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McDonald and Clements Up for Sprint Award

Posted by Taylor Price on September 29, 2009 – 4:29 PM


For the second consecutive week, the 49ers have been honored for having one of Sprint’s “Can’t-Miss Plays.” Last week, Frank Gore’s touchdown runs of 80 and 79 yards earned him recognition from Sprint.

This week, the nominee was given to defensive tackle Ray McDonald and cornerback Nate Clements, who were responsbile for the 49ers blocked field goal against the Minnesota Vikings that led to a 59-yard touchdown at the end of the first half.

You can vote for McDonald and Clements by clicking this link or by using the NFL Mobile Live service on your Sprint phone!

Voting opens today and closes this Saturday at 3 pm ET, so be sure to vote early and often!

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UPDATED: Monday’s Locker Room Talk

Posted by Taylor Price on September 28, 2009 – 5:00 PM


“Patience, perseverance and overall optimism.”

That’s the motto 49ers starting quarterback Shaun Hill has adopted to help him out in tough situations.

“If things aren’t going well, just be patient, they will. Persevere through the tough times and at all times stay optimistic. That’s the way I play. That’s the way I’ve always been,” Hill explained of his mantra.

“That’s my own thing. I’m the new Yogi Berra I guess.”

Hill’s saying has been especially resourceful coming off a heartbreaking 27-24 loss to the Minnesota Vikings.

Despite the last-second defeat, Hill and the rest of the 49ers have done their best to put the game behind them.

“The only thing in my notebook right now says, ‘St. Louis,’” Hill said referring to the new center of his attention. “We turned the page on the last game and now we’re looking forward.”

It’s not like this was the first tough loss in the careers of many of the 49ers. From high school to college to previous NFL games, it’s likely that most of the players have been unsuspectingly beaten at the end of a game.

“Unfortunately, we lost a game like that when I was at Virginia Tech playing against Boston College,” second-year wide receiver Josh Morgan said. “We played them during the season and Matt Ryan threw a bomb to the running back that beat us in the last eight seconds of the game.”

But Morgan and the rest of his teammates didn’t dwell on the defeat.

“We saw them again in the ACC championship and beat them convincingly. That’s the main thing we have to do, do what I did at Virginia Tech. Hopefully we’ll see the Vikings later on and we’ll deal with it later on.”

The 49ers might also have to deal without the services of star running back Frank Gore when they host the St. Louis Rams this Sunday at Candlestick Park. Although the results of his MRI on his ankle have yet to be announced, backup Glen Coffee is ready for whatever opportunity presents itself.

“As a professional you always have to be ready when you’re number is called. That’s just the way I look at it,” Coffee said. “I just have to step in for Frank and I can’t let there be any slide in execution or production.”

Coffee should be a competent replacement for Gore. His teammates believe so, mainly because they have been intrigued with him from the day they first met him.

Rookie running back Glen Coffee has impressed his teammates so far for being "coachable."

“I was impressed with him the first day we got together at the rookie minicamp,” Hill said of Coffee.

“As many rookies do when they come in, they try to run like they did in college. They try to outrun everyone to the boundary and turn everything into an 80-yard run. Coach [Singletary] got on Glen after that first session and by that second practice he was hitting the seams and punching it up in there to get four or five yards a carry.”

Hill also complimented tight end Vernon Davis for his breakout game against the Vikings.

“Vernon made some great plays for me,” Hill said. “On top of that they were trying to get under his skin and he didn’t let that happen. I was very proud of Vernon and the way he played. He’s really come a long way. He’s a guy who I feel very comfortable with him out there.”

Along with Davis and Coffee, Hill said he’s pleased with the play of the 49ers defense.

“Our defense has played great all season,” Hill said. “They kept us in that game and they did a wonderful job for us. We kept on the field for too long and that goes back to our third-efficiency. We put them in bad situations throughout the whole game just because we couldn’t convert on third downs. They did a good job in keeping us in the ballgame.”

