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Week Nine Blog: 49ers vs. Titans

Posted by Scott Kegley on November 8, 2009 – 11:47 AM


The 49ers (3-4) have lost three straight games an will look to rebound this week against the Titans (1-6).  Here’s the injury report for both teams and I’ll post the inactives around 90 minutes before the game.

49ers Inactives: QB Nate Davis (3rd QB), CB Keith Smith, CB Nate Clements, S Reggie Smith, LB Diyral Briggs, C Cody Wallace, T Joe Staley, DE Demetric Evans

Titans Inactives: CB Nick Harper, RB Javon Ringer, LB David Thornton, T Mike Otto, T David Stewart, DE Jevon Kearse, DT Sen’Derrick Marks, DE Dave Ball



The Titans picked up their first 1st down on a Vince Young pass to Justin Gage along the left sideline.  On 2nd an 1, aubrayo Franklin broke into the backfield and stopped Johnson for a loss .  On 3rd and 6, Young’s pass went off Johnson’s hands over the middle and was nearly picked off by Patrick Willis.  Brandon Jones fielded the punt and the 49ers will start their first drive from their own 11-yard line.

*** S Curtis Taylor has a right shin contusion and his return is questionable.

Alex smith threw short right to Vernon Davis on first down who was ridden out of bounds quickly for no gain.  On 2nd and 10, Smith hit Gore on a well set screen pass.  Gore got out to around midfield behind a good downfield block by Rachal.  The Titans were called for a personal foul (Finnegan) which will give the 49ers a first down at the TEN 39.  Smith then tried to hit Walker on a short out route, but the coverage was solid and Smith’s pass sailed high.  2nd and 10, Smith hit Walker on a quick slant pass.  Walker beat the coverage inside and the 49ers will pick up 13 and get another 1st down.  On 1st and 10, Smith tried to hit Davis down around the goal line on a skinny post.  The pass was too long but out of the reach of the Titans defenders.  On 2nd down, the 49ers went with their first run of the game as Gore carried up the middle for a gain of 6.  3rd and 4, Smith scrambled left as the pocket collapsed.  Smith picked up three yards as Finnegan closed quickly for the tackle and on 4th and 1, Nedney will come on for the field goal.  The 49ers seemed to hesitate getting their field goal unit on the field and a delay of game will back them up 5 yards, making it a 40-yard attempt.  The field goal is good and the 49ers grab the early lead.

49ers 3 – Titans 0

Nedney’s kickoff went into the end zone an was downed for a touchback.  On 1st and 10, Young hit Washington for a gain down to the SF 38.  Brown was called for illegal contact but it was declined.  the Titans went with an option on 2nd.  Young pitched to Johnson for a gain of 5.  Young play actioned and hit Gage for a gain of 49 down to the SF 8.  Franklin stuffed the Titans first down run, breaking into the backfield an wrapping up Johnson.  They Titans lost a yard on the play.  On 2nd, Young hit an open Chris Johnson down the left side.  Willis closed quick to save what could’ve been a touchdown.  On 3rd and goal, Johnson took the toss wide right and tried to pass.  Lewis had good coverage on the play and the pass was long.  Bironas hit the short field goal to tie it up at 3.

49ers 3 – Titans 3

Gore took the toss left on 1st down and was wide open, picking up enough for a 1st down.  The pocket collapsed around Smith on first down as Jovan Haye came in for the sack and a loss of 7.  On 3rd and 17, Smith hit Crabtree on a quick screen right.  Crabtree could only pick up a couple and the 49ers will have to punt.  A great punt by Andy Lee that bounced at the 5 and was downed at the 4.  It was a net 57 yard punt and the 49ers will pin the Titans deep in their own end.

On 1st and 10, Johnson cut back inside picking up 4 yards.  On 2nd down, Haralson flew off the left edge and into the backfield, bring down Johnson for a loss of 3.  3rd and 9, Young rolled out of the pocket and threw incomplete down the left sideline.  Brett Kern’s punt was fielded by Jones as it went out of bounds at the SF 49.

Gore plunged ahead for a gain of 2 on 1st down.  Nice coverage by the Titans on 2nd down and Smith rolled out of the pocket and threw it away.  3rd and 8, Smith threw for Crabtree, but the ball was deflected in the air and intercepted by Rod Hood who returned the ball to the SF24 and was tackled by Snyder.

Sopoaga filled the running lane on 1st down and stopped Johnson for no gain.  Young hit Scaife to the right side as Brown and Lewis closed for the tackle after a gain of 5.  That play will bring an end to the first quarter.



3rd and 5 from the 19, Young hit Gage who found a whole in the middle of the field just beyond the first down marker. 1st and 10 at the SF12, Young hit Gage down the right side for a gain of 3.  LenDale White got the carry on 2nd down who plunged up the middle for a gain of 2.  on 3rd down, no one accounted for Young who took the draw up the left side for the score.

Titans 10 – 49ers 3

Robinson took the kickoff and returned it out to the 30.  1st and 10, Hill hit Isaac Bruce quick right for a gain of 3 yards.  2nd an 7, Gore took the carry up the middle and cut right for a gain of 6.  3rd and 1, Smith looked to throw and scrambled for a gain of 8. 1st and 10 from the 47, Smith threw a dart over the shoulder of Davis who turned and made a nice grab down to the TEN 14.  It was a gain of 40 on the play.  The Titans were called for offsides on 1st down.  1st and 5, Gore took the handoff up the middle.  There wasn’t much of a hole, but Gore was able to break a couple tackles, getting out near the first down.  The officials came on to measure and the 49ers will get the 1st down.  1st and goal at the 3, Gore took the handoff and bounced out left for the score.

49ers 10 – Titans 10

Pearman took the kick back to the 26 where the Titans will start their drive. Young took a shot for Gage down the left sideline against the coverage of Spencer.  the pass was too long and incomplete.  2nd and 10, Whit took the handoff and cut left, but Balmer and Smith combined to bring him down for a gain of just 1.  3rd and 9, Young avoided a blitzing Shawntae Spencer but couldn’t avoid Manny Lawson who got the sack.  Jones took the punt and the 49ers will get the ball at the 45.

1st and 10, Smith hit Gore out of the backfield for a gain of 8 yards down the right side.  2nd and 2, Smith was wrestled down by his jersey and the ball popped loose.  The 49ers recovered, but for a loss of 21.  Coffee took the handoff on the draw and picked up 4.  Lee will come on to punt.  Another great punt by Lee was fielded at the 4 and Wilhelm made the tackle at the 14.   A 60 yard punt and a 10 yard return for a net of 50 on the punt.

