a man. Has no problem with speed rushers. We might be able to wait until the third round to pick him up, but I wouldn’t take the chance. I personally see him as a steal, even if he does have short arms for his height.
    3) Toby Gerhart…………………………………………………………….RB
    WE are in desperate need of a short yardage power back. 49er fans will love Gerhart much like they did Rathman . Great blocker, power runner and receiver.
    4) Jacoby Ford………………………………………………………………WR/KR
    His 4.30 speed will give defenses fits and give Smith the final weapon he will need to take the 49ers to the Super Bowl.
    5) Best OG/OT available
    6) Pat Angerer…………(Special Teams Player)…………………… ILB
    7) Junior Galette……… (Special Teams Player)……………………OLB
    Use free agency to find additional secondary help.

  44. By DONT TELL ME SHOW ME on Mar 7, 2010 | Reply

    Niners win division !!! Cardinals lost too many key players, Rams draft D/T or QB, either way their still years away from division contenders, Seahawks, new coach, new system, even if they sign B. Marshall from Denver.

    So whoevers job it is to make this team better, wether inprove the O-Line and give Smith all day back there, or D-fence with pass rush = sack, fumbles, ints, but wait the 2nd game against the Cards was it 5 or 7 turn overs and I was still worried the Niners might still lose, or is it special teams, find the next Jackson form the Eagles, I think thats his name.

    I dont want to see or hear that BS about, He was the best player on or Draft Broad. The Niners make the playoffs and once there anythings possilble.

  45. By kGAM on Mar 8, 2010 | Reply

    Like the idea of giving Ravens the #17 to sign Gaither as our LT. Then we have #13 to pick top player available with target being the DBackfield

  46. By Tad Babcock on Mar 8, 2010 | Reply

    All of you have good points, O-line is a def. NEED but it doesnt matter if you dont have a good QB!!! I’m sorry but Alex to me is NOT a starter, Shaun Hill is a little better than Smith but not by much!!! I say give Nate Davis a try. But I think we NEED a veteren QB someone like Jake Dellhome!!! Or someone anybody I think would be the best thing to focus on!!! If Tebow is available in the 13th pick go for it!! But PLEASE get a veteren QB we NEED one BAD!!!

  47. By VA49er on Mar 9, 2010 | Reply

    WTH…. DAVID CARR???? What were they thinking??!! Why do we need another dud quarterback?? There are many more availabilities that would have been more productive. Yeah he’s a veteran, but he is nothing more than a backup! So now we have another quarterback with good backup potential…WTH 49ers… Do you not realize that these quarterbacks are happy being backups so they get paid big money and sit on their butt all season… get your crap together team… stop bein cheap a**es and get out there and spend some money! Dang saving money for the new stadium, let’s get another championship ring!!!

  48. By VA49er on Mar 9, 2010 | Reply

    oh and tebow will be gone in the top 10 picks.. watch my words. He has way too much potential to pass up on him and not give him a shot. and he’s the only quarterback in the top 5 to not have major injury problems. He WILL be a top ten pick overall GUARANTEED! And if he is still available when it’s our late first round pick, GRAB HIS A**!!!

  49. By 9erfaninSD on Mar 11, 2010 | Reply

    Shut up with the Tebow stuff….anybody who knows anything about football knows that he is NOT an NFL qaurterback. Florida has had great college qb one after another and not one of them has done anything in the pros. FLORIDA DOES NOT HAVE A PRO SYSTEM!!! Florida qb’s who were great in college but haven’t done crap: Rex grossman, Chris Leak, Jesse Palmer, Danny Wuerffel- just to name a few….we have many needs but we should fill with our first three picks O-line, S/DB, Oline/LB whichever is best player.
    Hopefully Taylor Mays is available and Al Davis dumass doesn’t pick him.

  50. By 9erfaninSD on Mar 11, 2010 | Reply

    To clarify on the Tebow thing…first round picks are for quarterbacks who are not a risk. You don’t “give someone a shot” with your first round pick. you do that with your 3rd-4th rd pick

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