Hill was asked if the Minnesota loss compared to last season’s defeat on Monday Night Football against the Arizona Cardinals, to which he responded:

“Most losses feel about the same to be honest with you. We were able to move past that one and we’ll definitely do the same thing with this one.”


The results of MRI on 49ers RB Frank Gore show a right ankle strain and a right hind foot sprain that will sideline him for approximately three weeks.

The results of MRI on T Joe Staley show a right quad contusion and he is listed as day-to-day.

The results of MRI on S Reggie Smith show a right groin strain and he will be re-evaluated in two weeks.

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Singletary Moves on From Minnesota

Posted by Taylor Price on September 28, 2009 – 1:30 PM


The 49ers heartbreaking defeat didn’t have their head coach down on Monday. Mike Singletary seemed to be in usual spirits during his annual day after the game press conference.

“They just make a football play, that’s what happened,” Singletary said of Minnesota’s last second touchdown pass that helped the Vikings win 27-24.

Rather than dwell on the disappointing loss, Singletary wants his players to learn from the experience and use it to get better.

“I think you take it, you learn for it and you get ready for the next game,” he said. “Winners let it go – they move forward. Losers wallow in it.”

Singletary said his team got better in “some areas” but refused to specifically single them out.

Besides fielding a number of questions relating to the game’s surprising finish, Singletary was also asked about the status of running back Frank Gore.

Singletary said that Gore would have an MRI on his strained right ankle later today. Other than Gore, tackle Joe Staley had a knee contusion and will have an MRI later today as well. Also, safety Reggie Smith suffered a groin injury, linebacker Jeff Ulbrich had a right quad contusion, cornerback Dre’ Bly injured a toe, guard David Baas sprained his ankle, tackle Adam Snyder sprained his thumb and linebacker Takeo Spikes suffered a left leg contusion.

Asked more specifically about Gore, Singletary said the injury was not related to the ankle sprain he sustained against the Seattle Seahawks.

Singletary said he hasn’t determined how long Gore will be kept out of action.

“I’m going to do what’s best for him first, then I’m going to do what’s best for the team next,” Singletary stated.

More Notes From Monday:

-Staley looked good to Singletary earlier this morning and the MRI is more of a precautionary measure.

-Singletary said there was a point in the game where he felt the 49ers running game was getting into a rhythm, but Percy Harvin’s 101-yard kickoff return for a touchdown stifled all of that. “We were starting to get what we were looking for in the running game.” After the kick, Singletary said the 49ers “had to get back to the drawing board.”

-Singletary on Vernon Davis’ seven catch, two-touchdown performance: “Yesterday was an improvement for him. I think he’s capable of a lot better than yesterday. Hopefully we will see more of that in the future.”

-Singletary also said the 49ers were not in a prevent defense on the game’s final drive. “We were playing a get to the quarterback defense,” he said.

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Week Three Blog: 49ers @ Vikings

Posted by Scott Kegley on September 27, 2009 – 8:22 AM


This is my first time in Minnesota and the Metrodome, but it’s really a nice setup in the press box.  Some of the players are out on the field going through some light warmups.  As usual, the above picture was taken from the press box.  Stay tuned to this blog throughout the game and you can also get updates on Twitter if you’re away from your computer.  The 49ers are healthy for the most part as all players are probable for the game with the exception of Marques Harris (toe).  Click here to view the injury report from both teams.

While we can update the blog quarterly, you can get live play-by-play in our game center.