Johnson broke a huge run down the right sideline, but couldn’t outrun Willis after a gain of 26.  Young hit Johnson, but Willis was right there and drove him back after a gain of 3.  Johnson got the carry on second down and drove the pike up the middle for a gain of 4.  3rd and 3, Young threw for Gage who was blanketed by Tarell Brown and the pass fell incomplete.  The punt bounced short of Jones and rolled to the SF 13.  Tennessee was called for an man downfield and the penalty will be tacked on.

1st and 10 at the SF 18, Gore took the handoff out of the shotgun formation and picked up 9.  2nd and 1, Tony Brown jumped through the line early and the 49ers will get the first down the easy way.  1st and 10 from the 32, Smith hit Crabtree on a short slant.  Crabtree made a great catch between two defenders.  The clock will stop for the two-minute warning.  2nd and 1, Gore took the handoff and spun to avoid a tackler, picking up 4. Smith then hit Crabtree on a deep in for a nice gain out to the TEN 39.  Smith was hit as he threw, but still hit Davis for a gain of 4.  The 49ers took their first of three timeouts with 1:03 left in the half.  2nd and 6, Smith threw for Bruce who fell as he made hit cut.  3rd and 6, Smith hit Davis who cut back and made the catch for a gain of 13.  1st and 10 at the 20, Smith hit gore underneath and hurried to the line.  Smith did not spike the ball, but avoided pressure and rolled right.  Jason Hill broke loose and was wide open in the right side of the end zone.  Smith didn’t miss him and Hill made the catch to put the 49ers up by 7.  It was a 9 play, 82 yard drive.  It was also Hill’s first catch of the year.

49ers 17 – Titans 10

Pearman took the kickoff out to the 25.  One carry by Johnson and that will end the half.


Robinson took the return out to the 24.  1st and 10, Gore took the handoff on the draw, but was brought down quickly for a gain of just 2.  2nd and 8, Gore took another handoff out of the shotgun formation and rushed ahead for a pickup of 4 yards.  3rd and 4, Smith hit Hill who was crossing from right to left.  Hill made the catch and reached the ball past the marker for the first down.  On 1st, Davis was flagged for a false start and the 49ers will back up 5 yards.  1st and 15, Smith hit Gore over the middle for a gain of 7.  2nd and 8, Smith threw for Morgan, but it was low and incomplete and he was under pressure.  3rd and 8, Smith rolled right, but couldn’t find an open receiver and threw it away.  Pearman called for the fair catch after a 53 punt by Lee.  It will be Titans ball at their own 10.

1st and 10, Haralson got into the backfield and tripped up Johnson for again of 1.  2nd and 9, Young went with the option and pitched it to Johnson who ran up the right sideline and was forced out by Lawson after a gain of 5.  3rd and 4, Young threw for Gage, but he hadn’t yet turned around and the ball was at his feet.  Nice work by the 49ers defense to get the ball back after a 3 and out.  Jones caught the punt at the 27 and had nowhere to go.

*** G David Baas has a stinger and his return to the game is questionable.

1st and 10 at the SF 27, Smith hit Davis on a quick out left and Davis got around the corner for a gain of 13.  On 1st down, Hope got into the backfield quickly and sacked Smith.  2nd and 17, Smith’s arm was hit as he threw and the ball fell incomplete.  The Titans threw the red flag to challenge the ruling that the pass was incomplete and not a fumble.  The officials overturned the call and the Titans will get the ball at the SF 36.

1st and 10, Johnson got the carry and got around the right side for a gain of 8.  Brown looks to be shaken up on the play.  2nd and 2, Johnson rushed ahead for the first down.  1st and 10 from the 21, Young looked for Washington in the end zone.  Washington tripped and the ball was incomplete.  On 2nd down, Sopoaga wrestled Johnson down after a gain of 1.  3rd and 9,  Young hit Johnson on the screen.  Johnson got down to the 3 for the first down. On 1st and goal from the 3, Johnson took the toss left and nearly got in.  On 2nd and goal from the 1, Johnson plunged ahead and tied up the game at 17.

49ers 17 – Titans 17

*** Brown has a rib contusion and his return is probable.

Robinson fielded the kick and took it out to the 27. Smith threw for Morgan on 1st down.  The ball went off his hands incomplete.  Gore ran left on second down and had nowhere to go.  The Titans were offsides however so the 49ers will move forward 5 and repeat 2nd down.  The 49ers will give those yards right back after being flagged for a false start.  On 2nd and 10, Smith hit Gore out of the backfield.  It looked like he was surprised by the ball as he saw it late, but he was still able to make the catch and pick up 9.  3rd and 1, the refs blew the play dead and called offsides on the Titans.  1st and 10 from the SF 41, Morgan took the handoff on the end around.  The blocks were set up well and Morgan ran for a nice gain up the right side and a first down.  It was a gain of 11.  1st and 10, Gore took the handoff on the draw for a gain of just a couple up the middle.  2nd and 8, Smith hit Davis on an out route to the right.  Davis turned upfield and picked up 7.  3rd and 1, the Titans had 9 men in the box, but gore still plunged ahead for a short gain that was good enough for the conversion.  1st and 10 from the TEN 47, Gore took the directs step and bounced out right for a gain down to the 24.  Davis was called for a false start and it will be 1st and 15 from the 29.  Smith hit Coffee on the screen left.  Coffee had a nice gain, but it will be called back as Baas was flagged for being down field illegally.  That play brings an end to the quarter.



On 1st and 20, gore rushe straight up the middle with a nice hole for a gain of 7.  2nd and 13, Smith hit Davis on a screen.  Davis broke one tackle and stayed on his feet for a gain of 7.  3rd and 6, Smith hit Morgan near the first down.  It is close, but the refs will measure and it will be just short.  On 4th and inches, Smith pitched it to Gore left who made on man miss and picks up 5 yards for the 1st down.  Walker was shaken up on the play.  1st and goal from the 10, Robinson got the handoff, but lost a yard on the play.  Smith hit Robinson quick left for a gain of 4 down to the 7.  Smith looked for Gore on a short slant.  He appeared to be held on the play and asked for the flag to no avail.  Nedney’s field goal is good and the 49ers retake the lead.

