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Singletary: ‘This is when I’m at my best’

Posted by Taylor Price on November 9, 2009 – 4:09 PM


One day after his team suffered a fourth consecutive loss, the third to an NFC South opponent, 49ers head coach Mike Singletary didn’t abandon his desire to get his team into the playoffs.

“In these moments – this is when I’m at my best,” Singletary said. “I think in these situations, you just have to rise above. You have to put your best foot forward. You have to look at where things are you just have to call it like it is. I can’t get lost in the reality of the four losses. It’s not something that you want. It’s not a place where you want to be. But that’s where it’s at.”

Despite seeing his offense turn the ball over four times on Sunday (three interceptions and a fumble), Singletary was still pleased with how his offense looked at times against Tennessee.

“When I look at the offense for the most part, if you take away the turnovers, we really had a chance to have a nice offensive game, have some excitement and momentum going forward. But it didn’t happen. We did have the turnovers and I just think that’s something that we need to work on.”

Singletary came back to team headquarters Sunday night to watch film and ultimately analyze what went wrong with the turnovers. After his film study, Singletary was satisfied with the play of Alex Smith and that only one of the four turnovers was solely on his starting quarterback.

110909-int-sub“I thought Alex did a good job of throwing the football. I thought the first turnover he had; the ball just took an unlucky bounce. That doesn’t happen too often. The last turnover where he threw to Josh [Morgan], there were a couple of things that could have happened [differently]. Josh could have made a better play on the ball coming back to it and I thought the defender got there a little bit early, but we didn’t get that call.

“Other than that, I just think Alex had one play that was really on him. I thought he did a good job.”

Singletary said Smith’s second interception to Titans safety Chris Hope was caused by Smith’s confusion with Tennessee’s coverage on that particular play.

“He thought it was cover-4, and the defensive back [Hope] came off. Alex was trying to get it in on time and the guy made a nice play,” Singletary said of the crucial takeaway.

Also from his film evaluation, Singletary was happy with the strides his offensive line continues to make despite being without the services of two starting tackles.

“Our O-line I thought did a heck of a job. I was very encouraged,” he said.

Singletary also singled out Frank Gore for running hard and the blocking from his receivers downfield.

Asked why Jason Hill replaced Isaac Bruce as the 49ers third wideout in the second half, Singletary said it was because of a sore ankle had been hampering Bruce.

Hill caught four passes for 50 yards with two touchdown catches in his first offensive action all season.

Singletary revealed that he would meet with his entire coaching staff to evaluate the wide receiver position. “We have to figure out the right combination,” Singletary said.

More Monday Notes

-Rookie running back Glen Coffee suffered a concussion on the game’s final kickoff return and has already been ruled out for Thursday night’s primetime home game against the Chicago Bears. (Here is the link to injury reports for both teams).

-With Singletary hosting his former team, there was a lot of questions for him regarding that particular storyline, but Singletary wouldn’t classify this game as any more important than his team’s other 15 regular season games.

“Not in particular,” he said of having any extra emotions for Thursday’s game. “I’m just excited for the game, but no emotions outside of the emotions that I have for any other team.”

110909-vd-sub-A national reporter, (who doesn’t cover the team on a regular basis) asked Singletary what Vernon Davis is doing to be so successful this season, and got this response from the 49ers head coach: “What he’s doing now is just the investment he made in the offseason. He continues to get better and he’s going to help this team win a lot of football games. He is committed – that’s why he’s a captain. He’s making a difference on the team.”

-As a Hall of Fame linebacker, Singletary has played against some of the best running backs in Pro Football history. After seeing Tennessee’s Chris Johnson up close and in person, the 49ers head coach was thoroughly impressed. “What you saw there was real speed. I don’t think there’s ever been a running back as fast as him.”

-Singletary added that his defense did a “pretty decent job” overall against Johnson, but struggled to contain the perimeter at times as well as get off blocks. “When you see the guy turn the corner and Patrick Willis is running after him – you don’t see that too often. Pat is going to catch the guy, and he did a few times, which is a credit to him. But the guy [Johnson] made some good plays. They locked on to us and we didn’t do a great job of getting off blocks yesterday.”

