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Crabtree Concerned With Wins, Not TDs

Posted by Taylor Price on November 19, 2009 – 4:15 PM

After Thursday’s practice, 49ers rookie wide receiver Michael Crabree spoke with reporters in the locker room on a number of topics. The conversation ranged from him assessing his own play through four games to his thoughts on being held without a touchdown so far in his NFL career.

“My concern is winning,” Crabtree said. “If we’re winning, then I can’t complain.”

Click here to listen to Crabtree’s interview.

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76 Responses to “Crabtree Concerned With Wins, Not TDs”

  1. By geovanni olivas on Nov 19, 2009 | Reply

    Crabtree gets his first td against GB

  2. By pragnesh on Nov 19, 2009 | Reply

    Hi he is my boy .He will other RICE for Niners. Just
    needs to give him some time to get in game .

    Hi GO CAB bit green bay!!!!!! you will be big part
    go baby baby

  3. By DAVID on Nov 19, 2009 | Reply

    crabtree shoiuld return punts and kickoffs! dont worry he’ll get his td’s! they need to try out nate davis! hill and smith are’nt consistent qb’s!

  4. By sam on Nov 19, 2009 | Reply

    And david isn a consistent human being.

  5. By what up on Nov 19, 2009 | Reply

    crabtree, you bad, thats all i gots ta say

  6. By Martin on Nov 19, 2009 | Reply

    Please get rid of Jimmy Raye. We need someone with a creative playbook. Someone who will help Alex get points on the board.

    Bring in Mike Shanahan as offensive coordinator and pay him what ever he wants.

    WOW wouldn’t that be incredible.

    Bring in Mike Shanahan BACK TO THE BAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. By jb49erfan on Nov 19, 2009 | Reply

    Crabtree is a star and will shine more each game. He will score…don’t worry. As for Jimmy Raye, he isn’t a good fit here. He gets us down the field and then runs the ball at the wrong times. I’m tired of settling for field goals (and missing a few-love for Ned though). We need to be confident in Alex and let him throw in the red zone. And if we keep being scared and run the ball 3 times in a row at the end of the game (vikings, last week) then Raye really needs to find a new job. Maybe we will see if drafting alex instead of rodgers was a good idea this sunday. Go niners.

  8. By Joseph on Nov 19, 2009 | Reply

    Some of you need to learn how to spell. Its all about the team, Crabtree is the man! We just need a better O-line.

  9. By Chewbacca on Nov 19, 2009 | Reply

    Reply to David…(“crabtree shoiuld return punts and kickoffs!”) Use a first round future star wideout to return kicks…great way to get him hurt..look at what happened to Nate Clements, now with a busted collar bone. Besides crabs isn’t very fast or shifty enough for kick returns.

  10. By Chris on Nov 19, 2009 | Reply

    We do need a better offense cord. norve turner was the closes that had success with Alex.. but i think Battle is perfect for returnin kickoffs and punts

  11. By 49er Gore Rush on Nov 19, 2009 | Reply

    I love Crabtrees professional attitude. He is showing his talent on the field, team first mentailty & his work ethic. Unlike other fans I was not upset over the holdout cause I can understand it is a business. But I can honestly say at the time of the draft and even a little now I think we should have drafted a O-lineman. But I welcome Crabtree and I look forward to watching him grow in the NFL.

  12. By 49er Gore Rush on Nov 19, 2009 | Reply

    Why is the offence’s problems Raye’s fault? For a new OC, changing players on the O-line, change @ qb, gore out for a couple games, inserting Crabtree into the scheme I think Raye is doing one hell of a job. People have no patience!!! Offences need “seasons” to gain continuity. Bring in another OC for Smith, again? Why? If you did not know the Niners are FIRST in the league in scoring when in the opponets 30 yard line. He has turned VD into a monster & has changed his scheme to fit Smith’s talents. Keeping Raye is the best thing the Niners can do. Next season under Raye Smith “should” have a breakout year. Have patients silly mortals or learn more about the game of football before you just blurt out stupidity!! @Martin

  13. By jr on Nov 19, 2009 | Reply

    we need 2get the killing instinct wen we get the lead more passing plays .Gore cant do everything …. 3running plays in a row.is not going 2 get it done. Go Niners…..14

  14. By Mo on Nov 19, 2009 | Reply

    Last time they brought someone in with a creative playbook, he was fired last year. One of the most creative offensive coaches, Mike Martz. Real good idea, since Smith did so well in that system. How about we let him get comfortable with ONE playbook. I mean, he has seen SEVEN so far.