49ers 20 – Titans 17

*** TE Delanie Walker has a knee sprain and his return is questionable.

Pearman takes the kickoff and returns it to the 19 where he was tripped up by McKillop.  1st and 10, Young threw for Washington.  Lewis had good position, turned and knocked the ball down.  2nd and 10, Johnson hit the afterbruners and outran everybody for the 81-yard score.  Singletary challenged the play, saying that Johnson stepped out of bounds down the left sideline.  On the replay, it appears that he stepped out of bounds as Lewis tried to push him out.  The officials ruled he was out of bounds at the SF40.  1st and 10 at the 40, Haralson threw Johnson down for a loss of 4 as he tried to bounce out left.  Young hit Gage who was upended, but still held onto the ball at the 11.   Tennessee called a timeout.  1st and 10 from the 11, Young Scramble and was run out of bounds by Lewis at the 6.  Johnson got the carry and spun up the middle near the 1-yard line.  They appear to be short of the first down.  3rd and inches from the 1, Young gave it to White and it will be very close.  The ball is just short and the Titans will go for it on 4th and inches.  Haralson had Johnson for a loss, but he got away and went in for the touchdown.

Titans 24 – 49ers 20

*** Michael Lewis has a quad strain and his return is questionable.

Robinson’s return is out to the 30 where the 49ers will get the ball with some work to do.  Smith hit Gore on a swing pass out of the backfield for a gain of 2.  Smith looked for Morgan, but it was intercepted by Hope at the 39.

Johnson took the carry for a gain of 2 up the middle on 1st down.  2nd and 2, Willis tracked down Johnson as he ran left for a gain of 4.  3rd and 4, Young hit Scaife for the first down.  1st and 10 from the 18, White rushed up the middle for no gain as Franklin and Sopoaga brought him down.  2nd and 10, Johnson took the carry up the middle, sliding through the defense for a gain of 5. Young rushed, but was stopped by Willis just short of the first down and the Titans will try the field goal.

Titans 27 – 49ers 20

1st and 10 from the 28, Smith looked for Morgan, and the ball went off his hands in the air for an easy interception by Finnegan who returned it for the touchdown.

We’ll run down to the field now for postgame.

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103 Responses to “Week Nine Blog: 49ers vs. Titans”

  1. By mark thuesen on Nov 8, 2009 | Reply

    The niners are actually a pretty good team, but their achilles’ heel. If the niners had a better offensive line the would be pretty scary for other teams. It is too bad the are not better up front on the offensive side.

  2. By Jon Sekulic on Nov 8, 2009 | Reply

    The 49ers are a playoff team…Their problems are the offensive line, opening up the playbook, and learning how to finish games. I see at least 2 of the 3 being fixed today…Lets go NINERS, this is a must win for a playoff push, especially with the cardinals spanking the bears right now. Alex bring the Niners back to glory!!!!!!!

  3. By Doc on Nov 8, 2009 | Reply

    Come on offense! We need this one.

  4. By Don DaDa on Nov 8, 2009 | Reply

    Today is the day the 49ers put it all together Michael Crabtree will have his 1st big day as a pro. time to go to work

  5. By Loondon_9er on Nov 8, 2009 | Reply

    Lets get it started Niners!!!!Keeping the FAITH in you.

  6. By markseanwilson on Nov 8, 2009 | Reply

    With Key Injuries to Clements and Staley I think it will help the team. Guys who are needed will really step it up and come together. Alex Smith is the real deal

  7. By Oplexicon on Nov 8, 2009 | Reply

    My fav team ever. These guys are a team to be reckoned with when they can get that offensive line together. They have speed, a slightly rushed QB and awesome ground and receiving game but the Offensive Line is killing them, forcing bad and rushed passes. Come on guys!!

  8. By 49ermarc on Nov 8, 2009 | Reply

    Come on niners. Lets get this win and score when there are opportunities. Lets hope the defense does not stay on the field all dam day. LETS GO!!! GET IT GOING offense and ALEX! Cardinals won big today, so we need this game.

    Come On Niners…rise from adversity and break the 3 game loosing streak.

  9. By Eric on Nov 8, 2009 | Reply

    If they lose to the Titans they can just forfit the rest of the season they dont deservie to play in the NFL then.

  10. By 49ermarc on Nov 8, 2009 | Reply

    # 2 defense with niner quick spread offense they succeed. Lets go Niner nation. This game they will win!

  11. By mac on Nov 8, 2009 | Reply

    anybody hating on the niners dont even deserve to be on this web site

  12. By Shannon on Nov 8, 2009 | Reply

    Ok, so the fact that Titans are 1-6 should be a strong indication that they don’t stand a chance, …. yet…. we (9ers) show up today and play like THIS?? Come on!!! We have bigger fish to fry on Thursday! We need to get the silly titans out of the way and move on. 3 losses in a row hold your faith 49er fans. Smith and Bruce can pull this off…. let’s think re-make of Young and Rice. GET IT DONE!!!

  13. By Titanfanfatb377 on Nov 8, 2009 | Reply

    Thank you for the written coverage of the game. I know my Titans haven’t been worth watching this season, but you would think I would be able to from Memphis, TN! I am glad I found this to keep up with game. Thanks again.

  14. By joepal11 on Nov 8, 2009 | Reply

    lets go Alex give to Crabtree all day

  15. By louis on Nov 8, 2009 | Reply

    I think niners are looking good on defense they just have to work alittle more on the offensive line. They are looking like play contenders…

  16. By 49ermarc on Nov 8, 2009 | Reply

    Lets do what needs to be done Niners. We need the ball back and devlop a lead that the titans can come back. Com’on…we can do it! Damm… lost the ball again!

  17. By 49ermarc on Nov 8, 2009 | Reply

    Niners 4th and inches seems easy, but when ranked 29th on 3rd down conversions 4th and inches seems like a huge accomplishment..Hell yeah. theree is an improvement on moving the football . (field goal) Just continue to pass we to develop a good lead, because our defense seems like they are gettting tierd. let go niners…lets go!

  18. By usedtobegaints on Nov 8, 2009 | Reply

    another loose on the way

  19. By frenchfan on Nov 8, 2009 | Reply

    Enough !! we need a quaterback who choose his target ! And be agressive !!!!!

  20. By 9er4life on Nov 8, 2009 | Reply

    can somebody please keep me imformed on lates updates on the last 3 min. of game I don’t get the game here in jax, FL, thanks

  21. By Jan on Nov 8, 2009 | Reply

    We need a decent quarterback. Smith should not play next week. Give me a break. He is not a hero here-he is one of the reasons we lost!!!!

  22. By bp on Nov 8, 2009 | Reply



  23. By jim on Nov 8, 2009 | Reply

    go get jeff garcia back, trade for a decent qb….niether alex or shawn are going to be great qbs there just not!!! there good backups…get with it mike figure it out you guys have been messing with these two second stringers long enough!!

  24. By Dave on Nov 8, 2009 | Reply

    Niners suck! As a long time 49er fan I am disgusted with the play of this team. How many games are they going play where they choke in the 4th quarter. Alex smith is the worst QB ever. This is no playoff team and will not be until they get a good QB. I realize the injuries hurt but where is their heart. There is nothing good to come out of losing to a 1-6 team.

