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Singletary Names Smith Starting Quarterback

Posted by Taylor Price on October 26, 2009 – 12:48 PM


Mike Singletary began his Monday press conference by announcing that two starters in right tackle Tony Pashos and inside linebacker Takeo Spikes will undergo MRI’s today on the shoulder injuries they sustained against the Texans.

Singletary went over the rest of the 49ers injury report from the Houston game and then made an announcement on the team’s starting quarterback position for the 49ers next game at Indianapolis and for the foreseeable future.

“As far as this upcoming week in terms of quarterback, Alex Smith will be the quarterback,” Singletary said.

“As far as, ‘Will Shaun Hill be back?’ and all this other stuff… we’re not going to be a flavor of the month kind of team,” he added. “I wanted to make the decision based on who gives us the best chance to win.”

More Notes from Monday

-Singletary said Pashos suffered a left shoulder contusion, outside linebacker Marques Harris suffered a hamstring strain, defensive tackle Justin Smith suffered a left calf strain, nose tackle Aubrayo Franklin suffered a right knee sprain and Spikes suffered a right shoulder sprain.

-The 49ers head coach touched on the play of his offensive line again on Monday, but he sounded confident that the group would improve its play and reestablish Frank Gore and the 49ers running attack.

“We want to run the ball, but usually they have 8.5 guys in the box, sometimes nine. Sometimes that makes it a little more difficult. When you have an offensive line that has been banged up and is trying to get things right, it makes for not a good combination. But as we build confidence and continue to get better, it will work itself out.”

-If Pashos is unable to return in time for Sunday’s game against the Colts, Singletary said the team would “figure it out,” in naming a replacement.

-Singletary sat in on the team’s defensive meeting this morning to cover some communication issues that have been hampering the unit’s play. Singletary wants to see better results from that side of the ball, but was sure to remind them know how highly he thinks of them.

“We’re a good defense with the opportunity to be a great defense,” he said of his message to the defense. “But because of the communication factor, particularly in the last couple of games, you get guys starting to do their own thing. That’s when you really have to communicate very well, to make sure guys don’t start doing their own thing. We just have to get on one page, relax, settle down and let’s go from there.”

-Singletary said nothing stood out to him from watching the film in regards to the play of Michael Crabtree.

“Nothing jumped out to me, it was very evident yesterday,” Singletary said. “I just wanted to see it on film, just like when you see a good movie; you want to see it again.”

-Singletary spoke with Crabtree earlier this morning to let him know how he appreciated all the work Crabtree did while he was away from the team.

“All of the work he did, all of the studying he did while he wasn’t here – it showed,” Singletary said.

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18 Responses to “Singletary Names Smith Starting Quarterback”

  1. By shawn on Oct 26, 2009 | Reply

    Hill,good job u got us 3 win and showed some leadership….But rite now its all about winning football games …we have some pretty ruff games coming up and we need a guy that is a little more aggresive…Smith I hope you are the guy if not I hope the rookie is ready.Yes the QB slots has its problem but what is up with the defence ?I really think that we need to get after the QB alittle more like coach said HIT DEM IN THE MOUTH .We have a great defence but on sunday you could not tell..atleast in the 1st half…

  2. By Finer9rfan on Oct 26, 2009 | Reply

    Two things come to mind…Firstly, Spikes got hurt and didn’t return to the game, so our pressure suffered greatly…Secondly, although we held their running game in check the first half, their passing game with the use of their tight end Daniels caused a lot of miscommunication in the secondary…what started out in the beginning of the year, didn’t show up yesterday against a mediocre team, wasn’t the same team out there..

  3. By J.C. Valenzuela on Oct 26, 2009 | Reply

    On the QB subject, I think it’s the right move to put in Alex Smith so I have to agree with Coach. Hill on the other hand gave us 3 wins. My hats off to Shaun Hill. Coach said it best though… HIT’EM IN THE MOUTH!!! When I watch the Niner games. I seem to notice the same problem everytime you guys lose. Only the games you lose. What I see is you guys not having any heart! You guys and please this is with all due respect to ALL Niners! Im not here to bad mouth anyone. I’m simply a Fan and I really do care. Anyways, I notice you guys just throwing your hands up in the air and expecting your other teamtate to pick where you and everyone else on Defense should be helping out. I’m talking just defense right now by the way. When the play goes down I see alot of denfensemen standing around, looking like they are expecting someone else will make the tackle. HIT ‘EM IN THE MOUTH get in there no matter if your 20 yards away I’d like to see you guys looking hungry and wanting to rip their heads off! If it takes all of you, GET IN THERE!!! Block, make tackles, get the guy with the ball. HELP OUT YOUR TEAM!!!!