  15. By BEETLE on Nov 19, 2009 | Reply

    Nate has got to get in there and then you will see points going on the board, we will start scoring in the 30-40’s and yes the tree will get mucho td’s

  16. By familyguy on Nov 19, 2009 | Reply

    with that type of att. you are going to be alright crabby,just tell your cord. to be more aggresive when leading or tell gore to tell him when need wins!!!!!

  17. By chris on Nov 20, 2009 | Reply

    go niners! thats all i can say

  18. By young on Nov 20, 2009 | Reply

    we should fire sing for listening to jimmy. He’s not an elite OC. There are lots of coaches available. We should grab them while it last. I don’t think as of right now niners are a playoff team. They have the defense but not the Offense. Look at AZ, their offense are too good to let the niners beat them in the NFC West. We have the wide receivers, but not the QB and OC. Get rid of them!!! My prediction, niners will get blown out by GB. We had a chance to draft Rogers but Scott Mc and Coaches didn’t know better. They thought Alex Smith was better..now Rogers will haunt them in this game. He will throw 5 TDS.

  19. By Matt on Nov 20, 2009 | Reply

    I just don’t understand why we cant spend some money to get good people. I really miss those old days where we was a playoff team. We haven’t been 2 the super bowl in like what….15 years! People been sayin that we’ve been rebuilding. REBUILDING!!! FOR THE LAST 15 YEARS!!!! COME ON!!! The higher poeple to take a look at what’s going on around the league. When are we gonna get a big name QB? Don’t we have the money for one? Are we going broke or are our wallets too tight? But i love my niners!!! Come guys and atleast make playoffs this year.

  20. By Eddie on Nov 20, 2009 | Reply

    Jimmy Raye needs to adjust to the game , also Gore has not been consistent, he gets hurts all the time we need Coffe to caarry the ball more often. Alex has done a good job so far, but the OC has to let him run the spred-offense a lit bit more. And if you notice are D”s is doing better without Clements, his done , he is only good for few snaps but gets burns to many times, and please continue with great tackling like in the Bears game. GO NINERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. By Fatarali79 on Nov 20, 2009 | Reply

    We should give Nate Davis a chance, Smith and Hill had all the chances they need. I can’t say it is the OC fault for everything but we need to be a little aggressive down field in order to stretch the defense. We tend to be predictable at times. Everyone knows we will try to run the ball when it is expected and as professional it should be that way, but we are not clicking on all cyclinders yet. We need that Alex Smith second half of Houston Texans game. Open up the offense it is not easy but it needs to done. The play calling should be mixed up a little, we become to predictable. Mike Sing has been one of the best blessings as a tough, hard working, motivating head coach. The defense is playing at a playoff level but our offense needs to catch up. Please I not saying fire anyone but lets put our pride aside and open this offense up. God bless the coaches, players and staff and God Bless the niner nation.

  22. By Jeff on Nov 20, 2009 | Reply

    The Niners should have went and grabbed Jeff Garcia as soon as the Raiders dropped him! We have a playoff team, but like the other dude said, no QB is the biggest reason! Garcia could have managed games effectively enough to win some games. No playoffs this year if we keep Smith in there. We need to go back to Hill for the rest of the season.

