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49ers at Cowboys Live Blog

Posted by Scott Kegley on August 29, 2009 – 3:05 PM


I’m all set up in the pressbox awaiting the 49ers 7:00 CT kickoff against the Dallas Cowboys.  The fans are just now starting to pile into this huge stadium.  They’re playing photos on the video screens of the construction which are very impressive.

Stay tuned to this blog throughout the game.  I’ll try to keep you updated on the scoring drives, an injury news and stats.

The 49ers allowed one first down, and got a second on third down as Tony Romo completed a pass to Kevin Ogletree over the middle.  Get pressure from Takeo Spikes on the next first down, forcing Romo from the pocket who then threw it out of bounds.  On 3rd and 10, Romo found Jason Witten over the middle but was stopped short of the marker.  Nick Folk came on and connected on the 49-yard attempt, but the Cowboys were called for holding and brought out the punting unit.

On first down, Hill found Frank Gore out of the backfield who picked up about 8 yards.  Gore then picked up the first down running up the right side.  The 49ers picked up another first down thanks to a run by Gore and a short pass to Michael Robinson.  Offsides by NT Jay Ratliff gave the 49ers their third first down out to the Cowboys 44-yard line.  The 49ers tried to run with Gore on 3rd and 10 but picked up only 4 yards.  Lee came on to punt.

After the Cowboys picked up a first down on their second run behind the legs of Marion Barber, Justin Smith pressured Romo who wasn’t able to hook up with the receiver thanks to blanket coverage by Clements.  3rd and 10, Romo has all day to throw and finds Miles Austin deep down field in the middle of the zone.  The 49ers only rushed 3 linemen.  INTERCEPTION by Mark Roman who returned it into Dallas territory.


The 49ers offense couldn’t get anything going and was forced to punt.  At the end of the first quarter, the game is still scoreless.

Romo started the 2nd quarter with a quick strike to Crayton.  Haralson was called for illegal hands to the face and the Cowboys will have a first down at their own 46.  On third and short, it appears that the 49ers defense was able to hold, but Dallas went for it on 4th and Barber picked it up. Play by Romo who found Austin on the left sideline just past the sticks.  Cowboys are now down to th 30.   Barber carried for another 1st down, breaking tackles straight up the middle.  Great play by Kentwan Balmer who dragged down Barber in the backfield.  Dallas is now 6 of 7 on3rd down with the completion to Witten.  1st and goal for the Cowboys at the 5.  The Cowboys get on the board first on a draw to Felix Jones.

Cowboys 7 – 49ers 0

The 49ers will start their drive at the 18-yard line.  I apologize but I lost internet connection, but the 49ers went three and out.  Dallas returned the ball to the 15 and tacked on another five yard because of a penalty on the 49ers.  The defense was able to hold and force the field goal.

Cowboys 10 – 49ers 0

The 49ers were only 1-4 on third downs but gained 19 yard on a pass to Battle on third down to keep the chains moving.  the 49ers couldn’t get in the end zone but did get on the board with a field goal.

Cowboys 10 – 49ers 3 (That’s the score at half)


Michael Spurlock fielded the opening kickoff in the secon half and took a knee for the touchback.  Hill will start the second half at QB. A nine yard pass from Hill to Coffe will give the 49ers a first down at the 34.  The 49ers are now 4-8 on third down conversions.  Electing to pass on third and short, Hill was under pressure but was able to throw it away.  Andy Lee came on to punt.  The 49ers were called for a false start on the kick, which really could have gone either way against the offense or defense.  Crayton returns the punt to the 23-yard line.

Tarell Brown made a nice pass breakup on first down and nearly picked it off as he went out of bounds.  In at RB, Tashard Choice carried for 4 yards on 2nd down.  Martellus hauled in the pass from Jon Kitna to pick up the third down conversion.  The Cowboys are now 5 of 9 on third downs.  No such luck for Kitna on the next third down, missing badly on a pass intended for Miles Austin.

