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Singletary and Teammates Applaud Franklin

Posted by Taylor Price on November 13, 2009 – 3:35 PM


A day after beating the Chicago Bears 10-6 at Candlestick Park, Mike Singletary said nose tackle Aubrayo Franklin has been his most consistent player this season.

That’s certainly high praise, considering the player who lines up behind Franklin is two-time Pro Bowl middle linebacker Patrick Willis. But Singletary meant what he said in complementing the play of his nose tackle, who took points off the score board by intercepting Jay Cutler at the Bears 1-yard line.

Known in the locker room for being one of the best dressed players on the team, Franklin became a new kind of trendsetter by becoming the first of five different players to intercept Cutler last night.

“It was fun,” Franklin said of his first-career interception. “But I’m just glad they didn’t get in the end zone.”

Franklin was asked if defensive lineman such as himself imagined scenarios where they intercept a pass and the 6-foot-1, 317-pound nose tackle admitted such things were in fact true.

111309-franklin-sub“I think anybody does on the defensive line,” Franklin revealed. “We’re the guys who rarely get our hands on the ball; we’re trying to knock the ball down. Fortunately, God blessed me to get a pick and I held on to it.”

It was Franklin’s first interception since his high school days at Science Hill High in Johnson City, Tennessee. Back then Franklin was an all-state linebacker who recorded 180 tackles as a senior. Franklin said he would send the ball back home to his mother, Chantini Carter who lives back in Tennessee.

Franklin received even more praise from teammate Jeff Ulrbich who was recently placed on injured reserve. Ulbrich, who remains around the team in a daily basis, interrupted Franklin’s media session to openly share his thoughts on one of the 49ers most underrated players.

“I’m putting this out there right now, anybody that doesn’t recognize that he is one of the top-3 nose tackles in the game right now, doesn’t know anything about football. You know nothing and you shouldn’t be writing,” said Ulbrich as he put his right hand on Franklin’s shoulder.

Ulbrich was asked if Franklin should be in the Pro Bowl this year, to which the 10-year veteran said, “He should, without a doubt.”

More Monday Notes

-After having their longest injury list after the Tennessee game, the 49ers have a shorter injury list following last night’s game. The injury list is: Michael Lewis (stinger), Arnaz Battle (quad), Mark Roman (knee), Adam Snyder (AC sprain), Takeo Spikes (hamstring) and Isaac Bruce (ankle).
-Out of the names mentioned above, all figure to be active for the 49ers next game against the Green Bay Packers. Singletary added that the team will need to monitor Spikes on a day-to-day basis.

-Singletary made a decision in regards to the starting wide receivers for the duration of the season. Josh Morgan will remain in the starting lineup when Bruce regains full strength in his ankle. But Singletary reiterated that Bruce will remain a factor in the offense and will see plenty of playing time.

-One are of concern to Singletary was the kicking game. Joe Nedney missed a 39-yard field goal which could have been a useful three points given the close circumstances at the end of the game. Singletary also said that wind played a factor in him not letting Nedney attempt a 50-plus-yard field goal on the 49ers final possession. Singletary elected to let punter Andy Lee pin the Bears inside the 10-yard line, but Lee was unable to do so. “We have to make those kicks,” Singletary said.

- Singletary was pleased overall with his defense and how they were able to execute the game plan for the Chicago game. “I thought our defense did what we focused on which was creating turnovers,” he said. But Singletary found areas for improvement after watching the game again last night. “We have to continue to work on our tackling on the perimeter,” he added. “We have to continue to keep working at that.”

-In addition to Franklin and others on his defense, Singletary singled out linebacker Matt Wilhelm who filled in nicely for Spikes. “Matt has experience and that helps tremendously.” Wilhelm finished the game five tackles, one of which went behind the line of scrimmage.

111309-smith-sub-A day after he completed two impromptu shovel passes for big gains, Alex Smith said he too found himself asking himself why he was doing it too. “Those things seem to come in spurts like that. You don’t get them, then you do two or three of them and you even ask yourself the same question, ‘Why am I doing it?’ It just kind of happens when you’re playing in the game, you’re not thinking, you’re just reacting. And sometimes it’s just a quicker way to get the ball out. You can’ always set up and have a form throw so it’s easier sometimes just to shove it to the guy.

-Smith praised backup running back Michael Robinson, who converted two first downs on the 49ers final offensive drive. “It was huge, especially when you’re trying to run down the clock,” Smith said. “We had the lead and it was important for us to change field position and take as much time off the clock as we could. To get those third down conversions to eat up quite a bit of that clock… in the end, those are things that help you win the game.”

-The maligned 49ers offensive line put together a solid performance, helping Frank Gore surpass the 100-yard mark for the 17th time in his career.