    On offense I think the linemen need to either want to win or jump ship and find some eager linemen that are willing to play the game to WIN!!! Protect your QB he is trying to do something for the team. Wether its Alex Smith or Shaun Hill the QB needs to nursed like a baby dont let anyone near him!

    I’ve always loved the Niners since I was a little boy. I always will. I’ve watched just about every game, Super Bowl, been to training camps, games. etc, etc. I know you guys are going to bring another one home. I know you will. I have hope. Hope is a good thing, and no good thing ever dies. Good Luck to all of you guys! and remember….. HIT’EM IN THE MOUTH!!!

  4. By Jackow on Oct 26, 2009 | Reply

    That Houston Offense is crazy. Anyways, let’s hope Jimmy raye saw what I did: VD, Morgan and Crabs need the ball. Let’s change the offensive philosophy a little and get the load off of Gore.

  5. By paul s on Oct 26, 2009 | Reply

    where is Brandon Jones ???
    we paid alot of money for this guy
    we know he is over his injury
    why not let him play too ???

  6. By Jackow on Oct 26, 2009 | Reply

    Hopefully this brings a little change in the offensive philosophy. We have VD, Morgan and Crabs, let’s utilize them and take the load off of gore so he can do what he does!

  7. By ssballer21 on Oct 26, 2009 | Reply

    great game niners!i dont care if we lost but we showed some signs of a offense out there!luv the decision about smith over hill!hill thank u for the three wins but rite now we ar second in the west and we need some offense!on defense…..wat can i say.we hav heart,we hav the best lb in the league,we just cant execute!guys if we can execute we can be the best d in the league.anywayz i want to see the biggest upset of the season next week and GO NINERS!!!

  8. By jr on Oct 26, 2009 | Reply

    now smith has his playmakers wit him on tha offense he cld make plays that hill cant .stronger arm better mobilly ..Go Niners

  9. By Vaunda on Oct 26, 2009 | Reply

    I was disappointed with Houston game, but I am not going anywhere. I have been a FAN since 1974 ,if we could get 4 quarters played like we saw in 4 plays…we would all have smiles back on are face….It takes a team boys…..and an attitude “We can and will do this…get it done attitude……the finger pointing and the excuses stop….and the performance, Team-Win Attitude starts NOW…Stop thinking, hesitating and start TRUSTING IN EACH OTHER AND BELIEVE ONCE AGAIN, WE DESERVE A CHAMPIONSHIP….!

  10. By Chilly Will 49! on Oct 26, 2009 | Reply

    Colts are next and the Niners better have guns loaded and be ready to bring it come Sunday. If our Niners plan on being in this game they better be ready to throw the ball A LOT!. I’m sorry the running game is not cutting it and every team they play knows how to play against the Niners they just play the run and dear you to throw every time….. well it is time for the Niners to start seriously throwing the ball if they ever plan on wanting to ever run again. They are gonna have to start making defenses respect our passing game. I’m not trying to say running the ball isn’t important because it is, but when you have 8,9 sometimes 10 players in the box know wonder our offensive line has problems they can’t stop that many players I don’t care who you are.

    Look at the teams around the league that have winning records and guess why they are so good….HELLO SOMEBODY!! ….. they pass the ball A LOT!!!
    NOT RUN>>>>PASS! Breeze, Manning, Brady they are throwing fools out there baby!..Niners need to do that also. Niners are loaded with talented receivers Bruce, Morgan, Crabtree, Battle, Davis, Spurlock get these bad boys out there and mix it up PASS!!!…..I hope Alex can deliver because if not Nate Davis is waiting in the wings, and I know this brother has no problems throwing. If the Niners can be more successful passing trust me the running game will get better because the defense is gonna have to respect both. We all saw how quickly the Niners got back into the game Sunday. What did they do …… YES THEY PASSED!!!! …. Can you imagined if they did this sooner we could of won that game if we had PASS!!!