Here’s the list of inactives for both teams:

49ers: CB Marcus Hudson, S Curtis Taylor, LB Marques Harris, C Cody Wallace, WR Brandon Jones, WR Jason Hill, DT Ricky Jean Francois, QB Nate Davis (3rd QB)

Vikings: WR Jaymar Johnson, CB Asher Allen, S Husain Abdullah, LB Erin Henderson, C Kory Lichtensteiger, DT Jimmy Kennedy, DE Jayme Mitchell, QB Sage Rosenfels (3rd QB)



The 49ers won the coin toss and elected to defer until the second half.  Allen Rossum returned the ball  to the 23.  Jared Allen made an immediate impact on the game, coming hard off the left side and knocking the ball out of Shaun Hill’s hands.  Snyder recovered the ball.  The Vikings got good pressure off the right side on 2nd down as Ray Edwards forced a bad throw by Hill.  The 49ers will back up 5 more yards due to a delay of game penalty prior to 3rd down.  The 49ers will go three and out and will have to punt from their 12-yard line.  The Vikings will take over at their 41 after a nice tackle by rookie Scott McKillop, who continues to play well on special teams early in the season.

Franklin and Lawson stopped Peterson for no gain up the middle on 1st down.  The 49ers will need to have a solid effort in that area this game.  On 3rd down, the 49ers blitzed Michael Lewis up the middle and the pressure forced an inaccurate throw by Favre.  Rossum had a nice return on the punt on the left sideline, taking it out past the 20.

San Francisco nearly picked up a first down on 2nd down after a nice run by Glen Coffee who followed a good block by David Baas who pulled around the left side.  On 3rd and 1, the 49ers elected to pass and Hill could not connect with Isaac Bruce.  Lee though had a great bounce on a low, short kick which might have been by design in order to get it to bounce without being fielded by the return man.  Vikings ball at the 12.

Nose tackle Aubrayo Franklin got good penetration on 1st down, forcing Peterson to cut back for just a short gain.  On 3rd down, Favre’s pass sailed too high, but Michael Lewis was called for holding.

***Frank Gore is questionable (ankle)

You don’t want to give good teams extra opportunities and the Vikings are taking the most of the holding penalty that gave them a first down.  Peterdon broke a huge run down the right sideline to the SF 34.  Favre then connected with Sidney Rice who split the coverage of Clements and Willis to take the early lead.

Vikings 7 – 49ers 0

Allen Rossum fumbled the kickoff, but then recovered and the 49ers will begin their drive from the 14.  Glen Coffee picked up a couple yards on 1st down, but then went down and received some attention from the trainers.  With Gore out with an ankle, Michael Robinson most likely will come in at RB.  Good news though as Coffee was able to get up on his own and walk off the field without any help.

***Update on Coffee: He had the wind knocked out of him and is back in the game.

Even with Coffee back though, the 49ers couldn’t pick up the 1st on 3rd and 1 and will go three and out once again.  Vikings ball at the 25.

After Peterson picked up just 4 yards on 1st and 2nd, Favre hit Percin Harvin on a crossing route for the 1st.  The Vikings lost 2 yards on 1st and Favre’s short throw for Berrian was low and the 49ers defenders closed quickly.  3rd and 10, Favre finds Harvin on a short cross. Mark Roman would have been able to make the tackle most likely, but had lost his footing, allowing Harvin to get the first.  Great play by Ahmad Brooks who read a toss to Harvin very well and closed very quickly to drop him for a 8-yard loss back to the 49.  The 49ers safeties continue to play well in run support as Goldson came in the box and stopped Peterson for a gain of 1.  Favre hit Chester Taylor over the middle, but Willis stopped him at the 38 and the Viking brought out their punt team. Rossum called for the fair catch at the 8.

First downs will continue to be an important down for the 49ers and they did well this time as Coffee picked up 5.  Hill was hit on 2nd down and his pass floated incomplete for Vernon Davis.  Hill had Coffe on 3rd down, but he couldn’t haul it in.  Darius Reynaud had a big gain on the punt return, taking it down to the SF 34.  That’s the end of the 1st quarter.

***Update on Gore: x-rays were normal, but his return is doubtful.

The Vikings continue to move the chains on 3rd down as Favre hit Taylor over the middle and picked up just enough.  Parys Haralson didn’t let them pick up another 1st on third down, leaping up and batting Favre’s pass down with authority.  Longwell came on and hit the field goal.