  25. By Jenjiria on Nov 8, 2009 | Reply

    BENCH OR GET RID OF SMITH… he is a high liability!!!

  26. By Joseph on Nov 8, 2009 | Reply

    Can our Quaterback coach teach Smith to pump fake? He is too easy to read, and if he throws a pump fake in the opposite direction of where he is going to throw that makes it less obvious, yet Smith did not pump fake at all this game. Something so simple can help. Our guys need to catch those balls too. He throws hard when he does hit his target and those guys should be catching those throws.

  27. By One Livid Fan on Nov 8, 2009 | Reply

    I am tired, tired, tired of this headcase Alex Smith. No other quarterback squashes like an empty coke late in the game. His two interceptions with 7 minutes left and down 4 demonstrate his greatest flaw. A team with so much promise, is so wrought with misfortune any time the ball is in Smith’s hands down late. I love what he can do quarter 1 2 and 3. But just like last week vs Texas, and the one before, he needs to get over this pick problem. One livid fan.

  28. By socal49ergirl on Nov 8, 2009 | Reply

    when will Alex learn to close the deal!

  29. By doomsday on Nov 8, 2009 | Reply

    OMG get rid of Alex smith now!!!! I rather see davis then this loser!

  30. By Joe Umipig on Nov 8, 2009 | Reply

    We need to have the 49ers win all their remaing games. It’s a must. Have faith in GOD. Thank you.

  31. By EDEN on Nov 8, 2009 | Reply


  32. By 49ermarc on Nov 8, 2009 | Reply

    Well you can replace the quarterback, change some plays, add potential players to improve our chances yet we fail again with mistakes. I really dont know what is going on with the niners; a team with 1-6 record still can do better whatever they want…wow! I am left with is some faith.

  33. By Joseph on Nov 8, 2009 | Reply

    We are 49er FANS, our team may not be holding up but we ALWAYS DO ! 49er FAITHFUL !

  34. By 9erLifer on Nov 8, 2009 | Reply

    The real problem is alex smith

  35. By ALEX FROM KISSIMMEE, FLORIDA on Nov 8, 2009 | Reply

    Here we go again….49ERS should get rid of Smith and Hill and get a real QUARTERBACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. By A.I.O on Nov 8, 2009 | Reply

    It was a good game! but that game was ours if it wasnt for Alex Smith,with alex smith were not going to win no more games,plece put Hill back at QB.Trust me with Alex Smith were not going no were.change the QB!!

  37. By johnnyjdubb on Nov 8, 2009 | Reply

    I wish the 49ers had that one/two punch that powers the offense and
    defense line. Plus have a great QB that can look off the safety and corners.
    Then have a wide receiver that can get separation. That builds a championship
    team. We have a very good defense but no great pass rusher like Charles
    Haley. I look forward to next season.

  38. By Denise on Nov 8, 2009 | Reply

    We need to change up the quater backs to many mistakes come on 49ers make it happen singletary!!!!!!!

  39. By Chilly Will 49 on Nov 8, 2009 | Reply


  40. By Joe on Nov 8, 2009 | Reply

    49ers need a new quarterback. Hill and Smith, they need to go.

  41. By 49er North on Nov 8, 2009 | Reply

    Come on folks, why was Alex benched in the first place, he was no good, he had no leadership, so what do you expect? Well, he proved it again that he needs to play somewhere else or get completely out of football. Team tried hard to overcome the turnovers, but 24 points, impossible. Get a grip Coach and play someone who will give us a chance,.

  42. By David on Nov 8, 2009 | Reply

    another disappointing day , we can’t put teams away good or bad

  43. By ALEX FROM KISSIMMEE, FLORIDA on Nov 8, 2009 | Reply


  44. By 49ermarc on Nov 8, 2009 | Reply

    eden said it best; “whats next Detroit beating us”. Dam we have winners in our team but we can’t win for dam. I say if we want to win, we should play like we are loosing from the get go. . JUST TRY TO SCORE FAST, because we fall befind towards the end like always. Conservative play calling to protect a one play lead is stupid in this league. IT AINT WORKING SO CHANGE IS NEEDED NOW!!!

  45. By Nick on Nov 8, 2009 | Reply

    It’s time for the ’9ers to FINALLY realize that there is absolutely no PROMISE available at the QB position. While we’ve yet to see what Nate Davis has to offer, we as fans have seen TOO much of Alex Smith, and I don’t see Shaun Hill bringing our team back to greatness. It’s time to start analyzing college level QB’s and deciding which one we’ll use our first round pick on. There’s no possibility of us having worse luck than what we had with Alex Smith. The ’9ers cannot close, which is the staple of an inadequate passing attack, headlined by an incompetent quarterback. It’s time for some restructuring…starting at our QB position!!! As a ’9er fan, I’m getting tired…

  46. By eliecer on Nov 8, 2009 | Reply

    Two problems that the 49ers are having is one: struggleing to build a solid integrate offesive line and perhaps the oldest 49er issue since Steve Young is that the 49ers as a team havent been able too find and develope a persistant QB, that can not only read plays very weel but also improvise if necesasry. No winning liders have been developed in San Francisco since the Steve Young era. But Smith could still grow more and more..thinks about it..at least two of the three interceptions the niners threw where rebounds and not direct off target passes..even though smith could have chosen maybe better routes..this tells me that he has good arms streanght and target but he need to work on reading the difense better and improve his desicion making. The running is has been ok, and the defense VERY good, but the defense can do only so much, its time to get better at scoring, driving the ball down field and start to spread the offense a bit more. The ninesr need to win evry game now to have a possibillity for the playoffs..one thing I do feel, maybe not this year but the 49ers of next year if they improve their passing attack and offensive line will be a seriors playoff contender…lets give smith more chance, man i remenber when payton manning fisrt began playing, the dude sucked at fisrt..now hes the best QB of the decade.