The 49ers will begin their drive at the 21-yard line.  The 49ers will start with a new offensive line of Boone, Howard, Spanos, Toledo and Bender from right to left. Huard is in at QB.  Huard finds Battle for a pretty completion on the right sideline.  The 13-yard gain gives them a first down.  Anthony Spencer sacked Huard for a loss of 4. Huar’d next pass went off the hands of Walker who looked like he was held.  Walker wanted the flag but no such luck.  The third down pass missed Walker wide and the 49ers will have to punt.  Crayton returns the punt to the 45-yard line where the Cowboys will take over.

The 49ers defense held strong, forcing the punt.  They will take over at the 12.

Nate Davis is now in the game at QB.  Kory Sheets is now in the game at RB and picks up the first down.  Screen pass to Sheets who gets out close to the first down marker.  It will bring up a third and short.  Play action pass from Davis, who finds Delanie Walker across the middle  He is forced out of bounds after breaking a tackle for a gain of 20 yards.  Davis scrambles up the middle for a decent gain of 6 yards.  Sheet’s will take the handoff and plunge straight up the middle for a 5 yard gain and the first down.  Davis fakes the handoff, rolls right and finds Spurlock on the right sideline for the first down at the 20.  Davis hits Finley on a crossing route who slides down near the 1-yard line.  An illegal contact penalty is declined and the 49ers will have a first and goal from the 1.  Kory Sheets wastes no time getting in, hurdling the pile at the line of scrimmage and tumbling end over end for the score.

49ers 10 – Cowboys 10

Diyral Briggs made a possible TD saving tackle on the kickoff, bringing down Stanbach at the 31.  Chioce carries for a gain of 2, but that’s the end of the third quarter.  Big hole on the draw for Choice up the middle.  the 12-yard gain gives Dallas the first down. Kitna found Bennett on first down for a gain of 2.  Bennett was met quickly by Tarell Brown.  More success on the draw play as Choice had another huge hole to get the first down. Another draw and another big gain for Choice to the 9-yard line.  The 49ers held strong on 3rd and 1 as Mitchell made a nice stop.  The Cowboys are just a few chain links short and the fans at Cowboys stadium are letting it be know that they wanted to go for it.  Folk comes on to give the Cowboys the lead with a 26-yard boot.

Cowboys 13 – 49ers 10

Spurlock returns the kick to the 23.  Delay in the game as Dallas CB Alan Ball is down on the field.  It was a pretty violent collision on the kickoff and Ball is being attended to by the training staff.  Ball was able to walk off on his own.  a facemack penaly on Dallas give sthe 49ers a first down at the 36.  Good improvisation by Sheets who was initially stuffed at the line but broke it wide for a good gain.  The run was negated because of a block in the back by Jason Hill.  That will make it 1st and 15.  An illegal snap will back them up 5 more yards.  A sack by Jason Hatcher won’t help and it’s now 2nd and 24. Sheets picks up 5 yards, but it will still be 3rd and 19.  Davis tries to find Sheets for a screen pass, but he can’t hang on and the 49ers will have to punt.

Great hit by Carlos Thomas who lit up DeAngelo Smith who would have been wise to signal for the fair catch.  I’ll have to run down to film Singletary’s postgame presser in not too long so don’t forget to follow the end of the game action on Twitter.  Eric Green forced a fumble after a catch by Stanback.  Reggie Smith recovered and the 49ers will take over at the Dallas 31.

Under pressure, Davis rolled out and hit Brit Miller who dove to make the catch.  The defender never touched him and Miller got up and picked up a few more yards and the first down.  Davis fins Miller again in the left flat, but this time he’s met quickly for a gain of just 3.   Spurlock enters at QB and hands off to Sheets for a nice gain.  He’s stopped short and the 49ers will kick the FG.

49ers 13 – Cowboys 13

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41 Responses to “49ers at Cowboys Live Blog”

  1. By Steve on Aug 29, 2009 | Reply

    With the retirement of Smith what are the impacts on the salary cap as well as the ongoing negociations with the wide receiver whatever his name is.