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65 Responses to “Singletary: ‘This is when I’m at my best’”

  1. By William on Nov 9, 2009 | Reply

    OMG! Wth!?! We should of won that game! we needed it! OMG! when are we ever gonna have a real QB!?!?! Hill isn’t doing so well, Smith threw 3 picks!?!?!, Davis idk about him, but all i got to say is PUT DAVIS IN! YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT WILL HAPPEN! HE CAN DO WHAT JOSH FREEMAN DID!!!!!

  2. By jeremy on Nov 9, 2009 | Reply

    I have been a niner fan for 25 years now and Singletary is my favorite coach so far. We can finally put the ‘finesse’ concept to rest, choose defensive players and offensive linemen in the draft and ‘hit them in the mouth.’

    Don’t get me wrong, Walsh and Seifert were great. But Sing is just plain fun to watch.

  3. By jeremy on Nov 9, 2009 | Reply

    “Don’t get me wrong, Walsh and Seifert were great. But Sing is just plain fun to watch.”

    I say that for his intensity and desire to win that you can see carry over in the how the team plays.

  4. By Nanette on Nov 9, 2009 | Reply


  5. By bruce on Nov 9, 2009 | Reply

    ya i been a fan for 30 years and i love wnat mike has done. but we do need that front line and def line to get things done. smith i doing what he can but he need to get the ball to the wr and te with out it gpoing to the other team in the last min of the game and the def need to play a full game i know it heard to do if the offenice is gettng off the field every three down they need some rest to play better but i do like where we r going just cant wait to get there.

  6. By David Fox on Nov 9, 2009 | Reply

    i have been a 49er fan for as long as i can remember. I was born on January 20th 1985 the day of the superbowl where we beat the dolphins. i also think highly of our coach. he has really turned our team around and gave us a fighting chance. with him leading us we will be getting far every season. i love the fact that even with four straight losses he still has faith in our team to go to the play-offs. he gives the team confidence every time he says that. we need to put these losses behind us and finish the season the way we started and mike will get us there. GO 49ERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. By Nanette on Nov 9, 2009 | Reply

    Don’t get me wrong on my previous statement, I have been a Niner fan longer that I can remember liking football. I live 250 miles away, and I still like to load up the kids and come to catch a game. But somethings not right, someone is not jiving or grooving. Sing is the bomb, Vernon ( I have his jersey!!!) is great, Crabtree, well, thanks for giving it go with the Niners. I think there is an inherit problem with finding the perfect fit with a quarterback that feels extremely comfortable with this offense. I absolutely love Shaun Hill and, well….. Alex Smith, tends to get hurt easy, then gets frazzled easy as well. We as fans can back our Niners till we are blue in the face, win, lose, or completely suck, they will still be our team. But really how can they blow the game after it is looking in the bag. Make those darn tackles in the 4th quarter, think about that throw, so it won’t get picked, make that extra effort to catch the ball or get that extra yard. I know it is not as easy as it looks. And after all I am a woman, however I did have 2 boys grow thru the ranks in Pop Warner and high school ball, I’ve seen the hard work, tears, sweat, bruises, and black eyes.I have felt the pain of their losses and the bliss in their wins. Their passion still remains and mine does as well, I just want to say in closure, Win, Lose, or Suck, I AM A NINERS FAN AND ALWAYS WILL BE! Good luck for the rest of the season.

  8. By Tony on Nov 9, 2009 | Reply

    I do believe Jason Hill got potential . He is truly a playmaker . Give him a chance to make thing shine for the 49 ers

  9. By niner on Nov 9, 2009 | Reply

    I suggest you watch the 1981-84 niiners since you saw them with a awesome 1984 team. Bill Walsh didn’t win with intensity and desire only. He took a below average team with a few future stars, that had just barely 5 wins in the previous seasons and with intelligence and teamwork beat teams like the Joe Gibbs Redskins, the Landry Dallas Cowboys and Forrrest Gregs, Browns. Winning is much more than just zeal.

  10. By Embarrassed on Nov 9, 2009 | Reply

    Jeremy: Singletary may be fun to watch, but the team is not. I’m tired of “progress” and excuses. It’s time to win (period).