  23. By Dennis on Nov 20, 2009 | Reply

    What we need is to get back mike martz even with the season we had laast year we were 15 in the pass and 3 in the run. we need a real oc and like many of you hace saaid its time to put in davis he did good in the preseson and it would open up our offense. Singletary thinks he’s still in the 80’s one the bears playing. thinking we have that team now a days if you cant pass you can’t win and its quite obvious we can’t we had 5 int’s vs the bears and no points unexceptible. and if we can’t get 7 on the packers were going to lose, gore’s grwat but has been inconsistant, we need too throw more and smith is done, he needs to be ttrades and get a pick for him, for every td he trows there 2or 3 int’s behind it

  24. By Joel nealy on Nov 20, 2009 | Reply

    Anyone suggesting that Gore needs less carries is stupid.

    Anyone saying fire Jimmy Raye is crazy…he has to deal with a makeshift team and we still score points.

    Anyone saying that Nate Davis should start is crazy…the only tim you start your 3rd QB is when you give up and wanna try some things to finish the season.

    Anyone on here saying the Packers will beat us is as useless as an asshole on your elbow…

    Real fans only…Go Niners!

  25. By jbakes49 on Nov 20, 2009 | Reply

    Wow just watched complete game highlights from 49ersnews.com and when you look at the film Alex Smith played a great game. He got outside the pocket and bought time for his receivers. He delivered strong accurate passes and he improvised well when the play broke down. He didn’t get as many opportunities as he should have. We need to find a nice mix on offence. Gore should run the ball at least 25 times per game and Smith should get more chances inside the red zone.

  26. By Jose Sanchez on Nov 20, 2009 | Reply

    Crabtree will get a td and get Jeff Graica and

  27. By GO BLUE on Nov 20, 2009 | Reply

    Look guys and i mean all of you that have no idea about football and how the game works. you can not fire your oc after just one year then all your doing is starting over again. everyone has to be patient give jimmy raye a chance to build his offense its not going to happend over night. look here yes we are all die hard niners fans but we will never be the niners in the 80s and 90s again so what we have 5 super bowls this is not Eddie’s team no more. This a new 49ers team stop holding the these niners players to the same standard as the old niners they know the pressure they know the history they know about the great ones that have put on a 49ers uniform JUST STOP BEING SO NEGATIVE, LOOK IT CAN WE WORSE WE CAN BE LIKE THE BROWNS WHAT A MESS ! GIVE ALEX SMITH A CHANCE, GIVE JIMMY RAYE A CHANCE WE ARE JUST A PIECE TO THE PUZZLE WELL GET UP THERE AGAIN JUST KEEP BELIEVING IN THESE NEW NINERS,


  28. By Kevaroni on Nov 20, 2009 | Reply

    Comment for “49er Gore Rush”: Just a suggestion, bud. You have a good, positive attitude and make some good points. However, before you start telling us we don’t know the game and “just blurt out stupidity!!”, maybe you should consider doing a spell check before you post your comments. “Have patients silly mortals…” Patients are something that doctors have. I believe you were going for “patience”. And those of us who are truly Niner fans always try our best to be patient. Go Niners!!!

  29. By Biz on Nov 20, 2009 | Reply

    The probelm is we have put the reins on Alex Smith in the red zone.
    And we try to force the ball to Crabtree.
    We should load one side of the field with crabtree, v. davis, and morgan.
    Put Hill or Bruce on the other side in one on one coverage.
    That way we can run the ball OUTSIDE the tackles and let morgan and davis block…then we can play action and hit morgan and crabtree on short routes…then every now and then we can take a shot down field with Hill because he will be in one on one coverage

  30. By Jason De carrie on Nov 20, 2009 | Reply

    I’m from Texas and a huge 49er’s fan. Have seen them here 3 times and loved watching them everytime. Crabtree has a great attitude and looks good running his routes. I think Jimmy Raye needs to do some serious redzone play call adjusting. I like Alex Smith as our QB he has a good arm but is not given the chance in the redzone to put up the numbers we need. Crabtree will get his td’s.