  2. By ChefB on Aug 29, 2009 | Reply

    Wow! I guess the real question is will the Niners ever throw a pass to a wide reciever at all this year. I know were suppose to be a running team but 3 and 10 and you try a draw up the middle? How conservative can u get? Do they understand that this is the preseason?

  3. By kneedragger on Aug 29, 2009 | Reply

    It seems like kind of a waste of money on plane tickets if no one’s going to show up.

  4. By Steve in Seattle on Aug 29, 2009 | Reply

    C’mon guys!! We have GOT to have something on the offensive side of the ball, or the defense is going to wear down again, just like they have a last couple of years……..this division is ripe for the taking, and it seems like the same glaring weaknesses EVERY year, QB, offensive line, and no pass rush. We have GOT to find some answers for these areas or we will continue to tread water…….frustrating

  5. By Nora in Tacoma on Aug 29, 2009 | Reply

    I have been a fan for as long as i can remember…I have faith that this is your year…You guys can do it…Work hard and show them how its done…Come on…My whole family are Cowgirl fans and i get beat up every year…Lets do this!!!!!

  6. By Ty on Aug 29, 2009 | Reply

    If this is a preview of what the regular season is going to look like I’m not too enthusiastic. Looks like we may be getting a high draft pick again next year. As for Crabtree; I hope we don’t sign him and he re-enters the draft next year and gets picked up in the 7th round with a 50k bonus.

  7. By Steve in Seattle on Aug 29, 2009 | Reply

    Regardless of what you think of Crabtree, we need him on the field, I’m not saying he deserves what he’s asking for, but this offense can not afford to simply throw away a #10 pick in the draft and a potential threat on offense, with Crabtree and Josh Morgan on either side of the ball, that could be a nice tandem and it would somewhat limit the ability of the opposition’s defense to stack the box and key on Frank Gore all the time. Crabtree knows he would lose ALOT more money by sitting out and waiting until next year…….another case of agents doing players a dis-service because of their over inflated egos gettng in the way

  8. By GM on Aug 29, 2009 | Reply

    3rd and 10, and they get a 1st down. Sound familiar? The blind are leading the blind at Ninersnation where they all seem to think we have a good enough pass rush. It’ll show up. You’ll see. . . WHEN? WHERE? They are pie in the sky optimists who think criticizing management for not getting a pass rusher in the offseason is disloyal. How about giving management some clear and obvious feedback and screaming for change? I can live with a mediocre QB this year. But without a pass rush we are going to see the same thing again and again, as we have for over 5 straight years, 3rd and 10, and they get a 1st down. . . . a recurring nightmare. And I don’t think anyone in management or at Ninersnation will wake up any time soon.

  9. By joe gonz on Aug 29, 2009 | Reply

    I like Shaun but I think if the niners are going to have any offensive firepower Alex’s strong arm would benefit the receivers alot more even though it will mean more turnovers. With Marvel retired now how about budging a little and compromise with Crabtree and get more threats out on the field and spread the opposing D a little I’m sure Frank Gore wouldn’t mind not having to run against a stacked line.

  10. By joe49er on Aug 29, 2009 | Reply

    hey, lets not give up on our 49ers. for couple of years we’ve been sucking ,on the offense. I know that we will do much better this year with starting QB (SHAWN HILL).I believe next year we have 2 or 3 #1 picks. That means will draft a #1 QB (TEBOW),(BRADFORD),or(McCOY)lets support our 49ers ALL THE WAY……….GO!!!!!!!!49ERS!!!!!!!

  11. By joe49er on Aug 29, 2009 | Reply

    GOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!49ER FANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. By Steve in Seattle on Aug 29, 2009 | Reply

    I’m a huge fan, but it doesn’t mean I’m ready to jump off the ledge for pointing out some OBVIOUS shortcomings that have been made (and continue to be made) by management…..I want to WIN, and if the past few years haven’t been completely frustrating for you as a niners fan, then I question your passion. I’ll never jump ship, but I’ll never be content with mediocraty either.