Vikings 10 – 49ers 0

Rossum tried to give the offense a little life with a kick return out to the 43.  Coffee had a nice gain on 1st down past midfield.  On 3rd and 4, the Vikings defense was called for a delay of game for trying to get the offensive player to false start.  Hill’s pass was a little late for Bruce on 2nd down, allowing the corner to bat it away.  On 3rd and 12, Hill hit Davis 1 yard shy of the first down marker and the offense will stay on the field for 4th and 1.  It took some time to decide whether to go for it though and Hill had to call a timeout as the play clock was winding down.  From the shotgun formation, Hill hit Morgan crossing for the first down.  A late hit penalty on the QB will be tacked on to the gain and the 49ers will have the 1st at the 6-yard line.  Hill rolled out and gave a great ball to Davis in the back of the end zone.  Davis leaped up, tapped two feet and the 49ers are back in business.

Vikings 10 – 49ers 7


Our blog went down there so I apologize for the lack of updates.  On the last play of the first half, Ray McDonald got good penetration on Longwell’s field goal attempt.  The blocked kick was scooped up by Clements and returned for the TD.

49ers 14 – Vikings 13



The 49ers went 3 and out on their first drive of the 2nd half and Shawntae Spencer ended the Vikings first drive with a pick.

Coffee looks like he’s now getting into a bit of a rhythm as the 49ers moved the ball down to the 24.  On 3rd and 8, Hill hit Vernon Davis, but was stopped a couple yards shy of the sticks.  Nedney will come on for the FG.  The kick is up and good from 37 yards.

49ers 17 – Vikings 13

Percy Harvin has had a big impact on the game, but returning the kickoff all the way for a touchdown definitely swings momentum back to Minnesota as well as gives them the lead.

Vikings 20 – 49ers 17

Hill found Davis to move the sticks on 1st down.  The 13-yard gain moves the ball out to the 37.  Hill was called for intentional grounding on 2nd down and the 49ers will have a 3rd and 15.  Hill completes the pass to Robinson, but is stopped short of the first.

The Vikings were called for holding on the punt return and will be backed up to the 7.  On 3rd and 12 Farve completed the pass to Berrian for the 1st down.  The 49ers have to improve on 3rd down in order to get back in the game.  Dre’ Bly was shaken up on the play.  And that will be it for the 3rd quarter.  Peterson will move the chains again with a bruising run past midfield.  3rd and 4 for the Vikings and Favre’s pass goes off the hands of Harvin.  Kluwe’s punt goes into the end zone for a touchback.

Hill connects with Brice on 1st down for a gain of 10.  Huge play again by Hill who goes deep to Davis who split the coverage of Griffin and Williams down to the MIN 38.  Another big play as the 49ers march down the field.  Hill hits Brice who avoids the defender and goes down at the 10.  The 49ers will back up 5 yards because of a delay of game.  Coffee was stuffed for no gain on 1st down.  TOUCHDOWN 49ERS!!!! Hill goes to Davis again who leaps up between the defenders and comes down with it after a seam route.

49ers 24 – Vikings 20

***Joe Staley has a right knee contusion and his return is questionable.

The Vikings will begin their drive at the 22.  Great effort by Manny Lawson on second down, driving his man into the backfield and disrupting the running lane for Peterson.  Franklin pursued and made the tackle.  Michael Lewis made the stop on 3rd down and the Vikings will punt.  Rossum returns the ball to the 26 where the 49ers will begin their drive.  Getting points on this drive could be crucial.

***Staley is back in the game.

Coffee is stopped for a big loss on 2nd down, making it 3rd and 17.  Hill hits Davis for a gain of about 8, but Lee will come on to punt with just under 4 minutes remaining.  I’ll have to run down to the field now to get ready for postgame.  We’ll keep you updated on Twitter.

Our blog went down there so I apologize for the lack of update.  On the last play of the first half, Ray McDonald got good penetration on Longwell’s field goal attempt.  The blocked kick was scooped up by Clements and returned for the TD.