  31. By Austin Negrete on Nov 20, 2009 | Reply

    you people are stupid thinking frank gore is not the real deal! He is the one whom gets us touchdown

  32. By 49er Gore Rush on Nov 20, 2009 | Reply

    Thanks for the spelling lesson. BUT the fact still remains some of the “fans” on here need to eat a sneakers bar, since they are never satisfied. And yes suggestions to fire the OC, starting a 3rd string qb while still in the playoff hunt, saying Gore is not a good back and many other outrageous claims, yes is pure stupidity! ALL the elite teams have one thing in common they have had “STABILITY”! And that starts with the coaching staff and players, mainly at the qb position. To suggest anything less is “stupidity”.
    Now professor Kevaroni how did I do with my “spelling” did I meet your standards this time?

  33. By Keezy on Nov 20, 2009 | Reply

    Jimmy Raye’s offense is kind of like Norv Turner’s offense, i think the LAST thing we need to do, is bring in another OC for Alex Smith. The more comfortable he gets with this system, them more and more we will be able to see what kind of arm he has.And i think everyone knows he has a big one. Plus i think he’s played great. Out of his 6 interceptions only two were his fault. He needs to work on his deep ball, but our team is definietly going in the right direction. Gotta love Mike.

  34. By Nelly on Nov 20, 2009 | Reply

    @49er Gore Rush
    I’m sure you meant “Snickers” bar. I would hate to think of a shoe being made into a candy bar. Gross.

  35. By jo on Nov 20, 2009 | Reply

    Garcia? quit playin. Put Shaun Hill back in you SWITCH A*S. Hill has 2 bad games and gets benched, BULLSH*IT. Raye is weak no matter what he is doing. Any coordinater will make Vernon a beast in the game. Raye dont trust his quarterback period. Hill, Smith, and most definitley Nate Davis.These so called fans are just stupid. check my spelling if u wish but bottom line, what good is Crabtree when any of our quarterbacks under center are not trustworthy?

  36. By jbakes49 on Nov 20, 2009 | Reply

    Alex is doing a great job. Just watch film from last game. he looks more comfortable and his pocket presence has greatly improved. He’s doing the little things better than ever before. Just give him a little more time in Raye’s offense and a little more time with these receivers and things will start clicking. Plus think about this; we have 2 1st round picks next year. How nice would it be not to have to spend one of those on a rookie QB. Think about maybe an O lineman. and maybe a CB or LB. I hope Smith puts up good numbers and helps us win some games.


  37. By jeremy on Nov 20, 2009 | Reply

    The main area the niners need to improve is to be able to clear passing lanes for short yardage passes. I think many people on this board are being a little to hard on Jimmy Raye. I’ll admit that the offensive numbers are not what I had hoped for but I can’t blame only the OC. The offensive line has been a problem, receivers have been dropping balls or running bad routes, Crabtree came in almost halfway in the season and Gore was hurt for two games and the niners had to run a rookie RB. For the QB situation, Hill did not adjust to the offense fast enough and ended up standing in the pocket until he got sacked, Smith on the other hand gets pressured into throwing interceptions.

    I am not saying Jimmy Raye has been great, just that when you look at his decisions in context the offensive problems can not be placed solely on him.

  38. By Mike on Nov 20, 2009 | Reply

    Lets get real people Crabtree is a great player but we have to worry about now. Our offense is weak real weak when we cant score without Frank Gore or the defense theres a prob, true enough Vernon Davis is doing his thing just to try and get traded after his contract is up watch what i tell u. I dont care if we got to get a madden 10 champion to run the offense it would probably help

  39. By bigdog on Nov 20, 2009 | Reply

    niners should have picked aaron instead of alex look what he aaron does with a bad line, passing yds/less ints compared to alex less less yards more ints

  40. By john on Nov 20, 2009 | Reply

    I think that they should put in Nate Davis and give him a shot….for heavens sake someone has to know how to throw the ball more than five yards down field!!!!! It will open more chances for TDs for Crabtree and definitely open the run for Gore!!!!!

  41. By NewtonsGrubby on Nov 20, 2009 | Reply

    Last thing we need to do is get rid of Jimmy Raye. We need some consistancy. Singletary is truly a great man. Point blank and period. Great Player, Hall of Famer, one of the greatest LB, a beast to be feared, great motivational speaker, great motivator, and great coach. Give him 5 years and he’ll be a perennial (that means every year to some of you morons) coach of the year. And with the help of the front office perennial playoff coach. I predict he has a coaching matchup with Belechick in the future…. scary but good thought! So says the Lone Wolf!