  47. By David on Nov 8, 2009 | Reply


  48. By Michael on Nov 8, 2009 | Reply

    the problem is not alex smith. if the receivers can catch the ball, it would not get tipped and get picked off. the real problem is the offensive and defensive coaches. come on sing have those o and d coaches fix their play calling to put the players in a position to win. again, 3rd and 18, and what do we always call, the short 1 yard pass to the wide receiver for a 2 or 3 yard gain.
    i see other teams 3rd and 20, pass the ball down field and pick up the first down. raye is too predictable. and why should we cover wide open receivers, go ahead and do not have a safety cover a receiver down field and let them pick up big yardage. oh, how about this, we have the ball finally for a good drive, over a 9 min drive and raye only wants to kick a field goal. wow, such stupid play calling. you put a team away and come away with a win.
    kicking field goals and letting the opposing team march down the field and score a td, is not a way to win a ball game. the last 3 weeks have been this way. we have the game to win, and fail to do so, because the coaching sucks. im still a faithful fan, but this is getting old. what happened to the bust you in the mouth attitude that sing talked about? you bust someone in the mouth by scoring on offense and allowing the defense to hold teams while fresh instead of being exhausted. whatever, another 3 and 13, or 5 and 11 season again. go losing niners! we can hope for at least 1 or 2 more wins, maybe

  49. By acgfire on Nov 8, 2009 | Reply

    Hey listen, Alex is doing OK, unfortunately this offense sucks, the O line stinks, and the play calling is horrific, how many times must we lose these tight games and when is Singletary going to realize, like it or not we have a 4 wide 2 minute offense, i mean wit this defese we could put up points early and not look back enough with the PROTECT THE LEAD, go for the KILL.

  50. By Ninerfan08 on Nov 8, 2009 | Reply

    Alex smith is definitely not the problem. That’s all I gotta say. And Nate Davis or Shaun hill wouldn’t have done much better

  51. By Clay Dog on Nov 8, 2009 | Reply

    The Niner’s need to turn to the rookie (Nate). This season is a wrap and if possible try and trade Alex and get anything they can for him. Good teams do not allow a 1-6 team come in and hit them in the mouth. As for the play off’s, maybe next year with the grooming of the rookie.

  52. By tru9erfan on Nov 8, 2009 | Reply

    No one should fill bad for the 49ers or the 9er nation. First off I think Alex if giving enough time to learn this offence will be just fine. Let’s try to remember that this guy has been with us for 5years and in that time he has had just as many coordinators and no one should have expected us to be a playoff team this year anyway…sure we have some talented players but it’s going to take some time. We will do better the rest of the way

  53. By Jenjiria on Nov 8, 2009 | Reply

    Well said Michael. I second your comments. No more speeches Sing, its time for tough love. Lets play like an NFL pro-team and no more high school plays calls. Play hard and score from the begining before the coaches make conservative calls and players get tired n demoralized. Until next season… dear 9ers.

  54. By JR on Nov 8, 2009 | Reply

    What will it take for us to WIN?

    A Quarterback. For years it has been very disappointing waiting for Alex Smith to develop. I don’t see it ever happening. The final straw, getting beat by a 1 and 6 team.

    S. Hill can’t get it done! A Smith can’t get it done! Let Nate Davis play. He has been the only QB that has impressed me in many years of watching us lose.

    Although it was pre-season, he brought us from behind to win at the end of games. What else have we got to lose?

    A loyal but disappointed niners fan.

  55. By jay byrd on Nov 8, 2009 | Reply

    Alex smith is not a QB, the 49ers should let him go!! look at the 2006 year the fourth quarter he always troughs int or fumbles to get the BIG L, can we try nate now ?????????

  56. By rod simmis on Nov 8, 2009 | Reply

    sorry alex smith,shaun hill, all need to be traded or released next year just driect snap it to gore all game maybe we wont have turn overs. alex is not a pressure qb never was and never would be. the wr made there play more times then not. gore ran for 80 yard so the o line is fine. def good job.

  57. By Vincent on Nov 8, 2009 | Reply

    it was a another frustrating day. the team needs to learn how to close out a game. we need to get a better offense line and the defense did not put any pressure on vince young and could not stop johnson

  58. By Vincent on Nov 8, 2009 | Reply

    putting nate davis in is not the answer/ yes alex made some mistakes, but he still is a good quarterback and the recievers needs to learn how not to tip balls. they will bounce back

  59. By Jim on Nov 8, 2009 | Reply

    Friggin Alex Smith! PLEASE give us Shaun Hill or Nate Davis. Smith will NEVER be good. 24 points on turnovers. Has he learned ANYTHING in 5 years? NO!

    I’m tired of hearing that Alex has had 5 offensive coordinators in 5 years, well Shaun Hill had 3 in 3 years, and he doesn’t turn the ball over like Alex. Alex Smith lost the game today – no question.

    Also some people say that Shaun Hill wasn’t scoring points, well he never got the opportunity to use the spread offense. When he was QBing, they kept calling run plays up the middle. I say give him the tarting spot back and let him pass. Can’t be any worse than Alex Smith did today. Hell, if we have to, let’s just write off the season, and go with Nate Davis so he’ll have experience for next year. If we keep playing Alex Smith, we might as well write off the season anyway.

  60. By Manny Lujan on Nov 8, 2009 | Reply

    We lost again. Now what are the players going to do about it? Talk is cheap. They should hit the film room, workout longer, play smarter, play harder, play focused. Screw any type of celebration. The celebrations should be made after a win. They are getting paid to play. Quite honestly, they should all get pay cuts for their performance. They should start the film room session after cleaning up. Forget resting. They need to focus on the Bears. I am tired of people cracking jokes about the Niners. They need to play with more passion, conviction and heart. The coordinators need to work double overtime. Us working class people do and we are making 1/16 of the players’ salaries. Start winning NOW!

  61. By Biz on Nov 8, 2009 | Reply

    The problem is the 49ers have known for 3 years that they need four things:
    1) a quarterback; 2) a couple studs on the offensive line; 3) a pass rusher; 4) a safety who does not give up long passes or runs.

    The 9ers have picked up a good receiver in Crabtree and have potential on defense; but, the 9ers keep turning the ball over and not giving their defense a chance. their defense looks tired at the end of games because they have been bailing out offensive turnovers and poor field position most of the game. We need to draft (or bett yet via free aganecy) pick up two studs on the OL and a DE who can bring it. Ray McDonald, Issac, and Demetric are decent but we do not get pressure on the quarter back.

    Unfortunately it looks like the playoffs will allude us again this year. The Cardinals are tsrating to pick up steam and we are fading. It is imperative we make some serious off season acquisitions…and we can do this if we ask underachievers like Nate Clements to take a pay cut.

    I agree with many of the ocmments that we need to open up the playbook. Jimmy Raye’s offense is predictible and he seems to take years to make decisions and get plays down to the field.

    Coach Sing is a great motivator, but he inability to manage the clock, timeouts, and usage of players (Jaosn Hill, getting rid of Rossum, etc) has me scratching my head. I mean, how hard is it to coach Patrick Willis or Frank Gore….they would be good on any team. The true sign of a good coach is when no names become big time players…ala Patriots and Broncos…they play like the niners used to play…exciting football…give what the defense gives you…push the other team to beat you with their lesser players.

    Go Niners.