  11. By jon on Nov 9, 2009 | Reply

    If he thinks that this team is playoff bound this year its time to make sure his players do not make those stupid personal fouls that have killed the team in the past few weeks. If this team is truly a playoff team this year then we need to win at least 6 out of our last 8 games to even be considered a threat in the playoffs. Look at how the other teams in the league are and how they present themselves when they need to convert that 3rd and long. We are not that team…. Yet. As a long time niner fan it hurts to say that but its true. I hope that someone lights a fire under the players butts and gets them fired up for the second half of the season, or there will be some serious considerations to make when the end of the year comes. The time is now to show who you guys are!! Players and coaches, lets do something different than we did the past 5 seasons. Make the playoffs!

  12. By KENN Y on Nov 9, 2009 | Reply

    if you to win put inShaun Hill he get 49ers in playoffs

  13. By wooley71 on Nov 9, 2009 | Reply

    Keep going and get guys like Crabtree all the plays possible. Next year with some luck in the draft for the O line it might be quite a team. I agree, Sing makes the future look interesting. I hope Alex can improve his timing and vision, he definitely can get the ball there on some types of passes. Perhaps with some chemistry development, those bad plays could turn into first downs. What a group of wideouts and tight ends! Wow what a fullback for Gore!

  14. By ziggy on Nov 9, 2009 | Reply

    they got the right tools.its just knowing how to use them.

  15. By ziggy on Nov 9, 2009 | Reply

    i wonder if the players lost there fire after the crabtree signing?

  16. By Jeff on Nov 9, 2009 | Reply

    I must say it is very refreshing to see the positivity and confidence that Singletary carries. I really think the leadership he gives could be the deciding difference between this team and the Nolan days. I feel like Nolan is actually a very good football guy (as we’re seeing in Denver, which does not surprise me), but I think we saw that he wasn’t up to the task of being a true leader of men. Singletary just can’t get beaten down. He understands that there is nothing better in both life and sports than overcoming adversity. What great story doesn’t include overcoming adversity? I hope Jed York sees that we need stability. Stick with your GM, your Head Coach, your assistants. Give them time to overcome failure rather than follow in the failed footsteps of recent years and the knee-jerk reactions (started by firing Mariucci). I have confidence this team can turn it around if given TIME.

  17. By Erick on Nov 9, 2009 | Reply

    Im a die hard niner fan, but idk Alex Smith just cant get it done for us. I mean Shaun Hill is way better put him back in there, let him get another shot and if he dont get it done put the rookie Nate Davis in.

    GO NINERS <3

  18. By DRA on Nov 9, 2009 | Reply

    I have been a niner fan for quite some time, I agree we finally got the coach we needed in Singletary. I must say though, Alex Smith is not our guy. He is no better now then he was when we drafted him. Sing made a good call for a one time game change with Alex Smith, he should not have changed starting QB’s like that. The problem is, he can not and will not take it back. How would that look? Not to good so he wont change it. Shaun Hill is not our man neither, but he could have got us to the playoffs. We will go no where with Alex at QB. Shaun needed a wakeup call and he would have been fine. As far as Crabtree he is the man we have needed since Jerry Rice left. I think most of the guys understand what he went through trying to work his deal.

  19. By Victor Esquerra on Nov 9, 2009 | Reply

    i think we just need to stop making mistakes

  20. By EricW on Nov 9, 2009 | Reply

    enough with the talk of how this team is going to turn around singletary….SHOW ME ,DONT TELL ME

  21. By ted on Nov 9, 2009 | Reply

    we need better qb play to be a legitament team. too many turnovers we have gave away the games to the vikings, the colts and the titans. WE should utilize those two first round picks and get a good quarterback, then work on our o line and safetys and we will be good.

  22. By ted on Nov 9, 2009 | Reply

    also we should win 6 of our last 8, the two losses being to the eagles and packers. if we stop turning the ball over we shoud win atleast 6

  23. By taylor on Nov 9, 2009 | Reply

    Let’s work both of them in! Shaun and alex!

  24. By FaithfulManSince'88 on Nov 9, 2009 | Reply

    Defense needs to stop allowing those deep balls.
    I have no idea why they let go of Allen Rossum, ever since he left we have not had any production on kick and punt returns.
    We need to play jason hill more and give alex another game with great protection and if alex does not perform well then its time to start working Nate Davis in practice and have him ready to be the starter.