  42. By NewtonsGrubby on Nov 20, 2009 | Reply

    I believe in Alex as well, he’s taken the hard road and will be better for it. Ball intercepted after bouncing off another players hands, helmets, chests even shouldn’t be held aganst the QB. But stats don’t show it that way. But they don’t show holes opened, pressures, and half of the times and just recently started showing pancakes as a stat. Mostly so the OL has a video game stat. Whatever happened to hurries for that matter as a video game stat? But I digress…… Alex has been through it all and has grown. He and Rodgers will have a great showdown methinks. I predict we win, but i’m a TRUE fan, not a hater. Why piss and moan over stuff we can’t control? Just watch and enjoy our moving foreward as a team. Finallly!!!! I wonder how many of you ever played a team sport let alone football. So says the Lone Wolf!

  43. By willisMVP on Nov 20, 2009 | Reply

    not only do we need a better o-line, we need a new qb, i’m sorry but smith isn’t cutting it. and it showed last week. the defense had 5 interceptions on Cutler and we only won by 4 points, that’s ridiculous. we should’ve killed the bears with that many int’s. and who’s to say we don’t lose that game if lewis didn’t pick off the last throw. gore is the work horse, crabtree has shown he can produce, and look how davis has emerged at TE. why not get a qb who can get them the ball and take some pressure off of gore. not to mention, it’d be nice to pick up some safeties, i don’t understand how we get burned deep almost every single week. piece by piece the niners have been improving, but without a qb we’re not going anywhere. lets get a W this week in GB!!!! 49ers FAITHFUL BABY!!!!!

  44. By jake on Nov 20, 2009 | Reply

    don’t see why they took out S. Hill he has one bad game against the texans oh wow its just the o line need to play more aggresive up front smith sucks its gonna be a grip befor he can be a star the way he played at utah

  45. By Chilly Will 49! on Nov 20, 2009 | Reply

    MC Gonna be the real deal once the Niners get a quarterback that can throw! Hmmm maybe we give Nate Davis a chance see what he can do. Cause right now Hill and Smith are not getting it done!

  46. By jbakes49 on Nov 20, 2009 | Reply

    Anybody who says they should put in nate Davis is a complete retard. Nate davis payed in 3 preseason games against 3rd string defenders and you think he is gonna salvage this season. get real. I swear people should have to pass an IQ test before they write on this message board

  47. By Martin on Nov 20, 2009 | Reply

    I don’t care what you say 49er Gore Rush,Jimmy’s play calling flat out SUCKS.When was the last time you seen Alex roll out by design or have four receivers.How about the play action pass or just go deep to keep the defense honest.
    The entire NFL knows the niners run on first and second and pass on third.Then we complete the f@#$%#! pass but guess what, it was two yards short of the sticks.We play scared,get a couple of points and hope our defense will contain their offense.We cant afford to give away any more games. We cant leave our defense out on the field all day. Eventually they will get tired and give up points.

    I don’t know what games some of you guys are watching.You need to go back and look at the play selections.

    I look at some of the other offences around the league and I know our NINERS
    are better than them.We have so much talent but its not being utilized to its fullest potential.I know we are not clicking on cylinders yet.We have to go with things that we know work.How about this, if something works do again until they stop it.

    When I left the Stick Thursday night I was happy with the W,but feeling sick with 5 picks and 10 points.We almost gave another game away because after Alex got picked we went into full on hermit mode.Who is responsible for that Hmmmmmm.
    That was our buddy Jimmy Raye shutting down anything passed 15 yards.

    Let us all hope Jimmy continues to open the book up and mixes it up alot better to keep the defense guessing.We need at least 28 points this weekend to beat GB.

    Go Niners!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. By big mike on Nov 20, 2009 | Reply

    u all have a lot of interesting blogs. the simple fact remains that we havent learned how to read the other teams play, offense and defense, we have allowed way to many points on defense, and way to many interceptions and not enough points on offense. this is nrvracking i need a taco.