  13. By Holly b on Aug 29, 2009 | Reply

    I think davis is playing and has been playing way Better than hill! And I think they need to let bear play more!… He is one of
    good friends and has a lot of talent!

  14. By Nora in Tacoma on Aug 29, 2009 | Reply


  15. By Losdiggy on Aug 29, 2009 | Reply

    I think it time I love the the toughness Singletary brings to this orgaization and its only a matter of time before we start winning! Smashmouth football!

  16. By Mike in Jersey on Aug 29, 2009 | Reply

    A 49er fan for almost 30 years. Don’t get a chance to see them play too often being out on the east coast. God it’s been years since they have shown any promise. I hope with Mike at the helm we see some forward momentum.

  17. By frickr1 on Aug 29, 2009 | Reply

    Our niners should look at the jouinor Q.B. from Nevada Collin Kapernick, He is a bad Man, I can’t wait to see him this and next year develop into a great collage Q.B.

  18. By frickr1 on Aug 29, 2009 | Reply


  19. By Nate on Aug 29, 2009 | Reply

    Steve, Let’s play Hary Potter and just say “him who shall not be named”

  20. By dannyM on Aug 29, 2009 | Reply

    give it up for nate davis i mean he did really good i think we should have given nate davis a shot to be the starter cuz hes been doing good the past 2 games!!! and yea GO 49ERS!!!!!

  21. By R.W.D on Aug 29, 2009 | Reply

    I’m born and bred in SF 1980, a die hard, thick and thin; I would like to see Nate play in the regular season for so many reasons. Nuff said. Go 9’ERS!

  22. By John C on Aug 29, 2009 | Reply

    Frankly, I think Nate Davis was a great addition to the quarterback corps and he can lead the team to a win.

    Now 3-0 in the pre-season, the San Francisco 49ers have gone from a probable 8-8 team to a 11-win season.

    These were two teams playing stellar football, but the 49ers both passed and ran the ball, a lethal combination. If you have both games going, then it will be hard to beat the 49ers.

  23. By Jerome on Aug 29, 2009 | Reply

    what’s that. Nate Davis. ROOKIE. What’s that Coffee ROOKIE. YEAH, close HILL and SMITH. Let Nate Davis Lead, Coffee and Gore dominate. and just give crabtree a deal.

  24. By Debbie on Aug 29, 2009 | Reply

    Been a Niners fan since born last 30 years YEAH Sad thing is I live in Dallas and still can’t leave my niners

  25. By Allen on Aug 29, 2009 | Reply

    Nate Davis needs to be the Starter, due to the fact that we don’t pass block very well and he is more mobile, he has a stronger arm and makes more throws. AlsoI feel that there is something special about this kid. Regardless of who he plays he gets the WIN!

  26. By Allen on Aug 29, 2009 | Reply

    Frickr1- The QB from Nevada, is not as good as Nate Davis so why would they draft him?

  27. By DARRELL WILLIAMSON on Aug 29, 2009 | Reply


  28. By Randy Lamp on Aug 29, 2009 | Reply

    The 49ers can do it! I have been a fan and have been watching you guys for 14years now! Tighten up the defense and get crabtree sighned! He will be a threat doing wildcat, crossing routes or whatever he does. We cant let defenses focus on Frank Gore and our Qaurterback. Good luck Niners! Win the division!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. By Shaun G. on Aug 29, 2009 | Reply

    All I got to say is …..START NATE DAVIS.

  30. By Coach Mac on Aug 29, 2009 | Reply

    What about Eric Green’s hit and fumble. 49ers recover….

    I have met Eric Green and he is a class act and a great pickup for the SF gang.

    If someone get’s hurt…or tiered…. he will be a great fill in…. and maybe a starter in the future….

  31. By Coach Mac on Aug 29, 2009 | Reply

    Eric Green does a football camp in Colorado Springs, CO every year. The kids LOVE him and the parents can’t wait to get his autograph….