    Niners should be able to beat the BEARS

  25. By Cali on Nov 9, 2009 | Reply

    We don’t have a quarteback… I don’t care how many offensive coordinators you’ve had and how many shoulder surgeries… after 5 years you should not still try to “get chemistry” with your team… even I know where Smith is going to throw the ball… he might as well point at his intended receiver.
    We need more than half of our offensive line replaced… I’ll give our quarterbacks (Hill and Smith) that… the pocket keeps on collapsing around them…
    The defense is great… but when you keep them on the field for so long they will tire out (see the last quarter of most lost games)… when you turn the ball over on your own 35 yard line they will not always have enough room to stop the other team… and you should not rely on them to keep the team in the game just because the offense scored one field goal in the first quarter… I really wonder if the offense feels ashamed when they go to the locker room and they talk to the defensive players.
    Am I really that far off? Somebody who knows more/better please enlighten me.

  26. By redndgold82 on Nov 9, 2009 | Reply

    i think that we need to just let this season ride out and hope for a turn around that could start this thursday with better offensive scheme and put up some points to take pressure off the defensive unit which so far has done a really improve job!!!! faithfull rise up and lets give some heavy support on thursday

    GO NINERS!!!!!

  27. By Jeremy on Nov 10, 2009 | Reply

    to ‘Embarrassed': Absolutely! It is always time to win. Playoffs or not, I am and always will be one of the ‘Faithful.’ Constructive criticism … your comment would have gone from funny to hilarious if you had finished it with Singletary’s ‘DONE’ from sundays interview or You gonna be here next week? Have a seat up front.

    Let me add one thing to my earlier comments … the only reason I still believe that the niners can still turn this around this year is that Singletary has as much faith in his players as he does that cross hanging from his neck. Because of that the team has a chance to stay cohesive.

  28. By sarah on Nov 10, 2009 | Reply

    Hmm…im still learning football basically. But I was always raised a niner fan. 18 years now, but this is the first year im truly involved.anywho. This aint about me, personally I think ok yea we’ve lost 4 in a row, but this is just the halfway mark. As far as im concerned we dont need any changes in the lineup. Hill was a good qb buuut smith is a bit better. An j. Hill is pretty good… tough call between him an bruce…. but I prefer to stay loyal so I think bruce needs to start against the bears.wow ok so this is longer then I wanted it to be, but I just drank a redbull an can’t sleep. So anyways I just want to add that glen coffee is my favorite player (not just because hes so hott) but hes great… I hope hes ok…I wanted to see him on thursday :(well goodnight fellow fans

  29. By Shannon on Nov 10, 2009 | Reply

    I traveled from Phoenix, Az to see the Niners hopefully beat the Titan’s. I am a true Niner fan and was so excited to go to the Opening Day game against the Phoenix Cardinals to see what I thought was a revamped 49er team. Once I left the game this Sunday I felt like the one guy who went to the college game a few months back who wanted a refund on his airline ticket, and game ticket! I will continue to be a Niner’s fan, but we do need a Quarterback in next year’s draft. We have 2 first round picks!

  30. By Kris on Nov 10, 2009 | Reply

    Erick- How can you say Hill is better? In his 5.5 games he had 5 TDs, Smith has 6 in 2.5 games. Alex has the better stats and makes the offense better.

    Cali- Sure Smith has been on the team for 5 years but after a season of not playing and the only WR left from 2007 is Battle. (Yes J. Hill was there but played 5 games, not sure how many with Smith) Therefore yes chemistry is still being built.

    This is not the time to be switching up QBs, Smith is the best option we have and clearly gives the offense the best chance to be productive.

  31. By Marc on Nov 10, 2009 | Reply

    I am a 49ers fan from NJ so I don’t get to see too many games on TV but I dont know why Gore is avg. under 20 rushes a game. Can someone tell me even when we are ahead in games.

  32. By Kendall on Nov 10, 2009 | Reply

    People keep talking about the defense. They are truly very good against the run most games. The problem is they do NOT have a pass rush in any consistent manner. They need a big mean pass rush stud on that line. If you ever notice how often the other team seems to pick up the Niner blitz?