  49. By big mike on Nov 20, 2009 | Reply

    no more interceptions

  50. By big mike on Nov 20, 2009 | Reply

    if that means pulling smith pull him.

  51. By big mike on Nov 20, 2009 | Reply

    i cant say who to put in at qb. it seems like hill didnt get any passing plays longer than 4 yds and smith is just launching it to everybody but our team. in pre season davis looked smoother on his feet than the rest, and seeing how our o line dosent like to block for longer than 2 secs. he would be the next one to try. maybey we can escape those 3 man rushes that seemed to bother smith and hill.

  52. By big mike on Nov 20, 2009 | Reply

    please lord guide our niners back to the playoffs.

  53. By big mike on Nov 20, 2009 | Reply

    if we make it to the playoffs we might just surprise the first team just because nobody even considers the niners as an nfl team

  54. By big mike on Nov 20, 2009 | Reply

    if we lose to gb just hangem up

  55. By big mike on Nov 20, 2009 | Reply

    we need an o line and better secondary this would bring us to the superbowl

  56. By big mike on Nov 20, 2009 | Reply

    we lost to minesota because of bad clock management, period we had that game

  57. By mr.niner81 on Nov 20, 2009 | Reply

    well 49er faithfuls let’s just pray that alex smith can get his head out of the clouds and start playing like the player he supposed to be.Were tired of hearing excuses and seeing poor playing on the field,i know it’s easier said than done but he’s been in the league for a while and it’s clear that he ain’t ready to step up to be the franchise QB the niners need,but i may be wrong!Even though at 5-4 there is still room for improvement so if they play as a unit they can beat the packers or anyone for that matter.OFFENSESIVE LINE “PROTECT THE QB”IF U CAN’T DO THAT THEN THERE’S NO CHANCE!but,i’m always gonna be a niner faithful no doubt!from san antonio,tx

  58. By Jason on Nov 20, 2009 | Reply

    The Niners biggest problem is the defensive line and offesnsive line. The defensive line cannot get pressure if thier lives depended on it and the offensive line couldnt stop a pop warner defensive line. Fix these aspects and Smith will look better, Gore will be able to run better and the defense will get more turnovers and get off the field quicker.

  59. By NewtonsGrubby on Nov 20, 2009 | Reply

    If we make the playoffs, watch out. If everyone remembers it was our division winner in the SB last year. And as the Giants showed against NE a couple of years ago, momentum is everything. If we make the playoffs, and I believe we will, than it will be riding high momentum. Then watch out. That means our offense is starting to click. We have the pieces but they need consistency, which means keeping Jimmy Raye. He’ll start opening up the playbook as our confidence grows, trust me. And 2 first round picks next year?….. Can anyone say dynasty? Singletary IS here to stay and we need to keep Raye and Manusky for sure. Our defense is sooo dominaint, and thats with a BAD offense. We’d be number one in everything if they could stay off the field a little longer and we could figure out how to score. Alex Smith plays better when he’s trying to prove something. Look at when he took over against Houston. I know he says the draft thing with Rodgers means nothing but he wants this win. My prediction, close game, Smith puts up best numbers of the year so far, Gore gets his 4rth in a row with a TD. (a first) Crabtree snags not one but TWO TDS, and Davis does as well. Alex gets over 300 and has no picks, our defense sacks the heck out of Rodgers and we win in Lambeau. Huge confidence boost for us. So says the Lone Wolf, niners fan 4-Life!!!!