  62. By Joe on Nov 8, 2009 | Reply

    All I gotta say……….Raye is to predictable. I personally, predicted about 85% of his game plan the last 3 weeks, I dont even play football. Raye is reminiscent of a Jeff Hostler. Seriously though, what good is a coach that not only doesnt trust his players, specifically, Alex Smith, but also, cant even recognize in time the strengths and weaknesses of his players, specifically Alex Smith.

  63. By DN 510 on Nov 8, 2009 | Reply

    What is really going on ill support you tell the very end we really need to start looking to just play sound football not miss tackles and make better decisions yes all off the real fans know your banged up but its a hard grind to get to were you want to be and all we can do is take it 1day at a time 1 game at a time 1 win at a time just leave it all out there on the field because for some it might be there only chance to do there job well and for the coach mr. Sam Bradford is to me like montan has the same goofy look lol and let’s go get JP from carolina let him and PW have some fun lol

  64. By die hard niner fan on Nov 8, 2009 | Reply

    Another disappointing loss. I can’t believe they lost against the Titans! They should of won this game. Yes, I do agree the offensive line is not doing their job, however, the niners haven’t had a good quarterback in years! Where is Montana or Young!!!

  65. By Biz on Nov 8, 2009 | Reply

    One of the INTs were not Alex’s fault…one bounced off Morgan’s chest.

    the other two were because Alex does not play well under pressure and gets Cyclops vision on receivers. He needs play calling that forces him to move thorugh natural progressions with the receivers.

    HOWEVER — having said that alex smith is SOFT…ALWAYS HAS BEEN AND ALWAYS WILL BE…HE is not a winner…again NEVER HAS BEEN AND NEVER WILL BE…it is unfortunate because he has talent…

    Conversely, Shuan Hill throws probably the ugliest pass in the NFL in the past 20 years…some of his long balls are quacking so hard that they fall from the sky like punts…but miraculously he WINS….if you can stomach watching him get sacked 4-7 times a game and waiting for Frank Gore to bail him out.

    Back to Smith, we only chose him #1 overall over the likes of Braylon Edwards and others because stupid Steve Young (BYU alum) had management’s ear…

    And our wonderful GM, is continuously convincing management that we are one year away…Scot should have been fired two years ago when he traded up for Staley and wasted a future 1st rounder that was a top ten pick….or this year when he gave up a 2nd and a 4th for a future first rounder…when questioned about it he said…I know the text book says we gave up too much but the Panthers have the toughest schedule…
    You are correct Scot, the textbook says giving up 2nd rounder for a 1st rounder is a good deal…more than that we passed on Phil loadhodt and several running backs and safeties that could have been great additions…let’s hope that we are able to pick up a saftey and a tackle in the first round in the 2010 draft

  66. By mty9rfn on Nov 8, 2009 | Reply

    i echo the sentiment of chilly will in regards to nate davis. frankly, we missed our chance to get a similar, “proven” qb just a few years ago when we could have gotten ‘back’ jeff garcia after he had taken the philadelphia eagles to the nfc championship game, (mcnabb had gotten injured earlier that season). unfortunately for us, the tb bucs picked him up instead. he subsequently led the bucs to the playoffs. nevertheless, (given who we have at the qb position), i feel nate davis, would be the perfect fit at 1st string qb, as he has the strong arm of smith, the savy coolness and brains of shaun king, and his own unique atheletism which would help, when the offensive line is suspect during the game. experience and maturity is all that’s lacking in davis. now, that we have the perfect head coach for our team, the development of davis’ rawness of talent could be the “last missing link” our team needs.

  67. By sam on Nov 8, 2009 | Reply

    Wow none of u posting r fans.none of u ever played ball,if u did,never started or have seen any gametime. It obvious there is a serious lack of experience and maturity in the room. Before u analyze your television u need to see the bigger pic.its just a matter of this teams not properly executing the way its drawn up.lot of tough loses its just none of u know this game well enough to critique it the way u “fans” r

  68. By Clifton B. on Nov 8, 2009 | Reply

    i don’t think anyone here noticed the real problem here. Yes Alex is far from the greatest but he shouldn’t be throwing the ball 30-40 times like he has the last 2 games. I don’t know offense cordinator is scared to run it forreal. Lets Frank Gore run and i don’t care if it doesn’t appear to work, our record is way better when we run at least 20 times. Maybe they’re scared to overuse Frank Gore but c’mon when your up you run and when your up and have a qb who isn’t a star you defintely run. It’s just as Deion Sanders said we need to stop trick or treatin’, the costume of a passing team needs to come off forreal. And ain’t nate daivs hurt or at least been hurt… he not going in we gonna see alex for at least one more game. If he throw one more interception then he out.

  69. By mty9rfn on Nov 8, 2009 | Reply

    in answering die hard niner fan’s question “where is montana or young?”, he could be on the bench wearing #7. in my earlier blog, i mentioned how our offensive line can be “suspect during the game” i’d like to change that to “occasionally” being suspect during the game. even joe or steve back in the day, had to do their share of “scrabbling” and sometimes more than they wanted to. nate davis, (of the three qb’s we have) is the closest thing we’ve had to joe or steve since jeff garcia (again, too bad we didn’t get jeff back when we had the chance). hopefully, we’ll see nate perform “his rendition” of “montana or young” sooner than later.

  70. By Julie on Nov 8, 2009 | Reply

    The games are close so it isn’t they don’t have the talent, they need the heart and determination to get the job done. Why not give Nate a chance? If you can’t get the job done with the first two, go for the thrid. Someone who wants to win will go the extra mile and do just that-win. I still like Alex Smith, he has to motivate the team the entire 4 quarters.

  71. By sam on Nov 8, 2009 | Reply

    come on 9ers u guys cant be losing anymore, still a dedicated fan!

  72. By Manny Lujan on Nov 8, 2009 | Reply

    I still cannot believe we passed up DeSean Jackson for Kentwan Balmer. Imagine Jackson and Crabtree together. Wow! That would be fun to watch!

  73. By scott on Nov 8, 2009 | Reply

    I say put in Nate Davis. He looked the best in preseaon. I’ve all but given up on Alex Smith. How many chances can the niners give that guy to show us all something. He still hasn’t thrown for more than 300 yards in a game. PLEASE draft a good QB next draft. The rebuilding phase has been too long with this foundation that continues to prove that its not stable enough to build on….

  74. By chechoCR on Nov 8, 2009 | Reply

    I CANT BELIVE 49ERS PICKED Carmazzi AND RATTAY ahead of Tom Brady!!!!


  75. By Manny Lujan on Nov 8, 2009 | Reply

    I think Coach Singletary should make his guys run the hill a little bit more.