    Now contrast that with the Niner offensive line? They never seem to pick up the blitz of the other team. I have never in 35 years of watching NFL football seen an offensive line that keeps making the same blocking mistakes over and over again.

    So offensive linemen needed next draft and pass rush specialist anything else is a bonus.

    I agree with someone else on the punt returns and kick off returns. I now live in AZ and during the first game with AZ last year I was sitting in row two in the Red Zone here in AZ and watched Rossum take that kick right in front of me and go straight up the sideline to pay dirt. I know he was hurt when they cut him, but a big mistake. I say they use Crabtree on punt returns if is supposedly so adept at open field running once he has the ball.

  33. By gina on Nov 10, 2009 | Reply

    Smith could be a wonderful qb for the niners.. I do believe nolan messed him up by throwning him into the scene halfway thru his rookie year.. He needed time to develop as a startin qb time to learn the team.. And yes all the offensive cords.didn’t help much.. Sunday was embaressing but not as embaressin as hill tryin to take on the falcons.. Believe in the team, the coach and the starting qb smith.. Things will fall into place.. Still a lot of football left.. We beat some great teams this year and will continue to do so.. An organization don’t change in a snap of a finger!!! Let’s go sf!! Take down them bears

  34. By Chris Dunham on Nov 10, 2009 | Reply

    Why do you only open up the offence after we are down points in the game? It seems like the “2 minute drill” has been very effective but you don’t use it enough during the game. It just seems like we don’t get aggressive until it’s too late.

  35. By Ozzy on Nov 10, 2009 | Reply

    Why is everyone saying 4 straight loses when it was just 3 straight. does anyone watch our games?

  36. By Nick on Nov 10, 2009 | Reply

    If we are going to make the playoffs, we’ll need to win out this season….and get ahead of both Seattle and Arizona in the NFC West. A 9-7 record isn’t going to get anyone in as a wild card this year…..we’re going to have to win the division if we want a playoff berth. Unfortunately, I only see one difference between a season with Mike Nolan and a season with Mike Singletary. Nolan’s 9ers got 2 early wins in the season, and Singletary’s 9ers got 3 early wins in the season. Nolan’s teams would go on to lose 8 straight. I hate to say it, but we’re already halfway there. No more excuses about how this team doesn’t know how to finish…..no more excuses about this is a “process”. 8 games down, 8 more to go. If our Red & Gold don’t start winning games consecutively, this is the same old 49ers we’ve seen the past 5 seasons. The same number one draft pick that can’t seem to protect the ball. The true definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. These guys are about to make me insane!!

  37. By silentracer on Nov 10, 2009 | Reply

    I agree with giving Davis a shot, I was impressed with him in the pre-season and think he has a bright future. Also if you are going to stay with Smith why not try what Coach Ault has done with UNR and Oregon Ducks have followed along with and that is the pistol formation. Both teams have it working great and it just might be the right formation for Alex to work out of.

  38. By Joel nealy on Nov 10, 2009 | Reply

    Im tired of people attacking a Coach who took almost 100% of the same personell from last year and turned them into a real football team. Last year my friends would call me to laugh at me…now they call me and say..”You almost had that” or “damn you guys are a good team, you just need to learn how to win.”

    Basically what Im saying is Coach Mike has made this team better. These guys are 25 and 26 years old out there. They have to be one of the youngest teams in the league statistically and when you are in a league with guys 7 and 8 years older who have developed instincts that cant be taught, its going to be tough.

    Let Coach do what he has to do and stop scapegoating the poor young stupid mistakes we are making…be a fan and keep cheering.

    This team has potential and if anyone can bring it out of these players…its Coach Mike and his experience in this league. He can teach the players how to desire…because desire leads to victories.

    Lets go guys. The Bears are not ready for your skills…outplay them and out hustle them.

  39. By KENN Y on Nov 10, 2009 | Reply

    we all see Shaun Hill he good at deep plays

  40. By Luke on Nov 10, 2009 | Reply

    As a season ticket holder, longtime 49er fan, and former college player the 49ers are a good team and have very good and talented players NOW–better than Bill Walsh had in the early ’80’s. But they don’t have the great Bill Walsh offense. I like Jimmy Raye and can see the offense is constantly making changes and adjustments and trying to get the best fit with the players we have and thats good news because I believe it will come soon. The 49ers could have won against the colts and titans but as a young team too many single player breakdowns on given plays. Singletary is the perfect coach to correct this problem and he will turn it around.