-“I think as the game went on we got better,” left tackle Barry Sims said. “It would have been nice to finish some drives off, we moved the ball well at times, but we needed to finish drives better than we did and give our defense a better chance where they do not have to win it on the last play of the game.”

-Sims, an avid golfer, will not step foot on a golf course this weekend with the 49ers having the weekend off. “I’m just going to relax, keep my body fresh and get ready for Green Bay,” he said.

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23 Responses to “Singletary and Teammates Applaud Franklin”

  1. By KENNY on Nov 13, 2009 | Reply

    i se49erswinvs GB I GO TO PUT IN Hill, Shaun VS GB WE NEED WINWIN

  2. By Fernando on Nov 13, 2009 | Reply

    Let’s see if you can beat an elite team!! Looks like you gotta get rid of not-so-humble players you have, like the “Heisman trophy” runner-losing-the-ball player!

  3. By Albert on Nov 13, 2009 | Reply

    Good game for the Niners. The Bears kept constant pressure on Smith and not allowing the passing game to flourish. Fortunately the rushing game was working well and the defense was able to to what they have been lacking all season. Takeaways!!!

  4. By jose on Nov 14, 2009 | Reply

    long time fan just would like to see a better attitude about were we are really at. despite an impressive defensive effort we were lucky to come away with the win. a quality opponent would have beat us yesterday. The offense is letting us down and i think its mostly due to lackluster play calling. theres nothing wrong with running the ball but until we prove that we can run it at will why make it so obvious that were doing it at times? alex does better out of the shotgun and weve ran the ball better out of the shot gun so why not do alot more of this? we are not going to get an outstanding defensive effort like this everyweek, and by that i mean the effort will be there but we can expect 5 ints every week. our offesive coordinator needs to step it up

  5. By jon on Nov 14, 2009 | Reply

    Well it was a win, an ugly win, but a win. We just need to learn how to finish drives and execute more on offense. our O line needs to give alex a little bit more time. Work hard this week and lets steal one in green bay.

  6. By michael on Nov 14, 2009 | Reply


  7. By Joe on Nov 14, 2009 | Reply

    Big Aubroyo Franklin SAVAGE!!! Franklin keep it movin like a Bowlin Ball! Sopoaga, ICE!! penetrate their chest plate HARDER! Ray MCDONALDS be more consistent! COWBOY do wat u do WILLIS Do wat u do! Manny Lawson get STRONGER!!! Parys move quicker!!!! Spence & Brown keep it up, Goldson b a little more patient, Michael Lewis move quicker!!!! 9ers DEFENSE ALL DAY ON ALL THE NON BELIEVERS!!!!!!!!! GREAT DEFENSIVE PERFORMANCE!!!! Gore and Davis keep leading the pack its not OVER YET!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. By Foosh on Nov 14, 2009 | Reply

    Isn’t the injury list a lot longer than this ‘blog’ says? What about Clements and Coffee, among others?

    I haven’t heard anything said about the fact that Alex barely threw for over a hundred yards. Our offense is terrible our D is good but unless they score for our anemic O we have no chance of making the playoffs.

  9. By mark johnston on Nov 14, 2009 | Reply


  10. By Steve on Nov 14, 2009 | Reply

    A win is a win is a win. Congrats, Niners! There is still a lot of room for improvement, mostly on offense. But you’ve moved forward and beat the Bears physically. That’s the sign of a tough team. We WILL win this division!

  11. By luke on Nov 14, 2009 | Reply

    Good job guys! What is the defense’s nickname gonna be? The iron curtain, the red beast? We just have to get our passing game going a little more.

  12. By Giggs510 on Nov 14, 2009 | Reply

    It was a win, because cutler helped us out. In greenbay on sunday that will not happen were going to have to win a game ourselfs maybe alex smith will show up and get us some touchdowns and not leave it to the opposing qb to give us the game.The d was ok not great even though they got 5 int the still moved the ball at will with over 300 passing yards. The d needs to start playn like they did the first 3 week of the season and i think its time akex smith starts moving the ball frank can only play running back so were going to need a QB to play well to win in greenbay and keep our playoff hopes alive because cuz we all know one more loss could be the season barring a cardinal major meltdown.
    and P.Willis wasnt looking so good thurday night. We gunna need him on beast mode

  13. By Will on Nov 14, 2009 | Reply

    Anything that ends a 4 game skid is welcome, hopefully we can keep close to Arizona over the next few weeks and sweep at home Monday night.
    It was great to finally see the defense create some turnovers, although I hate to say Cutler helped out a bit with his poor decisions.
    I just pray that the Niners can operate well out of the spread offense and get Davis, Crabtree, and Gore going early in Green Bay!!

  14. By young on Nov 15, 2009 | Reply

    offense need a lot of improvement. Too much running the ball. Let Alex Smith do the shot-gun like he was in college. O line can’t block all day. Alex has to scramble around. He’s not our franchise QB. Our punt returners are suck big tight. We shouldn’t let sheet go. He could be a good punt returner with his speed. Maybe he could be the next Hester. I don’t think niners will win the division. Az is too dam good..but as a die hard niners fan..i guess i have to believe!!!