  76. By pistolpete3rd on Nov 8, 2009 | Reply

    We have nothing to lose now..”Coach Singletary”……Can you please put in NATE??? Let’s just see what he can do……..If worse goes to worse at least you’ll get the credit for trying!! GO NINERS!!!!!!!!!!

  77. By jon on Nov 9, 2009 | Reply

    All I am going to say about that loss is very frustrated. We played OK in the first half but the second half was the worst we have seen. The offensive line could not block anyone, no time to make good decisions throwing the ball, alex was trying to force the ball into double coverage, and the supposed “unreal” defense we have stunk. Could not stop the run. Well if they are going to play like that all season I might as well and save myself the heartache and just look foreward to the draft because there is no chance for playoffs playing like we did the last few weeks. we were 3-1.. WOW look who we played Seattle, the rams, and the cardinals. Once we got to teams outside the division we look like the same team from the past couple years. Something has to change!!! Its very embarrasing.

  78. By Biz on Nov 9, 2009 | Reply

    The bottom line is the team does not know how to WIN. Sure coach Sing has them playing hard, but they do not have the right mentality.
    The 9ers need to ACT AS IF… The 49ers need to stop slapping each other on the back and laughing on the sidelines everytime they go up in a game…they need to ACT AS IF they HAVE BEEN THERE BEFORE and they KNOW they are going to WIN and THEY know they are going to WIN by 20 points. When is the last time the 9ers blew out a decent team?? (The Rams, Lions, Browns, etc do not count). We need that killer instinct.

  79. By LyRiC on Nov 9, 2009 | Reply

    Give NATE DAVIS a chance if smith doesn’t preform well against the bears…

  80. By Jay on Nov 9, 2009 | Reply

    Well niners have lost the chance for the playoff, that was really big major game to win yesterday and i still can not believe the titans beat us. I mean we were 2-0 when starting the season, the niners had games they should of won like (vikings, texans, colts n etc. Hopefully next year we get very good draft picks like OGs, to help our o-line, n maybe draft Jahvid best for more RB speed n power. I Just hope the niners beat the bears this Sunday i still got faith in my team but its too late for the niners chance of a playoff. :(, anyways GO NINERS, beat the bears!

  81. By Curtis on Nov 9, 2009 | Reply

    The 49ers showed promise yesterday. On up until the Titan game I thought they ran the ball too much. The offense needs to open up more and start pressing teams to cover deep. The offensive line needs to do a lot better at understanding the blitz pick up packages as well as running backs. Isaac Bruce, God bless him needs to be a third down slot reciever much like the Rams used Ricky Proehl towards the end of his career. We have young weapons on offense and between Michael Crabtree, Jason Hill, Brandon Jones, and Josh Morgan someone needs to emerge as a deep threat. Defensively the 49ers lack speed to cover the deep threat as was shown in the game against Atlanta, but the front 7 are really doing a nice job at not giving teams enough time to expose it. We just have to find a way to hold it together down the stretch, we are a good team we’re just young.

  82. By John on Nov 9, 2009 | Reply

    Well, actually it all makes sense. Crabtree is going through his ‘training camp and pre-season’ right now. He and the other receivers are dropping catchable balls; which in turn puts the INT on Alex Smith. This season is done. Who has SF beaten this season? — SEAHAWKS, RAMS, CRADS… SF is what its record is. They are NOT going into the playoffs in 2009-2010 season. They should lose the rest of the games and secure high picks in the 2010 draft. But that will bring the familiar result…poor picks. Oh my…How long will this continue?

  83. By familyguy on Nov 9, 2009 | Reply


  84. By Florida Niner Fan on Nov 9, 2009 | Reply

    What happened to the Niners? They went from a promising start to getting beat by inferior teams. Alex Smith isn’t the answer, but who is? It’s time to start thinking about the draft and look for a new QB. It’s time to look at O lineman available through free agency. I believe next year is a uncapped year, but be smart with the money you spend. It took them years to fix the last set of contract problems, Jeff Garcia, TO etc. Dump the inflated contracts of the stiffs who aren’t performing. Alex Smith, it’s time to go. Please don’t sign a journeyman, he’s been that for a reason. The defense is solid, but not closing games. A nice core group of receivers with a decent running back. Vernon Davis is finally starting to show why he was a number one pick. That window will close quickly if they don’t find someone who can eliminate mistakes and move the ball. Wasn’t Tom Brady and Joe Montana late round picks? Their has got to be someone out there with that potential, find him….Just a side note. To some of the bloggers, do yourself a favor, have a grammar book nearby or pay attention to the underlined words. Your points are not taken seriously if you sound like an idiot with a third grade education. It pains me to read some of the entries, people can’t be that illiterate.

  85. By Dirk on Nov 9, 2009 | Reply

    Same ol niners. When is management and the coaching staff going to go out and get a QB. Fans are getting frustrated year after year seeing great starts and promise go down the drain because we dont have a QB. If you want to win at this level you have to have a good QB. Hill and Smith aren’t those guys they will simply be backups and cannot guide a team to the playoffs. It’s hard rooting for a team that lets you down year after year and aren’t making moves other than the draft to improve this team.

  86. By shawn4niners QB on Nov 9, 2009 | Reply

    Yes we do have a QB problem but our DB’s need to put a peep in their step.”They are old” we need to put that at the top of the list for next year.I f you look at the games they get beat ALOT they are very good dont get me wrong but just like ATL did, I think PHI would do the same they would take it to the air.I think as long as the Oline keeps working hard and stay together they would be OK …”They look alot better from last season”

  87. By shawn4niners QB on Nov 9, 2009 | Reply

    PLAYOFFS WE TALKING BOUT PLAYOFFS ! ! ! We need to focus on goin .500

  88. By George on Nov 9, 2009 | Reply

    I agree with quite a few of the niner faithful!
    “Enough” with the 2 back-up QB’s who have just lost our 4th straight…! go get a Jeff Garcia or QB worthy
    of taking the 49ers…who have been searching for the sixth and bring it home!!!
    we have one of the “BEST DEFENSES IN THE NFL”
    Lets compliment them with the “MIGHTY OFFENCE” “WE” once used to have.

    Never the less, Nut’n Finer than a 49er….!!!

    Gg faithful in El Paso Tx.

  89. By Vince on Nov 9, 2009 | Reply

    Maybe im not watching the same 49er team everybody else is watching and maybe im not watching the same qaurterbacks play that i have been watching play for the past 4 years, so my question to Mike “I only want winners” Singletary is What do you see in Alex Smith or Shaun Hill that says championship.Please do not tell me 4 different offensive cordinaters has anything to do with pass accuracy.We have one more quarteback left so lets see what he can do or lets just move on.