  41. By Eric Patterson on Nov 10, 2009 | Reply

    Im from philly and i been a niner fan 25 years and i will like to know is why dont defense blitz more if we cant get front pressure? im not a big fan of the secondary coaches and the oc. i feels though that jim hasslet should be secondary coach or romeo crennel. Now as for the oc cam cameron should of been there or mike shannahan should be the oc. some people dont like mike martz but when he was the oc the offense went from dead last in passing to 13th in one season. If sandiego let norv go 49ers better bring him back. Jimmy raye is a bettter position coach than and oc norv turner is a better oc than a head coach. we need a better passing game and the o line need to finish they blocks to give gore running room. new orleans defense blitz 26 times against buffalo we need to be agressive. Now i can see at home about 20 blitz plays on the road 30 to 40

  42. By Born in 46 on Nov 10, 2009 | Reply

    I go back to the beginning and have followed these guys since the days of Joe Arenas. They aren’t there yet. QB is the biggest weakness. Hill’s best days are behind him and Smith has got to prove himself now. they are both in the Norm Snead league of past 49er QBs, certainly not as good as YA, John Brodie, Joe Montana, Steve Young et al. Coaching wise, I like Singletary, but he isn’t a Bill Walsh or George Seiffert. And by the way, I didn’t realize that the 49ers were about finesse: Ronnie Lott was a good a hitter as I’ve seen and Tom Rathman was a load. Bottom line: a .500 team but not great. Still give up too many big plays on both sides of the line.

  43. By EDDIE RENTERIA on Nov 10, 2009 | Reply

    alex smith needs to play every offensive poss, like its the two mintue drill thats when he drives the ball the best

  44. By CC on Nov 10, 2009 | Reply

    PUT IN NATE DAVIS! He was the only one that did anything during preseason.

  45. By rf on Nov 10, 2009 | Reply

    I love the attitude of Coach Sing, this is the first time in a long time that Ive been excited about our team. I believe we’re a .500 team that has some great potential, I’m hoping they can start clicking now rather than next year. As for the qb situation…as a former QB myself, Alex Smith is by far the better qb on the team no question…shuan hill is a great competitor but as terrible mechanics that limit his ability to make difficult throws. Time will tell if Alex can have a future on this team, unfortunately for him he definitely has potential to be a good qb, but this team is starting to move forward, and we don’t have time to wait for him anymore. He needs to play this season out for us to really know, definitely needs to stop staring some receivers down, I saw more positives out of his throwing against the titans than negatives, despite the 3 pics, he had a couple impressive throws. As for Nate Davis….he had a decent preseason…it was preseason, hes a future back up in this league and really thats it. Alex needs to show good decision making…if he cant do it….then a qb and dbacks are needed in the next draft

  46. By Tim Shalk on Nov 10, 2009 | Reply

    Niner Fan since I was a kid at KEZAR……Season ticket holder since 1971……
    I’ve seen it all, lived it all, and heard it all. Ownership created the team of the 80’s, and I believe young York has the same passion as his Uncle Eddy. I hope he proves it in the Off Season by doing whatever has to be done to bring a Premier QB to this team that has the leadership skills, experience, and desire to lead this team back to it’s GLORY days. Until that happens, regardless of the effort and desire that Singletary brings to this team, the 49ers will remain a frustrating example of a franchise that sets up it’s fans with optimistic bantor, only to come crashing down when boring unimaginative play calling and poor execution brings them down to earth, and on the couch for the playoffs again

  47. By Chase on Nov 10, 2009 | Reply

    How bout we pick up Colt McCoy? Shaun Hill, I love him death, but lets be honest, he’s a Jake Delhomme without the interceptions, and Alex Smith is like Jake Delhomme without the team leadership. I think Hill is much better for the team than Smith, but with Crabtree, Davis, Morgan, Bruce, we need to be the passing team of old. Does Hill have the arm for that? I havnt seen anything that makes me think he does. Bottom line, the QB is the missing link. Lets put Hill back in, and see what happens, if he needs another wake up call lets put in Nate Davis, and just see what happens. He cant be much worse than Smith.
    Lets go Niners, fan since birth and will be watching the game every Sunday from heaven when I die.