  15. By David Achiro on Nov 15, 2009 | Reply

    The niners got a “W” and as a Shaun Hill fan I must say I agree with Singletary to go with Alex. I believe Alex is struggling with his reads right now. But when He gets a little more experience his game is going to open up and I think we all will be surprised. There are alot of timing issues in the offense right now and Alex and the receivers are just going to have to work that out from week to week. I think all in all Alex is doing a fine job and deserves the start. Kudos to our awesome defense. Especially from Franklin. What a great game. Franklin should be in the Pro Bowl along with Willis of course. Wilhelm stepped in and played well also.

  16. By DeAnna on Nov 15, 2009 | Reply

    When will you give Davis a shot at the QB spot? He looked good during the pre-season and the thing is , he is not afraid to run and he is very smart.

  17. By Rick on Nov 15, 2009 | Reply

    Well, I was expecting the offence to put up alittle more numebers than 10, but its all about winning! I realy believe the niners realy can make it, thats if the D, and O can work on top of there game like the D did last week, there could be playoff potental. Franklin,willis, clement and the other greats on D this team has great potentiol. Alex, I like, just needs encougagement. Alex you could go down with the other greats in the 49er history. Keep up the good work!

  18. By Amrinder on Nov 15, 2009 | Reply

    Alex has had five OCs, a tough shoulder injury, and still has a very weak O-Line. He has some good weapons in Vernon Davis, Frank Gore, Michael Crabtree (got to learn to catch some of those balls), Issac Bruce. I think Niners OC needs to figure out a way to have Vernon Davis run routs and be able to protect the QB with the O Line and another Delanie Walker so Smith can have a legitimate wepon in the passing game. I wish Niners the best against GreenBay. Alex needs to step up like he did against Seattle back in 2006.

  19. By Gary Bitto on Nov 16, 2009 | Reply

    Being a long time 9er fan I have seen some great QB here. Does Smith have what it
    takes tobe in their shoes??? I see spots where it looks like it and there are times I wonder why?? Yes I know that having 5 OC isn’t easy I wonder why we let some of
    them go. I know it’s a bussiness, but what about there contracts??? Questions for
    the Yorks??? My advice for Jed York need to have lots of talks with your Uncle Eddie

  20. By jeremy on Nov 16, 2009 | Reply

    Franklin deserves recognition for what he has done. He play has been awesome this year. The whole defensive unit would look better overall if the offense could put together a few more drives during a game.

  21. By Eric Patterson on Nov 16, 2009 | Reply

    we need a better passing game why do you think peyton manning is so good? he been in the same system for 10 plus years and thats what what we need. a system they can keep years to come. honsetly mike martz passing game was better than this years. martz system went from dead last to 13 in one season. so i think this year would of ben better. if we kept martz with jimmy raye offense will not make the playoffs. every where he coached all were position coach not oc, i feels though mike shannahan should been our oc for at least 3 or 4 years and secondary coach a jim hasslet or a romeo crennel not good head coaches good postion coaches. norv turner the same good oc bad head coach we need a better pass rush we need to blitz more the o line needs to finish they blocks for gore to get moving and give alex enough time back there. the offense has not been that good since marriucci and we talking at least 7 or 8 yrars

  22. By jo on Nov 17, 2009 | Reply

    Big Aubroyo Franklin SAVAGE!!! Franklin keep it movin like a Bowlin Ball! Sopoaga, ICE!! penetrate their chest plate HARDER! Ray MCDONALDS be more consistent! COWBOY do wat u do WILLIS Do wat u do! Manny Lawson get STRONGER!!! Parys move quicker!!!! Spence & Brown keep it up, Goldson b a little more patient, Michael Lewis move quicker!!!! 9ers DEFENSE ALL DAY ON ALL THE NON BELIEVERS!!!!!!!!! GREAT DEFENSIVE PERFORMANCE!!!! Gore and Davis keep leading the pack its not OVER YET!!!!!!!!!

  23. By robert on Nov 19, 2009 | Reply

    I’m a 49er faithful who has never stopped believing in his team, i also believe that we will return to the the top of the nfl where we belong!I’m from tx,u know the home of the cowboys,but forget all that,i just wanna see the 49ers get back on track.I know that this team can,and i hope to see it soon ;cause i know there better than what they seem.Mike Singletary can make it happen,and he will! There is still alot of football to be played.So if Coach Singletary,or any player of the 49er’s or any 49er faithful reads this……i just wanna say i’ll keep representing down here in the south,I JUST WANNA SEE MORE WINS SO GET YOUR HEADS OUT OF THE CLOUDS AND WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!

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