  60. By NewtonsGrubby on Nov 20, 2009 | Reply

    Oh yeah and I wanted to mention our 2 FIRST round draft picks and go into that a little further. One must be spent on the O-Line, thats a must. No need for a QB, theres some good free agents if we have to have one. ( And I for one don’t think that we do, not with Smith and Davis) Then we could get a good pass rusher, i.e George Selvie, or someone like that, OR we could get a good defensive back although corners aren’t too deep this year. However Trevard Lindley from Kentucky is WAAAAY underrated. I’m a season Ky ticket holder and he’s pro material all the way, but it takes corners awhile to develop. But there are quite a few great safties out there. Or get a couple of O-Linemen in the first, just in case of a bust, and still pick up a quality safety in the 2nd or later rounds. Lindley will still be around until Rd 3 maybe, unless the scouts see what I’ve already seen. But O-Linemen seem to be deep this year so thats what we need to focus on and then add some depth to the defense. Especially our secondary. But thats still aways off, and I think our front office is already looking to the future. But regardless, 2 first rounders will greatly improve our team. Another star LB wouldn’t hurt us either. As well as depth on the D-line later in the draft. This year could (and I BELIEVE IT WILL) shape up nicely, yes I see us as a playoff team, and with next years draft I think we’ll be an elite, young (VERY KEY WORD THERE…YOUNG!!!) team with one of the best coaches around. I just hope we don’t waste a first rounder on a QB, because theres not any sure things out there. I’m an avid football fan and believe me Bradford, Tebow, and McCoy are ALL overrated. There’s no Flacco or Matt Ryan this year I promise you that. But we have a chance to finally drop the “rebuilding” crap and start becoming an elite franchise again. But I believe that every year so what do I know. Oh I do know a little, I knew Gore was a STEAL, his injury dropped him into our laps, I pegged Staley as a lock, and we ALL knew what we had in Patrick Willis. Oh yeah and look what Vernon Davis, who we got with the 12th pick, turned into with the proper motivation!!! Rebuildings over, playoffs are here, and elite status is just around the corner. Remember kiddies, you heard it here first… Pittsburg may have got to 6 first, but we’ll have 7 SB wins before they do…. I guarentee it! So says the Lone Wolf.

  61. By skyboy71 on Nov 20, 2009 | Reply

    I think the niners are coming along….we are not superbowl material but this team needs to stick to a system longer than one year, I dont agree with some of rayes calls but he has to be scrambling with the cards he has been dealt. (you cant tell me any oc at the pro level or any level with that much experience wants to make bad calls)we still havent recovered from losing bob mckitrick (R.I.P. i think i spelled his name right if not sorry bob) as o line coach he was a genius even just a little more disciplined o line we buy a little more time and makes their blocks then qb makes better decisions, receivers make a few more catches, running backs have better holes, cant drop balls on special teams, tight ends should never jump offsides, if everyone is doing their job just a little better besides atlanta we would have at least 3 more wins, we are getting better, learning from our mistakes, but if we change the system we will have to learn that system before we can even have the opportunity to implement it and find out what works with the talent on the field and learn all those jobs over again. GO NINERS …. LOVE EVERYTHING YOUR DOING!!! KEEP GETTING BETTER AND EVERYONE BETTER WATCH OUT!!! (and we have MONEY this off season) listen to ed, jed and spend some.

  62. By 49er Gore Rush on Nov 21, 2009 | Reply

    @Nelly ha ha that would be tough to swallow.

    Kinda like @Martin is having a hard time swallowing the concept of time when it comes to the oc and qb. But before I get to that if “any” OC could turn VD into a beast why is this his breakout season? Hmm? Oh I know J Raye! So did you watch the chicago game? First play, deep to Crabtree. They ran and passed out of the spread formation. VD & Walker can both stretch the field and block for the run plays out of that formation so you don’t need to WR in the slots to be successful. Yea our O sucked that game BUT we did everything you “claim” we didn’t when you “watched” the game. So my friend what game afe you watching? Granted I do agree we should be able to get 2 yards no doubt about that. But not Rayes fault. You probably hated Young he “grew” in a system and we took the ship! You probably hated Garcia but he had better stats than Montana & Young & now people want him back. He too “grew” under a system. Moral of the story give it TIME & if it fails then yes someone has to go! Until then relax & watch a Niner game sometime you might learn something. Don’t question if I watch the games I have season tickets & tivo every game. Candlestick is in my back yard.