  48. By Cali on Nov 10, 2009 | Reply

    To Marc,
    I believe that Gore is avg. under 20 carries a game because the offensive line can’t hold the line or create the opening for Gore to run through.
    He is used better as a receiver in the open field… we all know he is amazing once he is in the open field.
    … this is what I see… no offensive line… and the coordinator probably understands that to let him run into the opponent’s defense for a yard or two is like spinning tires with your e-brake on.

  49. By jake on Nov 10, 2009 | Reply

    3 players we need in the draft coming up1, colt mccoy, 2 nad.. suh, n 3 taylor mays, make the off line work harder in wght room, make corner backs run speed drills to get faster n watch mo films, do more audibles on off, and i will put my paychecks we will go deep in playoffs, niners stop jawjacking n hit smoebody please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. By jake on Nov 10, 2009 | Reply

    i would prefer singletary on def coach if we can get jimmy johnson, superb coach, for about 3 or 4 yrs, then promote mike back, yall tell me if this holds true

  51. By Cruz on Nov 10, 2009 | Reply

    I’ve been a niners fan since as long as I can remember, born Nov of 1983. I think most of us can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that the team responds better w/ Singletary and his ideas work. Most of us on here don’t have a football education, but we can see problems for what they are. We have huge Offensive Line issues. We have secondary issues. We have been sticking w/ the same quarterbacks for too long.

    The Playcalling seems Vanilla too. Why not throw in 2 wide outs, 2 Tight ends and Gore. If the D lines up against the run, audible to the pass. Vice Versa, we have great weapons. We just need to compensate for our O line by being clever, unconventional and quick. There is no shame in a 4 or 5 yard pass. Also I’d like to see how Nate Davis does when he’s not playing the Practice Squad.

  52. By Cruz on Nov 10, 2009 | Reply

    Oh one more thing, I’d like to see the niners get aggressive in Free Agency to solve the O Line issues.

  53. By familyguy on Nov 10, 2009 | Reply

    coach sing is doing the best he can with what he haves and they should run the same blitz packages that gave PEYTON problems and is it possible to throw the ball downfield longer than 30 yds. if alex smith has any good traits it’s his arm strength!!!!!!

  54. By rjo7 on Nov 10, 2009 | Reply

    smith played good in the game against tenn., the niners wrs need to stop tipping the ball into the air for picks. smith looks a hundred times better and so does the offense since hills been benched…our defense needs a dynamic player to rush the passer and we need dbs really really bad. our saftey play the last few weeks has been unforgivable. We also need to get depth for the o line and another dynamic starter for the o line. we also dont need to switch o coordinators for the umpteenth consecutive year but raye needs to improve as well. gore is a marquee player who is being underutilized…throw him the ball a little more on plays designed for him, run some screens…some option routes…get him 1 on 1 with lbs. on defense justin smith, sopoaga, franklin, and p.willis are awesome, the rest of the defense is good but needs to play more consistently. go niners

  55. By Tim Shalk on Nov 10, 2009 | Reply

    The defense is going to struggle on occasion. Good teams are going to find a way to score. Concentrating on an explosive offense, using all the weapons available to us ( and we have many ) in a creative way , will give us a chance to win those games, AND………make the experience entertaining for all of us who can’t wait for Sundays to roll around! Be aggressive…..throw the ballthe middle of the field, and get Gore into the passing game more often as well. All successful 49er teams of the past have had productive pass catching Running backs! Think about it!

  56. By Clyde on Nov 10, 2009 | Reply

    its the little (chemistry, etc) stuff that is killing us right now. once we have that ironed out we will be very hard team to beat. We all SAW where we were last year at this time. I remembered thinking “Please, do better than the Lion’s!” This year, I haven’t had that thought yet. Its really really frustrating to see our performance against the Colts then see what we did this past Sunday, parts of which were really hard to watch. Lets address those small but very important things and we will be unstoppable. LETS GO NINERS!!!