    As a volunteer coach, I really enjoy every year Eric comes (With or without his dred locks)…. He teaches the kids great skills… I am a Dolphin Fan, and now you have him on your team. What a pick-up….keep him and use him…

    Go Eric Green… COACH MAC…Colorado Springs, CO….

  32. By Mike in Jersey on Aug 30, 2009 | Reply

    Outstanding. 3-0 Pre-season. Go Niners..

  33. By stangdog on Aug 30, 2009 | Reply

    It’s preseason, big mike is not going to show the league what his #1 offense has up it’s sleeve for the regular season, and Davis is playing against 2nd string people trying to get a job. People need to quit blowing up over preseason games. Stay the course Singletary, Shaun Hill and the offense will be just fine when you open up that playbook for the regular season.

  34. By Nate on Aug 30, 2009 | Reply

    It is only preseason people.Sure what Nate Davis is doing is great, but we have to bring someone in with some experience. Then if Nate Davis continues to play like he does give him a shot. By the way I think realistically that the 49ers have a shot at going 10-6 and winning the division. The Cardinals are too inconsistent and the Seahawks are coming off of a disappointing year, and the Rams we wont even have to worry about them.

  35. By Cisco Kid on Aug 30, 2009 | Reply

    Nate Davis is going to surprise a lot of people this year and I predict that by week 6, Nate will be the starting quarterback.

  36. By R.W.D on Aug 30, 2009 | Reply

    I agree: Roman, Smith, Green, Bly, Clements, McKillop, Thomas and the entire D is playing well. I like what I see. I would like to have some pass rush and crush opposing QBs though. Keep it movin and start Nate Davis. Go 9’ers!

  37. By giantninerfan246 on Aug 30, 2009 | Reply

    A win over Dallas is always great, be it pre-regular-post season. Ahh, I remember 1994 when we beat Dallas to go to the Super Bowl. The Cowboys have a neat new stadium and I can’t wait till we get ours in 2014. I hate the Cowboys uniforms though. The always wear white at home and never their blue jersies. Does anyone know why that is? I’m glad the Niners don’t do that as I think we look great in red.

  38. By frickr1 on Aug 31, 2009 | Reply

    Hey Allen

    I see Nate is playing very well right now against 2nd and third stringers, and there is no doubt that He could be the QB of the Niner’s future,But We all must remember it is the preseason and they are 2nd and 3rd strings that are on the field with Davis….We need to see Nate with all number Ones on the playing surface for at least a half for a true measuring stick….. And I totally agree with you on the Nevada Kid ,He is just an intelligent collage jouinor who is showing flashes of great things to come I think the Niners Scouts should at least take a look at him also thinking about the future. if you have time, peek at some of his 2008-2009 game stats check him out or better yet watch Nevada this year……(from the heart of a true San Francisco 49er’s fan like yourself but who also loves my Nevada Wolfpack……..)

  39. By DallasNinerFAn on Aug 31, 2009 | Reply

    Man i have been out here in Dallas since 92 but still rep my niners to the end. There is a lot of Niner Empire Ryders down here in Dallas and even though it was a preseason game Ive been talking crap since they won. Almost had to knock out some crybaby cowgirl fans at the new stadium. I take my niners serious and I know Crabtree would do great but what we really needed was Orakpo from Texas. Dang Romo could have ran to his sidelines and talked to Phillips for 10 min then come back and throw a pass b4 our rush got there. We got a pass rush specialist coach but it seems it ain’t helping. We gotta do some stunts or get strahan outa retirement. We love our Niners out here in Dallas so let’s go fellas and take “OUR” division back. Seattle,Cardinals and rams have no right to be taking the division Montana,Clark,Lott,Rice and Craig built. GO NINERS!!!!!!!!!

  40. By MDB on Aug 31, 2009 | Reply

    Have known Nate since he was 8. He’s for real. Give him a chance against a starting defense and see what he can do! I already know what he’s capable of since watching him through middle school, high school and college. And besides, he’s a great kid!

  41. By ep9erfan on Sep 1, 2009 | Reply

    Coach Singletary, these games DO matter to the outside world. We love the wins! Keep ‘em coming!

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