  90. By L.G on Nov 9, 2009 | Reply

    Yes we need a a QB. I don’t know what it takes for people to open there eyes? All you Alex lovers just let go, its okay! He is a decent QB but not the answer. What i don’t understand is what happened to the last five or six years the Niners have been rebuilding for years now…Man this is crazy if it’s not one thing it is another! Now we need an offensive line? GM and coaches were clueless for years not getting in quality talent. The 49ers may win 4 or 5 more games at this rate. I wish they would bring back the west coast offense and bring in Mike Holgrim as a GM. I won’t be surprised to see Nate Davis before the end of the season especially if the 49ers keep losing…At this point they have nothing to lose and unfortunately look to next season. Man i was so pumped at the beginning of the season!

  91. By levi on Nov 9, 2009 | Reply

    we had a chance at aaron rodgers but got alex smith instead

  92. By tru9erfan on Nov 9, 2009 | Reply

    Everyone should just relax everything is already here in place to win by next year and if they can put it altogether maybe this year. First like a good team president (thank god for Jed York) and a coach that I think will turn out to be a good one and even the general manager most of you guys love to hate. That G.M. has us looking good with 2 first rounder’s in this upcoming draft thanks to that trade with Carolina (please continue to not win another game panthers) so maybe we can go out and get that other tackle that we so desperately need and even a real pass rusher. Now about the offence we have the playmakers here and YES Alex Smith is one of them along with Gore,Davis,Crabtree,Morgan and I believe Jason Hill too. So like I said just relax 49er faithful we will be okay the future is bright.

  93. By gtbniners on Nov 9, 2009 | Reply

    were almost there we have 2#1 picks next year play alex on the short week but we have no choice to play nate the rest of the season give a chance if that fails draft a qc or trade for one that position is killing us have faith niners fans it’s all about next year go ninerssssssssssss

  94. By Graff on Nov 9, 2009 | Reply

    Whoever says they want garcia back needs to look back at what he did..and see his stats.. they are horrible. He did nothing for this team.. Shaun Hill sucks.. like singletary said.. alex only had one turnover that truly was his fault the other two were not his fault..and looking at his stats i think smith did a good job.. he will be sticking around.. you can count on it.. He has what it takes.. he just needs to power through this.. youll see however long it takes i truly feel smith will be a top qb..JUST REMEMBER SOME OF THE OTHER QBS (TROY AIKMAN) HAD A HORRIBLE FIRST FEW YEARS..

  95. By Martin on Nov 9, 2009 | Reply

    Good Comment

    By Curtis on Nov 9, 2009 | Reply
    The 49ers showed promise yesterday. On up until the Titan game I thought they ran the ball too much. The offense needs to open up more and start pressing teams to cover deep. The offensive line needs to do a lot better at understanding the blitz pick up packages as well as running backs. Isaac Bruce, God bless him needs to be a third down slot reciever much like the Rams used Ricky Proehl towards the end of his career. We have young weapons on offense and between Michael Crabtree, Jason Hill, Brandon Jones, and Josh Morgan someone needs to emerge as a deep threat. Defensively the 49ers lack speed to cover the deep threat as was shown in the game against Atlanta, but the front 7 are really doing a nice job at not giving teams enough time to expose it. We just have to find a way to hold it together down the stretch, we are a good team we’re just young.

  96. By mty9rfn on Nov 10, 2009 | Reply

    to blogger graff: see wikipedia for the stats on jeff garcia…even at age 39 i’d still choose garcia over smith any day of the week and 3 times on sunday! i recall the the raiders having at one time a great qb by the name of george blanda who at age 43 replaced a younger starter daryl lamonica and led the raiders to the 1970 afc championhip game. in light of the pre-mentioned and all the comments against smith, mgt. might want to consider looking into seeing if garcia is available and pick him up! who knows, he could possibly be the next george blanda!!!

  97. By L.G on Nov 10, 2009 | Reply

    Yea i would love to see Garcia back he wins games. I thought they should have never traded him. As soon as that happened we went down hill. Smith has had plenty of opportunities he doesn’t need another two or three years to prove himself. He has been with the Niners about 7 years now or so? I can’t handle seeing him again trying to find himself and everyone making excuses for his mistakes. Let’s move on! He will be a good back up somewhere else in the league or may excel in a new system but not here. I think those interceptions were his fault he way over throws his receivers, he is going to get them killed.

  98. By mty9rfn on Nov 10, 2009 | Reply

    thanks for the back-up l.g.! you know there’s a guy by the name of brett farve who is not doing so bad this year in minnesota and he’s 40! like brett, jeff has heart! always has, always will! i think if given the chance to run the 49er offense again, especially with the talent now here, we would make the playoffs THIS YEAR! jeff’s instincts and experience would go a long way here. what a dream scenario that would be for jeff! and for us the fans! to root and holler for a guy who has always just asked for a chance to play. (again see wikipedia.com for jeff’s history and stats.)

  99. By Biz on Nov 10, 2009 | Reply

    Jeff Garcia has better stats than Steve Young…people forget that…Jeff has the highest QB rating of any 9er QB. Of course most of those passes were to T.O.

    Jeff is a winner. There are cetain people that just win games. Ben Roethlesberger is one of these people. He is really not that good. He just has a ton of confindence and he has GOOD offensive coaches.

    The 9ers need to find a winner at QB.
    Then find an offensive coordinator that knows how to get a play call down to the field witout using up the 45 second play clock. AND does not start the ball game with 3 start FB/RB dives up the middle. I know Frank likes running between the tackles, but until he runs on the edges the defenses are keying on his runs.

  100. By jake on Nov 11, 2009 | Reply

    to j r, i tried to tell them the same thing, atleast let the man play to see if he can win, nate davis, a strong arm n winner, yeah in college, but so are the others
    again we need colt mccoy a winner, taylor mays a hitter with speed, n n. suy dt from nebraska, i can go with jeff garcia until he stays in pocket n has no effect

  101. By jr on Nov 12, 2009 | Reply

    to jake
    well the problem with having garcia is the pocket we don’t have one. a young mobile qb that can run for his life and make things happen would help, ha.

  102. By mty9rfn on Nov 13, 2009 | Reply

    to jake and jr—intergrating a “moving pocket” as part of the offense would help in that regard. jeff simply has better “game instincts” than alex and shaun, not to mention he could “mentor” nate better than the other two, as jeff is more like nate, but with obviously more experience.

  103. By Mark Thuesen on Feb 4, 2011 | Reply

    Too bad the 49ers flaked out this year, maybe next year they will get their act together.

    mark thuesen

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