49ers 14 – Vikings 13



The 49ers went 3 and out on their first drive of the 2nd half and Shawntae Spencer ended the Vikings first drive with a pick.

Coffee looks like he’s ow getting into a bit of a rhythm as the 49ers moved the ball down to the 24.  On 3rd and 8, Hill hit Vernon Davis, but was stopped a couple yards shy of the sticks.  Nedney will come on for the FG.  The kick is up and good from 37 yards.

49ers 17 – Vikings 13

Percy Harvin has had a big impact on the game, but returning the kickoff all the way for a touchdown definitely swings momentum back to Minnesota as well as gives them the lead.

Vikings 20 – 49ers 17

Hill found Davis to move the sticks on 1st down.  The 13-yard gain moves the ball out to the 37.

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UPDATE: Gore Wins FedEx Ground Player of the Week!

Posted by Taylor Price on September 25, 2009 – 12:35 PM


Frank Gore’s career day against the Seattle Seahawks didn’t just earn him these honors, but he was also recognized as FedEx’s “Ground Player of the Week” for week two. Gore was also named NFC Offensive Player of the Week!

Click here to watch a video on Gore winning the FedEx Ground Player of the Week Award.

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Morgan and Gore Break Down ACC Clash

Posted by Scott Kegley on September 25, 2009 – 11:15 AM


The No. 9 Miami Hurricanes travel to Blacksburg, VA this Saturday to take on the No. 11 Virginia Tech Hokies.  As is the case with most top-flight college football matchups, a few of the 49ers players have begun voicing their opinions about the alma maters in the locker room.

Wide receiver Josh Morgan is thrilled to see his Hokies near the top of the ranking while running back Frank Gore is happy to see that “The U” is once again getting national recognition.

“How are you going to ask me who is going to win?” Gore questioned when solicited for a prediction.  “Miami, baby!”

It will most likely be un uphill fight for the underdog ‘Canes as Lane Stadium offers one of the best home field advantages in the country.

Miami is off to a hot start though, winning 38-34 at Florida State and then crushing Georgia Tech 33-17 at home.

“I’m not worried at all,” Morgan said despite Miami’s first two wins.  “We played those schools last year and we beat them too.”

With both teams firing on all cylinders, it could come down to a matchup of personnel.  Both teams feature talented mobile quarterbacks who can beat defenses through the air or by making plays with their feet.

“We have a great quarterback in Tyrod Taylor,” Morgan said.  “He’s more accurate and more polished as a passer than Michael Vick was when he was at Va Tech.  He’s a great talent.  If you blitz him, he can escape.  He can turn a would-be sack into a touchdown.  He’s a special player.”

Gore says it’s the Hokies who should be concerned about the opposing signal caller.

“We can throw the ball too,” Gore said  “Taylor is a good runner, but we’ll be good.  We can handle him.”

Players often have friendly bets with one another on the game where the loser will have to wear either a hat or jersey of the winning team.  Morgan and Gore have yet to specify exact terms, but there will definitely be pride on the line.

“I haven’t talked to Frank yet, but we’ll get started soon,” Morgan said.  “I’ll talk to my boys [at Virginia Tech] and see how they’re feeling before I make any bet with Frank.”

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More Recognition for Gore

Posted by Taylor Price on September 23, 2009 – 1:39 PM


After being named NFC Offensive Player of the Week for his week two performance against the Seattle Seahawks, 49ers running back Frank Gore continues to earn more league-wide recognition. Gore has been named a nominee for Sprint’s “Can’t-Miss Plays.”

You can vote for Gore in the competition by clicking here!

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Singletary Recaps 49ers Victory Over Seattle

Posted by Taylor Price on September 21, 2009 – 1:41 PM


Frank Gore will be “fine” according to 49ers head coach Mike Singletary. The 49ers starting running back nicked up his ankle in the team’s 23-10 victory over the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday.

“I’m glad to get another win under our belts,” Singletary said in his Monday press conference with the Bay Area media.