  63. By Barry on Nov 21, 2009 | Reply

    Most of you are hitting it on the head. The problem is not our Coordinators, nor Sing. The issue is lack of protection for Smith. The Offensive Line has been a disaster from the get go. If you throw Hill back in there, we will get lucky with one more win for the rest of the season. Hill has no arm strength. When you take that into consideration, the opposing team will have a stacked Defensive Line because they know that he can’t throw the deep ball. Smith, on the other hand, is a good QB. I watched him out here in Utah and I can tell you from what I’ve seen from him, he has the ability to do great things. There has been a lot of issues that prevent him from doing good, as I stated above with the Offensive Line. No QB in the NFL would be able to perform without the gaps being filled. With that said and done, we are an Offensive Line away from being a really good team. You can’t forget either, the Niners have one of the youngest teams in the NFL. They just need a little bit more experience and to stop making foolish mistakes that result in penalties.

  64. By bomoney on Nov 21, 2009 | Reply

    look ppl we got a gud team we just need that killer instink back like the first 3 games now that we have crabtree in da o.niners start back diggin for gold !!! niner 4 life !!!

  65. By Meangene59 on Nov 21, 2009 | Reply

    Some tell crabtree that you need to score to win

  66. By Meangene59 on Nov 21, 2009 | Reply


  67. By chaser on Nov 21, 2009 | Reply


  68. By chaser on Nov 21, 2009 | Reply

    Crabtree will be fine, our qb is he issue it has been an issue since we drafted number 11 smith which in my opinion is a bust. I believe they have a winner in nate davis just give him a shot.

  69. By 49ers true fan on Nov 21, 2009 | Reply

    The franchise has been hurt by not drafting a quality QB in recent years. We are finally getting back to the winning way of the past; great coaching, strong defense, and a up and coming offense. If we add a QB to this team right now, we could be one of the better teams in the entire league. Alex Smith, and Nate Davis are not franchise QB’s and Shaun Hill is a nice back up but not an everyday guy that can win you some games. Why need to get someone like Sam Bradford, Tim Tebow (a proven winner), or maybe even Colt McCoy… We have everything in place but no QB… I Love My 49ers

  70. By THE TRUTH on Nov 22, 2009 | Reply


  71. By bruce on Nov 22, 2009 | Reply

    First off Morgan and Bruce suck, both should be let go. Next the niners should go back to the west coast offense and get the receivers needed to run the west coast offense. Receivers like Owens, the size, speed and skills Owens once had not his personality. They need to fix the offensive line too, this line is nothing but offensive, in other words they suck.

  72. By Csags on Nov 22, 2009 | Reply

    Crabtree got great hands and its just a matter of time until he catches a short pass breaks a tackle a take it to the house. Yards after the catch is what made Crabtree great in college and he’s got the skills and talent to do the same in college. I think Crabtree will get his first NFL touchdown against Green Bay.

  73. By Martin on Nov 22, 2009 | Reply

    I want to apologize to Jimmy Raye for the negative comments.As I sit here fuming about todays game I realize its not all on Jimmy Raye. Instead of me throwing Jimmy under the bus I want to throw Singletary under the bus.

    Ultimately the game plan resides in the head coaches hands and the offensive coordinator sets up the playbook for the coach.That being said,we were clearly out coached today.

    The defensive did an incredible job seeing how they were on the field for almost the entire first half.

    I have some good seats for sale to the Monday night game or the Lions game if anyone is interested lol.

    Cant wait for next season

    Go Niners!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. By Chilly Will 49! on Nov 22, 2009 | Reply

    First of all Congratulation to Crabtree for his first TD in the NFL!!!…..Once again Niner Nation Mr Alex Smith plays just well enough to LOSE!!!….NEED I SAY ANYMORE!!!!

  75. By bruce on Nov 22, 2009 | Reply

    chilly will 49- what about the defense giving up 30 points? You can’t put that on Alex Smith, c’mon man get real.

  76. By dexter on Nov 28, 2009 | Reply

    hi i think that alex could be a good qb its all him remember that o-line is not that good on protection. work on the o-line make them better or draft better o-line man. as for jimmy i think his play calling just out right sucks. crabtree will be a good wide out we just need morgan to get better. the defence they really need to step there game up.

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