  57. By cali niner on Nov 10, 2009 | Reply

    I have been a forty niner fan since I was a little kid and can remember the good ol days of winning and super bowls, and I truly believe that Singeltary can get us back to those glory days, but honestly we will not get there with the quarterbacks that we have today both hill and smith have showed us what they have and even though they can win us a couple of games i’ts not gonna get us to the big game, if we can just get a QB that has the capability to play under pressure, get the ball to the wide recievers,Frank Gore is bad ass but you can’t keep giving him the ball every time.I’m a niner for life proud to be one wether we win or lose, and I’m waiting for the day that we get back to those glory days.

  58. By redandgold4show on Nov 10, 2009 | Reply

    just need to get better on making desesion on both sides of the ball go 9erssssssssssssssss

  59. By 49ermarc on Nov 10, 2009 | Reply

    I think all niner fans want to see our great team develop into dominating dynasty. We are all tiered of loosing and not getting any recognition. Singletary has changed the way the niners have played and it will continue to progress; all they need is a little chemistry for playmakers to emerge and that takes some time. I like where the niners are going.

    Many people counted the niners to get blown away against the colts. Little did they know, niners had some tricks up their sleeve and are developing. I knew they had a chance while many people in Texas counted them out. They look different every time they play–they are progressing. You may not see it in the numbers, and at times you see the worse of it, but you do see the chemistry and the heart they are building. And I like that.

    I have been a niner fan since I lived in cali in 1986. Now i live in Texas where the cowboys are. It is hard to see a bunch blue stars all over the dam place. I believe the niners will be dominant by the end of this season which will carry on to the next season. They are on the right path to being dominant, whether it is with Alex Shaun or someone else.

    Niners all the way win or loose!!!!!

  60. By Luis NINERR on Nov 10, 2009 | Reply

    Alex Smith is doing good he progressing alot more then the begining of career.Wat the niners need on the field, on offense is some like Gore Or Vernon to take charge when there on the field motivate them or pump them up.Tell the line block or catch the ball play as a team. Same for defense Wilis get them motivated and pumped up tell them get tat interception get tat sack or get tat fumble because there the captians on the field.Singletary can tell them on the sidelines but who can tell them on the field????

  61. By Della on Nov 10, 2009 | Reply

    Hi all my fellow niner fans. I think we have a great team this year, and I usually agree with Singletary, but there were a few things I didn’t agree with him on. Pulling Shaun Hill was a big mistake, because they didn’t even give him a chance with the passing offense. It was run, run, run, up the middle and when that wasn’t successful it was like blame it all on Hill. Put Hill back in and open up the passing, and then if that doesn’t work put in Davis. He is going to be great. Runs like Steve Young. The other think I didn’t like was getting rid of Rossum? He was the best. And for Ozzy who left a comment above about us not watching the games and that it was only three losses in a row; I’m wondering if you were watching the games Ozzy? It was four in a row. You forgot the Falcon loss before the bye. Then it was Texans, Colts, and Titans. I was never good at math, but I think that is four in a row. Come on Ozzy get with it. Put Hill back in, bring Rossum back and get ready for playoffs. Go 49ers forever.

  62. By Robert James on Nov 11, 2009 | Reply

    These excuses every week have to stop. I truly believe that we need a franchise quarterback. Smith and Hill are out of the question.They have proven their not the individual that fits this offense, Nate davis looked good on pre season. But then again it was only preseason. So why not give him (Davis) a chance to show what hes got. Or start looking for another qb cause thats what our offense needs to win games

  63. By Richie on Nov 11, 2009 | Reply

    Coach, please don’t be just a “talker”….DON’T TELL ME, SHOW ME!!!!

  64. By Richie on Nov 11, 2009 | Reply

    is this when you are at your best coach???? we’ll see tomorrow…

  65. By Chilly Will 49! on Nov 11, 2009 | Reply

    O.K. Niner Nation first game for me this year at the RED GOLD AND BOLD…..CANDELSTICK PARK!!! I’M SITTING IN LOWER BOX SEC3, ROW W, SEAT 5…With the GOLD RUSH ALL UP IN MY FACE…….THAT IS WERE I PLAN TO START MY CHEER FOR ……..WE WANT NATE-WE WANT NATE-WE WANT NATE. So help me if Alex so much throw one interception its ON!!!

    Chill Will 49!!!!

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