Singletary was asked a number of questions on the 49ers most recent game as well as their upcoming road game this Sunday against the Minnesota Vikings, who are also 2-0.

“It’s going to be a tremendous challenge and we look forward to going there,” he said.

Singletary was also asked to compare this year’s 2-0 team to the 49ers 2007 team that also won its first two regular season games.

“I don’t want to compare the two teams,” he said. “What’s important about this team is that there’s tremendous character on this team. All of the other things before now – that’s not really important to me.”

What’s important to Singletary is seeing improved play from his players on a weekly basis. At the current moment, a portion of his focus has been devoted to the offensive line. After applying gentile pressure on the unit throughout the week, Singletary said he was pleased with the improvement the group made against the Seahawks.

“They played better and they played more physical,” he said. “They did work as a unit and that’s important.”

Singletary said the right tackle position will continue to be shared by Adam Snyder and Tony Pashos.

Pashos did “a pretty decent job” and Snyder “certainly played better” according to Singletary.

Other Notes

-Singletary is not worried about the lack of production from second-year wideout Josh Morgan. “It will come,” he said of Morgan’s time to breakout. Singletary also praised Morgan’s blocking which allowed Gore to be so successful.

-Singletary on Gore’s career-best yards from scrimmage performance: “I enjoyed it while it was going on. I enjoyed every bit of it.”

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Week Two Blog: 49ers vs. Seahawks

Posted by Scott Kegley on September 20, 2009 – 11:01 AM


The 49ers face another NFC West opponent this week, with the winner taking the early lead in the division.  Take a look at the 49ers and Seahawks injury reports.  I’ll post the injury report once we get it from PR.  The 49ers should be healthy for the most part with only Ahmad Brooks being ruled out for the game.  Brandon Jones is also doubtful, but everyone else is probable.  You can also stay tuned for the blog, for analysis at the end of each quarter and view live play-by-play on the game center.

Here’s the inactive lists:

San Francisco: CB Marcus Hudson, S Curtis Taylor, LB Ahmad Brooks, C Cody Wallace, WR Brandon Jones, WR Jason Hill, DT Ricky Jean Francois and QB Nate Davis (3rd QB)

Seattle Seahawks: CB Travis Fisher, LB Leroy Hill, C Chris Spencer, T Walter Jones, WR Deion Branch, DT Michael Bennett, DT Brandon Mebane, QB Mike Teel (3rd QB)


The 49ers forced the Seahawks three and out on their first drive, nearly intercepting Hasselbeck’s pass on 2nd down and finishing it off with a sack by Ray McDonald on third down.

The 49ers offense took over from the 26 and quickly moved to midfield as Hill found Davis in a seem for a big gain.  Hill then found Davis for a big completion on 3rd and 8.  Davis picked up 15 yards after beating the linebacker on a short crossing route.  The 49ers picked up another quick first down after two nice runs up the middle, taking  it down to the 14-yard line.  The 49ers drive stalled in the red zone however after Coffee was stopped for a short loss, Hill found Robinson for a minimal gain and then was sacked by Patrick Kearney on third down.  The 49ers were able to take the early lead after a 37-yard field goal by Joe Nedney.

49ers 3 – Seahawks 0

On the 49ers next drive, the 49ers didn’t waste any time as Frank Gore broke a career long 79-yard touchdown run on the first play of the drive.

49ers 10 – Seahawks 0

The 49ers were able to force another three and out of Seattle thanks to a great pass break up by Michael Lewis and Patrick Willis.

Allen Rossum broke the punt return for a touchdown, but it was called back because of two penalties – one which was enforced was an illegal block in the back against Glen Coffee.  The 49ers couldn’t pick up a first down and were forced to punt.

The Seahawks offense came to life on the next drive as they put together a 10-play drive that was capped with a 36-yard field goal by Olindo Mare.  I’ve been battling internet connectivity issues so far, but we appear to be up an running now.