    So come Sunday if these Niners decide to want to just run the ball all day I’m telling you now consider it a lost and shut off the TV and go have a good time with your friends and family because I guarantee you the Niners will lose. If they can come out and pass and have a good time they have a chance against the COLTS…… Mike you want WINNERS cut them loose and let them air it out baby!!

    RED & GOLD & BOLD!!!

  11. By Jon on Oct 26, 2009 | Reply

    I agree with what everyone else said. We need to pass the ball in order to win. So far other teams have been begging us to pass by putting 8-9 guys in the box. The run isnt going to work on 1st and 2nd down. Then they pass on 3rd down and get nothing. Alex needs to just relax and not take all the pressure. We have a lot of playmakers. Make the routine throws and dont rush anything. If our defense comes back from their 3 week vacation and our offensive line blocks their tails off we could win this game. Also we cannot afford senseless turnovers. With all that said, if we do these things, we could have a chance to knock off the colts. If not it will be another check in the loss column. A win proves that this team is worthy of playoff consideration. Its time to wake up, play smart, coach smart, and give everything you have. You control your own destiny. Want the playoffs? Prove it!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. By Vernell Mitchell on Oct 26, 2009 | Reply

    I think we should also involve Michael Robinson in the wildcat offense. He was the quarterback at Penn State.

  13. By Tony Stark-- Niner fan on Oct 26, 2009 | Reply

    Congrats on Alex for having a tremendous game. I wished for him that he would’ve led us to a comeback, but I’m still excited at what he showed. I admit, I thought this guy was a bust. I didn’t think about how the lack of coaching, frequent coach and o-coord changes, and leading a mediocre team affected a young player. Whether those were the reasons why his development went stagnant early on, I don’t know, but this is his chance to resurrect his career. Make the most of it. He’s got a solid group of offensive weapons, and finally a coach that genuinely seems to care about his development. I hope he found maturity through his tumultuous first years. Hill got us 3 wins, but I think he was getting too comfortable being just a game manager. It was great to see Alex scrambling, eluding tacklers, and finding our guys down field (crisp and accurate throws save for that last one, and I hope he doesn’t start making too many of those again). I miss seeing that kind of play from a Niner QB. Hill just didn’t seem like he had good situational awareness around the pocket, especially when it was collapsing. If Alex can manage the game and at the same time be the aggressive QB that he is, then this could be good. Now, if only our O-line can help him stay healthy. We’ve been slowly flaming out, so maybe this will spark something. We’ll see. Good luck Alex.

  14. By Michael Stremme on Oct 27, 2009 | Reply

    Oh my! Were you not watching the final minutes of the Texans game?
    Sure it is easy to play when there is no pressure, but when the chips were down how did #11 (this number has been a curse for every 49er QB) play – terrible. How the coach and front office can even consider starting #11 is beyond anyone’s comprehension. Yea, yea I know he led them back, yada yada, but when it counted NOTHING!!! I would have waived him not named him the starter.

  15. By Erick on Oct 28, 2009 | Reply

    hey, well first of all Hill is wack and he cant help[ us win so great job on the change with qb’s, are defense is showing no heart out there and we are gettin beat. HIT EM IN THE MOUTH come-on. i hope Smith can deliever for us and get us a win in Indy, and it wont be easy so get ready
    GO NINERS!!!!!

  16. By Jason Cook on Oct 28, 2009 | Reply

    Coach… I have been a loyal 49er fan as long as I can remember. I truly believe that your passion and leadership abilities are what the Niners have been missing since Bill Walsh. You make the calls and I will continue to enjoy the games you coach. God Bless!!!!!

  17. By FaithfulManSince'88 on Oct 28, 2009 | Reply

    If the o-line can protect alex, then he will do well. The key is to find a way to stop Manning and that colts offense.
    GO NINERS!!!!

  18. By Brandon on Nov 4, 2009 | Reply

    i think san fran is a good team,we need to focus on getting a quarterback,because the ones we got now isnt not worth nuthin..offense is a key part of them without dat its harder for da defense..

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