49ers 10 – Seahawks 3

The 49ers offense returned to form at the start of their next drive behind an 8-yard run by Gore on first down and a 13-yarder off a toss to the left on third down.  Hill then found Coffee over the middle for another first down.  Lawrence Jackson brought pressure of the right side and sacked Hill for a loss of 7.  On 2nd and 17, Hill had Bruce wide open for a huge gain, but Bruce couldn’t haul it in.  The 49ers got back to the original line of scrimmage on third down, but had to punt.  Great punt by Andy Lee who hit a towering punt that bounced at the 3-yard line and was downed at the 4 by Micheal Spurlock.

Justin Smith disrupted the Seahawks run play on first down and the defense held strong, forcing the three and out.

The 49ers will start the next drive in great position, inside Seattle territory.  Moran Norris, who doesn’t get many carries, made the most of one on first down as he rumbled through a huge hole to pick up 15 yards.  Joe Nedney then came on for a 42-yard field goal to put the 49ers back on top by 10.

49ers 13 – Seahawks 3

On Seattle’s first play, Dre’ Bly put a big hit on T.J. Houshmanzadeh knocking the ball loose. On second down Hasselbeck hit Carlson for a 4-yard gain, Dashon Goldson pushed him out of bounds. On third down, Hasselbeck elected to keep the ball and rush for a 7-yard gain up the middle to pick up a first down. Hasselbeck completed his next pas to Forsett for a 7-yard gain. The clock was stopped by the two-minute warning. The Seahawks continued to move the ball, Hasselbeck completed three consecutive passes, the third of which was a 15-yard hookup with rookie wideout Deon Butler. Hasselbeck was later roughed up by Willis on a goal line run. Willis closed in on Hasselbeck and hit him in the lower back area. Seneca Wallace came in as the replacement on third down and found Julius Jones wide open on a swing route in the right flat for a touchdown. Mare connected on the extra point. It was a an 11-play, 70-yard drive that lasted 2:35.

49ers 13 – Seahawks 10

Glen Coffee rushed for a 1-yard gain to close out the first half.


***Injury Update: Matt Hasselbeck is doubtful to return with a rib injury.

Frank Gore set a new career long for the second time today, breaking an 80-yard touchdown run on the first play of the second half.

49ers 20 – Seahawks 10


The 49ers defense held strong forcing another 3 and out.  On 3rd and 5, Nate Clements had tight coverage on Burleson who wasn’t able to hold possession just beyond the first down marker.  the 49ers will start their next drive from the 26.

The 49ers went with the wildcat formation (actually the 49ers refer to it as the Taser) on third and five with Micheal Spurlock in at QB.  The exchange to Gore was fumbled, but Spurlock was able to recover.  The 49ers had to punt and the Seahawks begin their next drive from the 31.

The Seahawks moved into 49ers territory after a 19-yard reception by Justin Forsett who broke several tackles down to the SF 44.  The 49ers caught a break when the snap went about 10-yards over the head of Seneca Wallace.  Seattle was able to fall on it back at their own 38.

The 49ers will begin the drive at the 1/2-yard line after a phenomenal bounce on the Seattle punt.  The ball hit at the 1-yard line and bounced straight up in the air.  (Frank Gore is now the second place in NFL history to have two runs over 75 yards in the same game. The other was Barry Sanders.) The 49ers ran the ball unsuccessfully on first and second down and then threw to Moran Norris on 3rd down, who made a nice move to pick up the first.  On the next play, Hill couldn’t find an open receiver and instead decided to take advantage of the wide open space on the right side, picking up the first down and then some.  The 49ers lost 13 yards on second down as Lawrence Jackson stripped the ball from Hill.  The ball bounced around several times before Joe Staley fell on it.  After the punt, the Seahawks will take over at the 47.  Burleson nearly broke it on the return but was upended by LS Brian Jennings.

Nate Clements was flagged for pass interference against Houshmandzadeh as he collided with him as the ball arrived.  After the penalty, SEA will have the ball at the SF 35.   Dashon Goldson came up with his first career interception at an opportune time.  Wallace’s pass to Burleson was deflected by Clements and grabbed by Goldson before it hit the ground.

The 49ers will run two plays and run out the rest of the time in the 3rd quarter with the score locked at 20-10 in favor of San Francisco.

On 3rd and 5, Hill hit Isaac Bruce on a crossing route and picked up 5 for the first.  Hill hit Bruce for another big third down conversion, this time for a longer gain on 3rd and 10.   Bruce again with the catch, picking up 11 yards on 1st down.  From the SF 45, Hill hit Gore for a 7 yard gain.  Gore then picked up just enough for the first on second down.  The 49ers picked up the first down on third and 2 after a beautiful ball to Walker, but a holding call makes it a third and 12.  Hill hit Gore for an 11-yard gain on third down, but a facemask call against Seattle will give the 49ers the first at the SEA 21.  After a holding penalty made it 2nd and 20 for the 49ers, Hill checked down to Gore who picked up 10 yards, making it at least a more manageable 3rd and 10.  Gore has now set a new career high with yards from scrimmage – 246 so farInjury update on Gore who has a right ankle sprain and is questionable.  Coffee is also questionable with a hip pointer.  On 3rd and 10, Hill tried to hit Davis on a skinny post, but the pass was too high.  Nedney connected on the 39-yard field goal, his third of the day.

49ers 23 – Seahawks 10

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Singletary Pleased After Week 1

Posted by Taylor Price on September 14, 2009 – 1:28 PM


Head coach Mike Singletary just concluded his weekly Monday press conference with the Bay Area media. The 49ers head coach answered a number of questions pertaining to the 49ers 20-16 season opening victory from one day earlier.

“It was indeed an ugly game,” Singletary said. “But it was beautiful to see our guys work through all of the stuff and come out with a win. We fought together and ended up winning together.”

Singletary was pleased that his team was able to go into a hostile environment and come out with a win against a good football team. He also expressed his disbelief in rushing for under 30 yards as a team but still coming out victorious.

“I find it hard to do but that’s we ended up doing,” he said.

Singletary praised several of his player’s performances on both sides of the ball, but called out the play of his offensive line.

“We did not play well up front, but it will get better,” he said.

Despite not being able to move the ball efficiently in the first three quarters, Singletary was pleased that his offense put together a 15-play drive in the fourth quarter that put the 49ers up for good.

“I think the best thing that helped us offensively was that fourth quarter,” Singletary said. “Shaun [Hill] did a good job, everybody settled down and we took it down the field. They really did what they had to do when they had to do it and that’s the sign of something special.”
Other notes from Singletary’s presser:

-According to Singletary, Hill did a good job of managing the game and taking what the defense gave him.

-Vernon Davis, Isaac Bruce, Josh Morgan and Arnaz Battle were highlighted for making “critical plays” during the 49ers fourth quarter go-ahead touchdown drive.

-Arizona’s penetrating defense was a bigger factor than Singletary and the 49ers anticipated. “I think it got to our guys early on but it didn’t on that 15-play drive,” he added.

-Defensively, Singletary thought his guys played relentless. “We did things we needed to do in order to win. Our defense challenged their wideouts,” he said.

091409-willis-blog-Patrick Willis was everywhere. Singletary said his first quarter interception was a result of tremendous coverage that was very well played.

-Singletary also complimented the play of his secondary as well as the pass rush supplied by the likes of Justin Smith, Manny Lawson and Parys Haralson.

-Recently signed tackle Tony Pashos will begin sharing snaps with Adam Snyder this week, so Singletary and the rest of the 49ers staff can evaluate the 49ers new tackle.

-The 49ers suffered no major injuries against the Cardinals.

-Also, wide receiver Brandon Jones will return to practice this week. But, it has not been determined if he will play against the Seattle Seahawks this Sunday at Candlestick Park.

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